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RE: 50 Gal Water Tank Mounting

Mine uses 3 pieces of 1 inch square tube screwed to the crossmembers per tank. It has 2 tanks that are 60+ gallons each. I often travel with them full and no problems yet.
msmith1.wa 02/22/21 06:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Ev charging in camps expectation of availability, cost

Let me start this off by stating I own an EV, but it is not used by us when we RV, because we use a truck and trailer. Why is it incumbent on the park to provide charging stations? The charger that I have at my house I would call semiportable, it is kind of big, but it can be done. It plugs into the same outlet that a 50 amp RV would. I bought this version because if we were to travel with the car, some places have thus type of plug that they allow guests/customers to use for charging. This is a big if, but if the power pedestal is wired properly it should be able to supply power to all of the plugs at their rated capacity. With appropriate adapters, when needed, both the RV and EV could be connected to the pedestal. One to the 50 and the other to the 30 if the pedestal is equipped with both a 50 and 30. If not, one to the 30 and the other to the 15. I know this doesn't typically apply to a motorhome and toad combination, but most parks charge an extra vehicle fee. The park could just charge an EV fee in attempt to cover the added electricity use. Or the less popular option, raise the price for all sites.
msmith1.wa 02/14/21 02:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rear Deck System Worth It?

Like a lot of things this comes down to personal preference. We do not have the patio setup because we would not use it. There are times that we open the ramp with the screen in the opening. If we are going to be outside we want more space than the door provides.
msmith1.wa 02/09/21 05:48pm Toy Haulers
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

The this thread started regarding GM going all electric. Rather than test drive a Tesla go test drive a Bolt. My range for my 2018 Bolt is 238 miles. It's actual mileage is less in the winter bet more in the summer. The newer models have slightly higher range. I agree it might be a while before long distance HD applications are practical, but commuter applications are ideal for an EV. I charge once a week. For long distance travel they are not ideal right now, because of charging time but it is doable. All the people making claims regarding the lack of charging location would probably be surprised at how many are out there. The longest trip we have taken was about 250 miles one way and was in the fall. Had to charge once each direction. While charging we went and got a meal, so it wasn't that inconvenient
msmith1.wa 02/02/21 06:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for ideas on hauling bicycles in toy hauler

I put a dog bed against the side wall then lean the first bike against that and cover with a moving blanket then lean the second bike with another blanket. I keep going until I run out of bikes or room. Sometimes I haul bikes for other people. I don't tie them down and haven't had them move or cause damage to one another.
msmith1.wa 01/29/21 08:30pm Toy Haulers
RE: Anybody still tow with an old GM?

Still have the 03 2500HD 8.1 I bought new. It has about 65k miles. It has been a great truck and I plan on keeping it for a long time.
msmith1.wa 01/26/21 10:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: new mattress needed, any reason to buy from camping world?

Some mattress sellers will order custom sizes.
msmith1.wa 01/24/21 07:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Toy Hauler Garage- bed lift system

As previously stated and shown in the photo above all the stop blacks are is a piece of metal screwed the the track. If you enlarge the photo above and look at the holes below the block. They are formed to protrude out and are threaded. If I remember correctly there are 4 spots that are formed this way. Could the previous owner left the blocks somewhere in a drawer or cabinet?
msmith1.wa 01/24/21 07:34pm Toy Haulers
RE: Buying an RV in Oregon.

The answer to question depends on several things related to what you are going to do with the rv and your residency. Are you buying new or used? From a dealer or private party? What about titleing it in your home province? You are going to have to have a title for it from somewhere, but not necessarily register it. That is likely when you will get taxed, if not done in Oregon. I live in Washington and purchased my current trailer from a dealer in California and had it delivered to my house. The dealer gave me the option to pay CA sales tax on the purchase. I declined, because Washington tax on it would be higher and I would have had to pay the difference to WA upon titling it. My thought for doing this was I don't live in CA so if I am going to pay the same total in taxes why do I want to give that money to a state I don't live in. Something else I discovered when deciding how to get it to my house. Was that if I towed it home and spent the night in it while still in CA I technically would have been required to pay the tax to CA. Since it sounds like you are planning to park it long term after it is in CA. I would be inclined to title it in OR and use trip permits to get to the final destination. Most insurance companies will cover new vehicle purchases for a couple of days without being notified.
msmith1.wa 01/23/21 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: The mac daddy of bike rack overload?

