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RE: AC Hard start additions

Just getting a bigger gen is not always an option for everyone. The small gens have advantages and for some it is a small gen or no gen. Given that, the question is how to run the AC off the small gen, not "just get a bigger gen" The only thing new is the electronic soft-start that has come on the market instead of just adding a capacitor. Capacitors help, but only give you a boost of power that may or may not be enough to do the job, where the soft-start will make the motor start slower and require less of a power surge. The electronic ones are expensive compared to a $20 capacitor. forums are full of "just take it to the dealer" "have a mechanic fix it" "if you have to ask then you are not qualified to work on it" "spend some of your money you cheapskate" answers None are helpful to the OP
mr_andyj 08/06/21 09:22am Tech Issues
RE: 2016 flagstaff micro-lite propane fridge

could be issue in the propane line. could be regulator. I assume the stove will blow full power on all 3 burners??? Possible the pipe to the fridge is blocked mostly, will build up decent pressure when fridge is off, will burn good on that pressure for a while then flames out. I have heard of pipes being blocked like this and even the oil filling the low places doing this. There is an oil in the propane tanks that can get into the lines... More likely there is issue on the fridge itself. The thermocouple could have issues, and for a handy guy can be a cheap fix. Burning a flame is not rocket science so whatever the issue it can be fixed. As long as the fridge does work on electric then the fridge is good.
mr_andyj 08/06/21 09:13am Tech Issues
RE: Towing to Mammoth

With a popup you should not have any issues. You will lose power the higher you go and your speeds might drop. IDK your temp gauge, most 2015s have a 3 position temp gauge: 1. cold 2. normal 3. you just blew your motor. Gauges do not show temp like they used to, moving the needle according to actual temp. Aftermarket gauge to display temps is wise.
mr_andyj 08/06/21 09:03am General RVing Issues
RE: ATV Muffler on Genset?

The other half of the noise is usually the valves/mechanical noise... You can do a valve adjustment and bring it back to spec and that might help slightly, but that noise will always be there. Mufflers are tuned to the engine they serve, so you would have to try different ones. I had an old Onan from 1970 that had a car-looking muffler on it, not unlike the above post. It did lower the noise, mostly the high frequencies, but it was still loud. It was a big one-cycender banger, but ran at 1,800 rpm so was quieter than your 3,600 rpm gen.
mr_andyj 08/06/21 08:56am Truck Campers
RE: Cool Gizmos and Gadgets Thread

Seems like I saw something like that Thread here once, but not now, and not under General RVing issues.
mr_andyj 08/05/21 02:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Obesity in America

When traveling to Europe this makes spotting an American very easy; they are the ones with fat bellies or just large bodies. The American diet is largely based on processed corn products which especially include the very fattening High Fructose Corn Syrup! Other nations do not grow corn like we do so have different base diets. Weight is not the issue. Body fat is. There are thin bodies and there are thick bodies - endomorphs vs ectomorphs, so one can be built heavy, but if you are fat then you are likely unhealthy, despite what a doctor in America might say.
mr_andyj 08/05/21 02:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ultimate Solar RV????

On the surface it looks like it is build off of a cargo camper, but I suspect it is a purpose built shell - the slanted floor at the rear is not like any cargo trailer I have seen. Nice to see some substance to an RV roof, again like a cargo trailer, and not the thin pathetic coverings as you get on an RV roof... I have never heard of a cargo trailer having leaky roofs. I like the deployable solar that doubles as a tiny awning. Didnt have time to study the site, so Im still curious how these are built.
mr_andyj 08/05/21 02:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Delays in camper buiddate

That container ship Ever Given had a lot of containers on it, and it also backed up a lot more containers and caused delays, then the ports were flooded with containers all at once when they did move again, so delays due to customs handling it.. I think the Ever Given, owned by Evergreen (HRC), is still being unloaded. Reports of children and women being removed from special containers are out there, some sort of smuggling event, so they are being through. This on top of the supposed virus we are to fear and hide from. Yea, we rely too much on china for goods. Is there not an RV on the lot you can be happy with buying?
mr_andyj 08/04/21 12:50pm Truck Campers
Cool Gizmos and Gadgets Thread

Should there be a gadgets section? I gought one of these collapse stool and have been very happy. It is sturdy and folds down small for storage. I use it inside the camper as a chair.
mr_andyj 08/04/21 12:45pm Around the Campfire
Why deleted?

