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Brain Teaser

I’m going to test out my fellow Forum members and see who can decipher this well known recitation. I’ll give clues later if no one gets it: “Scintillate scintillate, globule vilvific Fain would I fathom thy nature specific Distantly poised in the ether capacious Glittering like a gem carbonaceous” Most of the words are found in a dictionary, with the possible exception of “vivific”
mr. ed 10/20/20 12:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: I've Rediscovered Butter

Thanks for the lesson, Wanderlost.
mr. ed 10/20/20 10:22am Around the Campfire
RE: Manufacturing and Marketing Genius

I sat an old lawn mower on the curb with a free sign on it. Sat for two days, no takers. Changed the sign to $20 and someone knocked on the door and offered $10. SOLD: Thad reminds me of a story I read years ago A certain book publisher offered children’s books for 25 cents each, and they weren’t selling well. They jacked the price up to 29 cents, and were more successful. I guess there’s some sort of psychology behind that decision. There’s a reason that many products have prices that end in 9, a good example is gasoline. $2.29.99/gallon. Why not just round it off to $2.30? :R
mr. ed 10/19/20 05:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

Yes, old biscuit, the Bob’s Red Mill hot cereals are some of my favorites, too.
mr. ed 10/19/20 05:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Halloween Or Not

This may help: History: Halloween Yep, you nailed it, moderator..;)
mr. ed 10/19/20 05:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Halloween Or Not

I haven't bothered with it for many years. The celebration has unsavory origins. Not unsavory at all 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day. It begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed. It was a celebration of remembrance of those departed. Our neighborhood is comprised of older no children at home folks One reason we bought in this neighborhood We have been here 7 yrs.....1st year I decorated the front yard with carved pumpkins, scare crows, solar lights and a ghost. Ended up with bags of unopened candy that I took down to community center After that didn't bother with it again Neighborhood is off the beaten path and 'drops off do not occur' So no Trick or Treat With all due respect, old biscuit, I’ve learned differently. The origins began with ancient Celts or Druids,and from what I remember, was called Samhain. I’d need to research that again, though. Anyhow,everyone is free to follow whAt they wish. As for me, I don’t follow the crowd.
mr. ed 10/19/20 05:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Halloween Or Not

I haven't bothered with it for many years. The celebration has unsavory origins.
mr. ed 10/19/20 12:36pm Around the Campfire
RE: I've Rediscovered Butter

"Real butter", from a farmer, without preservatives, will turn rancid if left out, and, in fact, will turn rancid if refrigerated, albeit after a longer period of time. Having grown up with "home made" butter I have seen it turn nasty. I wonder what people in the past did with fresh butter before refrigeration, or even milk for that matter? Just curious. :@
mr. ed 10/19/20 12:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

Hey, Mowermech. I guess you're a pretty sweet guy.:B
mr. ed 10/19/20 12:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

Love this thread! I was a cerealaholic as a kid-I'd eat it 3 meals a day if I could. Now my breakfast consists of non-fat plain yogurt with blueberries mixed in. I'm not a huge fan but I cannot eat carbs in the morning as it jacks my sugar level big time. I will occasionally eat 1 piece of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter & reduced sugar grape jelly but not often. I've also become lactose intolerant as I've aged so milk is out of the question. And it's a wicked bummer because I miss my Cocoa Krispies and Fruit Loops! :( In place of cows milk, I use either soy or almond milk. Although cows milk has value, it was originally designed for calves. I’m perfectly satisfied with the none milk products.
mr. ed 10/17/20 05:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

OP here, I read with interest all the replies and have agreement with many. As someone wrote, I guess I need to shop around more. I do a lot of my food shopping at Walmart and occasionally another nearby market. Both are similar in respect to not stocking the products I would enjoy. Guess I'll need to shop around a little more. Even some modern hot cereals have changed, according to my taste buds. I used to like cream of wheat,but the modern stuff just doesn't taste the same to me. Reading the ingredients, I find there's another additive, I believe it's a calcium salt like calcium carbonate, but I'd need to look again to be sure. Anyhow, other popular hot cereals seem to be the same.I wouldn't use any type of instant hot cereal, though, since many contain sugar and other flavorings. I also occasionally enjoy corn meal mush, made with whole grain corn meal.
mr. ed 10/17/20 09:01am Around the Campfire
Junk Food Breakfast Cereals

I eat mostly hot cereals for breakfast, but once in a while I like to use a cold cereal. Looking at all the selections in a supermarket, virtually all of them are loaded with sugar. Even most bran flakes are too sweet for me. Parents that give in to their kids' demands for these cereals are only jeopardizing their health and wellbeing. Back in the day, you could find many cereals with little to no sweetening, like unsweetened flakes, Cheerios and the like. Granola cereals are another overly-sweetened product, even though the grains they contain are healthy. I tried finding a standard sized box of original corn flakes today and all they had were family-sized boxes. The original sizes don't seem to exist any more. Of course, sugary sweet products are strongly advertised, enticing kids and some adults alike. That being said, I do use a little "Sugar in the Raw" in my hot cereals, but at least I can control the amount. ;)
mr. ed 10/16/20 11:21am Around the Campfire
RE: I needed to add an extra browser

