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RE: About to GO Full Time

I think having 3 AC is getting more common and with load management I can see how it might work. Inrush current is the killer so if that's managed by compressor cycling it should work. Remember 50 amp service is actually two 50 amp legs for 100 amps total, 3x what you get with 30 amps.
nayther 11/27/19 09:21am Toy Haulers
RE: Gas pump

Just something to add if your not going to be pumping you gas for awhile make sure you drain the gas line. WHAT ? After your pump is off you still have some gas in the line. In order to drain it your need to have the gas nozzle below the tank to drain what left in the gas line. Good advice
nayther 11/25/19 10:19am Toy Haulers
RE: Still confused about inverter n gen

yes, an UPS is the only way to truly have uninterrupted power. I have a 2,000 inverter and 50 amp auto transfer switch from Bestconverter (Boondocker). Don't remember which way but going from/to generator there's a delay, the other way not but either will drop power long enough to my satellite receiver that it must reboot.
nayther 11/22/19 08:34am Toy Haulers
RE: Heartland Fuel vs. Cruiser Stryker

I’m also looking into the Cruiser Stryker and saw the Fuel toy haulers. I don’t know for sure, but the Stryker, Fuel, and Torque are all part of the Heartland parent company. I would assume the similar floor plans have the same underpinnings. Through my research, it appears the Stryker Torque & Fuels are stronger than the competition with aluminum framed walls and roof where most others have wood truss roofs. I don’t have any Fuels close to me so my search is focused on the Stryker. I went in interested in the 2916 but the wife really likes the 3214. I need around 14 feet of storage to fit a Can Am X3 Max XRS. Anyone have an idea of a fair price in Southern California for one of these units(MSRP $60-65k)? My rule of thumb is at least 30% off MSRP. Thanks Darren I bought mine from DDRV in Wesminister and got 32% off MSRP and got a second recliner thrown into the deal. They strongarmed me to pay their $700 PDI fee which was a bunch of B.S. as the unit was not ready for delivery when I did my walkthough. I am still waiting on them to follow through with some of the cosmetic repairs. Bought my FR fiver from DD in June 2018. Noted many issues at walk through, all cosmetic but pretty serious. Had to scream and yell to get their attention. I was finally assigned to a service writer Robert Marcum and he made it all happen pretty fast. Overall I'd give them 8/10. Once we got it in we got it back in about two weeks and the work was done well.
nayther 11/20/19 10:48am Toy Haulers
RE: Gas pump

I had the nozzle condom AND the nozzle mitt on my toyhauler nozzle. The location of the pump station is right behind the rear tire and the bottom of the compartment is perf. steel for venting/draining so all the road debris gets in there, the nozzle is always dirty. This keeps it off the nozzle, work great, made out of Neoprene like a wet suit. Sold the trailer to the DW Godson and it's still got its condom and mitt!
nayther 11/14/19 07:57am Toy Haulers
RE: Dog Found

I think I saw on facebook that its owners were found.
nayther 11/05/19 07:35am Toy Haulers
RE: Just wondering

I'm with Dave. Unless you're pulling a MONSTER trailer with a large load a 3500 will be plenty big enough, I think they're like 25,000lbs max now, that's a LOT of head room over most any RV.
nayther 11/01/19 08:06am Toy Haulers
RE: Where to jack

According to the axle mfg you should use the frame in front and behind the wheels. I use a jack under the axle where the springs are bolted to the axle. I also use a board between the jack and the axles. If your axles are on top of the spring pack you don't need the board. Same here. But if you're pulling all 4 at once you may just want to raise the entire rig up on stands, just place the properly rated jack stands under the frame at the front and rear spring hangers. I'd drop my levelers or jacks as well. This always made me nervous, only did one side at a time.
nayther 11/01/19 08:03am Toy Haulers
RE: PWCs and Toy Haulers

over the years I've seen several do it. Most with dollies or similar, both sit down and stand ups
nayther 10/30/19 02:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: About to GO Full Time

If Winnebago did buy GD then the QC will be in the toilet as FR or THOR bought Winnebago I believe. Regardless we when we were shopping for our current 5er we looked at Winnebago and the quality was worse than most. Winnebago is not part of either Forest River or Thor they are traded on the NYSE as WGO. They bought the assets of SunnyBrook RV Inc, then in 2016 they bought Grand Design, in 2019 the assets of Chris-Craft, and just recently Newmar. Thanks guys, I stand corrected. However I do stand by my statement regarding QC, the 3 or 4 that we looked at, a couple had not been prepped, were terrible.
nayther 10/28/19 07:52am Toy Haulers
RE: About to GO Full Time

