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RE: Work and Play quality decline? Upgrading from a W&P 21UL

Seagull843 - you might take a look at ATC too. nayther, I could be wrong, but I thought Work and Play was always a Forest River product. I can't find any info on FR purchasing them. could be, just from memory. If they're FR then that explains it, quality has slid exponentially in the last 2-3 years.
nayther 12/01/20 11:52am Toy Haulers
RE: 2008 Weekend Warrior CR3705 holding tanks plumbing

Do it before the valves fail, had one break once, pulled the handle out of the disk. Of course it was a black water tank that was FULL!That was a bad situation got lucky and found a dump station that I could back over, one with a catch basin around it (this was a truck camper so valve was in far back corner. Unbolted the bolts very carefully and got the **** to drain enough to make it work but it was still a NASTY job.
nayther 11/30/20 12:28pm Toy Haulers
RE: Work and Play quality decline? Upgrading from a W&P 21UL

I believe your old one was built by W&P before FR bought them out? If so that's all the explanation needed. If not then I'd call W&P and ask them.
nayther 11/30/20 12:24pm Toy Haulers
RE: 2008 Weekend Warrior CR3705 holding tanks plumbing

Do it before the valves fail, had one break once, pulled the handle out of the disk. Of course it was a black water tank that was FULL!
nayther 11/19/20 02:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler legend has passed

Sad news, he was a character, always with the black coat and hat. Met him once at the Sand Sports show when the new Warrior started. RIP Mark was it Covid?
nayther 11/06/20 03:39pm Toy Haulers
RE: Riding in Cal City

Keep in mind that the Cal City regulations apply ONLY to Cal City land (private) and not BLM land (federal). Not sure the plate is recognized on federal land. I know if you have an out of state OHV you need a CA temp. permit (temp. green sticker).
nayther 11/06/20 03:34pm Toy Haulers
RE: Onan 4K - Code 36 - Low Fuel or What?

if you didn't put anything in the gas, then let it sit for 6 months, the pilot jet is plugged. Guarantee it and it cannot be fixed. Replace the carb, they're cheap. Do a search and you'll see many have tried to clean them (my son is one) but there are too many tiny passages. I see you're in CA so you're getting ethanol in your fuel if you use regular, it is hydroscopic (attracts moisture) so if you don't run it then the fuel evaporates and leaves the moisture behind. did you pull the float bowl (easy to do)? If there's white residue then that's your answer. You experienced part of that when you started it last, "runs up and down". At that point it might have cleaned itself out if fuel system cleaner was used, but it sat and got worse.
nayther 10/20/20 09:14am Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler Toy Selection

tough one. I was going to suggest golf cart but that won't be street legal. you can plate/use a SxS in some states but not most. Having to unload every night though, for something you use occassionally would be a deal breaker for me, way too much hassle. One option is a small 4x4 like a Suzuki Samarai, hard to find though
nayther 10/13/20 08:36am Toy Haulers
RE: Best/worst reviews no help

As noted above, I've seen a few issues that pertain to this... First, the negatives make more noise - no one comes on posting positive comments because their rig ISN'T leaking. You have to take the number of negatives in the context of how many silent and content owners are out there. The number of those negatives that can be traced back to faulty maintenance is also a tremendous unknown! Second, as people had said, the pre-inspection is essential. Make sure the dealer knows, well in advance, that you expect to spend hours scouring the rig and that no money will change hands until you've completed the inspection. There WILL be things that need to be remedied, and you should make sure that is all done to your expectation. Finally, I would not encourage anyone to buy an RV, particularly a trailer, if they weren't at least reasonably handy. Owning a trailer comes with issues - that can't be avoided. Some are from the factory, others are because they are little more than a fancy looking garden shed flying down the highway at 65 mph. In 8 years of ownership, I've had our Rockwood in the shop twice - once to replace the tires and the other time to replace a sagging axle. Everything else I've simply managed myself. Plan to spend some time, each year, fixing the little things, and that will go a long way in your enjoyment overall! Well said. The build quality degradation from my 2007 toy hauler to my 2019 fifth wheel is exponential. I blame the mega mfrs. like Forest River and Thor, they bought up all the smaller, more quality focused companies and they're all cookie cutters coming off just a few assembly lines. Having said that I've read a lot of good things here for Work and Play trailers. Smaller company and quality built, maybe not as fancy though.
nayther 10/13/20 08:30am Toy Haulers
RE: Jack Knife Sofa Fold flat on wall?

