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RE: need some help

now it's down to about 2 minutes of run time. I hive it sitting by the heater hoping that helps. Ill check the cap vent. it runs great at start up, then quits
mrad 02/12/21 08:46am Tech Issues
need some help

hey guys, Im out in my fish house in -25 temps. my ryobi generator runs for 10 minutes,then quits. any idea whats causing this ? I have 91 non-ox fuel in it. It starts right up when i pull the cord, but then stops running in 5-10 minutes?
mrad 02/12/21 08:20am Tech Issues
Looking for ideas on hauling bicycles in toy hauler

I am looking for suggestions on how to haul two mountain bikes in our toy hauler without laying them down. I'm in MN, so I have a cou0lle of months before we take the unit out of storage, but would like to have a plan when we do
mrad 01/29/21 06:30pm Toy Haulers
Hooking up trickle charger to golf cart batteries

how should I hook up a trickle charger to two golf cart batteries hooked up for 12 volts in my RV during storage? Positive to Negative on opposite batteries?
mrad 11/25/20 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: Question on winter storage and Onan 5500

I don't know what non-oxygenated gas is, but if it contains ethanol then that is the problem. Ethanol breaks down into water and really can gum up the carb. It is better to have used 100% gas in the generator before shutting it down for the season. Best yet to run the carb dry (out of gas) before storage. That is what people do with small engines all the time. Regular 100% gas will gum up the carb also after a month or two. The non-oxygenated gas I use states that it is ethanol free.
mrad 11/01/20 10:31am Tech Issues
Question on winter storage and Onan 5500

This will be my first year storing a 5th wheel with an onboard generator. If I am running 91 non-oxygenated fuel and add some seafoam to it, should the generator still be exercised every couple of weeks? We are storing the RV about an hour away and it would be a bit difficult to make this happen unless the storage owner would be willing to start it.
mrad 11/01/20 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: Humming sound in 5th wheel??

If you are rigged for a generator then I would suspect the ATF(auto transfer switch). I am rigged for and do have an Onan 5500. I just tried turning both battery switches off and the humming sound was still there.
mrad 10/22/20 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Humming sound in 5th wheel??

I know it's not the water pump. I wondered if it could be the converter (Xantrex Pro XM1000). But even now sitting in my driveway, closed up and winterized, but still hooked to shore power, I am hearing the noise. Would this be normal? The residential fridge is still on.
mrad 10/22/20 10:53am Tech Issues
Humming sound in 5th wheel??

Last week we picked up our 2015 5h wheel from a dealer. They took us through a walkthrough and explained how things work. We left the dealership and headed straight for a campground. The next morning when it was quiet, we noticed a humming noise. We cannot figure out where the sound is coming from. We did not notice it during the walkthrough, but that could have been because of the noise. The fireplace sits towards the front right by where the steps are to walk up to the bedroom. We can hear the sound in the 5th wheel as well as in the pass-through storage. Any ideas on what could be causing this? We never noticed this sound on our TT. This coach does have a residential fridge that sits farther back in the living space, but the sound is not coming from the fridge.
mrad 10/22/20 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: Chip a v10

I don't have any experience with a chip, but when we upgraded our TT in 2013, I bought a tune from 5-star tuning for my V10 Ford Excursion with 4.30 gearing. The new TT had a dry weight of 8,200. The tune made a night and day difference. It changed the shift pattern and towing mileage actually increased a bit. We towed through Colorados mountains. I could hold 54-55 on the steepest inclines with a combined CAT scale weight of 18,000lbs
mrad 10/20/20 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Need help on winterizing RV with residential fridge

I searched for "winterize lg fridge with ice maker" found this: Winterized my unit today couldn't find any info on line (web) on how to winterize an ice maker. Called my local dealer they stated to disconnect the infeed line and drain it. This would be fine for the water up to the valve located in the rear of the unit, after the valve and up to the ice maker would still be full of water which would result in freeze damage. So I called LG that was a joke, got 2 different techs not from the US they stated to do the same thing as my local dealer stated to do drain the line and if I wanted to go further to pull the refrigerator out drain the valve and the lines by disconnecting all lines from the valve unit. I figured this out before I talked with them, not so easy to do. To make a long story short I removed the ice tray and lower tray out of the freezer it's a French door with bottom freezer. I then took a mirror and found a test button near the front of the ice maker about 1/2" from the front on the underside, pushed it and out came the antifreeze, its a button that opens the valve for a cycle, only took 2 cycles and it was winterized. I'll do the same to dewinterized next spring a few cycles and the antifreeze will be gone. Taken from here: link Thanks, this is just what I am looking for.
mrad 10/19/20 01:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Need help on winterizing RV with residential fridge

