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RE: Tow Vehicle Liability Insurance

I've had the Gecko for the last 15 years and love them. The few claims that I've had were handled quickly. We have house, vehicle and RV through them, so the discount is nice. Being in Florida, they are the lowest around.
mudfuel07 02/08/21 01:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: WD hitch?

I've always done mine with the trailer loaded ready to camp. But, we don't pack too much stuff anyway.
mudfuel07 02/05/21 09:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 DEF fluid

When I had to use it on mine, I think I was putting in a jug every couple of months, maybe every 5-6 tanks. It really burns through it when towing, I felt like I could see the gauge move.
mudfuel07 11/19/20 11:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: New mall crawler!

Very nice truck! I love the EB on mine, it's always on.
mudfuel07 11/19/20 09:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking at '17 3500 Ram

I went with 295/70R18 on mine from the factory size. I did a leveling kit on the front and haven't had any scrubbing issues. I also went ahead and replaced all the shocks since I was already underneath it. My speedometer is off by a 1 mph, nothing big.
mudfuel07 11/16/20 12:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking at '17 3500 Ram

Thought the 17's had the CP3 pump? Either way, love mine, had one transmission issue under warranty. And yes, my black aftermarket rims look funny because of all the brake dust on them and I use the EB all the time.
mudfuel07 11/13/20 05:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Front hitch

What are you using it for is the question. I have a replacement front bumper on mine, a Fab Fours and it has as hitch. I've used it to install fence, move a small utility trailer and wouldn't hesitate to use it to connect to if I got stuck.
mudfuel07 10/19/20 08:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: What's the longest/heaviest you would tow with a 1/2 ton?

I towed a 37', 10k trailer for thousands of miles with my Tundra. Biggest difference I made was getting a good hitch. The truck was stable, yes I was overloaded, but never really felt unsafe. I got tired of the horrible gas mileage and made the move to my Ram. I did look at the Titan/Cummins combo, but they were really proud of them. Is the trailer more stable with the 3/4 truck, yes, but if set up correctly, the 1/2 will do well.
mudfuel07 10/09/20 07:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.4 litre HEMI vs Cummins

Like Spoon, I get around 17-18. I came from a 5.7 Tundra and love the power. I get around 8-9 towing our 10k trailer, but I also have a little larger tires. Mine feels like it's a gas engine with the tune I have, so no difference in daily driving.
mudfuel07 09/30/20 07:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: EGR Deletes

Don't know about the Duramax, but mine did require a tune. It was actually turned off, but I went ahead and let the couple of extra pounds fall off the truck. It does run better and I probably get a little better mileage with it, but with the straight pipe, it's kinda hard to stay off the skinny pedal.
mudfuel07 09/29/20 07:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Considering a '17 3500 Ram

Got a 17 2500. Love it, wish I could have found the Megacab, but still room in the backseat for the kids. I also wish I could've gotten the Aisin, but still have had no major problems. I average about 10 mpg pulling a 10k TT, but I'm also running slightly larger than stock tires.
mudfuel07 09/14/20 06:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Ram 3500 Order

Not a bad price, depending on where in Florida you are buying it.
mudfuel07 09/02/20 06:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Picking Up New (to me) Ram 2500 CTD, a few questions

I've got a 17 with close to 100k on it. Never added any additives, just fuel. My exhaust brake is always on and I use T/H when I pull the trailer. I had a 6icko too, and like someone else said, it was a temperamental piece of junk. I order all my filters on Amazon and change them at about 10k. Maybe because of the Ford, but I only use Mopar filters. I also ordered a fuel cap from there since I have a flatbed on it now and didn't want the neck open. Towing 10k, I get about 9-10mpg's and unloaded, I average around 18.5.
mudfuel07 08/21/20 10:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Carelessness strikes again

