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RE: Coachmen Santara, '94. 50 amps or 30 amps ?

I will guess somewhere in Arizona navegator
navegator 10/17/20 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any full timers use a roomba style vac?

Best vacum cleaner that actually does not give off dust when emptying it or when operating is a Rex Air unit that uses water as the filtering medium rather than paper based filters, witch by the way are porus to very fine particles of dust. They are also known as Rainbow vacum cleaners, you can actually invert one when it is running and will not spill the water in the lower canister. The succioned air with the dirt and dust is swirled thogether with the water and the special air water separator will only let the clean air pass leaving the dirt and dust in the water, then it just a simple matter of dumping the water from the canister in the toilet, after a few uses you do need to clean the separator under a faucet, they not only vacum but do not leave dust in the air as some of the other vacum cleaners do. navegator
navegator 10/13/20 09:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Why is that ....

Mr pitch, the correct procedure when my buddy goes on a tangent is: 1. Finish my beer 2. Throw beer can in trash can 3. Get up and get 2 beers 4. Give 1 beer to buddy 5. Sit down and drink my beer Why would you waste a good beer? After a few more beers who cares what the tangent is it will all be a squigly matter. In any case one does not buy beer, you only rent it! navegator
navegator 10/11/20 08:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Turned back at border

They should contact the Mexican embassy in Canada and explain what happened and ask for an extension of time due to the circumstances on the renewal of the paperwork! The virus is real! And it kills! navegator
navegator 10/09/20 09:51pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: McAllen Texas to Zihuatanejo

The reason for going through Toluca? I like Balneario San Ramon, when we stop there we get really good tacos delivered for dinner and have breakfast at the balneario next morning plus we go swiming in the hot pool, of course you can go any road that you choose. navegator
navegator 09/30/20 09:38am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Concrete block in my stove !

That concrete helps maintain the heat so that the electric element is not having to turn on every few minutes, less consuption of electric power for the amount of heat retained. navegator
navegator 09/27/20 09:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Have you considered placing a sheet of galvanized steel or aluminum, now that you have all this work done it should be worth the expense. Aluminum roof with a coat of rubber to minimize the noise of rain? navegator
navegator 09/25/20 10:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: McAllen Texas to Zihuatanejo

After the Anzalduas bridge was opened we crossed there in order not to go through Reynosa, we normally stayed at a place close to the bridge in Mission, the Bluebonnet RV Park, cross the bridge and on to Saltillo the first night where we stayed at the Hotel Imperial and then the second night in Matehuala, third night in San Miguel de Allende and finally in to Mexico City. I would go as far as San Miguel and trough Toluca to Zihuatanejo, I do not know the size of the RV or trailer, the place that we stayed in Saltillo at the Hotel Imperial they have an area for RV's but they have a barrier that swings up, our RV is low enough to pass under, in Matehuala we stayed at the Las Palmas Midway Inn, they have RV parking also, in San Miguel we stayed at the Balneario San Ramon on the outskirts of town. I hope this helps a little navegator
navegator 09/25/20 10:08pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

I would put two diagonal braces on that structure, both going from the ground at the outer leg to the upper part of the leg nearest the vehicle, on the one next to the ladder and the one aft of the door, this will help the structure from colapsing away from the vehicle. navegator
navegator 09/18/20 08:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Draining RV battery

There are a number of items that can drain a battery, old battery, improper or no battery maintainenance, radio, instant on tv, engine computer, dirty or corroded terminals not just at the battery but at the chasis (ground cable). The emergency button will work as long as the house battery has enough charge to turn the engine. navegator
navegator 08/15/20 08:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Covid 19 warning

As my dad used to say, Their lack of stupidity is appaling if they were just stupid we could forgive them they live in buble of blissful ignorance navegator
navegator 08/03/20 08:55am Snowbirds
RE: Military & Customs

SeƱor hypoxia, what you saw was the military looking for weapons and amo only they did not care how much contrabando you had or narco dollars, supposedlly the new version will also look for weapons, amo and contraband and narco dollars and handle the payment of the taxes collected rather than the SAT personnel who are extremely corrupt? vis a vis the military? Time will tel now that the government is trying to bring the former politicos to account for the millions of dollars that they stole and have in off-shore bank accounts. Hay veremos lo que suseda! navegator
navegator 08/01/20 09:05am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 100 days till snowbirding........ maybe not

Sorry about your loss Tequila, folks need to take this serious, my brother lives in San Antonio, he works for the Toyota plant there, he contracted the virus at the supposed sanitized plant when the idiot politicians had to reopen the economy, he and 6 others contracted the virus at work, then my nephew and his wife also got the virus not from my brother but she caught it at work, she is a radiologist at Lackaland AFB, there are no more beds to receive patients so they are taking some of the overflow from the hospitals, only those that have two feet in the grave are taken in if there is space otherwise they are sent home to die, take this serious, I think that this will continue until this time next year. navegator
navegator 07/28/20 10:34am Snowbirds
RE: Mexican Banks

