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RE: What now??

Oh, man, I’m so sorry for your loss. I know you are missing her so much, and scant comfort that it is, my reassurance that things will get better is still offered. I’m sure she would want you to carry on, and live fully all the rest of your days.
naturist 10/11/21 01:55pm RV Lifestyle
RE: College Football Is Just Around The Corner, Can't Wait!

Alabama and Penn State lost. Georgia, Iowa, Cincinnati, and Ohio State won as did Michigan and Michigan State. Mel Tucker has done a great job at MSU. I can see a Final Four of Alabama, Georgia, Cincinnati, And Ohio State. Trust me Lou Fickel has done a fantastic job at Cincinnati! For crying out loud, three weeks ago my alma mater The U, of Toledo almost beat Notre Dame. My favorite SEC team LSU is having a rough time so far! Hopefully things will better down in Baton Rouge! Bags. Good to hear from you Bags. Not sure that two teams from one state will be in the final four! X2 Both good to hear from the bagman and not sure both Ohio teams are likely CFP contestants. But what a concept! Ohio, or Alabama (Auburn and ‘Bama), or Texas, or Oklahoma, whatever, wouldn’t that be an entertaining spectacle? I can see it now in the record books: the year that USC and UCLA played for all the marbles!
naturist 10/11/21 01:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

Wanna be a "trillionaire"? Then invent a battery operated generator. Especially one that functions during power outages. Let's go Brandon! Uh, got one. 400 watts of solar panels that keep 250 amp hour battery bank charged to feed a 2,000 watt PSW inverter. Not gonna make me a trillionaire, but I’ll sell the entire rig to ya for a mere million.
naturist 10/10/21 11:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Needless kaos and carnage on the Beeline highway...

My daughter, raised here on the wet side of the country, but now living in LA, reports that there are two kinds of drivers in the desert southwest: ones that are terrified of damp roadways and those who can't believe a little water makes any difference. The latter clog things up having wrecks, the former clog things up being too frightened to move at all. On a serious note, I too hope the wrecks the OP reported killed no one, and all learned something. Driving back from Richmond in the rain this afternoon, I, too, came upon a wreck. 3/4 ton flatbed towing an enclosed utility trailer on their sides in the median. Judging by the wreck and the marks on the pavement/divots in the grass, the trailer was improperly loaded and the driver didn't know what to do about sway. Let these reports be a lesson to us all: pay attention, drive carefully, make sure the wheels stay on the bottom, and firmly planted on the roadway.
naturist 10/06/21 04:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rational Thinking

George Carlin is one of the greatest philosophers of all time. Not bad as a comedian, either.
naturist 10/06/21 04:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Rental Car Question

Be sure to check your own insurance. It should cover rental car insurance. The main advantage of rental car provided by the company is instant coverage. The rental agreements usually have a provision that any damage will be payable when the car is returned. I've always used my own insurance and never had any issues, but also never had an damage. You pays yer money, you takes yer cherce. This. Check your own policy. Some cover, some don’t. If your policy covers rentals, then decline theirs. But if it doesn’t, best you accept it. While overpriced, it will protect you in case that mythical bus falls out of the skies.
naturist 10/05/21 04:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Using your motorhome to help fund a charity

naturist 10/05/21 11:37am General RVing Issues
RE: interstate 40 from New York to Las Vegas

Crossing the Big Muddy at Memphis takes a bit of a detour, what with the cracked bridge. If you go that way, be sure to take in the pyramid. Bring your wallet. (It’s free, but only because there’s SO much cool stuff you never knew you needed, but you can buy it there.)
naturist 09/29/21 02:37pm Roads and Routes
RE: Catalytic converter anti-theft

The good citizens in Northern MN should be able to convince that pawn shop that they don't want to be in the catalytic converter business. Agreed. OP, when you get the replacement cat, be sure to engrave your name and phone number on the new one. Make it both a couple of very easily seen places to discourage theft in the first place, and a couple places on the top side, so that if THAT one turns up somewhere, they will be able to track it back to you.
naturist 09/27/21 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire pressures

Tire pressures are indeed critical in vehicle handling, especially “directional stability.” Learned how much so years ago racing sports cars. Proven bringing some firewood home in a bud’s truck. We got on the 2 lane country road after loading up and he had to use the entire roadway, it was so squirrelly. That was at only 35 mph. Stopped at the gas station at the main road and found 20 psi all around. Took the tires up to max sidewall pressure and truck was fine even on the interstate. My X5 BMW calls for 33 front and 41 rear and at those pressures tows like a dream. A bud who tried it with 35 all around in his X5 was convinced the X5 was a horrible tow vehicle until he tried it at 33/41, when it ran like a train. Seriously, first thing to check before springing for anti sway is tire pressure.
naturist 09/25/21 06:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can now run the A/C while boondocking

Do be aware that being able to start the ac at home when your battery is fully charged may not result the same in the boonies with a somewhat depleted battery. The converter will be trying to recharge that battery then and 2000 watts might not be enough.
naturist 09/24/21 06:15am Tech Issues
RE: Real life solar results

