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RE: Torklift fronts and Happijac rear?

I had happijacks on my old camper front and rear, when I installed the bumper buttons and put the turn buckle on them the first time, I thought that dang bumper isn't much to write home about, but I used them and never had a problem, the old camper never moved, stayed right where it was suppose to, never shifting at all. When I gave the camper to my grandson we put the buttons on his truck, never a problem. I say go for it, you can always go to the expensive torque lift ones any time you want to, or feel the need.
northshore 10/02/19 01:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Talk me out of my new project.

Maybe as an idea get a popup slide in camper, lighter weight, less drag = better economy, all the comforts of home. Using the appliances and other items from the lance in a sprinter van gets to be a big job maybe bigger than you might think. Fabricating and installing a 6' slide seems like a can worms waiting to be opened, not saying it can't be done but its a lot of work. I could refer you to "covet the camper" on you tube, he is only repairing his slide, not starting from scratch, it looks like a big project. taking in to account the work, expense, time, and money... and when your done you got a Sprinter
northshore 10/02/19 01:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Asking for advice setting up truck for tc

Ive had 2 truck campers, on 2 different trucks. First one was a Lance 165 on f 250 Did NOT need; air bags, sway bars, torque lift anything, I got happijack front mounts and on the rear had bumper buttons, with Happijack turn buckles all away around. NO problems what ever in handling, sway, squat, slid it in the bed and hooked up the turnbuckles and off i went. NO problems. Second one is a Lance 1130 on a f350 drw Needed; upgraded Helwig sway bars, got the frame mounted torque lift camper tie downs, Torque lift turnbuckles, homemade lower spring spacers upper helper spring spacers, the truck had air bags already and new shocks. The handling and sway is very manageable, I got a safe secure ride now. I won't win any road races but it handles ok. The answer to your questions is a big "it depends" check your payload available and then buy camper accordingly. You may or may not need any variety of items to help with handling for sway, load or even bounce. Depending on the camper, how it handles will dictate your first mod. if it sways, then probably sway bars, if it sags then maybe air bags, may have to supplement the handling with lower and upper helper leaf spring spacers, torquelift makes them but if you research a little you can make your own spacers and even tie downs.
northshore 09/30/19 05:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Off-Roading Tractor Trailer

You might have been following a little close, but none of us were there, you were. Videos can be a little deceiving and nothing can replace being on scene in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the video, Every one can learn some thing from this thread.
northshore 09/18/19 05:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Tow Dolly VS flat tow

Carringb Thanks for that heads up, its something I didn't think about. I'm pretty sure I'm leaning toward flat towing.
northshore 09/17/19 04:57pm Dinghy Towing
incandescent bulb works correctly LED does not

Since we had a thread on incandescent bulbs and LED. My problem is that the incandescent bulb works correctly, switches on and off just like it is suppose to. The LED is on no matter what position the switch is in, on or off the LED stays lit.
northshore 09/12/19 06:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Tow Dolly VS flat tow

Thanks for all the responses, I appreciate the insight on both sides of the question. Ill take to heart all the comments about all the pros and cons and will have to decide pretty soon. I do like the idea of renting a tow dolly from u haul for a trial run. Never gave that a thought until it was mentioned. Thanks
northshore 09/12/19 04:17pm Dinghy Towing
Tow Dolly VS flat tow

I have a 2013 Toyota RAV4 FWD that I believe can be towed with the use of a tow dolly. The RAV ("for us") is just an ok car, it doesn't live up to expectations, but that is another topic. Is it better to flat tow VS tow dolly, for you that have experience with either or both methods please give your opinions. If I decide to flat tow I will more than likely look for a Honda CRV 2014 or older. The other choice may be a, later model Ford Edge v6. I will be towing it with my 2006 F 350 DRW hauling a Lance 1130 cab over camper. All opinions are welcome, thank you
northshore 09/10/19 02:47pm Dinghy Towing
RE: loosing old members

I used to frequent the travel trailer forum but since I got a truck camper Ive been over here. I doubt any one missed me in the TT area. Many years ago I would stop into the general camping and RV lifestyle areas but that area is way too intense if any thing would make a person leave and never come back it would be some of the conversations in those areas. I haven't even come close to entering those areas in many years. The attacks can be brutal in those areas.
northshore 09/07/19 10:30am Truck Campers
RE: mounting air fitting for air bags

I put them just in front of the rear wheel DRW under the fender, easy to reach. I had a Firestone compressor but removed it, didn't like it, plus it was for one supply line to both bags. My compressor came with the in cabin bracket, with switch and gauge, that with all the other stuff hanging on the dash I thought it was just too much. Now its; set the air pressure for the bags where I want them and check once in a while, I don't feel the need to have a switch and gauge on the dash.
northshore 09/07/19 10:23am Truck Campers
RE: sway bar upgrade on 2002 F-350 dually