Some of us have experience in things mechanical and know junk when we see it. Maybe read the Craigs List post: "The rack has been reinforced to support the weight of the equipment. " That thread is about the bumper tube ripping from the weight of the spare tire, not the failure of the sliding tubes. There have been many posts regarding bumpers failing on trailers that do not have the slide mounting fom the weight of the spare tire.
msmith1.wa 12/16/20 07:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing challenges with flagstaff 25FKS

Another vote for you do not need a diesel for this trailer. A 2500 would be nice, but also should not be needed for you trailer. If I am looking at the correct information your trailer has a gross weight rating of 7500lbs, well within the ratings of a 1500 series truck.
msmith1.wa 12/14/20 09:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: water heater drain mod

No matter the manufacturer the t&p valve needs to be tested periodically. See page 5 of the Atwood instructions. It Says to open the t&p valve to allow air in to help drain the tank. It also says to operate the t&p valve once a year. Atwood instructions
msmith1.wa 12/06/20 10:18pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: water heater drain mod

For those that don't think you should open the t&p valve. The instructions linked below from Rheem recommend doing it at least yearly. T&P valve instructions
msmith1.wa 12/06/20 07:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Question for those tha full/part time in their TH

You will need to check with the park you are staying at. Oregon State Parks require vehicles that are not street legal to remain loaded. I believe that Washington State Parks are the same. Private parks will depend on the specific park. I'm going to put an * at the end of "Oregon State Parks require vehicles that are not street legal to remain loaded.*" Since at least one park, Honeyman, in Florence Oregon does allow ATV/MX/UTVs in the H-Loop during the off-season to ride out of the loop and onto the Dunes. But I do agree, and had been politely warned a few times with our previous Toy Hauler that we could not unload. You are correct, but H loop at Honeyman is only open to ORV's October 1 to April 30. The remainder of the year ORV's are not allowed.
msmith1.wa 11/27/20 08:35pm Toy Haulers
RE: Question for those tha full/part time in their TH

You will need to check with the park you are staying at. Oregon State Parks require vehicles that are not street legal to remain loaded. I believe that Washington State Parks are the same. Private parks will depend on the specific park.
msmith1.wa 11/26/20 06:51pm Toy Haulers
RE: Propane tank locks for my TT

What about older rigs that still have POL fittings where a wrench is needed? Do you really think a firefighter is going to spend the time needed to remove the tanks in this case?
msmith1.wa 11/23/20 12:37pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Rear View Camera - Cell Phone Hotspot as Wifi Booster?

Have a look at this site My setup is wired and installed on a 2003 Silverado and a trailer. I replaced my rear view mirror with a 9" monitor using the mirror mount on the windshield. My monitor has 5 inputs. Up to 4 can be displayed at once. I have one on each side of the trailer near the front and one on the back. I also have 2 cameras on the back of the truck. One is near the tailgate release, the other one on the license plate. I have all of the cameras wired to be on if the truck is on. As long as the cameras are connected to 12v they will send a signal to the monitor. Having them connected this way allows me to view them at anytime. I don't know if this is legal, but since my 2018 car has a switch that displays the rear camera on the rear view mirror, from the factory it probably is.
msmith1.wa 11/22/20 04:35pm Tech Issues
RE: How do I move weight forward?

So glad I have a 5th wheel and 1 ton dually. Don't have to worry about this stuff. Put stuff where I want and head on down the road. So you didn't read the thread at all and you are superior because you have a dually. Got it. His problem is lack of weight being on the truck. Not too much weight. The OP also has a 5th wheel.
msmith1.wa 11/03/20 05:53pm Toy Haulers
RE: Undercarriage Storage

Make sure it's fastened securely to the frame. It sounds like a good idea if it's done right. I would use real bolts and nylock nuts with holes drilled in the flange of the I-beam. If you have a channel beam place a metal strap (home made U bolt) over the channel. I have lost a stinky hose holder and hose when self-taping screws came out on a bumpy road. If you drill into a I-beam, do not drill the flange. What nonsense is this? A few holes isn't going to weaken an I beam, especially once filled with a bolt. Connecting through the flange is a standard part of steel beam construction. With all the holes the manufacturers put in the flange a couple more won't hurt.
msmith1.wa 10/27/20 05:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stripping down a rotten camper

Depends on how rotten. Since it is bad enough for you to want to demo it, you might be surprised how easily the metal comes off.
msmith1.wa 10/19/20 07:57pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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