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RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

Companies dip their dirty hands on the retirement funds when they experience cash flow problems or going bankrupt. Also the last to be funded. Not as prevelent as it once was and yes, it was often underfunded. Many companies have shied away from defined benefit to defined contribution plans. Most unions leaders fought it. They put money into the employees account, in my case twice monthly, as that was how I was paid. They no longer have to have money tied up in reserves. When I was working my company matched my contributions dollar for dollar up to 6 percent. That was like getting a 6% pay raise. I contributed up to maximum by law. This was pretax and I pay taxes upon any withdrawals which is less than I would have paid. They also paid into a retirement plan. All money was in a self-directed fund and once contributed could not be touched by the company. IRS has penalties if withdrawn before retirement but there can be exceptions. IMO, this is the best of all retirement funds and a win-win for both companies and employees. Actually, that was not my post. The "cut and paste" did not work very well!
mowermech 02/25/21 07:47am Around the Campfire
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

My question would be, "If there is no HOA, who is she going to complain to?" And who is going to enforce it? Exactly! CC&Rs are not laws. The police/Sheriff's office/State patrol/FBI can not and will not enforce them. Whether city or county "Code Enforcement" has any authority I'm not sure, but I doubt it. CC&Rs are not really "Codes", after all. Years ago, I walked away from a house we liked because the CC&Rs stated that a dual wheeled truck was a "Commercial Vehicle" and could not be parked on the lot (oddly enough, parking the fifth wheel was fine). We found a house on a small acreage with few CC&Rs and NO HOA, a few miles outside the City Limits. Wonderful! OP, if you really want the house, call the local law enforcement and ask if that neighbor calls them about CC&R violations, what will they do? If they say "Nothing!" I would guess you are good to go.
mowermech 02/22/21 07:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing

Yep, exactly like that! That is a "DOUBLE TOW". I have a trailer exactly like that golf cart trailer, and it does not have brakes. In fact, in order to install brakes, I would have to replace the axle. A flange to install the backing plates isn't there on the existing axle. I checked the Montana law. 75 feet is the maximum allowed length of any combination of vehicles.
mowermech 02/19/21 06:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 4 degrees in Dallas!

4 degrees?? ABOVE zero?? Must be nice to be down South! My weather station showed 31 below zero at 0600 the last two days. For the last week or longer we have not been above zero. The best we have had was single digits below zero! Currently is is 11 above. YAY!!
mowermech 02/15/21 02:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: Towing

DOUBLE towing (truck/trailer/trailer) is legal in Montana and several other Western states. Yes, I could tow the Jeep and the boat behind the motorhome, legally, except that she-who-must-be-obeyed will not allow it. TRIPLE towing (truck/trailer/trailer/trailer) is legal in Montana on the freeways and within a certain distance of the freeway to allow getting to the yards. It is usually only seen with Commercial trucks (UPS, FEDEX, etc.) Maximum length is, IIRC, 75 feet whether commercial or non-commercial.
mowermech 02/15/21 01:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Not Crazy About Snow and Cold

I know the feeling! We have a foot of snow. The overnight lows have been in the 20 to 30 below range for over a week, and the daytime highs have been in the zero to 5 below range! Presently, at 10:30 AM, it is a bright sunny day, and 8 below zero. Yeah, we are sick of it. BUT, by Wednesday we might be in the low 30s above zero. YAY!! Overnight lows will be single digits above zero. It might even last a couple days
mowermech 02/14/21 10:37am Around the Campfire
RE: Ev charging in camps expectation of availability, cost

For those advocating the installation of electric meters at each campsite, I have a tale to tell! We stayed for three months at an RV park near Oceano, CA some years ago. They were in the process of installing meters for all the "long term" sites, then suddenly they stopped, and all the already installed meters were removed. It seems they didn't realize that if they were charging for electricity, the meters had to be checked for calibration, and calibrated if necessary. They had to send all the meters in to be certified, then they could install them. By the end of our stay, the meters still hadn't been installed. Buying, certifying, and installing meters isn't exactly inexpensive. The ROI might be a long time!
mowermech 02/14/21 10:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

mr. ed, IIRC you are about my age. It is quite likely we will be long dead before that happens!
mowermech 02/12/21 07:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

Mowermech, I sold all investments in oil companies 5 years ago. It was a good decision. Now if I had had 10x more in the first place....I would not be on a beer budget! lol I sold all my ARCO shares (ESOP) about '81 or '82. Cashed out my ARCO retirement plan a few years later.
mowermech 02/10/21 01:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

Not at all. Merely pointing out to the "doomsayers" ("oil companies are going broke!") that our modern way of life depends greatly on petroleum and coal, and while such companies may have to restructure somewhat, they will be around for a long time. Some of those "doomsayers" might even do some research and discover just how much they rely on petroleum and coal!
mowermech 02/10/21 09:03am Around the Campfire
RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

Electric vehicles have bearings, right? where ya gonna get the lubricant for those bearings without petroleum? Oh, right, highly refined hog lard! But, synthetic oils are already available, so "they" can make synthetic grease. Who is "they"? Why, oil companies, of course! Another thought: Can good steel be made without coke? What is coke made from? Petroleum or coal, that's what! Point of fact: What are carbon anodes and cathodes in aluminum reduction cells made from? "Pet coke" (petroleum coke) and pitch! Petroleum and coal will be around for a long time!
mowermech 02/10/21 08:51am Around the Campfire
RE: Braking system required?

