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RE: Thinking about downsizing to a B

Just thought I would jump in here and mention that I have always found NADA to be almost completely useless at pricing Class B units. LTV units especially are known for keeping their value because of the quality construction.
mumkin 10/10/20 08:36am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Phoenix Cruiser TRX

Since this is a Class C, you might get some answers on the Class C board. This is not a Class B. (edit... moved...) But they moved it to the wrong branch... hey mods... this needs to be on the Class C branch. And the "notify admin" is not working.
mumkin 07/01/20 08:29am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What "NAME" can you call that Class B?

I don't see that a generator has anything to do with being or not being a Class B. When I ordered my first rig, I excluded the option for a generator as I knew that i wouldn't need one. But I did order the set-up package with wiring as needed in case the next owner wished to add one. Either way... it has zero to do with its being a B. My second rig was a Class C. It came standard with an Onan. I loathed the **** thing... aggravating to always have to be exercising... and never worked the few times I needed it. But, it did constantly need $200-500 in parts to keep it running. I swore that I would never own another. My last two rigs are both classic Class B rigs with no stupid Onan. Instead I have the wonderful 2nd alternator that does what the Onan did with no aggravation and no exercising and no expensive maintenance. I love my so called "underhood generator." While I will continue to own a Class B rig, I will never have another Onan generator. As they have nothing to do with the definition of a Class B
mumkin 06/23/20 08:52pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: My pet peeve on Class B Plus

They both are RV conversions using a chassis that came from the factory as a van so they are both Class Bs. No confusion except for whoever wrote the statement you are quoting. Hey AsheGuy... Actually the 200 is by the definitions, a C because it was on a cab/chassis. Of course it is pretty moot as there weren't that many made and they haven't been made for 15 or 16 years now. I don't know if I have ever even seen one. I guess the 210 replaced it. But, I'd also guess that none of them would be stopped from joining our Group B rallies. :C
mumkin 06/21/20 08:51am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: My pet peeve on Class B Plus

A topic that has been debated regularly here for the last 15 years or so since I've been reading. Many wish to define the terms by their opinions. According to RVIA, who sets the standards, descriptions, and definitions, there are only 3 options which are clearly defined: Class A, B, & C. There is no such thing as a B+ which is a term created by some salesman who thought that it sounded better than C- which is what it could more accurately be called. It is merely a Class C without a bed over the cab. If it started as a cab chassis/cutaway and ends up with a house built on the back, it is a Class C. If it came out of the manufacturer as a van (Ford E-350, Chevy, Promaster, Sprinter, Transit), it is a Class B. It has nothing to do with size or opinions or a bed over the cab. (my first B had a bed over the cab). If it started as a legitimate van, it's a B, if it didn't, it's not. (the oddity being the Roadtrek 210 which left the factory as a van, and Roadtrek cut off the van body - leaving the doors - and added a wider body. Not sure if anyone else ever did this) So, no reform is needed. The definitions are clear and have been around for years. The problem is sales PR.
mumkin 06/18/20 07:37am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Leveling the B

No need... haven't had to level since I traded in the Class C Libero for a B that had a compressor fridge. I don't even carry the plastic bits anymore. If I can walk around without feeling drunk or don't fall out of the bed, I'm level enough. If I can't I move it a bit. Auto levelers are too heavy for a Class B anyway.
mumkin 06/18/20 07:18am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

We discover "Dude Wipes" last Summer, I assume they are similar to adult wipes, they were great. Much better than the baby wipes, more expensive but you use fewer. If you click on my link, this option is much cheaper, I expect.
mumkin 06/11/20 08:11am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

Another thing we do to save water is to use baby wipes for washing up - can even take a sponge bath with a couple of those. You really can learn to live with less water and not feel like you are suffering. An even better option is the adult bath wipes like they use in nursing homes. Like these: Bath Wipes
mumkin 06/10/20 08:49am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: how much is too little to spend on a used Class B?

When will you read the forum rules and not triple post? I don't see the issue. He posted the same question, but about different options. People here in the B section very likely know nothing of pop-up prices... and Class C prices are very different from Class B prices. So actually he didn't triple post... Since tobinduby has only been a member here a couple days, I expect he knows now. :C As to low prices, the obvious issue is when the price looks very low on online listings, it is often (usually?) a scammer and rig doesn't even exist.
mumkin 06/05/20 07:22am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek class B

Price a new one Class B. first. Some dealers discount close to 30% on new cash Roaedtreck. servicnow???? At that price I'd negotiate for a new Class B I doubt that you will get 30% on a new Roadtrek or Pleasureway. They are not like Winnebago or Thor. There were big discounts during RT's bankruptcy, because they were pricing in the lack of warranty... but thus far not on the new ones.
mumkin 05/21/20 08:58pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek class B

Does this rig have the 3 or 4 seats upfront? If so, they might be included under a recall because they were never properly tested under US or CA law. Confirm whether this year is included. Checking the VIN probably shows this. And if it is, has it been remediated. Step one is the removal of the seat belts to get it removed from the recall. Once they are removed, there is a kit to fix it. It is very expensive and not covered by any warranty. (seats must be removed... everything underneath also removed... seats reattached to comply... everything underneath put back on. I believe that the cost was something like $2000 per seat) Parts availability shouldn't be an issue since the new Roadtrek, Inc. plans to continue to make this model.
mumkin 05/21/20 08:25am Class B - Camping Van Conversions

