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RE: Do we have to winterize if we use our RV during the winter?

PEX probably isn't going to burst, but the plastic elbows and other fittings will if they happen to have enough water in them. Theoretically, yes, but in practice I have yet to see one crack. The elbows dont contain a lot of water, it is a very small diameter pipe inside so much less pressure than would be on a bigger inside dia pipe fitting. 3/8 pipe fittings are small, even 1/2 might be small enough, bigger ones I am sure would prob crack. Most RVs are 3/8 that I have seen.
mr_andyj 11/14/20 08:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Question on winter storage and Onan 5500

AV gas... Jet fuel is half kerosine, this keeps the fuel from freezing at 35 below, so is it the kerosine that is the key component in the AV gas or the gas itself? does AV gas have kerosine? Can you just mix half with kerosine?
mr_andyj 11/14/20 08:47am Tech Issues
RE: 120 days and counting

... The objective of a solar system is not to need a generator except for AC. The failure of an inadequate solar system is proven by the need to run your generator every day for an hour. No, but maybe for your particular narrow objectives this is true for you. The objective of solar power is: Wait for it.... To make power. Power for what? Wait, wait.... For whatever the guy wants it for. Wow. In this case the OP is doing it right. Using solar (economically he spent the minimal amount for his needs) to keep his batteries toped off, and using a generator for the one hour per day (for the few days it is needed) for the big power electrical demands, thus saving his expensive batteries from being delpleted needlessly. Batteries last longer when they are not drained so deeply. Likely the OPs solar system goes in the garage of the new house when complete and may never see daylight again.
mr_andyj 11/11/20 11:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Bolt on shocks or cushioned equalizers for travel trailer?

I had a little motorcycle trailer with leaf springs and it had shocks on it. This kept it from bouncing, and especially bouncing like a tow dolly when no bikes were on it. There is no down-side from having shocks. Trailers typically do not have shocks because there is nobody riding in the the trailer to complain about the ride quality of not having shocks. The trailer will handle better with shocks because it will ride smoother, same as your car or truck. Now, for the question of which is best, the real topic, I do not have an answer.
mr_andyj 11/11/20 11:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Do we have to winterize if we use our RV during the winter?

You winterize for that one time when it freezes enough/ long enough for pipes to freeze, so doesnt really matter one day or 90 days, but, BUT.... Some people never winterize and are fine when pipe freeze solid, yet some have pipes burst. The PEX pipes do much better than any other pipe. Plastic water tanks take a very long time to freeze and are able to expand some, I have seen people store a full fresh tank for years in freezing winters. Up to you, there are risk no matter what advice you get...
mr_andyj 11/11/20 11:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Veterans Day free Admission

Think its a done deal now and in the future - Gold Star Families and U.S. military veterans will be granted free access to national parks, wildlife refuges and other Federal lands managed by the Department of the Interior starting on Veterans Day (Nov. 11) this year and every day onward. You beat me to it... This is great news! We honor the men who served and/or fought to protect our nation. Others have died, in war time and in peace time, and every serviceman knew the risk when they signed up. Hopefully this level of respect and gratitude is just the beginning.
mr_andyj 11/11/20 11:32am General RVing Issues
RE: Generator for full time use in destination trailer.

It makes zero cents, err sense to run a generator. Gens are the least efficient at producing electricity. You will pay a fortune in fuel. You will need multiple oil changes over those months. Yes, to do this you need those diesel trailer mounted rental generators. Diesel will produce more power per dollar wasted, I mean spent, for power. You need a big generator as the little Rv ones are not really made to run for months non-stop, they are made to run for days, or just during peak times during hot afternoons. Yes, RV gens will run for thousands of hours over their life, but will not handle the power loads you want (domestic refridge, Ac, power tools, TVs etc.). Then you will be smelling exhaust and breathing carbon monoxide for months on end. Whatever power your eventual house will get is what you need to set up first. If city power then get that done, if solar, then get that in place, or buy stock in an oil company...
mr_andyj 11/11/20 11:24am Tech Issues
RE: Question on winter storage and Onan 5500

