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RE: Noisy dogs

One thing you can do in most campgrounds to "Control" outside noise. May not work that well with bark ing dogs but it will help. Run Air Conditioner on HIGH even if it's cool enough Just run it in FAN mode on HIGH. The "White noise" of the rushing air will drown a lot of outside noise. I pretty much do the same thing. I run a box fan not far from my bed. I only set it on a fairly low speed, otherwise the fan itself becomes a noise maker. It helps somewhat, but there are sounds (often human caused) that just can’t be drowned out. :S A few years ago at another long term hotel in Tucson, my neighbor owned what appeared to be a husky. All day long, while its owner was away, the animal would howl pitifully. At least, when he returned in the evening the dog would quiet down. Anyhow, the constant daily howling was annoying enough. Maybe that’s why I’m fond of cats. :B
mr. ed 07/11/22 02:09pm Around the Campfire
Noisy dogs

Let me start by saying, I don't dislike dogs per se, but I can't stand it when they bark incessantly when I'm trying to sleep. I'm staying at an extended stay hotel, due to necessity, and residents are allowed to bring their pets (usually dogs) for a separate fee; virtually all hotels and motels now allow pets, whereas that wasn't the case a few years back. Tonight, I needed to complain to the person in charge on the night shift because of a loudly barking dog just a few doors away from mine. I learned that another resident on the floor below mine also complained; the animal was that loud. So, the night manager tried several times to reach the owner, who wasn't in the room, on his cell phone. No answer. The next step would be contacting animal control. Now, the dog has stopped barking, so evidently the owner has returned. Perhaps I can get to sleep now! :C When I was full time RVing, I can remember only one time I had a noisy dog situation. I certainly wish I could return to that beautiful lifestyle, but a physical handicap prevents me from doing so at this time. :M
mr. ed 07/10/22 09:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dumb Things We Did as Kids on 4July

Didn't do but heard of putting a pack of firecrackers in someones rear pocket and lighting it. Is there a statute of limitations on fireworks in the 60/70's? :h M-80's under the neighbors garbage cans. Best landing was can on the garage roof. Dropping a match in the fireworks box. Wish I could run half as fast now. We didn't have all the warning labels back then,so stupid things were safe I guess. OMG! Setting off a pack of fireworks in someone's back pocket could cause some serious damage to the glutes, not to mention a destroyed pants pocket. :E
mr. ed 07/03/22 12:55pm Around the Campfire
Dumb Things We Did as Kids on 4July

I recall some downright dangerous things we did as youngsters, growing up in Long Island NY. For example, we would divide into 2 groups, standing at a distance from each other, and fire roman candles or bottle rockets at each group. fortunately, we were quick enough to dodge the fireballs coming towards us. Also, we would tie an ash can firework to an arrow, light it, and fire the arrow straight up into the sky where it would explode. Of course, the arrow would come down and land who knows where. Placing a cherry bomb or ash can under a tin can and watching it fly up into the air was another source of entertainment. We'd also light a string of firecrackers and throw it at someone's feet Amazingly, no one ever got hurt. I guess our youthful reflexes kept us out of danger! ;)
mr. ed 07/03/22 09:17am Around the Campfire
RE: UH-Oh! Akin Cancer

I appreciate all the responses, and first person accounts. This gives me a hopeful outlook. Thanks again,all of you. Mr. Ed
mr. ed 06/30/22 01:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: UH-Oh! Akin Cancer

I've had the so called skin cancer. Melanoma and the other I forget the name. In the 60/70's I lived in the sun on the lake. Good luck on your treatment. The name of the other type you're thinking about is "carcinoma"
mr. ed 06/30/22 01:04pm Around the Campfire
UH-Oh! Akin Cancer

I was just diagnosed with squamish cell carcinoma on a small area of my left temple. I'm due to having it surgically removed next Thursday (7 July). Several friends and famiy members have had a similar procedure performed, so I'm learning this condition is fairly common. I'm hoping there has been no spread of the cancer. Upon doing a search of certain medical wesites, the general consensus is facial cancers of this type are not as prone to spreading compared to other types. That gives me some hope. I'm curious if any of you folks have faced a sinilar situation, and what was the outcome, if you care to relate your experience? Mr Ed
mr. ed 06/29/22 07:36am Around the Campfire
RE: Happy With Android OS

I had forgot to mention, the lower cost of Android devices. Both of my Android tablets together cost about half of my iPad ( I still think the iPad is a higher quality device, though). Anyhow, I’m still completely satisfied with my 2 ONN tablets. Well see, over time, how well they hold up. Still, they’re cheap enough to replace even if they’ve lasted for only a year or less (it’s not even worth paying for an extended warranty IMHO).
mr. ed 06/11/22 09:27am Technology Corner
Happy With Android OS

I'm relatively new to Android devices. I'm a long-time Windows user, and also experienced with the iPad. Besides my Samsung Android phone, I now own 2 fairly new ONN (Walmart brand) Android tablets (8" & 10.1", both running Android 11) plus an RCA android tablet with detachable keyboard (it only runs Android 6, and can't be upgraded, and is extremely slow). I've found the Android OS to be very intuitive, and not difficult to learn. I think I own enough devices for now. :C So, nothing important..I just wanted to squawk a little. :B
mr. ed 06/10/22 01:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Thanks to the VA Healthcare....

