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RE: Help! Class c house batteries dead. Cannot lift levelers

Are you sure the disconnect switches are on? Sorry, had to ask. I'd focus on getting the generator running. Disconnect the negative cable from the house batteries. Hook jumper cables from running car or battery charger with boost start capability to the +ve cable of the house bank first and then to the disconnected negative. Of course make sure the negative doesn't touch the positive. Turn on the battery disconnect switch for the house bank. Start generator. Leaving the generator running, disconnect the negative the jumper cable or battery charger. Keep negative away from the positive. Leaving the generator running, reconnect the negative to the batteries. Generator should produce enough to retract the levelers, start the engine via the boost switch, and begin charging everything. If you cannot get a jumper cable to the house batteries, jump start the engine. Hold the boost switch while trying to start the generator. The boost switch may need to be held for a few minutes to build up enough charge.
ndrorder 06/08/21 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: Winslow AZ to Durango

491 from from Shiprock to Cortez is bumpy and rough but I wouldn't call it torn up. It just isn't new and smooth. It isn't any worse but a little wider than the 160 through the 4 corners. Not too many other options.
ndrorder 05/28/21 11:00am Roads and Routes
RE: Whoops, I did it again.

The manual didn't really address that situation. It won't hurt or cost to call tech support. It could have just tripped the gfci.
ndrorder 05/25/21 10:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Avoid Silverton Colorado

Sorry to hear this. Renegade behavior of the wild west made the town. Good luck taming that heritage. Have made many trips to Silverton and the OHV traffic has never been any worse or better than the cage traffic. There is no peace and quiet in any town that allows traffic. Once again the choice is made to forgo revenues rather than enforce existing statutes (noise and reckless behavior). That same enforcement will now be enforcing a ban and without the ohv crowd there will be reduced revenue to pay for it. FWIW, The town will survive as it is a top tourist destination. The OHV crowd will move on to make another town until banned. And, the cycle repeats. I'm guessing the peace and quiet crowd will be banning the rowdy bars next. Can't have that in the mountains after all.
ndrorder 05/20/21 08:04am Toy Haulers
RE: Help! Onan 4K generator refuses to start and stay on

Are you below 1/4 tank of gas in your RV. I think it prevents you from using the generator if your RV fuel tank is below 1/4 tank. If that was true the generator would not even start and run for 15 seconds. Problem sounds to me that you may have a defective Onan fuel pump. Not exactly. There is about 15 seconds of runtime worth of fuel in the carb bowl when it is full. Without 1/4 tank or more or with a failed fuel pump, then the bowl wouldn't be replenished.
ndrorder 05/15/21 06:03am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Looking for inputj

All the other roads are fine if not in a hurry. Hwy 17 looks a little small and mountainous. Changing the search to go through south fork would still mean mountainous roads, but wide well traveled roads and beautiful scenery.
ndrorder 05/15/21 05:52am Roads and Routes
RE: Converter / Charger Question

About all you can do is follow the +ve cable from the batts. Here is a ling to an auto resetting RV 12V breaker. A manual reset looks the same except a little button will pop out of its side when it trips. Push the button back in to reset.
ndrorder 05/11/21 04:18pm Tech Issues
RE: British couple buying an RV in the US

US taxes are not as simple as VAT tax in the UK. For the purchase of a vehicle, there may be sales tax, excise tax, and personal property taxes. Those are all administered by the state the vehicle is sold in but are usually differed to the registering state though reciprocal agreements. But not all states have reciprocal agreements will all other states. So research both selling and registering state requirements. In New Mexico, there is no sales tax on vehicle sales. There is an excise tax of 4% charged on the amount of the sale. New Mexico will base the excise tax on the market value of the vehicle if no bill of sale is used as in the case of gifting. Personal property tax was described above. New Mexico doesn't have personal property taxes yet. If reciprocal agreements are in place, you'll get a temporary registration for a fee from the state of sale to legally drive the state of registration. The states that I've dealt with required the vehicle to be present in the state of registration at the time of registration. Only dealers can get away with registering a vehicle by mail. As the used RV market is hot right now and vehicles are few and far between, consider using national classifieds like or craiglist search apps to locate a vehicle and then research the state requirements once one is located.
ndrorder 05/11/21 11:30am Beginning RVing
RE: Converter / Charger Question

