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RE: Carrying a Motorcycle with my 2000 Shasta Sprite?

Here is a slightly different perspective. If the hitch and frame are rated to carry a tongue weight, it is rated for that rate whether it is bouncing or not - trailers do not glide on air. Being cantilevered does add to the effective load on the hitch but no more than the 2000 lbs from the front half of a trailer being pitched forward on the hitch from a dip in the road. Those affects would be taken care of in design. In a static sense, 500 lbs on the hitch would add 500 lbs to the axle plus with that wheelbase 250 to 300 lbs that the front axle became lighter. Again, if the manufacturer has provided the hitch rating, these extra loads have already been considered. The problems in this scenario are finding a carrier that can handle 400 lbs and not weigh more than 100 lbs itself - if your hitch is rated at 500 lbs. Also, if the rv is pictured in the signature, the short wheel base will accentuate the affects of the 500 lbs on the hitch. Be watchful for loose steering.
ndrorder 09/16/20 11:16am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Needing help, evacuated, battery dead

Unless you have an inverter which uses 12v battery to make 120V plug power, the two are separate and having something plugged in will not affect the battery. If you do Have an inverter, the plugs would stay powered when shore power and the generator off. Doesn't sound like that is the case. If only using lights and water pump, those shouldn't drain a battery that much that 3 to 4 hours of generator can't replenish.
ndrorder 09/12/20 09:35pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Needing help, evacuated, battery dead

The 120V that the generator produces is different and separate from the 12V battery system. If too much is plugged in while the generator is running, the circuit breaker on the generator would trip stopping all power to the plugs even though the generator continued to run. A portable battery charger can be plugged in and used while the generator is running to charge a battery.
ndrorder 09/12/20 09:27pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Needing help, evacuated, battery dead

Double check that the main battery switch is on. Not sure what was being used when the generator was off that drained the battery, but the rv furnace is a notorious power hog and will drain a battery in short order. Best to run the generator when using the furnace. Run the rv to charge the house battery. Driving to refuel the rv will speed the charging process. If the rv has a boost to start switch, disconnect the negative on the house battery (be sure it doesn't touch the positive), start the rv, and have someone push the boost switch while trying to start the generator. Once the generator has started, reconnect the negative to the house battery. If no boost switch, disconnect negative from house battery (be sure it doesn't touch the positive), start the rv, run jumper cable from rv battery to house battery, start generator, and reconnect negative once generator is running. If the jumper cables are too short, move the rv battery closer to the house battery. Try starting the generator without the rv running. Once generator is running, measure the voltage at the house battery. If it is more than 13.2V, the converter is working and the battery should be charging. If the battery isn't taking a charge, battery may be bad. If the voltage is less than 13.2, there are lots of things to check. Quicker option would be to use a portable battery charger to charge the house battery when the generator runs. Be sure to have plenty of fuel as the battery may take several hours to a day to recharge using a portable charger. Diagnose the charging issue once the generator is running. Or, buy a new house battery and a portable charger. Swap the new battery for the house battery. Start the generator and diagnose the charging issue. Portable charger can be used to keep at least one of the house batteries topped up while the generator runs. Keep a voltage meter handy. Once the house battery is down to 12.2V resting voltage (1/2 empty) find a way to recharge it.
ndrorder 09/12/20 09:21pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Solar Cable Tangles

Search amazon for braided wire loom - aka. snake skin. Sizes listed are minimum sizes. The loom will expand more than twice its diameter for installation. Then coil onto a small spool or reel.
ndrorder 09/09/20 11:29am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing ceiling lights & adding more light

I've been very happy with these LED incandescent replacements. 2 years and no failures.
ndrorder 09/09/20 11:21am Tech Issues
RE: Carbon Monoxide/Propane Alarm - Propane Leak?

Some detectors will alarm when the battery voltage drops below a certain level. Also, as a CO detector dies it will become sensitive to temperature.
ndrorder 09/01/20 09:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Wheelchairs and Toy Haulers

Cool video. We looked into accessible travel trailers a while back for the MIL. Dune Sport in Mesa looked great, but MIL never pulled trigger to know actual price and availability. I found the link again by googling ADA Toy Hauler.
ndrorder 09/01/20 01:58pm Toy Haulers
RE: Spare tire cover for rear of Motorhome

Per discount tire a 245/70R19.5 tire is 33 inches in diameter. Amazon has bunches of "jeep tire covers" for 33" tires.
ndrorder 09/01/20 10:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dimension Inverter/Charger not charging batteries

