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RE: Hot water heater out of control

My guess, stuck thermostat. Or maybe bad control board. Possible also somebody fiddled with that thermostat. Dunno if that is possible. They used to be adjustable but might not be any more.
naturist 08/24/20 08:18am Tech Issues
RE: Remove Stock 40w Panel Before adding?

Assuming all panels are the same voltage, a 30 amp controller should be able to handle all 240 watts of panels. Put them all in parallel, and it should be fine. 240 watts at 12 volts is 20 amps, well within the controller’s capacity. Of course, upgrades are always possible. But the simplest is just adding the 200 watts. Judging by the spec sheets I was able to find, the voltages are within a volt or two of each other, but they're not identical. Volt or two isn’t important. Raw voltage from a 12 volt panel is going to range from about 8 volts to about 19 volts depending on sun. What matters is spec voltage, thus a 12 volt panel can’t be parallel with a 24 volt panel, which will put out between 16 and 38 volts. The panels will adjust their own output to cover a volt or two. Same thing happens if one panel is in sun, other in shade. Two panels of same nominal voltage will be fine, the shaded one just won’t contribute.
naturist 08/24/20 07:46am Tech Issues
RE: Remove Stock 40w Panel Before adding?

Assuming all panels are the same voltage, a 30 amp controller should be able to handle all 240 watts of panels. Put them all in parallel, and it should be fine. 240 watts at 12 volts is 20 amps, well within the controller’s capacity. But that does require all panels to be the same voltage. If the existing 40 watt panel is 24 volts, your extra 200 watts being 12 volts, you would have to put the new one in series to combine with the existing 40 watt panel. Of course, upgrades are always possible. But the simplest is just adding the 200 watts.
naturist 08/24/20 06:43am Tech Issues
RE: What's your battery setup on your travel trailer?

The OP has a small TT. He doesn’t have either space or payload capacity for some of those suggested setups. The single 12 volt “marine deep cycle” battery provided with his TT is a 75 or 80 AH battery which was used in the first place because it was the cheapest battery possible. With the (also cheap) WIFCO converter, he’s getting maybe 25 or 30 AH service out of that battery. For less than $400, he could buy a 125 AH group 31 true deep cycle 12 volt AGM and a real 30 amp battery charger to make sure it was fully charged. This would at least double his available power. Add a second such battery for another $250, and get 4 times the available power. But even better would be just one such battery and 200 watts of solar panels. That should keep him in power indefinitely. Cost, about $650 plus installation. Operating cost, zero. Battery Charge controller Solar panels
naturist 08/24/20 06:29am Travel Trailers
RE: increasing tongue weight

Ain't nothing magical about 10% vs 12%-13%. Depends on the design of the trailer. In Europe, trailers are generally designed to carry 8% or so on the tongue. So I say, if it tow's straight, nobody cares what the tongue weight is. Leave it alone. Don't fix what ain't broke.
naturist 08/23/20 03:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel Engine Runaway - 2005 Cummins

Thanks for the input everyone. Never too old to learn new things. I'll report back with the end result. Hope it is not too catastrophic. Too bad, it was a really nice truck. A wiser man than I once said that any day you learn something is a good day.
naturist 08/23/20 03:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Grindstone CG, Virginia

You can get good quality kiln dried (and bug free) firewood at Lowe’s, Fresh Market, Tractor Supply, Home Depot, and other fine establishments. But it is all ridiculously expensive to those of us who heat normally with wood and thus buy it by the cord.
naturist 08/23/20 09:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Diesel Engine Runaway - 2005 Cummins

Never happened to me, but known, and I’ve seen it happen to an 18 wheeler. While it can be due to fuel system malfunction, it is more commonly turbo bearing oil seal failure which feeds engine oil into the intake, and since diesels are oil burners, you have uncontrollable fueling. If the engine doesn’t almost immediately self destruct, you can minimize damage by finding a way to stall it. Either way, it is an expensive event.
naturist 08/23/20 08:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tailgate

Wow. I guess it's true, they'll steal anything that isn't nailed down. Sorry you have to deal with such a bit of stupidity. I hope you find a tailgate quickly.
naturist 08/22/20 01:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wishing to stay out of I-95S through Washington DC

Don't know where you're starting from in Pa, but I take I-81s to rt 17 in Winchester,Va which brings you to I-95 just below Fredericksburg. A few miles out of the way, but for me, it sure beats the unpredictable slog through Baltimore and D.C. Rt 17 is a pretty good road. Good recommendation.
naturist 08/22/20 06:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Table top propane grill help needed.

Nope. No can do. The control valve is part of the regulator. The office is not part of the regulator, it is used to inject a stream of regulated gas into the air in the mixing chamber. Because the control valve is part of the regulator, this device is not a good candidate for use on the low pressure propane system on your rv. It could work if you put a Tee in the high pressure line, but I don’t recommend that.
naturist 08/21/20 06:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: LPG Regulator

Always a good idea to replace pigtails when you replace a regulator, as they do degrade with time. As for the leak, I have had a couple auto changeover regulators that function just fine, including the auto changeover and red flagging when a tank runs out, BUT would leak gas if the ON tank was removed while the OFF tank was connected and valve was opened. This would happen to me when the tank got empty, and I neglected to switch the lever over to the other tank before disconnecting the empty. I have been assured by folks here that that behavior signals a bad changeover valve. But I don't buy it. Those changeover valves have been behaving that way for YEARS while otherwise functioning normally as far as I can tell.
naturist 08/19/20 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Crash

Somebody neglected to install the bolts that hold the body to the chassis. My bet is on a BIG lawsuit.
naturist 08/19/20 03:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Boiling gas

It must be noted that gasoline contains a fairly wide range of substances, including some dissolved propane and butane, especially winter gas. That's why gasoline has explosive fumes. As you heat gasoline, the lower boiling components will boil off, and if you stick that gas can in the sun, at altitude, you can see that it actually has a wide range of boiling points, not some magical single temperature at which it boils.
naturist 08/17/20 11:40am Tech Issues
RE: Bathroom on the road?