honestly, i have heard that you should "exercise" the generator head by running it, but I cannot give a reason for this other than maybe it helps blow out some dust before it accumulates too much. The generator head is just an electric motor in reverse. Do you "exercise" your home ceiling fans during the winter? No. Do you pull out your electric appliances and exercise them monthly? No, that would be really dumb. I do not know what component on the generator head would need to be exercised, so cannot say for sure, do not exercise it, but I have never exercised some gens and never ever had any issues. Does a gas motor need to be exercised? No. Motors can sit for years and years and still function exactly the same. Metal parts will not age, at best change the oil. What will age is any gas left in the system (carb or fuel tank). In all the times I have taken apart I never see any seals that need to be kept wet with oil either, most seals are paper. None of my motors need to be run. Running a motor will run clean gas through the carb and keep it clean just from use. That is about all I see that running would help with. If you can protect the carb for storage (choose your method) then that is it. Done.
mr_andyj 11/02/20 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: Exploded Battery!

I am... I have seen and cleaned up after many more battery explosions that were pairs of 12V jars. If you believe the convenience of two 12V is worth it, carry backing soda on hand as a precaution. Matt I have never seen any RV on here call anything a jar... Are you saying boaters use golf cart batteries more over marine? or are you saying it is exactly half and half 50/50 and most of the issues are with GC batts, not marine? It's like the news saying, there are more cases, but ignoring that there is also more testing to reveal more cases that were not revealed when there were less cases. Stop testing, we will have zero cases...
mr_andyj 10/30/20 08:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Considering building camper from scratch...

Depends on how nice u want it inside, and how good your skills already are. $5,000 is not much if you are having to buy all of the components and parts. This is going to be a huge project, and you might be sick of it before you get done and when you get done you are so tired of it you don't want to look at it, or even camp in it.... To save money, buy a junk camper, this already has all the components, appliances, cushions, etc. $1,000 camper will get you $6,000 worth of parts assuming it all works. If you want a bare-bones good-enough interior then you can do it quick. Building out a camper is way harder than building a house. In a camper you cannot just throw up a 2x4 wall and plaster over it. Things are small, and you have to maximize space, and a lot of custom fitting and cutting is involved unless you want to waste huge amounts of space. You can do it, you will like what you have, but it will be a huge project.
mr_andyj 10/27/20 10:05am Truck Campers
RE: Trouble with my Honda 2000 genset

The overload light comes on and then it stalls, or it stalls and then the overload light is on? I would suspect the carb is the issue. Could be a clog, could be it is flooding, could be it is starved for fuel which might be float related. Any small engine repair can fix a motor, and cheaper. Don't take it to a camper specialist. I have no knowledge if it is the generator head shutting it down or not. With super cheap ebay carbs sometimes it is just easier and quicker to buy a new carb. I imagine $30-40 range.
mr_andyj 10/27/20 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Best market for RV components for sale?

I have a page full of parts on craigslist. its free too. It will be slow to sell, but you get local buyers who can pick it up, no shipping. Scammers might go there, but I have sold dozens of items and never had a scammer show up, a few I suspected were scams from the start "I am interested in that thing you are selling", and I ignore those.
mr_andyj 10/27/20 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: Winterizing a fridge.....

I am told that if the charger is only floating 13.6 volts that you can leave that on indefinitely. Check the voltage over fully charged batteries to see. Some might do much more. I had a charger from 1972 that put out 18 volts an dI never knew this until recently. Somehow the batteries, two marine, were fine and lasted as expected, but it was not always plugged in, just when I thought they needed topping off. Always check the water level - every month or two (and same goes for your daily driver car). Use distilled water only in batteries. When the water gets below the lead plates then your batteries are in trouble.
mr_andyj 10/24/20 08:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford F150 battery drain when towing Travel Trailer

