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RE: TPMS - lock nuts on caps?

They are only anti theft. Leave the locknuts off.
naturist 07/28/21 11:15am Tech Issues
RE: An Exraordinary act of Kindness

If it’s uncommon, it’s news; if it’s rare, it’s front page news; it it’s never happened before, it’s the inch tall screaming headline for the next week. Common, however, never gets mentioned.
naturist 07/28/21 05:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Battery electric has competition

To understand the Great Hydrogen Debate, one must understand that there is no free hydrogen anywhere on this planet. Although it is abundant, every bit of it is tied up in some compound or other, mostly in water, or various carbon compounds. To liberate it into the form necessary for energy production you must either burn carbon compounds OR add energy to extract it from something else. And the Laws of Thermodynamics clearly point out that the latter course will require more energy than can be gotten from the hydrogen thus liberated. The upshot of all that is that on this planet, hydrogen cannot be a source of energy, only a method of transporting energy from point a to point b, or a method of storing energy derived from elsewhere. It is a water hose, not a wellspring. There are possible uses for hydrogen, it is just not a fabulous magic solution to the energy issue.
naturist 07/26/21 10:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: College Football Is Just Around The Corner, Can't Wait!

Hey, Bags! You're still on the green side of the grass! Great to see you, buddy. Gonna be an interesting year, no matter who wins out, eh? Looks like every contender except Oklahoma has lots of questions to answer before it all gets sorted out. As for those Buckeyes, we'll get answers to some of them in week two, if they aren't answered in week one. Two good teams in the first two weeks -- not the way most contenders like to start the season. My prediction is that the loser of the week two game can still make the playoffs as long as they end with that being their only loss. You just don't want it to be your team that takes that "L."
naturist 07/21/21 01:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Loss of power when driving

OP didn’t specify diesel or gas, but either is also susceptible to marginally clogging fuel filter.
naturist 07/20/21 12:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Tent camping

I would suggest the OP visit the Allstays web site. The app is fabulous and inexpensive.
naturist 07/19/21 01:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Walmart selling LiFePo4 batteries $539

Hopefully by the time Lithium cell quality has gotten too bad some of the more promising “next generation “ batteries will be available. Solid state sodium, perhaps. My crystal ball is a bit foggy on that, but stay tuned . . . .
naturist 07/19/21 01:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Border News

Good news!
naturist 07/19/21 01:08pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: No shots...not getting in.

However you slice and dice it, the central point is GET VACCINATED.
naturist 07/08/21 03:34pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Double Chargng

Years ago, the Mac users club of which I was part had a member who was head of the Virginia State Police cybercrime unit, dealing mostly with credit/debit card fraud at the time. He made a presentation to the club on how to minimize your risk. His tips included NEVER using a debit card anywhere except at your bank, and especially never at a merchant of any sort. His reasoning: getting your money back should fraud occur was a long, tedious, painful process; whereas all credit cards have strong consumer protections from the feds, debit cards do not, and the banks will jerk you around. The second tip was to never let your credit card out of your sight. Not at one of those gas stations that insist you must leave the card with the clerk while you go pump gas, not in the hands of the waiter/waitress, nowhere. His reason; skimmers were then small and easily hand held. The wrong person gets hold of your card, it'll be duplicated and fraudulent charges made by the time you get back to your car. And that was then, it's even faster now. He said he was investigating cases of people having done those things and suffering the consequences. gas jockeys, wait staff, and retail clerks come and go. It is not uncommon for them to work only one or two shifts, and move on, so his ability to catch them was severely limited. Once or twice over the years I've been traveling and stopped for fuel and had the clerk demand I leave my card. I say sorry, not happening, and left for another gas station. At the very least, that demand tells me that the station if frequented by a rough crowd, and I'm not interested in getting mugged while pumping gas. There is always a safer station nearby. Be alert, folks.
naturist 07/08/21 03:28pm Around the Campfire
RE: Don't sleep with your camper door open

Not the only reason to close the door overnight.
naturist 07/07/21 08:24am Truck Campers
RE: Phone, Internet Hotspot

My iPhones have always flipped automatically from horizontal to vertical on every web site I ever recall visiting. Some web sites do display much better one way than the other. This site, example, is much easier on the eyes horizontally than vertically. No special app, just the Safari browser that comes on the phone. That being said, web sites do have to be platform aware. A page that looks great on a 21 inch monitor is going to be insufferable on a phone screen.
naturist 07/05/21 04:37pm Technology Corner
RE: Wintering Over

I agree that sealing up holes is the best approach and poison of any sort is a bad idea, not just due to the stink of rotting flesh, but because of the risk to other wildlife that may eat freshly killed mice they find outside the trailer. I had mice until the day I crawled under the trailer with a roll of steel wool and a can of Great Stuff to seal up those holes where water, sewer, propane, and electric lines passed through the underbelly. Not a single mouse in the years since.
naturist 07/04/21 02:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar panels vs shade cloth

I, too, lack data, but just from a basic understanding of physics, it would seem reasonable to me that black solar panels with a white back side raised at least an inch or two above any roof would result in significant temperature drop on the roof. The white back side of such panels would not radiate much of the heat created by the black side facing the sun. So I'm not at all surprised by @RambleOnNW's measurements. Shadecloth would not be expected to result in anything better than solar panels, but I bow to anyone having actually measured the difference.
naturist 07/02/21 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Campfire toys for us grown ups

1/2 inch CPVC,18" long...10 mini marshmallows..grandkids gonna find out grandpa cheats.:B A wise man once pointed out that experience and deceit trump youthful exuberance every time.
naturist 07/02/21 01:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Campfire toys for us grown ups

Just so you know, mini-marshmallows fit perfectly inside 1/2 inch CPVC water tubing, so 18 inches thereof makes a perfect blow-gun. Try not to slobber when blowing . . . .
naturist 07/01/21 03:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Convection oven exhaust?

Hot weather; it’s why God gave us bbq grills and outdoor kitchens! The ac in our sticks’n’ bricks gave up the fight a month ago and the replacement has been on back order since June 10. We are using that backyard bbq and might well spend tonight in the camper. And it’s only been 91 here. Those poor folks in the pacific north west . . . .
naturist 06/29/21 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric bikes !!

I suffer arthritis in my right hip and though I’ve loved riding bicycles since childhood my difficulty mounting and dismounting from my bike made me look for other options in order to keep up with my bride when she wants to ride the trails. I hate stopping and falling over because that leg refuses to go there. I considered electric bikes, but went instead for an electric scooter for two reasons: no need to get that right foot over seat/cross member/whatever and it folds up smaller and lighter so I can carry it. I can stand fine, so a scooter works for me. I can push it for exercise, and motor as much as needed. It was also less expensive than a bike for obvious reasons. Electric bikes/scooters are a wonderful alternative for those of us too young to give up the adventure but too old to keep up with our younger friends or our desire to explore.
naturist 06/27/21 10:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Smaller Holding Tanks...What to do when NO hookups??

Once had a friend living in a small camper while house was being built. She had a sewer connection as septic was first thing installed but for water, she had to fetch in jerry cans from a neighbor. So she worked hard at minimizing water usage. She managed to get down to 3 gallons a day for drinking, sponge bath, cooking, dish washing and toilet flushing. Clearly that is a bottom limit, but it does suggest that stretching 37 gallons is possible.
naturist 06/24/21 08:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bonehead Blunder, I'm an idiot!

I am sooooo glad that didn’t come apart on you, OP. Although it does appear to be very close. A double dose of dope slap is certainly warranted in this case.
naturist 06/21/21 07:03pm Towing
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