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RE: Converter kaput? Need to size replacement

Others have mentioned it but later in their posts. Prior to increasing the converter size be sure the wiring and inline fuses/breakers can handle it.
ndrorder 12/19/19 11:57am Tech Issues
RE: Xantrex Fredom 458 series inverter/charger 20 amp

If the mechanic miswired the batteries and created a reverse polarity condition, the inverter may be toast. See #8 on page 22 of the owners manual. It can be downloaded. However, there isn't a test to determine if reverse polarity occured. That will require a call Xantrex. Otherwise, according to the manual the lights are saying that the inverter is ready. According to page 6, there may be onboard branch circuit breakers. Have those been reset?
ndrorder 12/02/19 05:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with water problem

Since it is both hot and cold acting the same, the faucet is the obvious common denominator. Check supply flow into faucet, remove faucet and check for other internal clogs, and replace faucet would be my second options after the screen.
ndrorder 11/25/19 07:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Power awning

It's easy to do, but a second person is a must. Search YouTube for rv awning replacement. Rvgeeks have done videos for several different brands of awnings. Just find the one that matches.
ndrorder 11/11/19 06:03am General RVing Issues
RE: New AC problem

If you think it is the thermostat turning on and off causing the cycling, just adjust the thermostat to well below the air temperature and see if the AC stays running or cycles as before. There would be several sensors both pressure and thermal in a residential AC that would cause this kind of cycling. The problem is, there isn't enough information on the dometic page to see what the choices are. May be a case of run it like you stole it until the warranty runs out then worry if overuse reduced its lifespan.
ndrorder 10/30/19 04:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Loss of Power when Furnace Blower Shuts Down??? Help!!!

The furnace blower is 12vdc. The tv, micro, and other outlets are 120vac. Need to be diagnosing the 12vdc system from the batteries all the way up to and including the converter or inverter/charger, whichever you have. Not sure of a quick fix to get through the night, sorry.
ndrorder 10/28/19 09:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Suggestions please!

If looking for no-fee camping sites, the forest service uses the term dispersed camping sites. 14 Day maximum stay no fees, no features. If looking for rustic campgrounds, the Army Corps of Engineers have sites in addition to the BLM and Forest Service.
ndrorder 10/28/19 02:25pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Trouble with California

Since when does the government have rights? I thought they only have the authority that we citizens have given them. We keep saying they have rights, they will start believing it.
ndrorder 10/21/19 03:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where Fill Trans Fluid ?

Be sure you are using the correct process to check the fluid. Some are checked when the fluid is hot and the engine idling in park or neutral or when cold or . . . etc. Add fluid in small amounts. Overfilling an automatic can cause big issues.
ndrorder 10/16/19 06:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Batteries(new) supply power sporadically

Sounds like dirty battery connections. Disconnect negative battery cable first. Clean the post and connector with a small wire brush. Disconnect positive battery cable and clean post and connector with a small wire brush. Add a small amount of battery terminal grease to the posts and connectors. Install the positive cable first and then the negative. Repeat for every battery. If you have the type of connectors that pinch the battery cable under a plate to make connection to the connector, you also have to remove the wire from the connector, clean, and grease. Orrr, take it back to the installer and have them clean the terminals and add grease before reassembly.
ndrorder 10/16/19 06:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2 Battery banks built from 6 volts

Is there room above current batteries to add a second tier then wire in the 2 series sets in parallel. Benefits are one disconnect for all. No switches, and no complex charging configuration.
ndrorder 10/14/19 09:19pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Urgent Need of Advice re Winterizing!

Has anyone mentioned draining the hot water heater. Blowing pipes isn't enough to drain some water heaters.
ndrorder 10/10/19 06:22am Tech Issues
RE: Advice on handheld electric drill for jacks

A cordless impact makes no more noise that that of a drill until things tighten up. And once tightened, it really isn't any louder than a loaded diesel pickup with factory exhaust. The impact wrench smells a lot better though. Cliff
ndrorder 10/02/19 10:49am Beginning RVing
RE: Brand New Deep Cycle Batteries Keep Dying Overnight

By pushing the boost button, it ties the starter battery together with the house batteries. The parasitic draw is the same and still there. The only difference is that the starter battery is now providing 1.95 amps of the drain and the house batteries are providing 0.4 amps. This is confirmation that the drain is on the house side of the system. Like bobndot suggested, watch the current drain as you remove and reinstall each fuse in the distribution panel. If that doesn't help, there may be high amperage loads connected directly to the load side of the disconnect relay causing the drain to investigate. Good luck
ndrorder 09/25/19 02:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: main breaker breaks when i shut the generator off.

