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RE: determining pay load capacity nope, we don't have the middle cap/hole. only the four on the side.
noonenosthis1 01/03/21 02:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: determining pay load capacity

I asked early in the thread, if your truck has the FW puck system?? If not, and want to use rails, there are many options. I would not want the Andersen single point attachment hitch. I use a B&W standard (non-sliding hitch) in my Ford 6.75' bed. Jerry Going to check the truck for that puck system. I've been reading about B&W. I think their TT hitch looks nice but I haven't looked at anything for a 5th wheel. Thanks
noonenosthis1 01/03/21 12:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: determining pay load capacity

Holy cow I have a headache now! Payload to tires to CHP! I would ask the DMV about that 10000 weight issue but I know I would get two different answers. As they write the tickets I will check with the CHP. Now, we just spent 5 days at Jackson Rancheria, such a beautiful rv park. For the most part there were motorhomes (mostly diesel) and 5th wheels. Just a few trailers. We watched our neighbor hook up his 5th wheel. He was using Anderson lite. What hitch do you use? My husband, a retired truck driver, did not like the look of that Anderson lite. Thanks
noonenosthis1 01/03/21 11:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: determining pay load capacity

Also had a customer have his fiver taken when he couldn’t produce his “travel trailer” endorsement on his license. I live in California. My husband is a retired truck driver. I don't know what happened to this guy but there is no such thing as travel trailer endorsement on a drivers license.
noonenosthis1 12/26/20 04:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: determining pay load capacity

The truck does have commercial tags on it. However, this is no weight listed on the registration renewal notice. California just wants the money.
noonenosthis1 12/26/20 01:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: determining pay load capacity

Well, that's interesting. We just got the registration notice and we do pay a weight penalty of 204.00.
noonenosthis1 12/24/20 03:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: determining pay load capacity

Janice...that payload seems way low for a 2015 F350 gas truck!! You may have one of those 350s with a 10K GVWR, which can be ordered for licensing and registration etc. Jerry our door sticker does say GVWR 10000 lbs. What does it mean when you say, "you may have one of those 350s with a 10k GVWR, which can be ordered for licensing and registration etc." We bought this truck used. Thank you Janice
noonenosthis1 12/24/20 02:58pm Tow Vehicles
determining pay load capacity

Hello, I'm trying to determine the payload capacity of my F350. I am looking at 5th wheels and want to stay safe. I have a 2015 F350, 4x4, srw, 6.2 gasser. The sticker on the door post (tire and loading information) says the combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed 2744 pounds. Is that the payload capacity? I'm looking at 5th wheels that are under 10000 pounds and I see there is a lot of difference in the pin weights. What's your opinion? And is there a good light weight 5th wheel hitch? Thank you Janice
noonenosthis1 12/24/20 01:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2006 Itasca SunCruiser 35A

Thank you for all the input. We were looking at a 5th wheel that would have cost the same as the Suncruiser (49,000). We have a Ford pickup that recently had the tailgate stolen. We have a new tailgate but Ford isn't making the wiring harness for the camera so I know all about not getting parts right away. It sure is a pretty rig but some of those 5th wheels are too. Dang if I could only win the lottery!
noonenosthis1 12/22/20 07:50pm Class A Motorhomes
2006 Itasca SunCruiser 35A

Hi all, We are looking around at buying a new to us rv. We have a F350 to tow a 5th wheel with and have been looking at those. While at a dealership I did see a 2006 Itasca SunCruiser 35A that looked nice. Does anyone have experience with this model? It is on a Workhorse and that makes me nervous. Putting all that weight on a Chevy. It would be better with a V10. Is the SunCruiser entry level Itasca, midlevel? Thanks!
noonenosthis1 12/21/20 08:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: back up camera Thank you for doing this research. Unfortunately, no one has this part. Per one web site, Ford has this on national backorder with no release date. The Ebay sites only have a camera that is in the handle, not the Ford emblem. That's where it gets tricky. We may have to replace the radio and have a new camera installed via the tailgate handle. sheesh! I hope whoever stole this tailgate is having a hard time getting it hooked up to their truck. :M
noonenosthis1 11/19/20 11:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: back up camera

