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RE: Looking for a ground wire

Ground is ground. 2 amps is not a concern, but higher amperage might burn out the little tiny thermostat wire, not a concern here. Ground is ground, so if ground is issue with your pwm then any ground will be an issue. The steel camper frame is ground also, the entire frame of the camper is ground, all the ground wires are ground, they are all connected to the frame and to the negative post on the battery, ground is common to everything. The only concern, as stated, is how much amperage will be flowing through your chosen ground wire. I dont think there would be concern with your thermo wire, but try it, if it works then it works, job done.
mr_andyj 06/15/21 08:02am Tech Issues
RE: Reese dual cam… driver side seems to have more tension.

Mine did that. I dont think mine is same model or even brand, but same thing, big bars hanging from chains. There was nothing out of level or mis-adjusted, but the tension was always different, even if I switched sides... There seemed no issues while towing. My solution was to get a single chain link, the kind that open with a nut and threads that typically is used to attach the safety chain to the receiver, and to bypass one link on the WDH and use this longer (1.5 times the size of the WDH bar's chain link) by using this bigger link. The effect is that I lengthened that side chain string by a half of a link. This evened out the tension, I did it in the middle of the chain, but I think better, if room, to put the threaded link on the WDH mount and attach the bar's chain to that. This is the link type I used
mr_andyj 06/15/21 07:54am Towing
RE: Wowee The Insane Rise Of Copper Price

There is no lumber shortage, the lumber is stacked and packed in the yards, the banks want high prices to make higher mortgages. Everything will go up. 25% inflation will see to that. Printing money like crazy. It is not stimulus, it is welfare that the govt is paying out to everyone, job or not. Don't hold Dollars. Buy stuff now. Friends I know who fled eastern Europ nations say when they hit hyper inflation that they would get paid, go spend it that day, buying anything, clothing not their size, pots and pans, anything, because the next day that money would not buy gum.
mr_andyj 06/12/21 09:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Soft start for ac

How long will you be camping? It might be easier to just convert the propane system to be able to connect auxiliary tanks to supplement your propane. How many 20 pound bbq propane tanks would you need to have to make this trip work? The bbq tanks can be exchanged at almost any gas station or store in FL, or they can be refilled, and are easy to carry. I figure if you take out two generators and their gas cans that you could fit 3 bbq tanks in their place. The soft start things work. They are meant to lessen the power surge needed for starting only, nothing will reduce how much power the AC needs to continue running, so the little one 2000 will not run a 13.5 btu AC even if you can get it started. Generally you want extra capacity on the generator so it is not running at near 100% just to power your AC. A 50% load is more ideal. Do not take it to an RV mechanic necessarily, this is not an RV thing, it is HVAC or electrical, foreign to most RV mechanics. Any common every-day electrician will be able to install this as it is simple simple for them. Any HVAC guy can also install this. Call around and take RV to them, they might be willing to do this, but you picked a bad time of year as HVAC guys are in peak demand right now. If your brother-in-law is handy then he should be able to do the install. It is not rocket science.
mr_andyj 06/10/21 08:38am Tech Issues
RE: Solar charging a plugin hybrid car

The college kids do make those solar vehicles that run entirely on solar, but they are small go-cart sized, light weight, aero and have the frontal area of a sliver. Your vehicle is none of these things. Of course you would get a little boost in distance, but off-set by added weight and reduced aerodynamics, and not at all cost effective. If you want real mpg's then go back to the late 80's and find a small Honda car with the high efficiency motor, and drive for best mpg. I got 45 around town and 70 on the highway in one. No modern car can get close that I know of, not without cheating by using pre-charged batteries.
mr_andyj 06/10/21 08:27am Tech Issues
RE: New Silverado 4500 w/ TC

first error is ever using anything google. find a less American-hating search engine is what they tell me... I have seen TCs on the big chassis trucks always. What is the question? Just need legs that will get the TC high enough and wide enough to get around the wider truck body, the truck will hove no problem hauling it. Usually there are tool boxes on the truck where the 3/4 ton truck would have bed rails, but the TC requires nothing but a floor and tie-down points to take the ride.
mr_andyj 06/09/21 03:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

Most here seem to be in favor of the buyback... I would tow the heckle out of that rv and even camp in it. All the repairs, as OP quite stated, will be done by him, so will cost nothing but time, or provide a new hobby or source of entertainment. There are no legal concerns. Only, will it roll and did you fix any leaks.
mr_andyj 06/09/21 03:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Chasing down gas leak?

Could be another appliance like the furnace valve, could be be regulator... Could be anything anywhere. The sniffer is the best helper you can get
mr_andyj 06/09/21 03:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Level

I spend 2-3 hours obsessing over it Friends wife took a trip without him. Her camp spot was pointed downhill. She pulled in forward, put the leveling ramps under the rear tires and was happy. I offered to help, she declined. Don't no matter to me. Worst part is that now I have that camper's fridge in my garage. Somehow it still works.
mr_andyj 06/08/21 08:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford F150 vs Ram 1500 Hybrids Ike Gauntlet Test

These clowns tested a mid-sized truck with a 6,000 boat. Same hill. 3rd gear, rpm's screaming at near redline. They thought, no problem because they were able to maintain speed limit. 3mpg sounded good to them, clowns. Not reality. Who does that to a truck they own? Nobody, you tow the thing 20-30 mph slower because it is a mid-sized truck and you already know you will have to take it easy. Now, if the test were: lets tow where the truck seems to be comfortable and we are not putting extreme stress on an engine/trans that we hope to keep for 200,000 miles, then I would pay attention to the comparisons, because that is how people drive, normal.
mr_andyj 06/08/21 08:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Evaporative Coolers for Lance

