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RE: Small Family hauler- HELP!

I'd say you're asking the impossible with that tow vehicle. 4 seaters are VERY big.
nayther 08/12/19 09:48am Toy Haulers
RE: Momentum 398M holding tank size

I finally got the answer. It has two 53 gallon Black tanks. The black tank for the 1/2 bath in the garage also serves as the grey tank for that bath. Not a big issue as it is the same as our present TT. We just do not use that sink. This was a major item on our check list. And it just moved the 398 to the top of our short list. That's a **** ton of Black capacity! You know the DW will relegate YOUR business to the 1/2 bath so you'll be golden.
nayther 08/09/19 12:26pm Toy Haulers
RE: Help!! Awning collapsed

If it's brand new then Grand Design should fix it. May take awhile, but it should be covered under the warranty. Sorry. :( Should be covered by your RV insurance. I disagree. An awning is supposed to be able to withstand rain. This is a new unit. If it was deployed correctly, the awning company should make it right. Turning it in to your insurance is going to cost you probably a $500 deductible. Good luck using those strategies. Call your insurance, file a claim, eat the deductible if you have one. 3. WHAT IS NOT COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTY 3.1. Damages not reported at time of purchase/receipt; including fabric damages such as pinholes and tears. 3.2. Damages or failures not related to the material or workmanship of the product including any failure that results from neglect, accident, wind, rain, water pooling, weather or other acts of God. I agree with this, not likely to be covered. Next time be sure to lower one side and lock in the tension screws, it should drain fine.
nayther 08/05/19 05:01pm Toy Haulers
RE: 04 FS3000

Also, I have it stored on the side of my garage, is it ok to keep it plugged into the house? mainly for lights and possibly AC if we’re in there, fridge and freezer are off, has two 6V Trojan batteries, will keeping it plugged in harm then? Check your converter. some of the old ones were not "smart" converters and will continue on trickle charge and boil the batteries. The newer converters should go into "maintenance" mode. Otherwise there's no problem leaving it connected. If you're concerned or not sure then just disconnect the batteries after they're charged. The converter will still run everything in the trailer.
nayther 08/02/19 08:08am Toy Haulers
RE: New 2020 Grand Design Momentum G-Class 29G

Personally I would not want to tow a TT that is close to 30'. Especially since towing a 5er. "prepping" for a fifth wheel is not big deal. Why do you need the truck cap? If to just keep stuff dry might look at a folding tonneau cover, you can fold it partially back and still put some stuff under the front, won't be perfectly dry but keep the rain off.
nayther 07/24/19 08:17am Toy Haulers
RE: RV moulding

you mean the plastic strip that slips into the aluminum closure strips then on the exterior? Covers the screws? I wouldn't call that molding. ANY RV parts house has that stuff by the roll in a few colors. If you take an old piece and measure the width when it's flattened out you'll see what size you need.
nayther 07/24/19 08:09am Toy Haulers
RE: Heartland Torque 345 and large fridges?

the res. fridge is all electric, just like in your sticks and bricks home. They provide an inverter and probably one group 24 12v battery assuming you'll be in hookups or towing. The one battery won't hack it very long. Additional batteries, solar, etc will be necessary for more than one day of boondocking. You should check with the dealer, it's possible they can order one with a regular RV fridge.
nayther 07/24/19 08:06am Toy Haulers
RE: toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

joebedford ~ one-truck is registered as COMMERCIAL 2nd that! ( confusing ) and in CA we MUST buy "commercial" plates for our pickups, even if not used commercially. ,Also if your using you pick up ~ (For Hire) You'll need a M.C.P. ? Yep Motor Carrier Permit in CA And a CA# yes and yes, more ways to reach in your pocket.
nayther 07/22/19 09:29am Toy Haulers
RE: RV moulding

where are you located. It helps if you populate your profile.
nayther 07/22/19 09:23am Toy Haulers
RE: toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

joebedford ~ one-truck is registered as COMMERCIAL 2nd that! ( confusing ) and in CA we MUST buy "commercial" plates for our pickups, even if not used commercially.
nayther 07/19/19 09:00am Toy Haulers
RE: New 2020 Grand Design Momentum G-Class 29G

So the wife seems to like the layout as well. We are going to try and locate one and see if they will let us drive it around with a load to see how it handles behind my truck. I doubt very much you'll find a dealer that will let you take a new, unsold trailer, load toys in it and tow it around, don't get your hopes up.
nayther 07/12/19 01:14pm Toy Haulers
RE: Help with finding 5th Wheel floor plan