I up graded my 2006 f 350 drw 2 wd with helwig front and rear sway bars. The Helwig were much much thicker and made a huge difference. I love how it handles now, and btw I haul a 2002 Lance 1130
northshore 09/03/19 04:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Hellwig Big Wig Rear Swaybar vs Torklift StableLoads (Lower)

Ive got a 2006 f 350 drw 2wheel drive and my camper is a 02 lance 1130 My f 350 came with sway bars but I upgraded to the helwig front and rear.... made a heck of a difference. The Helwig bars are much larger diameter and was an easy install. I thought the lower stable loads were too expensive, and after some research on this site I am trying out the DIY method of using the splitting wedges (orange plastic wedges) and they work great on the lower helper springs. I also use the upper overload spring blocks similar to the torklift upper stable loads. They also work fine. The truck handles MUCH better now and I recently drove the road from Willits CA to Ft Bragg CA, (very curvy steep hilly road) Drove and handled great. I know our trucks and campers are different, very different but the idea is similar and the sway bars should work great for you also. The Stabile loads just seem to be more money than I want to spend at this point, when the wedges are working fine. ** The road from Willits to ft Bragg, could roughly be compared to the dive to Mt Lemon near Tucson, Its been many many years since I drove that road but as I remember it that could be a rough idea, another area in AZ would maybe be near Globe AZ hilly and curvy lots of sharp curves.
northshore 08/26/19 09:49am Truck Campers
RE: Tie Downs

I used Happy Jacks for my 1997 Lance 165s on a 1999 f 250 PS Not frame mounted and worked fine no problems. I would not hesitate using the HJ in your situation. I had the "buttons" on the rear bumper of the 1999 f 250 and I would say if there was a weak point in that set up, it was the rear bumper.
northshore 08/19/19 08:04am Truck Campers
RE: rear camera for toad

Mine is on a holder on the dash, no touching, it appears as a small "monitor" not unlike the monitor you use for any camera, when not in use as the monitor, its used as your phone No breaking the law with this method
northshore 08/13/19 08:28am Truck Campers
RE: rear camera for toad

we use this wireless transmitter; Youmei Car Backup Camera Realtime Video WiFi Transmitter for iPhone iPad Andriod Phone and Pad it connects to any back up camera, and then transmits to your cell phone using a free app. We didn't want a monitor sitting on the dash and this works fine using our cell phone
northshore 08/12/19 01:27pm Truck Campers
RE: New-to-me truck and camper

I don't want to turn this into a Ford 6.0 liter discussion, however I have 2006 f350 with the 6.0 it is completely stock and with no chipping. I got 68K on mine and have had the same thoughts as you about doing the preemptive "bullet proofing" I have updated and completed all the little things, like coolant, blue spring, trans pan upgrade etc. and figure Ill drive it until we get to the point that the oil temp and coolant temperature differential is greater than recommended and go from there. My camper is a Lance 1130 and have done a few tweaks to the suspension like upgraded sway bars that help significantly and so far I am happy with the performance and handling good luck with yours
northshore 07/25/19 01:19pm Truck Campers
RE: LED Lights

I did my old camper with 12 vt led and they were not a bright white light, they were kind of a warm yellowish tint. I didn't care for that, so when I did the newer Lance, I got some brighter white lights, I like them better, but I think I could have done better on my choice. I got mine from Amazon and they were relatively inexpensive. If you have the time do your research as to what exactly you want in the line of "color" of the lights. If you use You Tube at all you might check out the guy who does the "RVProjects" channel he goes through the different "colors" and types of led and explains it pretty good. This guy is pretty good, no loud music no long intros, just gets to the facts and explains what he is doing and what he uses (with links).
northshore 07/22/19 01:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Can you get a decent browser on Windows XP?

I would second the linux ubuntu, its free its easy and works great. I know little about the workings of computers and I was able to follow the instructions to down load the linux system and load it on my lap top. Every works great and I am glad i did it.
northshore 07/07/19 03:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Alaskan pro/con

This is probably not relevant, but I had a Alaskan camper, not a cabover, it was constructed good, and I used it for many years. Never had a problem with it. I also would get another one if i had the chance.
northshore 07/04/19 07:40am Truck Campers
RE: Does my full-time TC plan seem reasonable?

I would suggest to go to You Tube and look up Taylor Dzaman he is doing basically what you are talking about doing, he has a Chevrolet or GMC gas pickup with an Arctic Fox. He goes through the financial aspect, along with why he made the choices he made. He recently got a Girl Friend and he goes through some of that... but I think he is pretty much a honest guy and does not seem to be bias toward any certain aspect.
northshore 06/30/19 06:11pm Truck Campers
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