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RE: Lithium Batteries

I won’t be leaving the motorhome plugged in all the time. It will only being getting 110 volts when we’re using it and plugged into shore power or when using the generator. We got the smaller motorhome specifically because we rarely stay in any one spot for more than a few days. So most of the use we’ll only be plugged in two or three days at a time. I do have power in my storage unit, but it’s only 15 amp 110v so I go down the day before I’m going to pick up the motorhome and plug it into that to turn the fridge on.
msmith1199 09/18/20 06:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Are class A resorts just as filled up as other RV parks?

the resorts in AZ may be easier to get into this winter if the Canadians are prevented from comimg south this year. We were just at a resort in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago as we were trading in our motorhome on a new one. Otherwise I would have never been in Phoenix in August. At the resort we stay at I got to talking to one of the employees. We were dying because it was 113 that day. He pointed out a couple of motorhomes from Alaska. He said they stayed for the summer since they weren’t sure if they went home for the summer than could get back through Canada. He said they were dying in the 115 and up temps.
msmith1199 09/17/20 09:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lithium Batteries

Not being an electrician I don’t completely understand your question. Are you asking about the existing Converter in the motorhome? If so it’s a PD4560 by Progressive Dynamics. It’s basically the entire 110 volt and 12 volt electrical panel all in one with the converter built into the panel. The one I have has the switch to turn it to Lithium mode. Per their website having that switch is an option. So luckily for me Nexus ordered the panels with that option. So I’m good for charging the batteries with the generator or when I’ve got 110 power. But I have a residential fridge so I want the batteries to charge from the alternator too because on long drives there will always be a draw on them otherwise. I understand it may not fully charge the batteries, but as long as it keeps them going.
msmith1199 09/17/20 09:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

She wants to keep the charging to 50 amps each so 100a for the two. Meanwhile there have been posts that the alternator will fry from trying to charge the thirsty Li house batts. Sounds like the way to go is disconnect/disable alternator charging and just leave in the Aux start from the house feature if ever needed. So is it likely that in most motorhomes there is no DC to DC charger and the alternator is just wired directly to the house batteries and charges them with whatever output it has?
msmith1199 09/17/20 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

And just for the sake of wondering.... for temps that cold, could some sort of heat pad, blanket or bag not be used to keep the lith's warm enough to function properly? (I'm picturing a Domino's pizza delivery electric warmer bag) Or, perhaps, would moving your batt's inside your camper living space. Obviously if you go with the SiO2, your good to go. But for those with Lith's already, are there options if they are occasionally stuck in temps that cold? Or mount them inside the trailer instead of outside, which eliminates the low temp operation issue and increases security. Or buy one of the brands that has internal heaters or use the heating pads offered if you'd prefer to keep them outside. The entire temperature argument is a non-issue in my opinion. It’s not relevant to my original question as if it’s 40 below outside, you won’t see me there! I do live in Nevada but the lowest temp I’ve even seen here is about 12 to 15 and when it’s that cold the motorhome is comfortably stored away in its indoor storage.
msmith1199 09/17/20 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

Ok, well this subject took off since I started it. Hadn’t been back in a while so I read some of the newer replies but not all. So I’ll get on to my next question. I went ahead and bought two Battle Born 100AH lithium batteries. $2100 for both if anybody cares. There were some cheaper alternatives out there, but the Battle Born factory and factory sales center is a few miles down the road so I opted to pay a couple of extra bucks to have them close by. And they had some mock up batteries at the office so I was able to go down there and use their mock ups to make sure they would fit in my battery compartment. They fit. So I found out my converter actually supports Lithium batteries with just the flip of a switch. So once I install the batteries just flip the switch and we’re good. But, the lady who I bought them from, said that since my RV has a 230 amp alternator and that need to install a DC to DC charger to bring it it down to 100 amps for charging the battery. She seemed to know what she was talking about but I don’t know her background so I thought I’d ask here. Anybody else that switched to lithium install the DC to DC charger? I know the motorhome is already set up to charge the house batteries from the alternator but I’m assuming the lead acid batteries don’t need this DC to DC charger and can take all the power from the alternator? I’m not an electrician so I’m not sure how this stuff all works.
msmith1199 09/17/20 05:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

When the cost of Li is 10X the cost of AGM, cost will likely be the final determination. Not for me for this item. I’d just leave the brand new batteries that came with the motorhome in it if that was the issue. I’ve already decided on the battery upgrade now it’s just working out which one. The only one I won’t do for cost was the 300ah that was suggested that cost $3000. Not spending that much. But I already expected to pay $2000. Looks like I can get a single 200ah Li for about $1300. So that one is in the lead right now.
msmith1199 09/07/20 07:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

Now I’m more confused than when I asked the question! But I’ll do some more research. I like the less weight of the Lithium and although I don’t want to just throw money away, cost for this particular item isn’t the main concern to me. Performance is what I’m interested in.
msmith1199 09/07/20 07:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

I’m using a single 200a/hr LiFePo4 and have been very satisfied with it, particularly with Lithium’s favorable attribute of a rapid harvest recovery rate (even during marginal harvest periods) along with it’s nearly flat discharge voltage characteristics .. However, If you go this route, determining battery SOC (state of charge in %) can be problematic unless using a SOC meter that by design is Li capable like Victron’s impressive BMV 712... Another aspect is with charging (mainly, correct voltage, cold WX charging limitations - equalizations not regd.) but your battery provider can provide these specifics... Feel free to PM me for any other questions, 3 tons I don’t know what most of this means, but I get you are happy with it.
msmith1199 09/06/20 07:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

