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RE: Trouble with California

This post is directed to those of you that have law degrees and those of you in law enforcement, please answer and correct me if I am wrong, I am not looking for arguments, just facts under the law. Is an RV rolling down the road considered a vehicle or a home? Is an RV that is parked with the sewer hose connected, the water connected and hooked to the electric grid cosidered under the laws as a home or an RV? What part of an RV is the vehicle and what part is a home? A 5th wheel or a pull trailer being towed are they rolling vehicles or homes, understanding that the pull units are vehicles and not homes. navegator
navegator 01/25/20 07:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble with California

It is not a question of the 4th amendment being violated by the agriculture inspectors, it is a question of how many millions of dollars in damage and erradication of a pest brought in from another state. Some years ago someone imported by ignorance or intent a fruit fly to San Diego, it nearlly devastated the orange groves and the owners took a hit with fruit that could not be sold or eaten, then came the cost of trying to eradicate this pest it amounted to several millions, and it is still on going today. It is very easy to forget if there are fruits in the galley or fridge in an RV, it happened to us coming back from Texas, we had 2 peaches left from El Paso, grown in California and purchased in El Paso, at the inspection station I answered I do not remember if we ate them all or not, the inspector asked if he could come aboard and look we both answered go ahead, the fruit was in a basket in a corner all forgoten, we were given the choise of eating the culprits or disposing off them, we chose to eat tnem, and we were on ower way. Maybe the persons that get all huffy and puffy at an agriculture inspection would like to pay some of the growers for the loss and the State for the eradication programs instead of the tax payers? navegator
navegator 01/20/20 09:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Maximum rim air pressure

80 psi navegator
navegator 01/15/20 03:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class A crash

High speed, situational awareness inatention, lack of maneuvering distance equals an accident waiting to happen. navegator
navegator 01/10/20 06:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CPAP and CBD oil

Perscription opioids with the perscrition are alawed, with out the perscription they are narcotics contaband. navegator
navegator 01/08/20 11:35am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: CPAP and CBD oil

The CPAP machine will not be a problem, they have those in Mexico. On the other hand mariguana is a schedule 1 narcotics as are heroin, cocain, opium and some percription drugs used to manufacture other halucinogenic products, the CBD oil fals in this schedule 1 clasification regardless of use or purpose. Mexican jails are not nice navegator
navegator 01/08/20 09:00am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: CPAP and CBD oil

Sorry but what is a CBD oil and what is a CPAP. Knowing what this letters mean in real world language helps. navegator
navegator 01/08/20 08:03am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Central America trip

I carry 2 heavy duty tow straps and the correct equipment to atach them to the RV and what ever is towing or being towed, all the tires on the RV includind the spare and all the tires on the toad and yes the spare also have to be new with the stamped date confirmed, getting new tires out in the boonies is not something that you want to happen, I also carry an old fasioned inner tube for the RV and the toad and the spoons to unmount and mount tires, a foot air pump and a 120 volt compressor, if not use one cylinder from the toad with the fuel injector disconected to pump the tire, you need a made hose for this, been there done that. By the way I did mention straps. navegator
navegator 01/07/20 07:52pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Central America trip

One item that I have found in Mexico and further South is that in the same campground one outlet 2 prong it will be correctlly wired and the one next to it will be backwards, I have 2 very simple testers they have 3 neon little lights and you inset in the socket being tested,and depending on how they light up I can see how the wall socket is wired, why two because on one I cut the ground prong, I used to have an addapter but that turned out not to work too good, I also made adapters to correct the fault, in other words to reverse the way the outlets are wired, it is easier than opening the campgrounds property. I actually carry 150 feet of electrical extention cords, one 100 foot and one 50 foot on top of the 25 foot 30 amp from the RV and the 50 foot 30 amp extention plus the various adapters for 50 to 30 amp to regular household plugs, I also have a 100 foot hose that is made with the same material as fire hoses only smaller and it colapses onto an orange ladder that is made for electrical extentions (home despot has them) those have proven invaluable when needed, the other item that is useful is a colapsing bucket (for feeding horses) for water or washing muddy kids and the RV of course. If I remember more good tips I will post them navegator
navegator 01/07/20 03:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Central America trip