Remember that CITIBANK got fined a few million in Mexico for laundering money, so banks are not inmune from corruption, favorite neese no 2 her husband is the second big wigg at the bolsa de valores in Mexico City. And Maidof's and piramid investment deals can happen in big banks and investment intitutes any where in Latin America, I tried to read the original article all I got was some dubious subscription add so I was not able to read it, I do not respond to those adds at all. So be aware of investments that are some times to good to be true, greed can also play into someone investing into bad deals. So invest your money wiselly, hard come easy go. navegator
navegator 07/23/20 06:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexican Banks

Investing in Mexico can be tricky, a lawyer is Abogado and then there is the word "licenciado" this is also used to denote a lawyer who practices law and it is also someone that has a licenciatura, it can be in liberal arts or other line of studies but not Law. Some individuals will use the abbreviation LIC in front of the name, that does not mean that they are lawyers that practice law it just sounds fancy. Years ago it is was difficult for foreigners to purchase land in Mexico, specially on the coasts, as in Acapulco and further North so developers would place the property in the name of the company selling the property in a legitimate way in other words the foreigner has documentation that he or she has rights to the property, I do not know if those laws have changed or not. Then we come to the "presta nombres" (name lenders) this are individuals that will place the property in their name only and the foreigner has absolutely no right at all since there are no documents or they are false and worthless that the individual that invested has to prove the transaction. Another scheme was used South of Ensenada some years ago, a supposed licenciado sold land to some Americans, they built the houses to enjoy in the retirement years, the land was part of an ejido and when the owner of the ejido passed away the surviving family decided to construct some houses. Ejidos can not be sold to regular persons other the family or other ejidatarios, and much less foreigners, there was a big brouhaha about this in the courts and eventually the persons that had invested in this project lost everything. If investing in Mexico one has to check the individual that claims to be a "licenciado" the person might have a licenciatura en letras, this does not mean that they are lawyers they might just be presta nombres or just outright scammers and there are plenty of those. There is a Bar association in Mexico and each State has a branch accessible via the internet. Another item that one has to be very careful is with what is called a "fideycomiso" that can get someone in trouble with the law. Me I am not smart enough to invest in the stock market, so I would rather loose my money in Vegas. navegator
navegator 07/23/20 11:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
Military & Customs

The Mexican army is taking over the dutyes of the customs inspectors in order to stem the flow of drugs going North and narco weapons and money going South, I do not know when this will be implemented and how it will work. We will wait and see what happens at the border crossings. navegator
navegator 07/21/20 07:57am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Keeping Ants Out of My Rv!

Go to home despot and purchase a product "home defence" by Ortho, spray this arround every item that touches the ground, arround tires, jacks, hoses, electric cables etc. Also spray inside if needed, it will last about 3 months inside and at least one month outside depending on how much rain you have, it is harmless to pets and does not smell at least I do not smell it. navegator
navegator 07/20/20 06:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Restrictions in Colorado

Rent the 24 footer, it is easier to maneuver than the 26 because of the rear overhang, when entering parking spaces or lots try to park in such a way that you drive forward without having to turn arround with 6 to 8 point moves, and plan the entry so that you do not get blocked in by inconsiderate people. Mesa verde is accesible with a small RV both in the visitor center and the cliff houses, some tourist atractions have passenger bus parking areas park there at the far end and walk to the enrtance or attraction, some tour operators get anoied at Rv,s parked near the entrance. Enjoy the travell navegator
navegator 07/10/20 09:00am Beginning RVing
RE: I bet you wont try this. RV turn around

Youtube is full of missleading and absurd made up videos, one comes to mind a 747 jumbo jet landing on an aircraft carrier and many more, the problem is that a lot of persons trully believe that they are real. navegator
navegator 07/09/20 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do ice cubes in the black tank really work?

The ice cubes just keep "le crapo" kool, calm and collected, nothing more. 1/4 tank of water one bag if ice cubes and one 1/4 cup dishwaser detergent and having the black water tank in the rear and off center helps a lot, I drive slowlly arround the block jerking the steering wheel back and forth, it does clean the tank preety good unfortunately all the cheap sensors in all the tanks were useles from the second month since purchased, I made a window for the potable water tank and marked it, use a flash light down the head and the shower tub lets me know that the grey is full. Now all my neighbors do the tank wadlle, they all wanted to know what on earth I was doing so I showed them, now we do not have stinky tanks. I also made a 12 foot wand with white PVC pipe with a union in the middle and it hooks to the garden hose and glued a cap at the other end and drilled small holes, and have the cap on the vent that I can remove to insert the tube and flush the gray tank. navegator
navegator 07/08/20 08:10am General RVing Issues
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