Idk, I just googled the part number and came up with pages of OE Ford parts places with it, unless they're all out of stock, clicked on a few and didn't say on backorder. 6 grand?? Wow! Hope you used insurance, cause the body shop took someone for a ride... I recall posting up tailgates for sale for you months ago. Coulda bought one, and had it painted to match for maybe $1500...tops, if you bought the camera and pigtail separately. I've messaged Ford and they have me going through Voice Parts. Emails were sent out to 4 dealerships with no response yet. Of course, this pig tail has to fit this camera and Ford had a couple of different versions for this year, not interchangeable. Out here the basic tailgate starts at 1100.00 From what I've seen that doesn't even include the Ford emblem which is where the camera is located. He could have just gone with a basic tailgate but he wanted to replace exactly what he had.
noonenosthis1 11/18/20 06:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: back up camera Thank you for these links. I will show them to my husband. Some pigtails in this model and year truck have the camera screen on the radio, our screen is on the rear view mirror.
noonenosthis1 11/17/20 04:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: back up camera

btw, total cost for this tailgate is coming onto 6 grand! How did it end up so expensive? Paint? The tailgate itself is "only" $900 on Ford's website, even if the backup cam plus calibration (?) is another $1000, that's still a long ways from $6K. Well, Ford has several different types of tailgates for F350 and I'm sure any truck. Ours had the camera in the Ford emblem, cover over the top and on the tailgate same as the bed of the truck, step and hand rail. It wasn't a regular tailgate and I can imagine that's why it was stolen.
noonenosthis1 11/17/20 04:35pm Tow Vehicles
back up camera

A while back I posted about someone stealing the tailgate from our 2015 F350 super duty. Well, we finally got a tailgate HOWEVER, the body shop can't find the pigtail/wire harness for the back up camera anywhere in the United States. Anyone have any ideas? I've used the Ford website and they directed me to Parts Voice which sends out an email to dealerships. The body shop hasn't had any luck finding this part. I think it is the part that Ford had a problem with a while back. We are looking for a Ford fc3z-14a412-a oem wiring assembly. btw, total cost for this tailgate is coming onto 6 grand! Anyone know of any after market/used parts places?
noonenosthis1 11/17/20 12:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: settle an arguement

Scroll down to the last page on this Ford Towing Guide and see that your truck is rated for a max of 12,000 lb fifth wheel if you have the 3.73 axle ratio and 15,000 lbs if you have the 4.30 axle. These would be loaded or GVWR weights on the trailer, so something in the 10k dry weight range is probably right. Also remember that a 5er puts about 20% of its weight on the pin, so a loaded 15k trailer puts 15000 * 20% = 3000 pin weight plus hitch and whatever else is in the truck. Check the yellow weight sticker on the driver's door jamb so you don't go over that loaded weight for the truck. Sorry to say this is one vote for the hubster.... Wow, where did you get the information on towing? I've not seen information presented that way. I have an Excursion I would like to look up. Thank you
noonenosthis1 11/13/20 12:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: settle an arguement

To the OP. Please forward a resume in case this turns out bad. No pic needed. ;) Well, I could post a picture of us towing our trailer with a 2000 Excursion, V10. Go Ford! ;)
noonenosthis1 11/13/20 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: settle an arguement

"That's fine, but I see your location is Northern California which means some decent hills, valleys, and elevation changes. Because of that, I'd say you stay under that 12,000lbs range for your truck. Sure, it's RATED for that or more, but climbing steep inclines will make that gas motor scream. Yes, that engine is built to rev and will do it well for a long time, but I can tell you when I had my Chevy, listening to that engine rev at 4,000RPM as I pulled up long hills got very tiring. There is absolutely nothing wrong with towing up to the engineering limits of the vehicle but hearing the engine rev for long periods of time can get old pretty quick. " True, true, true. If you want to go anywhere in NorCal, you will go up a hill or a mountain and then come down. I really really really hate listening to that rev. I was looking at Forest River, Sabre Cat and they have a nice 5 under 10000. Our current TT is a Keystone Cougar 32reswe.
noonenosthis1 11/12/20 06:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: settle an arguement

So I went out to look at the white sticker-not yellow-on the door. Here is the gAwr for the front is 5200 and the rear is 6290. What is GAWR? We did not buy this truck new. There is a Federal Inspection sticker on the door where the truck was inspected in Yuba City, Caliornia. I can't imagine why it was inspected federally.
noonenosthis1 11/12/20 05:32pm Tow Vehicles
settle an arguement

Hi all, My husband and I are having a discussion about getting a 5th wheel. We currently have a TT but I've heard that a 5th is easier to tow. As I have not driven this TT, and I need to learn as we are not spring chickens, I was looking for something to make the drive easier for me. Anyway, we have a 2015 F350, single rear wheel, crew cab, 4x4, 6.2 gasser. I say we should look at 5ths that are 10,000 or below. He says we can go higher. What is the formula again for determining weight? Thanks!
noonenosthis1 11/12/20 11:33am Tow Vehicles
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