How cool is this lil Cooler I posted a nice post about a classic fridge cooler and it got deleted. What is the issue?
mr_andyj 08/03/21 04:44pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Atlanta Explained

Atlanta does not get snow, they get freezing rain, then ice, and if lucky maybe some flurries on top of that. If you can't even stand on the road due to ice then it is safe to drive your bald tires on it. Otherwise it rains everyday, Atlantans are used to rain, but may think they need to turn on their hazard lights for rain, which makes it even more dangerous for blinded drivers at night who now can't see anything except flashing lights. If the sign says, "Lane ends merge", then you drive to the very last possible sliver of open road and even hit a few cones just so you pass more people who have already merged. Red lights are finish lines, you race from the green light to the red light, slamming on brakes just in time to not slam the car in front of you. Interstate exit ramps can be accessed from the far left lane even after you physically pass the exit. There can be up to 12 lanes in each direction on the interstate. If it is not yours, then steal it, and this especially goes for taking and overtaking traffic at stops so you move one position further up. The rule is that it only belongs to you for as long as you can defend it and keep it. There are many free parking places in Atlanta-proper, but there are bums who will only charge you $20 to watch your car, or act like they are parking attendants. No payments necessary, they will not vandiize your car if you do not pay.
mr_andyj 08/03/21 04:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: Air conditioning article

Let's just ignore Keytag Nice article. It did not seem to intend to be a comparison chart between each unit exactly. It is an article about different AC options for the TC crowd. Good info. Most of these I have not heard of, so now I know. The DC units intrigue me in that they run without a generator or hookups. Given enough solar and battery you have AC while in the boonies without daily gasoline refills... IT states amp use, but that is when the compressor is running, so the calculation would be based on what % the compressor runs and then how many amps just the fan draws. 300 amps of available battery and 29 amp draw would give 10 hours of use, but in reality the compressor cycles so it could be much more. Enough solar on the roof, the entire roof, and sun and all is good. I dont have the space on the roof or the desire to deploy ground panels, so maybe the next RV for me....
mr_andyj 08/03/21 10:15am Truck Campers
RE: Can I rent your RV?

If they don't know RV then they will break something. I used to buy and sell one RV/camper per year. Everytime, sorry wives, the wife would come in and pull or yank on a cabinet door that had a safety latch. I got to expect it and prevent it, but it took several broken latches to learn that people just think they can yank, pull, and generally terrorize the RV if it does not work like they think it should, not knowing it is latched for driving or other peculiar things you find in an RV... Guys do the same, but the women always try to operate things without getting instructions... There is a whole lot to communicate to your friend on how to operate an RV, it will overwhelm them possibly... dont park off-level without turning off the fridge, dont do this... dont do that... Yes, you are risking them unknowingly breaking stuff. That said, I know people who do rent, and you just charge enough to cover the expected damage. Here is one for example, Im not advertising anything, but this gives you an idea of what they charge and how it all works on the professional side. RV Rental Alabama There are many others you can do a non-google internet search for and find. Seems there are companies that can handle the rental for you, similar to renting a vacation cabin.... I dont loan my RV out. I let a family member take a C out and it came back a mess
mr_andyj 08/03/21 10:02am General RVing Issues
How cool is this lil Cooler

Dometic RC2000. This is probably over 20 years old. Made in Luxembourg. wow, not china!!! It is a 3-way cooler/fridge. The flame is orange, not blue, but not sure if it will clear up with some use, or needs to be cleaned or adjusted. It should burn blue I would think, but who knows.... I have had it for years, and plugged it into AC and ran it every now and then just to move the chemicals (not sure if that is necessary), but never had the propane pigtail. It is meant to use a 1 pound cylinder and should have had a little 11WC regulator with it. It is missing that and one little plastic door to hold a cylinder outside of the storage cavity on the back meant for the 1lb cylinder. Not a big deal to be missing this. I finally ordered a regulator pigtail, 3/8 flare female to BBQ tank fitting. The propane fired right up as per directions with no issues at all and ran like a champ. It is an absorption cooling unit so either needs to be in motion/sloshing to move chemicals down the chute, or to be within 3 degrees of level as is common on the propane refrigerators we all love in the RVs. Compared to today's DC Danfoss compressor fridge coolers this has a tiny compartment for its 17x22 size, 18 height, but is big enough for a weekend or just to keep the essentials cold. Rugged plastic construction and solid door. I thought I would share just for the coolness factor as these are not made anymore and are a very rare find. Hooked to the BBQ tank it might run a month or more. I have two compressor fridge coolers so have no immediate use for this....
mr_andyj 08/03/21 09:49am RV Lifestyle
RE: Off grid for first time, need some guidance !