Two answers. First turn off water and drain the lines at the low point drains DO NOT blow the lines out at this time.. Force cycle the ice maker.. Now shut off water to the ice maker (there should be a valve) and blow out the rest of the lines several tinmes. Turn the fridge ON and let the ice maker cycle normally,. now empty the ice tray (that will empty the ice molds). OPTIONAL is remove the solenoid valve to a warm spot.. Don't lose it like I did Optional (And I did this too) Remove the ice maker and toss it (well it's in the basement) and get a counter top ice maker. More ice, faster, (Though only on 120 volts) and I just haul it inside when it's cold out. Would the valve be behind the fridge requiring me to pull it out, or would it be outside the living space?
mrad 10/19/20 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Need help on winterizing RV with residential fridge

I would not install antifreeze in the icemaker mold. IF you winterize by blowing out the system. Connect air and manually cycle the Icemaker until you hear AIR blowing out inside the icemaker. If you use Antifreeze, then pump into the mold. The RV antifreeze leaves a small slime that takes numerous ice production to get rid of. Doug I like the air idea. Where do I look for the switch to manually cycle the system? This is our first time using the 5th wheel. I noticed when we get home which is 250 miles north, we will have temps in the mid 20's this week. Thanks
mrad 10/18/20 09:58am Tech Issues
RE: Need help on winterizing RV with residential fridge

What make/model is your residential fridge? If it's the Samsung RF18xxx, the icemaker has a test cycle button. Activate that several times while the lines are pressurized with antifreeze. Other makes/models may have similar features. Rob Sorry, It's an LG LFC22770ST
mrad 10/18/20 08:58am Tech Issues
Need help on winterizing RV with residential fridge

Our new to us 5th wheel has a residential fridge with an ice maker. The fridge does not have a water dispenser. What do I need to do to winterize the fridge/freezer or to drain the waterline that runs to the freezer?
mrad 10/18/20 08:32am Tech Issues
RE: Best bang for the buck Golf Cart battery

Are you considering an inverter for the refridge? I believe it has one
mrad 10/12/20 01:08pm Tech Issues
Best bang for the buck Golf Cart battery

The dealer we are buying our toy hauler from will be putting two golf cart batteries in it tomorrow. I will have to bring the batteries as their battery guy will not be there in time to deliver golf cart batteries. I am looking at two of these from Costco. Does htis seem to be the most cost GC battery? I was hoping to put 4 in, but do to space, we are only able to fit 2.
mrad 10/12/20 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Please critique decision on batteries and charging

There is a secondary issue, although not as important. in th ewinter, I have a fishouse that I stay in for the weekend. I usually use the ryobi to power the satalite, tv, lights, and pizza oven. However, recently I have been using my deep cycles to power it in the evening to keep the noise levels down. I would now use the GC batteries in the winter at the fishouse also.Have a favorite pizza dough recipe? For the fish house you could look towards the RC chargers that people use for drones. Know anyone thats into that stuff? They might have a used one for cheap. Bring the batteries and the Ryobi and a small charger to recharge the batteries during the day. Or for an emergency charge at night. I have a schujacher 2-6-15 amp smart charger. It was about $50. Would this be sufficient to charge the batteries in a climate controled house in the winter? It charged two 12 volts discahrged to 40-50% in about 8 hours
mrad 10/11/20 01:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Please critique decision on batteries and charging

Costco has the gc2 for $90 and GC8 for $105. is the gc 8 the way to go?
mrad 10/11/20 11:31am Tech Issues
RE: Please critique decision on batteries and charging

YIf you have solar you can get them to a higher SOC before dark. In that case, do your 50-80 in the morning and let the solar do what it can the rest of the day. You can run the solar while doing your gen/charger to get more amps--just leave the solar on all day--it will do whatever it can. A properly sized solar system (and adequate sunlight) will recharge your batteries AND do the long, slow equalization charge as necessary. What would be adequate size? Dor $50 I can get a 100 watt system from a buddy who no longer needs it. I'm guessing I would need more panels. Also, my toy hauler is not solar prepped. What woudl I need to do? Drill a hole through the door to wire directly to the batteries? Again, at most I would only boondock 3-4 days a year so I am trying to stay pratical.
mrad 10/11/20 11:26am Tech Issues
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