I like Opera with VPN and browser with Duck-Duck-Go search engine. had this for about four years now! :) Opera seems nice, but I have concerns over Chinese involvement (possibly unfounded). I do use Duck Duck Go as a search engine on both browsers I use. I'm now using Brave and Edge (mainly Brave, as I've used it in the past and feel it's quite secure and has generally good reviews). I use a separate VPN, Proton VPN, based in Switzerland. I get a chuckle out of the lengths folks goes to.. You ARE on the Internet, NOTHING, REPEAT NOTHING IS SECURE LET ALONE "PRIVATE". Edge is as secure and private as "swiss cheese", it is a Chromium based browser and leaks information back to MS and who knows where else.. You may as well count out the "middleman" and use Chrome strait up, most likely will work better than MS hacked up version and I don't like how slow Chrome is.. VPNs are no more "secure" than running barebones browser, yes you might have encryption between your PC and the other end where the third party server is, but once it leaves that third party server, your information is no longer "secure" by any means.. All you are doing is adding a third party to the mix and shoveling information along many more server paths.. Not to mention, now you are fully trusting a THIRD PARTY with your supposed sensitive information, they can store and archive every single event/data with your connection.. Who's to say that that third party is not digging and mining through your information that was sent on that supposed safe VPN connection? To make a VPN truly work, the termination point MUST be at the same point as the website you are contacting, you VPN service does not do that.. For instance, you connect to your bank website in the US, Your data encrypted and is routed via the VPN out of US to other servers around the world to Switzerland.. Now the VPN server in Switzerland decodes your data and now must push your now UNSECURE OPEN decoded data through servers from outside US to your bank in the US.. Now, tell me just how does that make your "data" safe? A real secure VPN service with your bank would mean the BANK has a DEDICATED INTERNAL VPN connection for you to connect with. Only your PC and the banks own VPN server has the keys to decode the data exchange. You are putting a lot of trust into a faceless third party in another country with different rules, you have considerably more faith than I do.. You are wasting your time and money on a VPN. Firefox is most likely one of the better browsers although with the newer versions it is using Chromium under the hood but it does work well and you do have a lot of very good addons which helps with security, privacy and unwanted intrusive ads. But to believe anything with computer data being sent on the open wobbly web is "secure" is folly.. If it can be encrypted, someone will figure out a way to decrypt it.. I use my VPN only on US servers. I haven't noticed any problems in all the years I've been using the Internet. Yes, it's probable that complete protection can't be achieved, so the only way to be really safe is don't use the Internet at all. Maybe we shouldn't use our cell phones, either. I don't think many of us are willing to do that.;) BTW, I've been using Firefox for a little while now, and liking it.
mr. ed 10/15/20 07:01pm Technology Corner
RE: I needed to add an extra browser

I like Opera with VPN and browser with Duck-Duck-Go search engine. had this for about four years now! :) Opera seems nice, but I have concerns over Chinese involvement (possibly unfounded). I do use Duck Duck Go as a search engine on both browsers I use. I'm now using Brave and Edge (mainly Brave, as I've used it in the past and feel it's quite secure and has generally good reviews). I use a separate VPN, Proton VPN, based in Switzerland.
mr. ed 10/15/20 09:54am Technology Corner
RE: Camping experiences

I had problems with a dog barking all night at an RV park in Elk City OK. The dog was tied to the fiver and left out all night while the occupants left in their tow vehicle for a few days. Evidently, a neighbor looked after the dogs while they were away. One night I couldn't take it any more and called the police since I couldn't contact the manager. A day or so later my noisy neighbors were gone.
mr. ed 10/12/20 06:59pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Meds from Mexico

My brother ordered meds for our mother from Canada for years without any issues. I don't know about Mexico, but I do know I won't return there for dental work after an outfit in Algodones messed up all of my left side upper molars.
mr. ed 10/12/20 06:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: I needed to add an extra browser

I’ve never heard of Vivaldi until your post (not that I go looking for browsers much). If one of your main browsers doesn’t even make the top 10, it kind of doesn’t count when it comes to compatibility with websites as they likely never tested to it. If it continues to gain acceptance it will become more widely supported. As much as I’m not a big fan of The Google, Chrome is now the most widely used and therefore most likely to avoid those kind of issues. Vivaldi is an Opera spinoff and has pretty good reviews. I'm familiar with Chrome and understand it's a good browser, but have concern over reported privacy issues. I also agree with others on this thread about Firefox. I've used it before and agree that it's good, but I've settled on Edge and Vivaldi. I like to experiment a little. Another browser I like is Brave. To each his own.
mr. ed 10/12/20 06:31pm Technology Corner
I needed to add an extra browser

I use two browsers on my PC(running Windows 10 Pro), Microsoft Edge and Vivaldi. I've been leaning towards Vivaldi lately, although Edge is fine. I was attempting to log in to my banking website today and it wouldn't accept my password. I tried using both browsers to no avail. I called customer service and was told they were having trouble with those browsers. It was then recommended I try Firefox instead. So I went ahead and installed it. Sure enough, I logged in without difficulty. It's the first time I couldn't log in with my usual two browsers. I suppose it's only a temporary situation, but I'll keep Firefox for future use if necessary. It's a good idea to have more than one browser, anyway, just in case your usual one gives problems. In my case, I needed a third. :)
mr. ed 10/12/20 04:48pm Technology Corner
RE: I've Rediscovered Butter

I eat what I want. Use Butter, Olive oil, eggs, greassy hamburgers and drink real milk LDL=59.4 HDL=54 Tot=127 triglycerides=68 I guess those hot peppers are doing you some good! :B
mr. ed 10/12/20 04:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: We are Drowning in our...

I have friends and family in FLA. Another situation they face is a propensity for sinkholes. I think certain areas are more prone than others, but I'd hate to be driving on a street and unexpectedly swallowed up by a sudden hole appearing beneath my vehicle.
mr. ed 10/08/20 07:05pm Around the Campfire
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