I had Another one of those moments A few years ago. Only hand tighted one of the Oil drain plugs on my bike Apparently? Only logical explanation) Lost the plug and the oil and fortunately only cold seized the piston at about 12,000 rpms. Got lucky, didn’t hurt the top end or rotating assembly at all. By the above method, I would loctite a steel drain plug into an aluminum case, on a bolt that requires frequent and regular removal?? See where this is going? and don’t be a gomer with the loctite! For caliper bolts, I don't see where it could hurt that much, at least in my case, Florida doesn't have winter. I really think the cause of mine was the tires were so out of round, that it just vibrated loose.
mudfuel07 08/17/20 12:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Carelessness strikes again

Done the exact same thing, but I wasn't as lucky. I did put both caliper bolts in, but the tires vibrated one loose. It happened when I was about 15 miles from home, I thought maybe I could limp it back, the caliper rubbed a hole in the rim, tire went flat and I barely got it off the road. Being stubborn, I did make it home. It only cost me one new 37" tire and 4 rims since they quit making the ones that I had anymore. You can bet I put locktite on all components now.
mudfuel07 08/14/20 09:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Buy a 2020 Ram diesel?

What equipment would you recommend for a full delete, Shiner? 2015 model year if that matters. I've only had my truck tested once since new vehicles are exempt for the first few years in our area, and the guy didn't do much sleuthing. He did throw a mirror under it real quick but I'm not sure if he would have noticed anything. Beyond that he just plugged into the truck's port and had me run up the RPM's a few times. I would just run a stock tune, I'm not looking to change anything from a performance standpoint. wowens, I'm not interested in a HD gasser. They're turds in the western mountains at elevation, and I'm hooked on diesels going forward. Flo-Pro exhaust Either a 5 inch or 4 inch of your choice. Both sound a little different with the 5 inch being a little louder. There really isn't much of a difference performance wise. I would go with a stainless if you live in the snow. I have a 5 inch and originally had the Flo-pro muffler, but wanted something quieter so I purchases a Donaldson M100580 from work. It reduced the sound level dramatically over the Flo-pro muffler. You don't have to delete the EGR since it will be turned off, but if you do then i would recommend an FTE resonator because the drone after removing the EGR will be horrendous. I have a 17". It will cut some top end power. As far as tuning, many people have left the game or will only tune it if you come to their shop. I use EFI live software from two different tuners with and Edge CTS2 monitor. EZLynk is just as good and it has the option to come with a monitor so you can have a gauge setup so you don't have to buy an Edge. There may be some reputable tuners in you area so you may want to Google it to see what is your area. I went with a 4" on mine and the drone isn't too bad, even pulling the camper. I did the full package and don't regret it a bit. Truck is night and day different. Thanks to Shiner recommending a person, I have the MM3 with custom tunes. I also did the S&B intake and am about to do the CCV delete. Mine also throws no codes, but we don't have emission testing here in Florida. Kind of funny, I travel to Georgia quite a bit, hopefully I don't get pulled. I also don't get any excitement out of rolling coal. With my tunes, even turned up, it's just a puff when I go to pass someone.
mudfuel07 07/24/20 05:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toyota fake 3/4 ton spotted, overheated

Lots of speculation in this thread. Contrary to popular belief, the Tundra does have more cooling capacity than a 2L bottle, it's not just home in a mall. I've towed with 3 different Tundras, all my trailers were 35' and over and never had it run hot. Only issue I ever had was a bad battery. If I didn't want to haul my golfcart at the same time, I would still have mine.
mudfuel07 07/16/20 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: aluminum flat bed

I just did it, but I went with a steel flatbed. Mine was to mainly haul my golfcart while towing the travel trailer, but it came with a gooseneck hitch in the bed. One of the best decisions that I made. Not worried about scratching it, just throw and go. Toolboxes underneath make nice storage.
mudfuel07 07/10/20 09:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ok what truck to buy ?

The 6.4 has some model years and history behind it, the 7.3 is brand new. Personal choice would be the 6.4, but I'll never own another Ford after the 6.0 nightmare I had. One of my customers uses his 6.4 to tow a 12k gooseneck and says other than the height of the truck (he's short), it tows with no problems and he's got 80k on it.
mudfuel07 06/10/20 05:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Drier sheets, magic Eraser and glass

Double post.
mudfuel07 06/01/20 06:53am Tow Vehicles
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