If it is the main 12 Vdc breaker that is tripping, do you have an inverter that may be pulling too much current in the transfer off the generator? Loose contacts in the generator/inverter transfer switch causing inverter to pull more load. If it is the main 120 Vac breaker, the DC battery kill switch will have nothing to do with it. Does your coach have a shore line to generator transfer switch that may have loose contacts or be drawing too much current in the transfer? Invertor delivering too much current?
ndrorder 09/25/19 01:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Albuquerque Balloon Festival Questions

As an Albuquerque resident, I'll get the suggestions rolling. RV and Motel reservations fill up quick. Book a spot as soon as possible and cancel if plans change. Same goes for the area campgrounds. A TOAD makes many more things convenient. Public transport to the fiesta grounds is provided by either the RailRunner train system and the local school buses are enlisted for Park and Ride services from places all over town. The Park and Ride doesn't change much from year to year and can be used planning RV locations. The Balloon Fiesta is very dependent upon the weather. Add flexibility to your itinerary by planning to stay in the area for the week but not necessarily at the fiesta grounds in case the weather forces a change to your plans. There are many mountain camping opportunities (RV park and primitive) within an hour of the fiesta grounds. There are some beautiful places accessible with your rig. If you'd like more specific suggestions of places to stay and things to do, please feel free to reach out. Regards, Cliff
ndrorder 09/24/19 12:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: emergency start has been hardwired?

The original system probably looked something like this: The solenoid might be a little different given the presence of an emergency boost switch. There isn't enough information to understand how the solar is connected to the system. The following assumes it is 12 Vcd. Problem 1- Dying after running a couple hours. If the battery is dead when the engine stops, this indicates an alternator issue. Start the engine and turn off the solar but leave the batteries connected. Measure the voltage across each battery. At least one of the batteries should show more than 14 Vdc. If none are showing more than 14 Vdc, take the alternator to the local parts store for testing. Repeat the alternator test with the new alternator - see problem 3. Problem 2 - Battery drain from solenoid. WRA - gave a good description of repair and location but if it isn't where suggested, you can try turning off the solar, turn off the engine, and disconnect the negative cable from all of the batteries. Then in turn, touch the negative cable to its respective battery and listen and follow the clunk sound to the solenoid relay. The solenoid will look something like this but a google search on RV isolation relay will show the many variations:$_3.JPG?set_id=2 Problem 3 - Wacka-doodle wiring. The only scenario I could imagine for the engine to start when one battery is connected but not the other is that the Starter Battery is no longer part of the system. Hence the alternator test is problem 1 to understand if the starter battery even contributes. This could be caused by an internally broke cable or a bad ground connection to the chassis. Looking forward to the answer, this was a fun problem.
ndrorder 09/20/19 02:54pm Tech Issues
RE: inverter power cables cca or ofc

Copper wire is preferred for the many reasons already provided. Handy wire size calculator here:
ndrorder 08/20/19 12:36pm Tech Issues
RE: 1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work

I'm with smarty. The 30A extension cord between the generator and the shore line could be adding to your issue. Try the AC at home with and without the extension cord to see if it makes a difference. BTW, stretch out the extension cord as you had while camping. I also have one of these plugged into a convenient outlet in the RV to be able to see what is available from the shore line. I run a 50 ft 30A rated extension cord when plugged in at home. When the house outlet provides 120V, I see 110V within the RV when it is cool out. I see 108V when its hot out. The AC pulls the voltage down to 105V when running.
ndrorder 07/31/19 09:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Stove painting

I've found that when painting high temp paint on surfaces that will see elevated temperatures, 1970's stove hood in a park style and various exhaust headers, the metal takes the paint better if it is heated prior to painting. The stove hood was heated in the oven to 200° between coats because that was the lowest the oven would go. The headers were heated with a small propane torch. As the metal is heated, you can see the moisture cook away. The times I tried painting without heated, I had lots of paint peeling issues.
ndrorder 07/31/19 09:06am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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