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RE: Eagle Cap quality control continues to disappoint

Yes, heater is missing a duct collar to connect hose. They just spin on into the heater hole. From here it looks like the hose is way too short to connect but the way its ripped appears it once was connected to something. Possibly another piece, ext or ell? The pics dont give me the impression it left factory like this.. I dont know if duct collars are brand specific (dometic/suburban) but are available. With no hose seems most of the air would come out that open port. width=300 width=300 I agree! There is plenty of room behind the drawer slide to mount a flange and turn the hose to the rear. Something happened at the dealer I bet. Something stupid. I wonder if the rest of the hose is stuffed up behind the whatever it is in front of it. Also the OP probably had some nice warm undies... :o
notsobigjoe 04/17/21 01:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Eagle Cap quality control continues to disappoint

I've got a duct in my cabover in my 1181. Works great. Looks like someone went for coffee. On the other hand your drawer slides are really nice, Mine are plastic junk that I've replaced many times. Guess I'll upgrade to steal. Good luck sir.
notsobigjoe 04/16/21 07:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Travel lite rayzr fb Not a lot of specs on the Rayzr, general brochure; Fiberglass cap with TPO roof is all I see listed, mis advertisment by a dealer? I wonder when someone joins forum to make a post like this,We cant fix it. Dealer or mfg contacted, ? Last resort? just a public service... It's a nice little unit. 30 years ago I would have been interested, actually thirty years ago I would have been able to fit in it.
notsobigjoe 04/14/21 03:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Travel lite rayzr fb

buyer beware. I bought a 2021 rayzr there were gaps in the caulking. It was advertised having a fiberglass roof and fully insulated. It has a rubber roof. There is no caulking or seal where they cut a hole in the wall for the ac to keep rain, bugs out of the wall space. The pan to catch the rain that blows in isn't wide enough.The screen will not keep bugs out and there is a 1" gap above the ac where they can come in and there is a hole in the wall of the ac cabinet where the power cord runs and they can go thru to get in the living quarters. Air from outside can get in too. If you have a rayzr look to see if you have holes between ac and refer compartment. If so you can get exhaust gasses when running on propane.The knee walls are not insulated and there is none behind the propane compartment. I can't comment on the roof but the rest sounds like a job started but never finished. I wish people would be more forthcoming with info.
notsobigjoe 04/13/21 06:48pm Truck Campers
RE: 1977 Sunline Truck Camper FULL BUILD

When do you think you'll be camping? I estimate at this rate maybe the fall? It looks great!
notsobigjoe 04/11/21 06:56am Truck Campers
RE: Palomino 1240 /F250 8' bed

Definitely get the rubber mat it keeps things from sliding around. As far as your Palomino, good luck with it I have never seen one but I would think you would want to leave your tailgate home as it is another 70 pounds. Good luck fellow Truck camper and welcome!
notsobigjoe 04/09/21 06:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Vin. #

My lance has a model and serial number but no vin. Its in the back by the door.
notsobigjoe 04/08/21 03:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

Good luck with your travels and your dreams. many years ago we bought a patio room. It is a completely closable room that hangs from the awning. Although at times it can be a major pain! It has certainly come in handy on other occasions. My sister has slept in it a few times and it's a great place for the mutts when you need them out of the way. Also when my nieces and nephews were small we zipped them inside with their toys. Please post your travels or even better start a YouTube page. Joe
notsobigjoe 04/01/21 12:29pm Truck Campers
RE: tool for dicor removal

Butyl will be checked everywhere and I have a bunch on hand. I read the OSI description and I'll try it. I can always go back to Dicor. I have been thinking about using the Eterna bond tape on all roof fittings. I've never done this but the finished product looks awesome. I also think while I'm at it on the roof I'll replace that old bathroom fan with a nice one as well as the shower light globe on top. I don't know what it's called. I'm gonna take my time an all summer project and do it correctly. Goin to Flagler tonight to sit and have adult beverages. This forum is well versed in the RV maintenance world.
notsobigjoe 03/26/21 09:38am Truck Campers
RE: tool for dicor removal

Yep, I will do that.
notsobigjoe 03/25/21 06:02pm Truck Campers
RE: tool for dicor removal