When we purchased our unit I sat on the couch and grabed the overhead storage unit and lifted my entiere body weight of the coutch a good 220 pounds, that proved to me what the unit was well constructed, there was only one other unit that passed that test wife did not like it, nedless to say when the overhead compartments started to move on other units without me moving it was goodby time. I was not aware that they were sold to another manufacturer, I have encountered the name of Coachman on some units in our travels, I do not know what the manufacturer is or was. On the question of the fuel filter, take the correct tools to replace it,some items that I will recomend are couple of vice grips, one for pinching hoses and the other needle nose, duct tape and gorila tape, also take a couple rolls of the tape for repairing the awning and a coule of straps if it uses them, cut some carpet pieces that fit the longest bin and take a shovel, carpert to place under a spining tire and the shovel to dig out, a couple of heavy duty straps to get pulled out of the mudhole and two cresent wrenches, screw drivers and electricians tape and very recomended and a must 3 pairs of plastic hand cuffs for the kids. Take a 100 foot extention cord and one adapter, some places do not have the third ground prong so you need one adapter, a good power as in volage conditioner is highlly recomended, get a good machete that is allowed, remember no fire arms of any kind a small spool of mechanics wire is good to have, take a Brita water filter jug and always drink from bottles that you open not the server, kids water bottle or mineral water adults same or beer unless it is a good recomended establisment, no cocktails or fancy mixed drinks easy to tamper. Take along some boards, sometimes you need to park on soft soil and the RV might sink, the wood will distribute the wheight a little better, take raincoats and umbrellas, Panama can be very, very soggy. Am I being to harsh? Just pasing along some knowledge from more than 65 years of traveling from the USA to Panama, from a joung age to a wise old Viking. navegator
navegator 01/07/20 03:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Central America trip

The problem in Mexico are the topes and the pavement arround the potholes, and of course driving to fast to react in time to avoid them, as for tires get 7 new tires and look at the date of manufacture, it is stamped on the side wall, year and week, some shops may have tiers that are years old, but they look brand new says the sales person! Bilsteen shock absorvers are recomended as are good quality tiers, not Cchineese junk! GOODYEAR Also take a serpenteen belt for your engine and the correct tool to change it, fuel filters and air filters, I have a Racor water separator and it came in handy in Quintana Roo, the fuel was contaminated with water they just baptized the fuel a little not much just trying to decarbonize the pistons and valves, have a good 2 ton botle jack and tools for changing the tire and a toke wrench and a small jack stand for safety. navegator
navegator 01/07/20 12:47pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Central America trip

I have a Coachmen the one with the Dalmatian dog on the logo from 2001 and it is as good as new, the last post is advice for Coachman a different RV all together. I will recommend taking a small car behind the RV, do not use a big SUV or a Jeep or a pickup truck more like a Kia that can be towed 4 down, this will come in handy since driving in a big RV into some of the old colonial towns and cities will be impossible, Guanajuato is one example another good item to have is a tote to empty the waste tanks, specially in countries further South. Make a loose itinerary in order to be able to visit some of the museums and archeological sites, the ground floor of the museum of Anthropology in Mexico City takes about one day to see everything, the little one will not want to see it all, the car will come in handy when you have to go shopping or in an emergency and it allows you to be flexible with time spent visiting, as an example you are in Oaxaca and decide to visit the archeological site of Monte Alban, you take the tour bus up the mountain and one of you has a mild bout of Moctezumas revenge, with the car you can go back to the RV and not have to suffer waiting for the tour bus to go down to the city and then take a taxi, in the long run paying for taxis will be expensive. Do not skimp on insurance for the RV, yes all you need is liability but that will not cover any medical issue that you might encounter, whether it is in Mexico or further South. Travel advice, DO NOT travel at night in any country plan your routes so that you start in the morning and are at a camp ground by about 16:30 or later, that will give the small ones some time to play, and remember that you need to go slower than what you are used to in the States a good speed for roads is between 55mph and 60 mph anything higher is not advisable, and you have to look out for the famous "TOPES" (speed bumps) a favorite of the gringos, all towns have them and many are not marked at all, when coming upon a town slow down to about 25mph if possible, and get a game going with the kids, "TOPE LOOKOUT" The experience for the kids will be invaluable, it will open their mind to other cultures an people, they probable will learn not only Spanish but maybe a native language, you never know. When out and about do not let the kids walk bare foot there are some deceases and mushrooms that can be picked up by the bare feet. Otherwise have a good trip, buen viaje caminantes. navegator
navegator 01/07/20 11:37am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: flying with kids

