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RE: Windows license scam

These guys are scummy enough, but my real anger is toward those who call up and try to convince seniors that their Medicare needs "activating" or they need a new card. Special place in Hades for those dirtballs.
obgraham 10/22/21 12:35pm Technology Corner
RE: New laptop--- clone hard drive?

There are cloning programs such as Acronis. You could clone your old drive onto the new one and carry on.
obgraham 10/19/21 11:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Fresh water tank drain.

The question of what to leave in your tanks depends on how you winterize. If you airblow the system till all water is out, don't leave anything in the FW tank. Nothing wrong with leaving a cup or two of antifreeze in the black tank, as it is hard to get water out of the bottom of that tank. If you winterize via leaving pink stuff in the lines, then yes, leave a little pinky in the FW tank as well.
obgraham 10/07/21 11:55am Beginning RVing
RE: Using your motorhome to help fund a charity

Next time you have that problem, Ron, call me and I'll be happy to stop by and help reduce the weight of that wine! And I'm right here in wine country, too.
obgraham 10/05/21 10:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Long route travel plans

Weather will determine where you go and when.
obgraham 10/03/21 05:40pm Roads and Routes
RE: Border Crossing Headed To Alaska

You can enter Canada as "non-essential travelers" at this time. I did it this month. Who knows what it will be like in May '22! You go online and download the ArriveCan app, fill it in, provide photos of your passports and your covid cards, get a negative test, and you will be approved to enter Canada. Where you go after that they don't ask. When you enter the US at Alaska you do that simply by right of entry. The catch is that all that, both filling in the App and getting the test, has to be done LESS than 72 hours prior to your intended entry. And you have to do it again when you return. So really there is nothing you can do about it now, you'll have to start your planning maybe in April. Plenty of time for the rules to change!
obgraham 09/29/21 06:24pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: interstate 40 from New York to Las Vegas

Make sure all your teeth are secure.
obgraham 09/29/21 01:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: I-40 from East to Apache Junction

You already know that 87 between Payson and Mesa is plenty of long but gentle grades. If you are comfy with that I'd just do as rk911 says, and run 87 the whole way from Winslow. That upper section is really not as hilly, though the shoulders are narrower. I ran that in a DP+toad several times without a problem. Cut off 87 at Bush Highway north of Mesa, down to 202, to save yourself a few miles. That road has been resurfaced and is fine.
obgraham 09/29/21 01:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Charging a towed vehicle's battery

Not sure "always hot" is the best idea. I think a better idea was have the charge pin controlled by the ignition switch of MH. (If it ain't running, it won't charge anyway) And the toad end can't be mounted solid, unless you use a removable cord. A switch near toad battery to disconnect would stop a hot wire from causing trouble when not towing.Indeed, I mis-wrote in my post. The "always hot" pin was wired to the ignition-controlled circuitry on the MoHo. I don't really want it charging when the rig is shut down. The MoHo had the 7-bladed plug, and I used an adaptor to go to the more typical 7-pin plug to connect the toad.
obgraham 09/25/21 05:38pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Charging a towed vehicle's battery

In the receptacle on the motorhome there is an "always hot" pin. At least there was on mine. I had them run a separate wire from that pin directly to the toad battery.
obgraham 09/24/21 10:41am Dinghy Towing
RE: Ruined manual transmissions

I'd be much more worried about the engine in that case than the transmission -- if you hit highway speeds, the engine was almost certainly over-revving. I'd think that the transmission could handle that better than the engine. How did you discover it? Noticed too much drag from the toad?Exactly. I was still in town, felt the rig was dragging unusually. Never having gotten above about 30 I think was what saved it all. It was interesting to me that the little CRV "dragged" a 23,000 pound DP!
obgraham 09/13/21 12:46pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Ruined manual transmissions

I pulled my '06 CRV, manual tranny, about three miles while it was in first gear. Obviously, because I screwed up. I figured I had fried the tranny. But in fact it never turned a hair and ran another 40k flawessly till I sold it. Seems to me that a manual is more forgiving than an auto.
obgraham 09/13/21 11:00am Dinghy Towing
RE: Daytrip to Canada -- quarantine plan ????