Here are three things to check. 1. None of the circuit breakers in the main panel at the foot of the bed are tripped. 2. None of the circuit breakers integral to the inverter/charger are tripped. 3. Verify 120V input power to the inverter/charger with a digital voltmeter. Since you mentioned searching for manuals, I found the Itasca manual at the following link.
ndrorder 08/27/20 11:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Change gear ratio on 454 class C

It's possible and the coin isn't that bad for something in that age group. Whether it will help with fuel economy, who is to say. Heavy duty vehicles of that era are not required to report fuel economy estimates. Based on a quick look at the chevy brochure from 2002 for the cutaway chassis, chevy put 3.73's in the 12000 gvr, 4.10's in 15000 gvr, and 4.56's in 17000 gvr commercial cargo vans. So if the ready to go weight of your '98 is way less than the gvwr, it could probably pull 3.73 gears. Next thing to figure out is how long it will take that 1-2 mile per gallon improvement to pay for the gear replacement.
ndrorder 08/24/20 10:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hwy 84 in New Mexico from I-40 to I-25

Sorry, no experience with 84 north of I40. South of I40, 84 is absolutely horrible.
ndrorder 08/18/20 10:01am Roads and Routes
RE: Florida closed to travel?

US / Canadian border rules are described here. Borders are remain closed to nonessential motorized travel. Canadians can fly to US. Americans not allowed to fly to Canada.,immediate%20family%20in%20%5B%26Canada%26%5D%20to%20enter%20the%20country.
ndrorder 08/04/20 05:48am Snowbirds
RE: RP fuses blowing when not on shore power

Has the trailer been connected to the tow vehicle when the fuses blew. Could the charge line polarity be reversed?
ndrorder 08/02/20 07:34am Tech Issues
RE: Shoreline and generator not charging

Perform these checks with shore line connecter or generator running. Measure all voltages relative to ground. The problem could be: Bad batteries not accepting a charge. Verify at least 13V at the batteries. If there is, then the converter is good but the batteries may be bad or the connections are too dirty. Clean the connections and see if it helps before replacing the batteries. Bad or dying converter. If 12v systems (lights, thermostat, etc.) work when plugged in, converter is probably ok, but check output voltage to be at least 13v, enough to charge batteries. Disconnect solenoid that is operated by the disconnect switch is failing. This is the item that clunks when the switch is pushed. When batteries are on, there should be at least 13v at each of the 2 big lugs relative to ground. One lug is connected to the batteries. The other goes to the converter. Last check is the inline fuse or circuit breaker. It will be inline in the positive cable from the batteries. Again, should be at least 13v on each lug relative to ground. Good luck. Oh, and be sure your volt meter measures colonial volts and not imperial volts - kidding.
ndrorder 08/02/20 07:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DC power issue after installing inverter

If there is a battery disconnect switch by the door, it will activate a 12v solenoid to make the battery connection. Flipping the switch will coincide with the thunk of the solenoid. Find the solenoid and check for battery voltage on both of the big lugs. The solenoid will look similar like this: The inline circuit breaker will look similar to this. If it isn't self resetting, a button pops out from the side when it is tripped:
ndrorder 07/27/20 06:51am Tech Issues
RE: Converting a enclosed trailer to a RV TT

Lots of folks have made upgrades to utility trailers for camping. It just depends on how RV like you want it to be. Lots of good ideas on pinterest.
ndrorder 07/23/20 12:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Floor heights

As they are custom built, I don't know if the products this outfit markets will be any less than a new TT, but they do look like a clean solution to your problem. May even be up-gradable should more assistance be needed.
ndrorder 07/23/20 11:13am Travel Trailers
RE: I-40 Anything worth seeing

Cadillac ranch - Amarillo. Not really a place to stop, more of a watch it go buy. Bisti badlands and Chaco canyon Indian ruins off 550 on stretch from i40 to moab outside Bloomfield NM.
ndrorder 07/14/20 07:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: setting up a battery bank

All great advice so far. Some other thoughts to consider: 1. Anything with a heating element is a power hog. Be sure 1000W of inverter is enough. Only means you have to limit those activities to generator time. 2. If adding an inverter, I'm sure you pick a good wire size. If replacing the converter with an inverter/charger/transfer switch, the wire size to the battery will probably need updating as well. 3. If only using lights, water pump, water heater, and fridge, two batteries will easily last 3-4 days without a charge. That all changes once coffee pots, tv's, toasters, and furnaces are added to the mix. A furnace used at comfortable temperatures will require an extended generator run to put some umph back in the batteries. 4. Often times, a generator will have more capacity than a converter charging the batteries use. Adding a stand alone charger will help speed the bulk charge cycle.
ndrorder 07/14/20 05:31pm Travel Trailers
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