Get the smallest roof AC unit u can get, I think this will be a 9200BTU, not the standard 13,500 BTU that most have. 9200 is plenty for a TC your size. The Dometic have the Polar cub that is also low profile (not as tall) so gives you a little more clearance. Bonus is that a 9200 will run off a 2000 watt generator where a 13.5 will not. IF you can and are willing to put in a window unit then consider that option. $99 is a lot better price than $999. This is hard to do on a TC. A 5,000BTU should be plenty in this case. I had a 9200 on a TC and it cooled instantly, and was over-kill to be honest. AC roof units are sold as the roof part and the inside ceiling assembly is sold separately (usually). Sometimes you can find a rebuilt (like new) unit on eBay much cheaper. Sometimes you can find a used one for 200-300 bucks.
mr_andyj 06/08/21 08:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford F150 vs Ram 1500 Hybrids Ike Gauntlet Test

Those guys put a weighted trailer on, floor it and go up a steep hill at an altitude few will ever see on a regular basis. Is this really the standard which you will judge a vehicle?
mr_andyj 06/08/21 05:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Level

And LP fridge will need to be 3 degrees or less level. 3 degrees is a lot of off-level which you will not be satisfied with, so for the fridge, if you feel it is level then the fridge is likely very happy. For you, if you are happy then it is level enough. I would suggest to get used to living every so slightly off-level if you camp a lot, this makes life easier. As long as the eggs dont run too far to one side of the frying pan you are level.
mr_andyj 06/08/21 05:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fantastic Fan Thermostat error

Took it apart. The on/off switch is keeping it from dropping down very far. I can see the contacts. Not sure what cleaning them will do since I know it works. The contacts is what I can hear click, it just seems to click too late - it is not that hot yet I have to set the temp almost all the way high for it to come on. It used to come on lower. To do more I will have to disassemble from the roof. I may or may not do that.
mr_andyj 06/08/21 04:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

If you have the time Miller has the beer... Really all you need to do is make sure it will not fall apart driving it, and that it will not leak. Duct tape special or just spend the time to get it dry and looking not wrecked and you will be fine. Unlike a car, nobody is in the camper going down the road so if the frame breaks and you drag the trailer sideways a little while then so what? I once drug a trailer 11 miles on the hub, then axle as the hub ground off. No biggie. Trailer had to be abandon, but it was so nothing that I had to be told that the trailer was broken while in motion. Lesson: as long as the trailer is not in danger of flipping sideways and taking the truck with it then you are fine towing junky trailers. If frame is damaged then you might have tire wear.
mr_andyj 06/08/21 03:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fantastic Fan Thermostat error

If it's a simple mechanical thermostat it's just a bimetal strip with contacts, the temp adjust can set either the gap between contacts or the preload against the movement of the strip to close the contacts, I would start by removing the stat from fan and cleaning the contacts I will try this before calling Dometic. Side note - the fan has 3 speeds. Fast is power directly to the fan, while med and slow go through what looks like a heating element of two different sizes. I assume this "burns" off some power which then reduces the power to the fan and thus a slower speed. Conclusion, all 3 speeds use the same amount of power. Conclusion, it is better to use the high speed while the thermostat is on for maintaining temps while you are away (it will run less than a slower speed). Use the slow and medium speeds for comfort/noise level while inside. or does fast use the least power?
mr_andyj 06/08/21 03:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing help

Is the truck level with this set-up? Yes, then just raise the hitch ball up 1/2 inch, or to the next increment and readjust the WDH. 3/4 ton truck likely unaffected by 25% weight. Move stuff away from the front of the camper to the axles or to the rear, the heavy stuff that is. Any distance you move weight back will lessen weight on the tongue. How does it drive and handle?
mr_andyj 06/06/21 06:08pm Towing
Fantastic Fan Thermostat error

I have to set the temp setting very high for the fan to come on. Is there a fix? I found this out of stock switch but not sure it is the exact fit, I think it is. Im sure I can find this item, but would rather fix mine since it will allow the fan to come on. Its 80 in the cabin, I have to set the temp to almost the very highest setting for fan to come on. It used to work down to the 60's or so for the cool setting if I remember. I have seen others just put a regular wall mounted thermostat, but Im not willing to take the ceiling pieces apart to run new wires.
mr_andyj 06/06/21 05:58pm Tech Issues
RE: How big of a window air conditioner will a Honda 2000 run?

Easy, easy. Will that unit cool your trailer is the bigger question. Consider a little bigger unit. I have a 2200 watt inverter generator that runs a 9200 BTU AC just fine.
mr_andyj 06/06/21 12:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: 12v vs 110v on TC

Yes, the generator just for running the AC or charging your boat. You can put solar on and run everything else as long as you have some sun. 200 watts min, but I would go with 300 if there is room. Run panels in series. For fridge a DC compressor Danfoss unit is my fav. The solar will run it unless you use a lot of other DC things that draw a lot of power too and then you might run batteries low by morning. So, if you watch hours of movies and need a lot of light at night consider more batteries. I would thingk 3 would be plenty. A 3-way propane is fine, but needs to remain within 3 degrees of level or it will be ruined. Propane will last a long time for a fridge and you prob have propane for stove anyway. If you already have this then just stick with it. My vote is for a DC fridge, but you will have to make a chest fridge fit or get an upright DC compressor fridge or convert a propane fridge. So, why do you need an inverter? Just to charge the laptop? Run everything off of DC power that you can. Inverters use power just being on, and are not 100% efficient when converting it. For battery charging, mostly you will be just for the boat. Do you need sophisticated charging devices or will a cheapo battery charger work to top off the boat? If you go solar then hopefully you never need to charge your TC batteries as the sun will do that, and driving will bring in the alternator to charge also.
mr_andyj 06/06/21 12:00pm Tech Issues
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