UHG under hood generator actually a secondary alternator may be from balmar industries balmar manuals are available here BALMAR MANUALS you need to find what components are used in your set up. The UHG is a second large alternator, such as those used in ambulances. They are built and supplied by Nation's Starter in Missouri. Those of us with AGMs have a built in controller, those with lithiums have an added Balmar controller that is also provided by Nations. I second the recommendation of the Facebook groups. There is one for Aktiv owners and one for Carado/Sunlight owners. They know these systems and can answer most questions... and if they can't, they send you to someone who can.
mumkin 05/10/20 08:22pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

I had a 2011 LTV Libero and the first thing I did... before delivery... was to have my dealer (who isn't into gouging his customers) arrange for metal valve extensions to be installed (replaced all 6). I got mine from the well known "Tire Man" in California who had designed them and sold them from his tire dealership. But he has since retired. There must be other sources since this needs to be done on all of these duallies it seems... I never understood why it wasn't automatic from GM, MB or Ford. You will love your Unity. I recommend attending one of their rallies up in Winkler. (if we ever get to have rallies again) :(
mumkin 03/18/20 10:04am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: ram promaster class B

I love my Promaster. I have had 1 Ford E350 based... and 2 Chevy based rigs. As a member of the Scrawny Little Old Lady club and just 5'4", it is the most comfortable van I've ever driven. Finally, I didn't have to add to the height of the floor in front of the driver's seat. (those that don't like it much tend to be over 6'1") It is also the best handling rig of my four. The Ford was horrid at best. The two Chevys were good... the one with duallies the better of the two, of course. But with the addition of Sumos front and rear (beefed up bump stops) in my Promaster, there is little or no effect of normal wind or passing trucks... or corners and driveways. The front wheel drive makes it easy to maneuver with its short turning radius. The wider body also make it very roomy on the inside. Much better than the narrow Sprinters. I personally wanted to avoid the expensive Sprinter (both up front and service costs) as getting 100-200,000 miles is irrelevant to me. And for the price difference I can pay for many years worth of gasoline. :C But there is no getting around that the new Sprinter van has more bells and whistles, and is certainly prettier than my snub-nosed Promaster.
mumkin 03/01/20 01:33pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: My camper van

Looks nice... and functional for your short trips.
mumkin 02/08/20 09:10am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Thinking about downsizing to a B

Winnebago makes the 24' Era M on a Sprinter chassis with a floor plan including a dry bath and a bed in a slide. Leisure Travel started making this floor plan in 2013 and Winnebago copied it in the next year or two. There should be used models of both out there.
mumkin 11/25/19 08:58am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Thinking about downsizing to a B

Thank you. I really want a dry bath and realize that’s a rarity. I love the Pleasure Way Pursuit at 22 feet long, but it is a Ford. Is there another class B similar to the Pursuit but diesel? Of course, the Pursuit is a Class C. A friend of mine had this rig and just loved it. My first rig was a Ford E350 and I so hated the handling that I swore no more Fords. LOL (though a Transit is a possibility) But she swore that the E450 handled as well as her Sprinter rig... which she dumped because of constant repairs. Of course, PW doesn't make the Pursuit any more. Leisure Travel made a true Class B on the Sprinter with a wet bath... BUT... it has a slide. There is such limited geography in a Class B that to have a bed, it needed to be a sofa in a slide.
mumkin 11/24/19 08:10pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Thinking about downsizing to a B

The reality is that Class B rigs with a dry bath are rare as hen's teeth. Perhaps you just look at the small Class C rigs like Leisure Travel or Pleasureway. Those two are the top of the line, but there are more reasonably priced small Class C rigs around 25ft that may have a dry bath. On Chevy, Sprinter, and Promaster, if you prefer to avoid Ford. But if you are thinking of short trips by yourself, you could think about just dealing with a wet bath. It's not that bad short term. LOL
mumkin 11/24/19 09:17am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

Is what you are referring to as an “under hood generator” actually one of Balmar’s alternator/regulator systems? Their “regulators” are actually multi-stage charge controllers, and would be similar to a DC-DC converter, except that they are connected directly to the alternator rather than the starting battery. :):) The underhood "generator" is actually a second large alternator such as are used in ambulances. It is set up to charge the house battery system. My rig has standard AGMs, so the regulator is part of the alternator. If there are lithiums, their more complicated system uses the balmar regulator. Originally Roadtrek was getting them directly from balmar. (I even spoke to them when I needed to reset the one on my 170 after I dumped the lithium system and went back to AGMs) The large alternators are provided by Nation's Starter in Missouri and at some point Nation's starting working directly with Balmar and supplied RT with both. Makes more sense that way...
mumkin 11/14/19 08:50am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Buying a Class B,

The reason is obvious as we see the daily repeated rounds of the Amazon delivery vans, which are now omnipresent in urban areas.
mumkin 11/13/19 09:00am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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