If you are in a Motor Home and get stopped in traffic for an extended period, do you let the young pregnant lady in the car next to you use your restroom?? That's never happened to us, we've never been stuck in THAT sort of traffic, no doubt because of our travel habits. But, since you asked, I would, but in this day of COVID, I'd be sure to hose down with disinfectant afterward.
naturist 08/17/20 11:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Lots of camp spots in DV....

Only the insane go to DV in August. There's a reason it is called "Death Valley." (says a guy who loves that place, btw)
naturist 08/17/20 11:27am General RVing Issues
RE: solar for your RV

For what it is worth, most of the small TTs I've seen have come with and/or are equipped with a single 12 volt "marine deep cycle" battery with about 75-80 AH capacity. These batteries are slightly enhanced starting batteries, not true deep cycle batteries, and their main benefit is they are cheap, around $80 or so, which is why RV dealers provide them. Such a battery can at most provide you with 40 AH (or 480 watt-hours) of power without seriously degrading their useful life. A 100 watt solar panel will give you around 400 watt-hours per average day, enough for most. If you want to be really prepared even for a couple rainy days in a row, 200 watts of solar panels are plenty. @Devocamper has a point about portable solar panels. The drawbacks to portable are two: (1) they require your attention to set up/take down, and (2) being portable, they are subject to theft. Permanent mounted panels and system have the drawback of being ineffective if shaded. It's a tradeoff. You pays your money and takes your choices. I got carried away and built myself a 400 watt semi-portable solar system earlier this year (blame it on the COVID). 4-100 watt panels, two 125 AH AGMs, on a hand truck. The whole thing weighs a little over 200 lbs, but can power 1,600 watt-hours daily usage worth of stuff indefinitely. I added a 2200 watt (4400 watt surge) PSW inverter. The thing is capable of running my RV's AC, although not overnight.
naturist 08/16/20 09:52am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
solar for your RV

So I was poking around this morning on Amazon, and I see that the parts to add solar to your RV have made doing so *really* competitive with generators, not just in long term operating costs, but in up-front installation/purchase costs. Solar has always had a huge advantage in terms of long-term maintenance and operating costs (no gas, no oil, no spark plugs, etc.). With the added advantage of silence, blessed silence, while "running." But consider the case of the RVer who just wants to keep his/her battery charged, and doesn't need to try to run an AC. Such a person needs only a small generator such as a 2000 watt class generator, which costs maybe $400 to $1,000 depending on what/where/when you buy. Then of course, you have to gas it up. And take precautions against it being stolen. So I see on Amazon a 200 watt, 24 volt monocrystalline solar panel for $206 (don't panic, folks, perfect for charging your 12 volt batteries, explained below), and a 20 amp MPPT charge controller for $150 (takes up to 150 volts DC and converts it to the perfect 13-14.5 volts to charge and maintain your battery). Throw in mounting hardware, wires, etc. and you are looking at $400 for a system that will suit nearly everyone with a single (or even double) 12 volt "deep cycle" battery of the sort that comes with most trailers these days. It'll even handle the 125 AH true deep cycle AGM upgrade you really want. Or, heck, go cheap and buy two 100 watt 12 volt polycrystalline panels from Lowes for $160, wire them in series, and now we are talking $350 for whole ball of wax. So, boys 'n' girls, the alternative to that noisy, smelly, expensive-to-run Honda 2000 is at hand. Just sayin' . . . .
naturist 08/16/20 08:54am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Trailer sway

Tire pressures all around definitely affect sway. Trailer tires, truck rear tires, truck front tires, all must be inflated enough to carry the load. If any pair is under inflated, you will get "directional instability." Probably the most important are the truck's rear tires. Second most important are trailer tires. Pickup trucks empty are light in the back. Fully loaded, they are heavy in the back, and the tire pressures have to be adjusted to compensate. If you are attempting to tow a heavy trailer with the same rear tire pressures you run normally when empty, you all but guarantee sway. The importance of tire pressures was brought home to me years ago when some friends and I went out to get some firewood in his 15 passenger van. We loaded up about half a van full, and set out for home. I was driving, and I needed every inch of the two lane highway, it was wandering so badly. I asked the owner what pressures he was running, and he didn't know. In the years he'd owned the van, he had NEVER checked the tire pressures. We stopped at the first gas station I saw, and I discovered his tires were all in the low 20s. They were all way overloaded even when the van was empty, let alone loaded with firewood. Pumped 'em all up where they should have been, and the rest of the way home was perfectly stable. The difference was impressive to say the least.
naturist 08/15/20 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Max heat to leave propane canisters inside of trailer?

It will vent. In the process, it will turn your rig into a fuel-air bomb (google "fuel-air bomb." They are second only to nukes on the military "mine is bigger than yours" scale), and the slightest spark will cause an explosion you don't want to be within several blocks of. Wise grasshoppers do not store propane tanks/canisters INSIDE ever. It is why propane tanks are always OUTSIDE of houses and hanging off the OUTSIDE of RVs on the hitch.
naturist 08/14/20 03:50pm RV Lifestyle
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