I went through that this week. I just entered the address of the hotel I had booked. The App took that. You could do the same. The reason they do that apparently is that they might randomly pick some travelers and make them do a post-entry test. If it were to be positive they lock you in for 14 days. In your case, like me, you'd be back in the US if they demanded a test. The US does not require any testing for returning US citizens. The Falls was lovely on the Canadian side on Tuesday!
obgraham 09/09/21 11:36pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Crossing the border a number of Different days --ArriveCAN

Here is my update: First you have to navigate the ArriveCan app. Good luck! It took 4 times, but eventually I got the acceptance. Finding a way to get a covid pcr test and get the results within the 72 hour window before entry is a challenge. A local urgent care boasting rapid results was completely useless for me. I used CVS drugs in Detroit, who accepted medicare. They said results would arrive in "2 to 5 days", which did not fit my needs. However the results actually arrived at about 30 hours. Good. Arrived at the Ambassador Bridge entry in Windsor. Showed passport, and the guy pulled up all my stuff from the app immediately. "Did you get a test?" "Yes" (he didnt ask to see it.) Immediately went to the "weapons snd booze" questions, commiserated about the silly ArriveCan app. and wished me well. Total time at the gate about 2.5 minutes. The fussy part is before you get there. Get your test early as possible. Once approved, it is not a problem entering Canada.
obgraham 09/05/21 05:58pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: How fast do the gray and black tanks fill

Just because the site doesn't have full hookups doesn't mean there is no water or sewer facility. We very often walked to a nearby spigot for dishwashing water, and we would use the toilets there if they were acceptable.
obgraham 08/30/21 03:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Crossing the border a number of Different days --ArriveCAN

We are going to try to run the border gauntlet this coming Sunday. Ambassador Bridge into Windsor. I have covid pcr testing appointments in Detroit at the 72 hour point. Looks like it is covered by Medicare. Fortunately we have a plan B, to turn back and spend a few more days in Detroit if they hassle me too much. I'll report back here next week!
obgraham 08/30/21 02:10pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Long Beach, WA to Spokane

Thanks obgraham I know I can't avoid the passes, but if I DID mind the passes, which route would you recommend? I guess I'd go Tacoma--18--I-90, but only because Portland is even more annoying. I, like others here, still think White Pass is your best choice.
obgraham 08/29/21 05:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: Long Beach, WA to Spokane

Boy, you don't have a good choice here: #1: All that traffic through Olympia/Tacoma and SR18. Once on I-90 not so bad. #2: All that traffic through I-205 and Portland, then the bad directions through Tricities on 395. (Stay in left lane through Kennewick regardless of your instincts!) #3: US12, White Pass, is a winding mountain road, 2 lane with turnouts. Not bad after Yakima. Choose your poison. I would choose #3, especially if you are a Coloradoan and don't mind the passes. I think you have at least a 9 hour day in store.
obgraham 08/29/21 01:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: Astoria,OR to Florence OR

Assuming US 101. The hills there are pretty gentle, as there is not a lot of elevation change. A lot of it is along the seashore. Usually slow going, though, as some of the parts are pretty curvy, and there is lots of traffic. Mostly folks pulling 40 ft fifth wheels (!). It's an iconic and scenic road, and very enjoyable.
obgraham 08/28/21 02:59pm Roads and Routes
RE: Route 281 Trail of the Ancients in Utah

Indeed, 261, or Moki Dugway is not advised for trailers. However, when I've been on it there always seem to be a couple of semi-trucks negotiating it. So sure, you can do it. But you may wish you hadn't!
obgraham 08/21/21 11:35am Roads and Routes
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