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RE: Accepting our fate....perhaps a TH after all

...In my searches we do seem to be quite limited by our TV. Don't underestimate that limiting factor, many of US have learned that the hard way!
nayther 08/18/20 08:48am Toy Haulers
RE: Accepting our fate....perhaps a TH after all

not to be weight police but the F150 will be your limiting factor. I assume you're not hauling any "toys"? If not then you might be OK. The fold down couches/beds should accomodate a 6' person but for sure any of the Happi-jac beds would be even bigger. My son has a Stealth with a single retractable bed that's only about 21' but the fixed bed in front is kind of small. If you don't put toys in it you're weight might be OK
nayther 08/17/20 09:39am Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler Bed Conversion

Having had a unit with opposing fold out couches I'm not sure how you would do it but anything is possible. Custom made though.
nayther 07/16/20 12:23pm Toy Haulers
RE: 2006 WW FSC3200 A/C Issue

we had that same t'stat in our Rage'n, did not like it for that reason. They sell a conversion kit that includes a digital thermostat, way mo betta. That would be much better. We will definitely look into that. Thanks. I bought the kit from Benlo RV in Irwindale. Tom is the owner and super helpful.
nayther 07/13/20 11:01am Toy Haulers
RE: Onboard generators

Here's my history: two toy haulers, both had onboard generators and we used them a lot. With new "conventional" fifth wheel there's no place for one and it would have to be propane, not a desirable option for me. I bought a 3500 inverter generator with a wireless remote start, not cheap but it solved my issues. I can get up in my slippers and start the generator and coffee without leaving the trailer. I also added 450 watts solar so need for generator is minimal. Generator lives in truck under locked tonneau cover.
nayther 07/13/20 10:59am Toy Haulers
RE: 2006 WW FSC3200 A/C Issue

Great! But why did they trip? Are you plugged in at a park? If it tripped, the park power is probably dropping too low, and this alone will damage your windings in the A/C. The circuit breaker tripped from user error at the thermostat. My fault. I was setting the temperature and moved the temperature slider up and down too many times trying to get just the right temp. The A/C turning off and on too many times tripped the breaker. Will happen every time. Compressor gets its cooling from the refrigerant flow. If it is not allowed to run long enough between starts it overheats, sometimes breaker trips, other times the compressor's internal overload trips and will only reset after it cools we had that same t'stat in our Rage'n, did not like it for that reason. They sell a conversion kit that includes a digital thermostat, way mo betta.
nayther 07/09/20 10:29am Toy Haulers
RE: Anyone pull with a 2020 GMC 2500 standard box?

I woldn't own a long bed or a dually, too big of a truck for everyday. I don't know about that. :B yea, you have the monster truck. But you commute via Metrolink correct? My truck is my company truck, need to park in parking garages and surface lots in downtown L.A. at times, or squeeze into tight spots at Space X. Even single wheel long bed won't cut it.
nayther 07/08/20 10:29am Toy Haulers
RE: Ready 2 hit the road again

following on Facebook, great trip so far Ricky. Showed the DW your Tetons photos yesterday, she wants to go back!
nayther 07/06/20 11:05am Toy Haulers
RE: Water pressure - why does pump run when city water connected

we often turn on the pump when taking showers if the campground pressure is too low.
nayther 07/06/20 11:02am Toy Haulers
RE: Anyone pull with a 2020 GMC 2500 standard box?

If you're 2002 tows your current trailer fine you'll be totally blown away with a new one, TONS more power and the transmissions are now 10 speeds and reportedly very reliable (my mechanic said they "split" the gears). My first Duramax was a 2005, then 2012 to 2013 (lemoned the 2012). LOVE my 2013 but it will be replaced with a 2021 soon. The inventory in So Cal for 2020's is very poor right now.
nayther 07/06/20 11:00am Toy Haulers
RE: Want to add solar battery charger for storage use

Why do you want to keep 12v connected in storage? Just curious I have and use a battery disconnect switch on my trailer when in storage. Due to health issues, I was unable to perform any maintenance on my trailer for seven months, last year. In that time, the batteries had run down significantly. That is why I felt compelled to take some action. The easiest thing for me to do was the small solar panel. I will see soon enough if it was a good decision or not. I am encouraged that you get great life out of the battery by charging before storing and disconnecting cable. Thanks for your advice. if there is significant drain with the disconnect open then you must have something connected "ahead" of the disconnect, perhaps the breakaway switch or tongue jack? Try disconnecting the ground wire AT the battery.
nayther 07/06/20 10:56am Toy Haulers
RE: 2006 Rage’n Toy Hauler

Falcon 30-05 & yes it has an onboard generator. We know about the plug, but that doesn’t seem to be where the problem is. It all worked last week. Now we have no power for air conditioning or power for the microwave, or anything that runs with 110 power. That's exactly the same trailer we had (sold it to wife's godson, he loves it). I knew that thing inside and out. You need a voltmeter first and foremost. Like Dave said, check generator breaker first. Then check voltage at the plug at the shore power cord. You should see 120 volts from hot to any grounded surface or to ground or common. From there go to fuse panel and remove the cover (four screws in the corners), do you have 120 volts there? Also check the actual shore power cord and plug, I've had conductors pull out of the plug before, that cord gets pulled in and out of that little compartment a lot and is susceptible to damage. I ended up cutting mine way down and making the cut off part into an extension cord. With about 10' still attached to the camper I could reach most pedestals without using/pulling out the big cord
nayther 07/02/20 05:05pm Toy Haulers
RE: Want to add solar battery charger for storage use