Check for a fuse, circuit breaker, or a self resetting circuit breaker between the batteries and the fuse panel in the second picture. If it tripped/blown, it is likely there will be no pump, lights, or fridge. Slide and jacks work because they will be direct connected to the batteries due to their high draw. All 12V works when plugged in because converter is providing the power it just may not be getting to the batteries. So, measure voltage across the thick red and white wires in the second picture and across the +ve and -ve of the batteries when plugged in. They should be the same and at least 13.3VDC. If less, there may be converter issues. Electric space heaters and the AC are 120V appliances. If too many are used or additional extension cords are added to the shore line, the voltage in the circuit will drop resulting in low power and possible equipment damage. I'm surprised you could run more than one 1500W heater without tripping the breaker at the pedestal which makes me think the inverter or load sharing was somehow in play. If the inverter was in play, the converter was trying to keep up delivering 12V to the batteries which could have tripped/blown the above mentioned 12V safety devices. If the converter was trying to keep up while multiple space heaters were running, the 120V system was surely overloaded and voltage low. Check for fuse/breaker/self resetting breaker in 12V cables. Verify at least 105V in the AC circuit when running things like heaters and the A/C or equipment may be damaged. Verify voltage out of the converter and at the batteries is the same and more than 13.3V. Worry about the inverter later.
ndrorder 05/11/21 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: Battery wing nut size

Yes, most common size is 5/16-18 threads here in the US. Not sure if Canadian batteries would have metric studs? I know it's not metric as one has studs that fit a 1/2 inch wrench.Right there is your answer, if its 1/2 inch nut/wrench it's a 5/16 inch bolt. My batts are threaded 8 mm. Standard wrench size for 8 mm is 13 mm which is almost indistinguishable from a 1/2" wrench.
ndrorder 04/20/21 10:42am Tech Issues
RE: Battery wing nut size

My Centennial batteries are 8 mm. FYI
ndrorder 04/20/21 10:39am Tech Issues
RE: On the road, battery and charging problems

I didn't see mention of cycling the circuit breaker for the converter.
ndrorder 04/15/21 06:04am Tech Issues
RE: BAttery replacement.

Lifespan depends on the battery and technology. 5 to 6 years is typical for a well cared for battery. Some go longer. Some last shorter. An electrolyte tester is the best way to determine the health of a battery. AGM and maintenance free batteries are difficult to test.
ndrorder 04/12/21 06:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fresh water tank replacement

Since the cracks sound accessible, it might work trying to plastic weld it. First drill small holes at the ends of the current cracks to stop their propagation. Plastic welders can be had from harbor freight and other places.
ndrorder 04/08/21 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Thor Majestic 23A

Chevy vs Ford chassis will make a difference on how it handles dirt roads.
ndrorder 04/07/21 11:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Follow up Solar Question

To have what you have now with noticeable more performance, just install the MPPT controller on the panel frames like the PWM. Easy peasy. If you want to squeeze every last amp out of the system, connect the charge controller inside the RV near the batteries or the disconnect solenoid depending where you plan to tie into the RV system. Connect to the RV system with a 20 amp fuse in the positive connection. Connect a 20 amp fuse to the input of the controller from the panels with a standard connector such as the Anderson plugs or I prefer the SAE plugs. Buy new larger and longer wire (old wire was sized to carry less power) to run to the panels with the appropriate panel connections. All this, and you may reap the benefit of an extra half amp or so depending on the wire connected to the panels now.
ndrorder 04/07/21 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Class C that's easy to fix?

The engine in the Chevy Express cut away is very accessible to plugs and top engine work once the dog house is removed (very easy to do). Front engine work is doable just on your back underneath rather than on knees from above.
ndrorder 04/07/21 10:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Solar expert please help me understand

There is a meter loop on the pedestal. Perhaps he has a deal where he pays for the 120V he uses. Or, he is just trying to save the park some money because he has the solar to help - a little. Oooor, he uses the solar to power a small heat plate for the Ranger Bob Mobile Meth Lab.
ndrorder 04/06/21 09:13am Tech Issues
RE: generator and alternator charging at the same time

Current flows from higher voltage to lower voltage. The one with the highest voltage charges the batteries and will also flow some of its current toward the lower voltage sources if there are no diodes to prevent it.
ndrorder 04/03/21 10:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Carrying extra fuel in garage

Lots and lots of people do. It becomes a non issue as long as the vents are open. Have the second vent open for better air flow. The fumes will vent out the lower vent which is usually well below any ignition sources. Watch plastic jugs for swelling due to temperature and elevation changes. Most jugs don't vent by themselves due to environmental reasons. Secure jugs near the open vents if possible.
ndrorder 03/25/21 12:16pm Toy Haulers
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