I think you're talking apples and oranges. a sofa with jack knife bed is not the jack knife bed/bench that comes in Toy Haulers. You can't fold up a jack knife sofa.
nayther 10/12/20 09:12am Toy Haulers
RE: newbie

we are loading up and getting ready to head oit to the races again this weekend. I will get some pictures. Thanks for the welcome. I'm so jealous. All of our stuff here out west has been cancelled. Enjoy. Our desert races are going strong Dave. Just got back from a Sprint Enduro in Johnson Valley. 29 Palms for a GP the week before.
nayther 10/12/20 09:10am Toy Haulers
RE: Weekend Warrior flooring

you might do a search in the overall forums, there are lots that have done this. Like agteacher said it can get heavy though so choose material wisely
nayther 10/08/20 08:09am Toy Haulers
RE: Is there an inline fuel filter besides the Onan filter

How much fuel is in the tank? If like a MH it has to have at least 1/4 tank. Take fuel line loose and blow towards tank listening for bubbles. Blows but no bubbles means not enough fuel in tank. Toy haulers don't have that "feature" it's there to keep you from being stranded because your MH is out of gas from running the generator, don't have that issue with a trailer.
nayther 10/02/20 09:45am Toy Haulers
RE: Is there an inline fuel filter besides the Onan filter

feel the fuel line, if it's really soft it's possible the ethanol has eaten it, had my 2007 Rage'n do that, had to replace the rubber hoses with "modern" hose. Slit the hose to look at it and it was all eaten up and cracked from the inside out, it was actually starting to leak!
nayther 10/02/20 09:44am Toy Haulers
RE: Manuals

Most RV's don't come with a "manual" but they should have all the manuals for the individual components like the refer, stove, converter, etc. Don't know what a "mini power control center" is though. Admin. Dedmiston has a Momentum, he might know more about it
nayther 09/28/20 11:44am Toy Haulers
RE: Awning Fabric Replacement

Yes you must order the exact replacement because the wiring for the light strip and the electric motor are sewn into the edge of the fabric. I can't attest to the lights but the motor wiring on mine (lights are at the trailer,not the tube) runs up the arm at the front, motor is inside tube, rear arm has the spring. The lights I've seen on the tube are in one of the tube grooves, so wiring should be in the arm/tube like the motor. If they were in the fabric they'd roll up every time and would think not last too long.
nayther 09/23/20 10:55am Toy Haulers
RE: Fresh Water Tank

probably split a seam. I did it once when filling, had the trailer tilted away from filler/vent and it trapped some air, air compresses, water doesn't. Split the upper seam about 10" long. I repaired it with an ABS repair kit. If the tank is black, it's ABS and can be fixed that way, if it's white it's got to be "welded" as suggested.
nayther 09/08/20 03:56pm Toy Haulers
RE: Accepting our fate....perhaps a TH after all

...In my searches we do seem to be quite limited by our TV. Don't underestimate that limiting factor, many of US have learned that the hard way!
nayther 08/18/20 08:48am Toy Haulers
RE: Accepting our fate....perhaps a TH after all

not to be weight police but the F150 will be your limiting factor. I assume you're not hauling any "toys"? If not then you might be OK. The fold down couches/beds should accomodate a 6' person but for sure any of the Happi-jac beds would be even bigger. My son has a Stealth with a single retractable bed that's only about 21' but the fixed bed in front is kind of small. If you don't put toys in it you're weight might be OK
nayther 08/17/20 09:39am Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler Bed Conversion

Having had a unit with opposing fold out couches I'm not sure how you would do it but anything is possible. Custom made though.
nayther 07/16/20 12:23pm Toy Haulers
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