Pulling that much out of any type of lead acid battery will significantly reduce it's life. By lithium next time. It really depends on how often he needs to deep cycle. Even at 80% DoD, he can get hundreds of cycles out of AGM's, so if he only deep discharges a few time a year, he may never see a payback on lithiums. Pulling 100 Ah out of a 250 Ah battery is using only 40% capacity. Last time I looked, 50% is supposed to be the limit without damage. And we are talking about a true deep cycle battery, designed for solar applications, not a faux deep cycle "marine" battery.
naturist 09/23/21 07:24pm Tech Issues
Real life solar results

Just thought I’d post what I’m seeing. I have 400 watts of panels feeding 250 Ah (3000 watt-hours) AGM batteries. I ran them down fairly deeply, pulling 100 Ah of the 125 Ah feasible. Yesterday was rainy and fairly heavily overcast. So a little after noon I was getting around 25 watts from those panels. Today in bright sunshine I saw 378 watts. I have established on several occasions that a good day will yield around 1600 watt-hours from those panels. For folks thinking about adding solar to their RV, I hope these numbers are helpful. The solar array, battery size, and intended power use must all be matched for best results. The usual battery trailer manufacturers put on units is the cheapest 80 Ah battery possible. If you find that battery adequate for your camping needs, you can probably make do with a 100-150 watt solar panel, as long as it is sunny. Rainy days, however, not so much. I invite other folks with real life experience to share their numbers below so that we may help folks make up their own minds about what they might need.
naturist 09/23/21 12:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Coffee Survey

I like a variety of single sourced coffees.Ethiopian, Sumatra, and Kona are my favorites. Whole beans, medium roast. Either drip or percolator coffee maker. The Kona we get direct from the roaster on the farm, the others from a local roaster.
naturist 09/22/21 05:43pm Around the Campfire
RE: House battery charging options

Agreed, leaving the tow vehicle running and connected to the trailer is a horrible idea. Besides being a VERY slow charge, it will burn up too much fuel doing it (ie, it is highly inefficient). Some RV fridges use 12 volts only for the control board, but some do actually use 12 volts to cool. You need to determine which it is. Generators are noisy, and will be a pain overnight as well as most unwelcome amongst any neighbors at 2 am. Solar is a much better choice, but it sounds to me like you are going to need a battery upgrade. They put the cheapest 75-80 AH battery possible on new trailers, so, yeah, first step IMHO is putting on a real battery.
naturist 09/21/21 01:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Battle Born BB8D

If I understand you, you plan to mix batteries with different chemistry in the bank powering your inverter. This is a no-no. Either go all one or all the other. They should all also be of the same age, and they need to all be at the same state of charge when you put them together.
naturist 09/21/21 01:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Sediment in Freshwater System - Need Help!

Sanitizer does nothing for iron deposits, which is probably what you have. Drain and flush should do the trick. If there remain stains in fixtures, oxalic acid will remove them. It is the primary ingredient in commercial rust stain removers. Chlorine bleach will not do the job, don’t try it as it will make things worse.
naturist 09/17/21 08:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Question

How much electricity you use is very much a function of how you live and work. You don’t have to use a microwave or a tv or a laptop computer or an electric coffee maker or popcorn popper or hair drier or more than one light or a heater, fan, etc. But the more of them you want, the more power you will use. Captain Obvious, I know. But you asked about batteries, so let me explain. Your pair of inexpensive lead acid batteries afford you around 300-500 charge discharge cycles provided you never discharge them more than 50%. A typical lithium iron phosphate battery will go around 10 times as many cycles at 80% discharge. That $125 flooded cell battery of which you wrote has only about 80 amp hours capacity, and the pair will allow you to draw only 80 AH before needing a recharge. A single 100 AH LiFePO4 costing that $1000 will also easily give you 80 AH. To cover the same total lifespan of the lithium battery using the batteries you have will cost at least $2500. I say at least because they will not be cheaper in the future when you will be buying the second through tenth pair. That is a big reason people are buying lithium. The other is weight. Those two batteries you have probably weigh around 150 lbs. The lithium battery tops the scales in the 20-30 lb range. So if you were someone who found themselves burning through enough electricity to warrant a half dozen batteries, the advantage in long term cost and weight would be significant.
naturist 09/17/21 08:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Solar install question

Solar is great for everything except running the AC as long as it is sunny. The panels are the least expensive part of the system. I built a 400 watt system last year, $320 for panels, similar for 2000 watt PS inverter, ditto for an MPPT charge controller and another $550 for two 125 AH AGM batteries. You can do the math, but remember wires, fuses, screws, lag bolts, etc. aren’t free. Yeah, I coulda bought a generator that would even run the AC for that. But solar will run silently for at least the next decade for no additional cost, no fuel, no maintenance, no spark plugs, and did I mention it’s SILENT. Hope that helps.
naturist 09/17/21 06:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Stick-house Smoke detector question

Might want to make that the last twenty years! News Flash: the entire country lost control of forest management around a century ago when it was decided that ALL forest fires had to be stamped out. In hindsight (which is indeed always better than foresight), this was the wrong approach, and we are now paying for it in the form of much more frequent and very much more devastating wildfires, which are burning up all that excess fuel we've been foolishly storing in the woods for the last century or so. Not to worry, though, Ma Nature is on the job, and via the mechanism of Global Climate Change, is removing that excess fuel in Her own way.
naturist 08/07/21 10:36am Tech Issues
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