I do not disagree with your post. My situation is that I do not have access to electrical at my storage yard. I also do not have the ability to keep my trailer in my driveway over night without running afoul of my HOA. The effort to pull my batteries, charge them for a day, then return them to the trailer is significant with recent shoulder problems. For me, this seemed worth the risk. I would not go to all that trouble. batteries should be fully charged after camping by pulling it home. Once parked in storage with 90% plus SOC disconnect the positive lead and walk away, reconnect when you return. You'll have batteries in nearly the same SOC as when you parked it. BIL has a battery for his boat (standard lead acid group 24 Marine) that is 10+ years old. He disconnects when he parks it and all is good. Why do you want to keep 12v connected in storage? Just curious
nayther 07/02/20 04:54pm Toy Haulers
RE: Anyone pull with a 2020 GMC 2500 standard box?

I know people do but I would never pull a 5th wheel trailer with a short box truck. A long box truck will pull better, back better, and has a larger fuel tank. I woldn't own a long bed or a dually, too big of a truck for everyday. Plus longer truck means wider turning radius for backing into tight spots. Just my opinion. I'll be replacing my 2016 Duramax with a 2021 in the fall. Crew cab "standard" bed is my preference. The new trailers have much more rounded corners and offset pin boxes that I've only used my sliding hitch twice since 2006, once didn't even need to but wanted to try it.
nayther 07/02/20 04:46pm Toy Haulers
RE: 2006 Rage’n Toy Hauler

I had a 2007 3005. what model is yours? Does it have an onboard generator? If so the generator output went to a plug where the shore power cord is stored. If you want generator power plug into that outlet, if you want shore power pull it out and plug into the pedestal.
nayther 06/29/20 02:40pm Toy Haulers
RE: Ready 2 hit the road again

Been to most of those places. Check to see what is open now with all the craziness. You taking any toys beyond boards? I've never been able to go for more than two weeks. But in a couple of years I'll have all the time in the world! Thinking about this more. We were fortunate enough to be able to get away for some one and two week treks with our boys when they were younger than your girls. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountains, Crater Lake. All sorts of places in the western states. They're all in their 30's now and we still talk about those trips. They definitely make life long impressions. Two of my sons have RV's now and the third really wants one. PASS IT ON!
nayther 06/23/20 02:30pm Toy Haulers
RE: Power Issue - Automatic Transfer Switch

Since the module says ATS50 I assume this is a 50 amp rv. Post the brand and model number of the breaker/fuse panel would be helpful. Otherwise Randy can probably set you up with what you need: Randy is the BEST! Bought a couple of converters, inverter, ATS, etc. from him over the years, his tech. support is awesome, he knows his stuff. if the heavy gauge wires from the generator and shore power terminate at the lugs then I doubt there's an ATS, but I could be wrong. If you trailer is 50 amps then there are two hot feeds, one neutral and one ground. Each hot feeds one leg in your distribution panel (they're called a "Bus" and 1/2 of the breakers are connected to each Bus, may not be evenly distributed but you get the picture. Get a volt meter and check that you have 120 volts between each hot leg and neutral. You might be getting only one leg of power. On shore power each leg is connected to a hot at the pedestal. On generator there's only one hot, therefore when running the generator, in order to get both bus hot there's a jumper between them, that jumper then drops out of the circuit on shore power; with an external ATS the jumper is on the output side of the ATS generator contactor.
nayther 06/18/20 02:46pm Toy Haulers
RE: High end bumper pull toy hauler

Grand Design seems to be the best built of mass manufactured towables. Separate garage and 1.5 baths will put you at 35' plus I'd think and that may be problematic for boondocking on radical roads.
nayther 06/05/20 11:21am Toy Haulers
RE: 2018 Grey Wolf 27RR Corner Molding Issue

I doubt the dealer will go to bat for you and doubt the builder will fix it out of warranty. Plus if your dealer is like the rest, they'll sit on it for about a month before they look at it. If you want to save yourself the 5 hours on the road, find a good local mobile tech. Those guys show up and get right to work. I have an appointment with my tech for some fixes this Thursday. If he's someone you like please PM me his contact info. My BIL lives in Santa Clarita and is looking for someone and I'd like to have it for future use
nayther 06/02/20 08:27am Toy Haulers
RE: How to remove wall cabinets in a Forest River F32SP?

I took out a TV cabinet in my Rage'n. It wasn't pretty. the cleats they used to attach the cabinet were installed from outside. Cut it out in pieces. That rig had the fuzzy ceiling so it kind of covered the holes but you could see where it had been.
nayther 06/02/20 08:22am Toy Haulers
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