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RE: Seeking advice on towing vehicle

Ford must build one hell of a strong truck. A 2015 F250 with airbags pulled into our campground pulling 20k GVW Designer Suites. The owner claims it pulls well and has pulled that trailer for thousands of miles with no problem and never felt unsafe. I don't condone that combination, but it does show that newer trucks are robust pullers.
neal10a 05/23/20 02:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Fiver these days

Lippert is like most OEM's. They build and supply their products to what the 5th wheel mfg's spec out. So why blame Lippert? Also, those manufacturers purchase materials and components that they choose based on their criteria and profit needs. Therefore it is only reasonable to investigate and determine what those manufacturers decided upon and not blame the OEM for their choices.
neal10a 05/23/20 01:52pm Fifth-Wheels

Here is a fairly good source to understand UV stuff.
neal10a 04/26/20 07:43pm Around the Campfire

There is nothing new about using UV for killing bacteria and viruses. It has and is being used for treating well water for years. I had a UV water system in a prior home I owned and it did a great job killing harmful bacteria. Sunlight contains UV and is limited or it would kill plants and animals if it had a higher concentration. Even its lower radiation level causes skin cancer for some people. Also it purifies mountain water streams as well, making it safer to drink directly from a high mountain stream. Many pioneers, trappers, Indians, and others new that. It makes it easier to understand that it could purify air handling systems as well. Here is one vendor:
neal10a 04/26/20 07:10pm Around the Campfire

USA is about number 35 on number of tests per million. German is about number 24. Let's all encourage our countries to test test test! Yes and as we do more tests that include blood tests for anti-bodies, we find out that there are more people infected, recovered, and thus lowers the death rate.
neal10a 04/26/20 10:31am Around the Campfire

There are underlying health conditions that impact the severity of the disease Covid-19 such as diabetes; the rates of these underlying conditions within a population vary from nation to nation. CDC: covid underlying conditions Previously of diabetes by nation However, if you calculate those difference into the differences between the US and other countries as well as the states within the US it does not adequately explain the differences of the death rate. I am not sure what is the reason for the differences, but my experience in quality control using stats, I would first determine if the data is corrupted. I would start with the US data first and then work out from there..
neal10a 04/26/20 08:47am Around the Campfire

Can someone explain why some countries have a much lower death rate (deaths per million) than others while ignoring data from the Communist countries? For example why is Singapore so low. Then explain why are states on the east coast so much higher. I am not sure of the reason, but something is not right. This is a link to the official scoreboard. I would think there would be more uniformity between countries with modern health care. For one thing, places like Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc are small, two of them are completely islands and unlike states, all of them have control over their own borders. New Zealand also has a very low rate. It is also a small island country that came down on the virus early and hard. The data, deaths/million compensates for the proportional difference between countries and control of borders or isolation is not relevant because the virus is prevalent and spreads person to person at an exponential rate. In short IMHO your opinion is conjecture..
neal10a 04/26/20 08:28am Around the Campfire

My tire runs at 50 degrees above ambient while driving the Interstates. If I start out at 105psi they get up to 120psi while driving. Setting the upper limit is not as important as the lower limit IMHO. My TPMS sets those limits automatically and I believe the upper limit is 140 psi and the lower limit is 90-95 psi. It monitors temperature as well and that is set to 170 degrees.
neal10a 04/24/20 01:00pm Fifth-Wheels

Wellp, it seems to me we are using statistics to justify our approach to fighting this problem. I always get nervous when folks rely on stats which can be used to prove almost anything. The problem is how accurate are they and do we have enough sample to rely on. As it is now we are runing up a huge national debt and threatening a collapse of our economic system based on inadequate statistics IMHO. I have experienced polio, measles, chicken pox, mumps, asian flu and other epidmics, but I have never witnessed an econmic shut-down like this. So the question is what is worse this virus or economic collapse.
neal10a 04/22/20 12:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: First Cat Scale Weigh In

-I found it interesting that the steer axle weight was the same with or without the 5ver hooked on. It's called leverage. The Fifth wheel pin is usually 1 inch ahead of the drive axel for most units. That would not produce much wieght to the front axle. It would be less the 100 lbs. If it was directly on top of the drive axle it would 0 lbs on the front axle.
neal10a 04/22/20 11:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: trading up to a DP, wondering about fuel program

Asking for an SSN to get a fuel discount? Wouldn’t trust them...ever. I can understand the anxiety with the hackers out there. I suspect their data and server farm security is as robust as most banks. That would be a rational question to ask of them. Most banks have security that exceeds 256bit encryption which is renders them reasonably safe assuming your password is as robust.
neal10a 04/22/20 10:12am Class A Motorhomes

It is interesting that Sweden has, unlike many other countries, not applied any lockdown, with most measures being voluntary. Thier deaths/million is 139 and the US total is 109 while many in Europe and US with strict lock down are much higher. Sweden's economy is not suffering as bad because of their approach. ------------ Whenever you give data, please give the source also. We'll give a pass on this one. Thanks. (Mod)
neal10a 04/17/20 12:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: New Thor subsidiary to use European manufacturing methods

It is most interesting that significantly more European and Asian companies are members of ISO9000 than American. I wounder why that is :-) I don't know if this new Thor add-on is.
neal10a 02/04/20 09:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitches

I am looking to get a new F350 and hitch. I have had the Reese which served me well, but I am looking at the Blue Ox super ride.,1688 It appears strong (20K), light and innovative. Anyone with experience with it? I know its new, but I hope some one had some experience with it. If so please be speicic about pros and cons. Thanks.
neal10a 01/31/20 06:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rearview camera hardwired on fifth wheel

I'm installing a rearview camera on my fifth wheel and looking for ideas on the best way to run the wiring. My fifth wheel is 40'and had a wireless camera that was problematic. Youtube has many videos showing how to install
neal10a 01/23/20 05:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

At the Tampa RV show I found the Redwood, Cedar Creek champagne, and Grand Design Solitude to offer more than the Alliance if one considers the 10k difference in full body paint. The the others suspensions were more robust, appliance seletion, wire sizing, plumbing and fixtures were either the same or better. Alliance was rather silent on A/C ducting and insulation as compared to others. No data on temperature variations in the living and storage areas. Allience offer heavy 4K springs, but the axles and brakes were still 7Ks. The others had 8K axels and brakes. I am glad to see more competition in the RV industry, but this new commer needs to climb the moutain a little more aggressively and I am not sure if they are RVIA certified. I am somewhat concerned that the managment credentials are not engineering oriented.
neal10a 01/23/20 05:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Can you get a decent browser on Windows XP?

No charity would want these if they care about those they are helping. The only people that might want them is the Smithsonian 100 years from now.
neal10a 01/21/20 04:34pm Technology Corner
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

judging from the comments about Alliance, I think they show how much the folks want improvement in durability and quality in the RV industry. Is Alliance going to fill that need, I am not sure. It is new and unproven, but I don't see it as that much of improvement over its competition. Vanleigh had similar responces when it came out, but it has not proven to be better than its competition. In short many people are quick to jump for anything touted to be better and improved, while in reality it is not so. caveat emptor....
neal10a 01/21/20 10:11am Fifth-Wheels
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