We almost bought a Grand Design 3 years ago and while we were looking I joined their owners forum and I'm still a member and frequent that forum occasionally. Owners were once in heaven there but it seems that now the honeymoon may be over with people complaining like all the other brands. If I was looking right now I would take a good look at KZ. They've been around long enough to be past the honeymoon stage. JK If Winnebago did buy GD then the QC will be in the toilet as FR or THOR bought Winnebago I believe. Regardless we when we were shopping for our current 5er we looked at Winnebago and the quality was worse than most.
nayther 10/25/19 08:34am Toy Haulers
RE: About to GO Full Time

If it were me I'd want the best quality I could find and afford. Most coaches specifically state, "not for full time living" and warranty is void if used for full time, however that doesn't mean too much to me as 99% of them are built like ****. I know a lot state Grand Design is a cut above but since FR bought them I'm not so sure. There's also some custom builders out there that build some very nice high end fifth wheels, don't have names.
nayther 10/24/19 09:24am Toy Haulers
RE: Rear Deck Patio - Aftermarket rails

I have always thought of these as special need or useless. I watch the one with the side porch this allows you to do the Grey Poupon thing with you neighbor in most rv parks. As for the one on the back you can watch you neighbors TV if you wish. I've always worked to be out of the TT as that is why we RV. If I wanted to be couped up I would've stayed home! Soon to go for a campfire and dogs & beer........ camping. On the west coast we have some campgrounds where the rear of the trailer hangs over the beach. Beach front property! Watching the sunsets are aweesome. So much for the sand between your toes eh? Most of the beach campsites don't actually open up to the beach. Our beach camps are always up on a bluff overlooking the beaches. The party patio is a great way to open up the garage and fill the room with sea air and watch the sun set. I've set up my laptop out there and put in plenty of uninterrupted billable hours on the veranda. It sure beats an office. I had my TH at Emma Wood once, back deck out over the rocks at the water's edge. High tide might have got wet!
nayther 10/15/19 07:47am Toy Haulers
RE: Generator dies after load

what code does it throw when it shuts down?
nayther 10/11/19 11:48am Toy Haulers
RE: Rear Deck Patio - Aftermarket rails

I saw someone using toddler "fencing" around theres this weekend, plastic panels that dovetail together for making play areas for toddlers, size seemed to fit very well. Couple of bungies and it was pretty secure.
nayther 10/11/19 11:46am Toy Haulers
RE: My Grand Design 320G came in!

I ordered the Reese Goosebox. You swap out the king pin for the Goosebox. Lippert will honor your frame warranty if you use this piece. That's good to hear, a number of people had issues so glad you knew about the warranty of it! Enjoy! That is indeed good news, wonder if Lippert has added more gussets to the pin area
nayther 10/11/19 11:44am Toy Haulers

I finally got around to fixing the couch, all went well. I used a good quality pine, seemed a bit harder than the white pine. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Glad it worked out. Depending on how you finish the "header" most people will never know it was done.
nayther 10/10/19 09:09am Toy Haulers
RE: My Grand Design 320G came in!

And breaking it in properly with a PBR! Congratulations, nice rig
nayther 10/10/19 09:07am Toy Haulers
RE: Water Heater Problems

A roll out sensor is just that, it senses excess heat and opens the circuit via a thermistor. There to prevent fires on some heaters. If we knew what heater the OP has it would help. Roll out sensor...... That is a 'Thermal Fuse' that is OUTSIDE of the combution chamber IF flame should blowback out of combustion chamber it should trip the 'thermal fuse' (burns out at 190*F----one shot device) Atwood uses them. Suburban doesn't That is completely different then the 'Flame sensing' which is done via flame rectrification (AC Current to DC Current) which involves the Spark Electrode and Circuit Board (Used by Atwood & Suburban) yes, that is what I was referring to.
nayther 09/30/19 07:41am Toy Haulers
RE: Happijak Bunk Mod - are 3 Bunks Possible?

I don't see a reason why you couldn't add another platform, the top bunk floats as it is, just adding another floater. I wouldn't want to raise any more weight than necessary though, don't know how strong the motor/gearbox is.
nayther 09/27/19 08:35am Toy Haulers
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