OK I understand reason no 1 for the kids wandering about. However the fuel smell is a non issue if you take some care with the toys that ride in the garage. We have a 2009 Fuzion that we have never had a fuel smell in the garage. Wife's quad is a fuelly and I always shut the fuel off on the bike and run it a little before loading. The bigger annoyance is tire smell, but unloading and opening it up for a while takes care of it. I agree, that fuel smell was an anomaly, not the norm.
nayther 07/11/19 07:53am Toy Haulers
RE: Help with finding 5th Wheel floor plan

You're asking for a lot with a separate garage AND bunks in the living space. A 10' garage plus bunks is 20' right there. I've never seen a toy hauler with bunks outside the garage. The lofts are over the garage so that doesn't add length.
nayther 07/09/19 09:44am Toy Haulers
RE: Am I missing something?

When we were purchasing our new trailer last year we found out how they're screening potential buyers. They send out their "greeter" who is a jr. salesperson. He then screens the potential buyer, if he/she thinks they're "serious" they go get the "expert" in that genre (ie Phil is an expert on fifth wheels, he can answer all your questions). You may never have got pas the greeter.
nayther 07/09/19 09:42am Toy Haulers
RE: Fresh water tank oveflow lines will not stop leaking

I installed 90 degree valves on both of my fresh water vent lines, when I see water running out of them I turn off the hose then turn both valves to stop any water loss. Keeps it in the tanks until I get set up camping. Just have to remember to open the valves after a bit of water use so the tanks can vent and not collapse. I'd rather install a one way valve than a manual one, what if you forget to open it? I suppose the water pump will just starve, doubt it has sufficient power to collapse a tank.
nayther 06/27/19 09:08am Toy Haulers
RE: Tongue weight issue on new toy hauler

That is a 100% band aid fix. Cheap for them. Moving axles is not cheap for them. Horrible service. yep, cheap and dirty and it does decrease your load carrying capacity. They need to redo your VIN sticker too. You now have a trailer with lesser capacity than you purchased. Not sure if that has any effect on how you intend to use the trailer.
nayther 06/27/19 09:06am Toy Haulers
RE: Fresh water tank oveflow lines will not stop leaking

I used to have the same problem where my vent lines would create a siphon because they were lower than the bottom of the sealed belly. We tried a couple of things with various success. DISCLAIMER: The kind folks at Giant RV seem to have been dropped on their heads multiple times, so please don't judge me for their solutions with this warranty issue. Solution Number 1: "Yeah, that happens sometimes with these units. To break the flow of the siphon, just hold the end of your compressor hose against the vent line and give it a couple of short blasts to clear the line." That worked just OK, but I knew it was a horrible idea to blast air into the tanks and risk bursting them. Solution Number 2: "We installed shutoff valves on the vent lines for both of your tanks. Make sure you open the valves while you're filling and then shut the valves when you're done. That way the water can't drain out anymore." This was a pretty bad idea too, plus it was a pain in the butt to crawl down there to mess with the valves before/after filling. I also knew that this really didn't address the poor design of the vents. Solution Number 3: I quit dealing with Giant RV and hired a mobile tech to install new vent lines that didn't curve or loop and vented the tanks up high instead of down low, the way a vent is supposed to work. This worked. I wish I had bailed on Giant RV a lot sooner. I'd bet money it's a siphon like you describe Dave. You'll have to get to the lines above the clorplast and raise them up above the top of the tank, then there can't be a siphon.
nayther 06/26/19 07:58am Toy Haulers
RE: Toy hauler fails

I only hauled my wing once in my toy hauler with a wheel chock and tie downs, worked fine. I've had my dirtbike fall over once or twice when I didn't tie it down right (lazy). One time leaked a fair amount of gas on the floor, that was fun............NOT! With proper tie down it should be fine.
nayther 06/24/19 10:07am Toy Haulers
RE: Tongue weight issue on new toy hauler

If FR has the unit then it's pretty serious. Sounds like axles are too far forward. Of course adding water, etc. to the front will help but why should you have to do that? Proper engineering is needed
nayther 06/20/19 08:03am Toy Haulers
RE: Goose Neck Adapter

I just shake my head when guys insist there's no difference when using a gooseneck adapter and argue there's no change in forces. Since I'm an engineer and took Statics and Dynamics in school it's clear as a bell where the forces are different. Oh no. 2 Engineers on this forum???? Watch out!!!!! What's you discipline? Mine's mechanical, HVAC in concentration.
nayther 06/14/19 09:58am Toy Haulers
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