I have researched this question considerably over the years. This is what I have found: 1. Nearly every state has a list of legal definitions. 2. Many states do not consider a towed motor vehicle to be a "trailer". 3. Many states do not require a braking system on a towed motor vehicle. 4. Nearly every state has a Braking Performance Law. You MUST be able to stop your combination of vehicles on a hard dry clean surface within a certain distance from a certain speed. Here in Montana that law is MCA 61-9-312. It is also in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). 5. At 60 MPH, if a kid or dog or deer runs in front of you it is entirely likely that you will not get your foot on the brake pedal before you hit whatever it is. IIRC, you will travel something like 168 feet before you begin to stop! So, the idea of making an emergency stop is a moot point! So, there is very likely no legal requirement for brakes on your towed vehicle IF you can meet the braking performance standards. AFAIK, nobody has ever tested braking systems to see if THEY will meet the Braking Performance Standard. In fact, I have never read ANY tests of braking systems by independent testing people (Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, etc.) As for physics, lawsuits, etc. I have no idea. I have never read of any such lawsuit, but that doesn't mean they haven't happened. So, the bottom line is, IF you can meet the Braking Performance Standards promulgated in YOUR state laws, you probably have no legal requirement to have brakes on your toad. Morality is entirely up to you!
mowermech 02/09/21 08:36am Dinghy Towing
RE: Flat tow mini truck Honda Acty Daihatsu Hijet Carry Sambar

Most Jeeps: Transfer case in Neutral, transmission if gear (I use 6th gear) or Park if automatic. Jeeps that do not have a transfer case Neutral position usually can not be towed four down. Jeeps with certain transfer cases can not be towed four down without modification to stir up the lube. I do not remember which ones, but I bet it can be found in Google. Some Jeep four wheel drive systems can not be towed four down, period! Read and follow the instructions in the Owners Manual. A manual transmission does not mean it can be towed four down. Some transmissions will self-lubricate, but many will not. If not lubricated, severe bearing damage may occur in time. This can be alleviated by stopping every 200 miles or so and running the vehicle in Neutral (clutch engaged) for a few minutes to redistribute the lubricant. (I did that many years ago towing a 1963 Corvair Spyder from Northwestern Montana to Seattle.)
mowermech 02/06/21 11:20am Dinghy Towing
RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

Google "what is made from petroleum". We will be using the stuff for a long time!
mowermech 02/04/21 08:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Class A travel without interstates

When traveling in Montana, we only have three "Interstate Highways": I-90, East/West; I-15, North/South, and I -94, East/West (well, more like Northeast/Southwest). If you are going to Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park you WILL be using two-lane highways. There is no choice. The same goes for Fort Peck Lake, Lake Koocanusa, Flathead Lake, Swan Lake, Seeley Lake, National Bison Range, Malmstrom AFB Famcamp, National Forest campgrounds, any ski area, etc. There ARE areas where you will not be allowed to go in your large RV, such as Going To The Sun Highway in Glacier National Park. I drive 2 lane roads in my 32 foot Class A quite a bit. There simply isn't a freeway that goes where I want to be!
mowermech 01/31/21 11:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Propane Problem

When we "wintered over" here in Billings in a 1988 32 foot Suncrest Class A, I bought a 100 lb. bottle from Costco, and had a 12 foot hose made up by Tractor Supply. I used the regulator from the motorhome tank with the 12 foot hose to connect to the 100 lb. bottle. When I took the bottle to get it filled, I put the regulator back on the motorhome tank so the furnace could continue as needed. We had no problems all winter long. Is it possible your two stage regulator doesn't have an output of 11 inches water column pressure? Is there an electric shut off valve in the line somewhere that is connected to the leak alarm? (It should be on the tank, if there is one.) Other than low pressure from the regulator I don't know what could be going on. We never had a problem like that. Edit: When I had the house tank filled this fall, I asked the delivery guy if he could fill the motorhome tank for me. He was glad to! Check with propane delivery companies and see if any will do the same in your area
mowermech 01/13/21 05:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Waste Tote Recommendations

Years ago I bought a 15 gallon tote, because so many people here said it was a necessity. Then I realized that most campgrounds where we dry camp didn't have a dump station, so it was useless. It sat under the workbench out in the shop for years, until I sold it for $5 in a garage sale. My point is, before spending the money on such a thing, be sure it is usable where you usually camp. It isn't much good when the nearest dump station is miles away! Conserving fresh water and using the provided (if they are) vault toilets helps avoid filling the waste tanks.
mowermech 01/12/21 07:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Employment VS Unemployment

There is a good reason to do away with tips. Pay a decent wage for the job, and do not rely on your customers to pay your employees! Yes, if you increase your prices to pay the decent wage, the tips will likely dry up anyway.
mowermech 12/29/20 08:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Employment VS Unemployment

It seems that one of the common mantras these days is "We need a Basic Living Stipend!" or some other name for a guaranteed income payment. Let's think about that... If everyone is guaranteed an income (let's say $500 per week tax free for life), how will we ever have anybody working a minimum wage job? Can we afford to make the minimum wage high enough that after taxes it will pay more than the "guaranteed income"? If so many are living just fine on the BLS, who is going to be working to pay the taxes to support them? How long will it be before the BLS recipients begin to demand MORE? Think about it. Are we heading down that slippery slope now, with the seemingly never ending "stimulus payments?
mowermech 12/29/20 10:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Running CPAP Without Utilities

We both are on CPAP. When dry camping in the motorhome, we run the machines on 12VDC. The two T-105 house batteries will run both machines overnight with no problems. We don't mess with shutting down the humidifiers. During the day, I run the generator long enough to recharge the batteries, run the AC, use the microwave, etc. It works for us.
mowermech 12/20/20 06:36am General RVing Issues
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