Thanks for all the tips! I am doing pretty much the whole camper, sides, rear, front and roof. I have always used Dicor and Dicor self leveling on the roof. I had to caulk the slide out room and surrounding area when I bought it because of the water intrusion. Pretty speedy and very lousy job that was in 2009... It looks bad and it's cracked all over he place. I just repaired my leaky slide out room and decide it was time to spruce thing up. I am going for the new gun as well as trying the OSI max.
notsobigjoe 03/25/21 04:16pm Truck Campers
RE: tool for dicor removal

OK thanks. I have a multi tool and I see the blades on amazon. Do you smooth out the sealant like you do in a house with a wet finger? I'm gonna do it in parts and the roof last cause I want to change an exhaust fan.
notsobigjoe 03/24/21 03:37pm Truck Campers
RE: tool for dicor removal

OK, I've never seen it before either. I always used the heat gun method too. I saw this on amazon and was wondering if I was missing something. thanks
notsobigjoe 03/24/21 03:14pm Truck Campers
tool for dicor removal

Hi, My camper needs a complete sealant removal and re-caulk. I will be using dicor non self leveling as I have been using for years. I would appreciate any tips and I was wondering if this particular tool would be handy in my situation? Thanks, Joe When I post a link like this can you see my account info?
notsobigjoe 03/24/21 02:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

This forum build it wisdom (or not) over the years and you want to come to easy conclusion in matter of minutes?. 20 years ago triple slides did not exist. First TC slides come around year 2001 and were single slides only. So far you only answer the 6' question. So will 8' with no slide satisfy you? even they don't come with side entry. How about 8' with single slide? (even if they exist) I've answered a lot of these questions already I thought. But to recap my experiance with TC again. First camper I owned was in 2005. It was a short bed S&S model with a wet bath. I never used the shower in that camper but camped a lot with it and figured out quickly that I would like more room. I still had a short bed truck and trying to find a decent sized camper for a SB truck is HARD. So I came up with another idea. I bought a Adventurer camper with a single slide. But it was made for a long bed truck. Instead of buying a new truck I decided to build myself a Red Neck Toy Hauler (RNTH). I mounted the camper on the nose of a gooseneck trailer. So based on my experiance with this I have made my choices in a new camper. I no longer own my RNTH as I listened to a ex-wife who wanted a MH instead. Never again. I know that a camper with no slides won't be comfortable for me and I also know that other than one model of a single slide camper would it be comfortable for me. So I want a camper with 2 or more slides and either come with some type of recliner or have a spot where I can install a recliner. I am not going into any of this blind nor do I not have any experiance with campers and other forms of RV's. My choices are based upon some knowledge. But what does my choice in campers have to do with asking for others experiance with full timing in a camper? I have 2 friends who full time in a TC and both of them have single slide campers with a rear door entrance. I know from my experiance that I want a camper with a side entrance and a minimum of 2 slides. Wildman, Does one have to be a redneck to own something like this? Was it longer than 54 feet? Have you ever been turned away from a campground with this rig? I LOVE IT. I could put my little bay liner right in back there and it would work perfect. Thanks for the Pics, Joe
notsobigjoe 03/24/21 02:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Who is a Full Timer with a Camper?

Little late to the conversation but M2C is the bigger the better if your full timing. In my 1181 which in its day was the big model, my wife, me and two little dogs are squeezed pretty tight. I couldn't do it. With that said I travel by myself at times and I alone would be just fine. I tow a very small Bayliner Capri so the 1500 lbs. isn't an issue but I have towed my big pontoon from my house to the shore about an hour away and it was nail biting time. I had a coachman ranger before this one and I would never buy a rear door again. I just liked it better but either a rea or side door had no bearing on the towing.
notsobigjoe 03/23/21 03:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Winter TC Repair Project

notsobigjoe 03/20/21 06:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Merry Belated Christmas!

Burbman, I love the sticker and will have one for mine. Did you Eterna bond tape the edge of the roof where it meets the side? Sorry if I'm seeing something that isn't there but I've been thinking about doing just that for a couple of years. Thanks, Joe
notsobigjoe 03/12/21 03:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Traveling without Jacks - contingency plan?

I understand about the weight thing and being in the way. On Dad's Beeline they used to remove from the vertical up and down position to a horizontal position and hang on a hook on the side underneath the wings. Between me and my wife it took maybe 15 minutes with a 9/16 wrench and socket and 3/8" nuts and bolts. There were three of them. I would at least throw them behind a seat or something out of the way cause of murphy's law and take some weight off elsewhere. JMHO Good question though! Joe
notsobigjoe 02/23/21 04:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Ordered Host cascade today

notsobigjoe 02/22/21 03:54pm Truck Campers
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