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RE: Tires rubbing on camper 2 inch clearance ?

Those are beyond flat and appear to be arched the opposite of how they should be. You definitely need new springs.
msmith1.wa 11/07/22 07:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replace instant hot with standard water heater?

I did it. My trailer came with an Atwood on demand water heater. Replaced it with an Atwood 6 gallon gas/electric. The hardest part was removing the sealant so the old one could be removed. Fortunately for me, my control panel came setup for the gas/electric with the wires terminated at the water heater.
msmith1.wa 10/28/22 05:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why not jack trailer under the spring plates?

Dexter recommends trailers not be jacked up by the axle. I have done it many times and will continue. Have any of you looked at the jacking instructions for your truck. GM and Ford owner's manuals show placing the provided jack under the axle tube. I didn't check Ram's instructions.
msmith1.wa 10/04/22 05:20pm Tech Issues
RE: How many of you own an EV?

Don't park Kia or Hyundai inside.
msmith1.wa 09/11/22 07:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dino juice v Electrons....

I own a 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV. Sure it takes a long time to charge when low, but I am able to charge mine while it sits in the driveway. I don't have to go somewhere special to charge it. It takes less than 30 seconds of my time to connect and disconnect the cord. I don't have to stand next to it while it is charging like is necessary when filling a tank with fuel. It would costs about $7 to fully charge the battery from totally dead. I am currently getting way better than the EPA range rating, which is 259 miles. I currently am getting a bit over 300 miles of range. Not bad for $7.
msmith1.wa 09/08/22 08:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Powering AC unit built into travel trailer with solar?

This might shed some light on what is needed.
msmith1.wa 08/21/22 09:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Steps

I got the glow step and really lime it. Where I park I could not use the type that folds into the door. The fold out type stairs would hit the wall next to where I park before it was down enough to get in.
msmith1.wa 08/12/22 07:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: What to look for in a tire pressure monitoring system for TT

I have a TireMinder brand. The model I have has a phone app so another screen is not required. I have sensors on the truck and trailer. So far I have not had a low pressure situation for it to alert of. It is the only tpms I have used so can't compare it to others.
msmith1.wa 07/26/22 09:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: EVs Stealing RV Campsites!! Not....

Sorry, but the tents should stick to the tent sites! They have charging stations for a reason. Maybe campgrounds should start putting in gas pumps! I know of one Washington State Park that every site is full hook up. Using this logic tents should not be allowed to stay in this park. There could be more parks like this out there. I have stayed in sites without hook ups in parks that have sites with and without because that is all that was available. Should I not have done this because I have an RV not a tent? And then there was a time that a friend of ours made reservations with the intent of staying in their motorhome. Unfortunately it had mechanical problems that had them not trusting it to get to the campground and back. So last minute the regroup and pack everything and a tent into their SUV rather than stay home.
msmith1.wa 07/20/22 06:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Auxiliary Tank Combo

I also have an RDS 60 gallon. Has only been in the truck about 2 months. Other than testing it to make sure the fuel transfers one time. I have yet to go on a trip with it.
msmith1.wa 07/02/22 09:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting gas with long trailer?

I recently added an in bed auxiliary gas tank, but before that I never traveled without at least one five gallon gas can. When my current truck was two or three years old we were on a trip and the truck was struggling to maintain 60mph on a flat interstate. Pulled over, nothing was obviously wrong. Gas gauge was showing 1/4 tank DIC was showing somewhere around 60 miles of range. Get back on the interstate and now 50mph is max and the it dies. Luckily we were close to a rest area, coasted into there. No change in gas gauge reading. I pour the gas from the can into the tank. Truck fires up and runs like it should. Something must have caused the gauge to hang up at a 1/4 tank. Hasn't happened again since.
msmith1.wa 06/27/22 05:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Toy Hauler rear door

It will probably be a challenge buying a replacement door. Right now all of the part manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with the demand from rv manufacturers. The door manufacturers probably won't sell directly to you and it will likely take a long time for a dealer/repair shop to get one for you.
msmith1.wa 06/21/22 05:05pm Toy Haulers
RE: Low tree branches in my development ..Update

They should trim them and you should file a claim for the damages.
msmith1.wa 06/15/22 06:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Setting up your house to run off your RV generator?

It sounds like your house panel is set up the same as mine. If your rv generator is 120/240 you will need to tap into the generator output and wire a connector so a cord can connect the two. It would be wise to put a disconnect between the generator and the rv end so that it is hot only when you want it to be.
msmith1.wa 06/13/22 09:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Wobble Stoppers?

Another vote for stabilizer jacks near the axles.
msmith1.wa 05/23/22 06:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Theoretical heights.

Well, let's confuse the matter a bit more for the math challenged... 13.5 feet = 13 feet-6 inches = 4.1148 meters = 411.48 centimeters. In either case, over this height does require an over height permit for travel. There are also legal limits, for width, length and weight before you will be required to have a travel permit and sometimes an escort service. Enjoy the day folks. Ken The threshold for needing an oversize load permit depends on the state you are in. Only looking at the height allowed. There are quite a few that allow 14ft and a couple that allow more, without a permit. Looks like Alaska allows 15ft.
msmith1.wa 05/15/22 11:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Theoretical heights.

Some reading material regarding vertical clearance and max vehicle height. FHWA vertical clearance RVIA
msmith1.wa 05/14/22 09:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: stuck dump valve

I replaceded the braided cables on mine with these last year after one broke. These are a thin single piece similar to an electritian's fish tape. cable
msmith1.wa 05/03/22 06:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Four (4) Row Radiators? Gimmick or Blessing?

It depends on several things to determine which is better. If the tubes on the two row are wider than the 4 it might cool better. Then there is the fin count and row spacing. Aluminum vs brass makes a difference also. radiator row choice
msmith1.wa 04/27/22 05:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Brakes, dilemma.

I agree with what JRscooby has been saying. With one brake not working the controller would need to be set to a higher level and then cause the brakes that do work to wear more quickly. There were a couple others on this same track, but the rest of you are making this more complicated than it is. The OP needs to figure out why that one magnet is not working. Whether it be a bad magnet or a wiring issue.
msmith1.wa 03/04/22 05:16pm Fifth-Wheels
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