I've never had my ears de-waxed at the VA, but I just wanna say, I've always gotten consistently good care at any VA facility. I do remember getting them cleaned at a civilian facility a long time ago. I remember the procedure was quite painful, and I was concerned they were going to bust an eardrum. That being he case, I never had another cleaning.
mr. ed 06/10/22 12:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Thanks to the VA Healthcare....

i have ‘em both cleaned every 6-mos. doc says i am a prolific wax maker. Maybe you should open a candle factory! :B
mr. ed 06/10/22 12:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Trouble Pairing Bluetooth mouse With Android Tablets

I'm sure you've already tried google, so I won't suggest it. Yes, I always do a Google search first. If I can't find a satisfactory answer, I wind up on good ol', and the helpful folks here. :)
mr. ed 05/03/22 03:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Trouble Pairing Bluetooth mouse With Android Tablets

Make sure the Bluetooth mouse is not auto connecting to another device, such as your iPad. Or another laptop/desktop. My mouse is paired with my iPad, but with the iPad not turned on, that shouldn't matter. As I mentioned, my BT keyboard is also paired with the iPad, yet works perfectly with my Android devices. I can live without the mouse, but there are times I wish I could use it with Android. Anyhow, worse things could happen. I appreciate all your responses, friends. Mr Ed
mr. ed 05/03/22 03:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Trouble Pairing Bluetooth mouse With Android Tablets

Did you try pairing them one at a time (IE only keyboard on then pair it and only mouse on and pair it)? On top of that, in order to use multiple BT devices at the same time your tablet must have a BT radio of the latest BT version 5 specs which supports up to 7 simultaneous connections.. Even though it is a "new" tablet, due to the low price points of the ONN devices it may not have the newest BT hardware.. To make this even a bit more confusing, the possiblity exists that both your keyboard and mouse may be attempting to use the same BT profile causing a conflict and one may need to be set as "active".. See explanations HERE "Keyboard and Mouse Keyboards and mice are the next most commonly-connected wireless devices. It makes sense to wonder if you can connect these two peripherals at the same time. A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse can be connected at the same time. These two devices will pair similarly to other Bluetooth devices. While both share the same Bluetooth profile, Human Interface Device Profile (HID), the two do not interfere with each other and can be used simultaneously. Tech Notes: Typically used on laptops, a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard also work perfectly on smartphones giving users an “almost desktop” experience. The Human Interface Device Profile (HID) is basically a wireless wrapper around the USB standard. Bluetooth connectivity is backward compatible meaning older accessories will function when paired to newer host devices. How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Devices Connecting multiple Bluetooth accessories to a single primary device is simple. However, you might want to have each device’s instructions on hand. Power on your Bluetooth peripheral into a pairing mode, often requiring you to hold the power button for a few seconds or two buttons at the same time. Find the Bluetooth icon on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and toggle it to the on position. Look for the new devices to show in the list of paired or available devices. Sometimes this is a sub-list or menu on the primary device. Tap or click on the new device you wish to pair. Some devices like keyboards will ask you to match enter or confirm a numeric sequence. After following this general process for each of your Bluetooth devices, they should begin functioning concurrently. Remember: In the case of multiple Bluetooth devices with the same profile, you may need to set one as the active device." Thanks. I appreciate the detailed info you provided. Mr. Ed
mr. ed 05/03/22 03:37pm Technology Corner
Trouble Pairing Bluetooth mouse With Android Tablets

I have two new Android Tablets (Onn 8" and Onn 10.1"). They paired fine with my bluetooth keyboard, but for some reason my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse can't be discovered. The mouse works fine with my iPad. Any ideas what may be the problem? Thanks. Mr. Ed FWIW, I'm very pleased thus far with these inexpensive Walmart brand Onn tablets.
mr. ed 05/03/22 07:38am Technology Corner
RE: Residential Fridge battery run time

The nice thing about a residential fridge is they only take a couple of hours to cool down. B.O. Another nice thing about a residential fridge is that it isn't as fussy about leveling like an absorption unit is.
mr. ed 04/30/22 11:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Bluetooth question

I have a Bluetooth keyboard I use with my iPad. It also works on an 8" Android tablet, but my 10" Android tablet won't "see" it.I'm not particularly concerned, though, because I use the keyboard exclusively for my iPad. It's just a curious thing that one Android tablet connects just fine and the other won't. Maybe has to do with the particular version; the 8" tablet is Android 11, whereas the 10" one is Android 6. Just taking a guess. ;)
mr. ed 04/30/22 11:17am Technology Corner
RE: 626 miles on a single charge!

At this time, I’d be more comfortable with a hybrid, if it was necessary for me to go EV. At least its nice to have an engine as a backup. And there wouldn’t need to be a worry about making it to the next charging station, then have to wait for the battery to charge. BTW, I’m unclear about this. In a hybrid vehicle, does the engine charge the main battery or only its start battery? I haven’t done much investigating on EV’s as I prefer to keep my fairly new Toyota Sienna for a while, which is also set up for my handicap. :)
mr. ed 04/22/22 04:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: Uninteresting people

There are more important situations happening in this world that deserve attention than these celebrities who are always messing up their lives. Whatever they have to say isn’t important to me. I do agree some may find them entertaining. :S
mr. ed 04/22/22 04:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: My Gmail turned to Russian!

I don't think Windows version will have much to do with it. Probably a browser issue. You’re right. All is back to normal now. It was nothing to be concerned about. :C
mr. ed 03/25/22 02:02pm Technology Corner
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