Consider SiO2 chemistry--1/2 the price. I'm not sure of the dimensions. I second the silicon dioxide battery technology recommendation that Don is making above. Here's a link to the 270 AH SiO2 battery - that is only 20.47 inches long - so it would probably fit in your space: What is the advantage to them over Lithium? Is it just cost? Do they provide as much power?
msmith1199 09/06/20 07:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

Beats me. I’m not a refrigeration guy either. It’s a whirlpool electric fridge.
msmith1199 09/05/20 08:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

Only reason to go 200 would be the 300 does not fit. I believe it is best to have a single unit when possible with lithium. Although if you have a large inverter you may need multiple to have sufficient continuous amp rating. Foe dimensions: (shop around) Based on the dimensions, I think that would fit, but I don’t want to spend three grand on a battery. The 200ah are in the 12 to 1400 range. I think that will do what I need. I just need to something to keep the fridge running for the day if we’re away from the motorhome. If I’m there I can run the generator.
msmith1199 09/05/20 07:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Batteries

Msmith 1199, Sounds good to me ..... don't forget to address the battery charger situation if needs be.... I haven’t figured out which converter I have yet. I went to the motorhome today and looked for it and couldn’t find it. Apparently it’s under the bed. So I’ll go back tomorrow and look there and get the specs off it and see if it will work with a big lithium battery.
msmith1199 09/05/20 07:55pm Tech Issues
Lithium Batteries

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30138057
msmith1199 09/05/20 06:57pm Technology Corner
Lithium Batteries

Just downsized from a Class A DP to a Class B+. I got the residential fridge in the new motorhome so power when off the grid is going to be more of an issue that it was before. I’ve been looking at Lithium batteries and they look like a good solution for me. Only problem I see is physical size. The two current batteries I have are 11.5 inches long and they are a tight fit in the battery compartment. All the lithium batteries I’ve seen are at least 12.5” or longer. So they won’t fit in the existing battery compartment without modifications. But those are all 100AH batteries. I see they also have 200AH lithium batteries. They are a lot longer, over 20 inches, but one of those batteries will fit in the compartment versus two 200AH batteries. So not only does the 200AH battery have a smaller footprint than two 100AH batteries, they are also quite a bit cheaper than buying two 100Ah batteries. Anybody see any issues in going with one 200ah battery versus two 100ah batteries?
msmith1199 09/05/20 06:57pm Tech Issues
RE: class a diesel maintenance

I just recently traded my DP in for a Class B+. There were a lot of reasons for doing this, but one reason was the cost of maintenance and finding places to do it. I live in Reno and basically the only place I would trust is the local Freightliner dealer. There are a few places around town that will do the oil changes, but not much else. Before I traded it in I was trying to find a place to replace the serpentine belt but couldn’t find anybody to do it. So I’m stuck with Freightliner which leaves a couple of problems. One being they are expensive as heck. But mostly it’s because Reno is a huge trucking hub and the only place big rigs can get repairs in a long stretch of I-80. So they are swamped with work and they are going to give their commercial customers priority. I’ve tried to make appointments there and they tell me I need to leave it for a week and they’ll work it in.
msmith1199 09/04/20 09:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Bye Class A forum!

^^^ I think Mercedes would be surprised someone put a Ford engine in their Sprinter chassis. :W Must be a prototype. :B Unless I'm missing something it sure looks like a Ford chassis. Looking at the chassis specs I suspect the OP may mean the new Ford 7.3 engine??? The specs say "Ford gas engine" and "E450" so it's either that or the 6.2L. I certainly hope msmith comes back to clear up the confusion. Seriously though, just because the Class A is gone doesn't mean anyone has to leave. Everyone is welcome here. Nice looking rig too! You’re losing me? What confusion? I bought a Nexus Viper 27V which is on the Ford E-450 Cutaway chassis. It has the 7.3 liter V-8 engine which was new last year. I read your original post wrong, I read it as you were saying it was on the Sprinter chassis - my bad. The 7.6L Ford part was obviously a typo. As you have noted, its the Ford E450 with the 7.3L. I'm real interested in your opinion on the engine. I've heard a lot of good things about it. Yeah, that one is on me. I was typing 7.6 but reading 7.3. It’s hell to get old!
msmith1199 09/04/20 02:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Bye Class A forum!

Join the club! After 20+ years with a 34' TT, we sold it and are moving to a truck camper for those same reasons. We decided a TC would be best for us because we need 4x4 for beach access. Best of luck with your new rig and happy travels! I always say, an RV can't be too big when it's parked or too small when it's going down the road... I gave serious consideration to a truck camper. Having 4x4 would be nice since I live in snow country. The only think that stopped me is I really don’t want a full size truck as my daily driver. I like my Ford Ranger. Also truck campers are too limited in storage and holding tank sizes. But they are very nice.
msmith1199 09/03/20 06:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good Bye Class A forum!

It’s gas and it’s been out for over a year as best I can tell. It appears to be getting me 11 to 12 mpg with plenty of power, so I like it for now.
msmith1199 09/03/20 06:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Stereo question

Went to a local stereo shop to talk about this, and he tells me I likely already have a camera splitter like the one posted above. So any stereo with a single input for a camera would work as only the powered up camera will be displayed. I didn’t know that. So that opens up the types of stereo I can get. Now the only problem is viewing angle. According to the stereo shop guy, nobody makes one with a floating screen where the screen can be adjusted side to side. With mounting location of the stereo being in the center and the dash being flat, it means no matter what I’m going to be looking at the screen from the drivers seat at a pretty significant angle. So my only hope is getting a big screen, like 9 inches, and hope it’s bright enough to be visible at the angle.
msmith1199 09/03/20 06:02pm Technology Corner
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