Agree. The trailer simply cannot draw enough amps through that long run of small wire to drain a vehicle battery that is inches from a 140 amp alternator. A camera or some phones will not draw down a running vehicle battery either. In the meantime, you might can just disconnect the charging wire that feeds the trailer battery, or pull the fuse if the trailer has one between the battery and the 7-pin plug. My trailer has solar, so I rarely ever have the vehicle charge the trailer. Whatever the guy in the above post was talking about with the alternator and the C pin might be the best place to start. To run a battery down takes some serious work, so the alternator must be at fault (not charging). When alternators die the ECU (trucks computer) and the blower vent fan will run the battery down in 30-45 mins, so your alternator must be putting out some charge that you can go 3-5 hours without the battery being dead. The camper's battery could possibly contribute voltage back to a dying vehicle battery, but not significant through that long run of small gauge wire. None of this helps any except to help you eliminate some possibilities and push you towards looking at the alternator first.
mr_andyj 10/21/20 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: crank up antenna won't crank up

it is made of aluminum which can get a oxidation on it and make the gears really hard to move. lubing it might help. I do not know about rubber roofs and lube... Worst case, go to a junkyard and find an old RV with a working one. It will be cheap. I had a boomerang on my first on. Like what you would see on an old limosuine. It kinda worked, so I had to get a signal booster to increase the signal. The crank up is the best as you can turn/aim it, and it raises above your AC unit so nothing blocks it. Though I have never tried a dome one. sounds expensive...
mr_andyj 10/19/20 06:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric Wires for Break Question

There are some on this forum that would not tow a small flat cargo lawnmower trailer with a semi-truck because it could be too dangerous. You are safe to go by the auto manufacturers recommendations, but it is a lot easier to tow that lawnmower trailer with a semi-truck if you are looking for the maximum amount of ease, as some on here are. Maybe you can do the wiring yourself maybe you cannot. When I started I was asking the same questions, but did it all myself and it was easy, just you need to know what wires to tap into and where the "brake" wire is on your vehicle. It is usually a light blue and only a couple feet long originating from under the dash. It goes towards the back, but goes nowhere, so u have to find it then splice into it. Controllers are $30 and up. If you will not tow much you can get by with a cheap "timed" one. If you will tow a lot and like nice things then get a $200 "sensor" type where the module senses the amount of braking you are doing and brakes the trailer accordingly. It is so much nicer. i have had both types and will never go back to a cheap one. The other 2 of the 3 extra wires from the flat-4 to the 7-pin are reverse lights and a 12 volt charge to keep voltage on the trailer camper battery while you drive. You can get away without reverse or voltage, but legally you need to hook up the brakes, and especially the weights of TV and trailer you are stating... You will also need a working "breakaway" emergency brake control and to keep a charged 12 volt battery connected to it from the trailer.
mr_andyj 10/19/20 06:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do propane fire pits put out any heat?

a LOT of HEAT!
mr_andyj 10/19/20 06:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chip a v10

power and economy are at opposite ends. So, which do you want? More power usually means more heat. Are you on the verge already of overheating on big climbs? What climbs, just hills, or serious mountains? Chips are different than tuners, which just dump in more fuel. The cheapo chips u see on amazon are just little things that cut the voltage lower, spoofing the ECU. I spoofed my foreign truck by cutting voltage from the MAF. This had the effect to lean out the fuel mixture. Both power and economy increased. Exhaust temps increased but did not matter on a small truck. If you lean out your fuel mixture your engine temps will increase. I dont think you have enough margin to handle more temps. My method was to use a pot and manually cut back the signal which made the CPU think there was less air flowing through the intake, so it put in less gasoline (leaned it out). I could feel the power boost as I slightly leaned out the mix. mpg went up 2-3 mpg in my particular instance, You will not see 2-3 mpg increase on a V-10. Tuners could range in the $700 range. not worth the cost, and that is if you can do the install yourself. It is quite involved, not for the novice. I put a tuner on a turbo diesel, but a diesel has a lot, a lot more potential than an old ford gasser.
mr_andyj 10/19/20 06:00pm Tech Issues
RE: upgraded Rotten Green Switch by ultra RV

curious what that is even... This is the most vague post I have ever seen
mr_andyj 10/17/20 10:09am Tech Issues
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

There is a little known phenomenon - when people get behind a wheel they become a$$H0!#$ The funny part of driving across the country, is that guy towing a big trailer doing 75-80 and getting about 4 mpg that has to stop every 200 miles for more gas, while I get 650 miles towing my rig at 60-64 mph and keep seeing him pass me all day. I never seem to pass him, but always see him in rear mirror then he flys by me WOT over and over and over. I think 7 times is the record in one day.
mr_andyj 10/17/20 10:01am General RVing Issues
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