Take afew packs of chewing gum and candy, give them the chewing gum wife included right after boarding, the chewing action will help equalize the inner ear prrssure when the cabin is pressurized, that starts when the doors are closed and the engines are fiered up. Make sure to instruct them that once the planes seat belt sign goes off you will collect the spent gum, and instruct them that they will keep the seat belt fastned at all times but loose, if the plane encounters turbulence you do not want floating kids, they can be severally injured, also purchase some barf bags and have them handy, the 5 year old will probably enjoy the view out the window at the start and finish, the 3 year old should get a chance at the window also, will fall asleep real fast. Make sure that any battery toy or tablet is fully charged before leaving home, have one bag with gum, candy, barf bags, tablets, phones, chargers, kleenex tisues, trash bag and place this ready the night before near an outlet to charge the devices being taken. Make a list on a card or paper of all the bags and items being taken with you so as not to forget something, specially in the pocket in front of the planes seat. Knowing the flight time you can estimate when the desent will start, at that moment you will notice that the sound of the engines will change, they are throtled back, depending on the aircraft the cabin pressure will start to be adjusted to the airports altitude, give everyone chewing gum, and collect after disembarking. Have a good flight and a good vacation navegator
navegator 01/03/20 08:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Do y'all see the IRONY here?

Interesting, none of you noticed that it is a BMW at a charging station with a big generator behind, I wonder how much power that thing generates so that the vehicle can travel what? 200 miles and how much time and fuel does it requiere for a full charge from the generator. navegator
navegator 01/03/20 07:23am Around the Campfire
RE: Having an RV in Mexico when residente permanente

The document that you provide states very clear what I am refering to, that a person who is not the registered owner can drive the motorhome as long as the person in whose name the unit is registered and obtained the TIP is riding along otherwise it is prohibited for a person not being in the registration and the TIP to drive the unit in Mexico. As I have stated fefore, machine translating documents, specially legal documents are not translated in accordance to the meaning and intent of the wording contained within. navegator
navegator 12/30/19 10:53pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Having an RV in Mexico when residente permanente

Placing a motorhome in someones elses name without you being on the registration is asking for trouble, a recidente permanente can not drive a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico unless the registered owner or the person that imported the vehicle is present and that includes motorhomes. navegator
navegator 12/30/19 08:55pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Class C vs Class A - Length

Best thing to do is start kiking tires and look at both A and C units, wife found an A unit that she liked, then we saw a C unit of the same length, the A unit only had a dinette no couch and of course the queen bed in rear, small counter in the galley shower on one side and head on opposite side, the C has a queen bed on the overhead, left side door, dinette, refrigerator, stove with oven micro above then comes the sink in front of the rear window and then the the head in rear and left with shower, sink, toilet and cabinets above and bellow, then we have a pantry with a drawer under and a two door closet with 2 drawers under, then we have a couch that converts to a bed, no slides and we have been traveling since we retiered in 2008, look at what you need rather than what looks good or novel, we actually have more strorage than the A and that includes the generator. navegator
navegator 12/29/19 08:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: I must be getting olde !

I would love to see some of the kids start a 1931 Ford with them levers on the steering wheel and remembering to open the fuel valve under the dash and the 3 pedals of course. navegator
navegator 12/29/19 06:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Becoming a resident gets a lot harder after NY's

To help you guys calculate the minimum daily wage, this is from the Diario Oficial de la Nación, the oficial publication and is for the year of 2020 these are Mexican pesos not Dollars. Salario minimo general DIARIO en México 2020..... $123.22 Minimum daily wage Salario minimo general MENSUAL en México 2020.... $3,700.00 Minimum monthly wage Incremento porcental total del salario minimo general en México (respecto a $102.68 en 2019).....20% This how much the minimum wage will increase for 2020 in persentage navegator
navegator 12/29/19 08:37am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Having an RV in Mexico when residente permanente

Check into importing the RV I have met a lot persons that have imported the units, some of them are actually Mexican citizens, ask a lawyer the worst that can happen is somebody says no. navegator
navegator 12/27/19 05:57pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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