but I have a similar size/same brand trailer with 2 new 6V GCs (cheap ones from Costco, but that trailer with minimal power use: 1 time on the electric jack, water pump, fridge controls on L... ... 36 HOURS is all you could get ???? WITH 2 6v GCs batteries ??? You have a problem somwhere. Something is pulling down your batteries. . Yep, problems
mr_andyj 08/02/21 08:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Which battery for small travel trailer

LiFe?? Nicad are not ideal for camping... You can get solar charge controllers that have adjustable output. That 100w solar panel puts out 18.x volts and your charge controller drops that down to 13.x. I have one I can program any voltage I want to go to the battery. OR Get a DC to DC charger where you can either program or get your 14.6 volts. This will help coming from the vehicle alternator. You might need another 100 watt panel if you go off-grid for days at a time. All depends on how much power you use. OR both because you need control from the panel and control from the vehicle.
mr_andyj 08/02/21 08:16am Travel Trailers
RE: After towing RV with bad batteries, truck blinkers...

clarify all this... You say, after. Do you mean after towing and after unhooking and then driving the truck with no trailer then things do this, or it does it when hooked up?
mr_andyj 08/02/21 08:12am Tech Issues
RE: RV manuals - older RV park model, Franklin

Agree, there is no manual, only individual manuals for things in the rv, oven, AC unit, charger, water pump etc. RVs and campers are all about the same. You have the same roof AC on your $3,000 camper trailer as a $3,000,000 class A RV has, same oven, same water pump etc... There is nothing needed to be explained about individual campers. The doors open, the bed folds... The things you will have questions about are the individual components more so than the overall camper. A camper is just a box with stuff bolted in. You are looking for instructions on the most basic operation of a camper. Dealers and manufacturers typically do not offer this. They change their camper designs far too often to worry about writing a manual. Even from one build to the next on the same day they might make alterations for the sake of getting it out the door quick and moving on to the next unit.
mr_andyj 08/01/21 10:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Has anyone noticed

It could be that these big RVs have always been owned, but were previously just parked in the storage lot. Now that more are out of work, or are forced to hide (especially the West coast persons) from an unverified virus yet to be identified and are free to travel more, or forced to work from home (or the rv) and are able to take more frequent or longer RV trips that we are able to see them on the road. It always amazes me how many campers and rv and boats just sit in the same storage lot 51 weeks out of the year anyway. Seems like it would just be cheaper to rent an rv for that one week a year that most use them. I guess it is fun to own the dream though, to know it is yours and there waiting for your adventures.
mr_andyj 08/01/21 10:15am RV Lifestyle
RE: Dashboard Alternator light

This is a motorhome? On trailers the rv batts are so far away and the wiring so small this is not an issue, so assuming you are motorhome and everything is close together... You can just get a circuit breaker and disconnect the solar system from the vehicle starting battery/alternator when driving, but sounds like you want both to contribute when driving. Another possible idea is to use a diode from the alternator to the rv battery instead of a solenoid switch. The diode will make you lose a little bit of amperage but should not be a big deal. The diode only lets current go one way, so maybe this will keep the vehicle computer from seeing the higher rv battery voltage. I have only used the diode to prevent the rv from discharging the starting battery, so someone else can chime in on more specifics related to this. How is the rv battery connected to the vehicle? to the alternator, to the starting battery? I had mine connected at the vehicle starter (about 4 -5 feet of wire from the starting battery), which was basically connected to the battery as far as electricity goes. Never had the issues you mention.
mr_andyj 07/31/21 02:19pm Tech Issues
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