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RE: efficient basement storage for Bliss style chairs?

We don't have these chairs, but my "weight police" radar just went up looking at your photo. I think that velcro against the side would keep them vertical as long as you have that black fuzzy fabric wall coating stuff. I wasn't really thinking of a complete plywood box, only maybe wooden channels in the floor and a couple of upright 1x to keep them from flapping around tied to the basement wall. The concept being that keeping them vertical rather than resting on the floor, frees up more space for boxy cargo. I do like the idea of the eyebolts.
obie311 12/07/21 10:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2+ weeks into Artic Fox 27-5L

The 27.5L is Arctic Fox's most popular model. Dear Wife wanted more counter space so we opted for the 29.5K. They are (in general) well built and a cut above most other brands. They seem to be mostly unknown here in the Southeast since they are Oregon built rather than in Indiana.
obie311 12/06/21 09:07am Fifth-Wheels
efficient basement storage for Bliss style chairs?

We love our Bliss chairs. It's almost like being weightless reclining in them. The only problem is they are awkward to store in our basement. There is enough room to store them vertically if I had some sort of slotted rack to hold them. When I worked in the movie biz, we had plywood boxes to store our 4x4' reflectors. I wondered if there was some sort of similar solution we could adapt to our large folding chairs?[email protected]?v=1571609259
obie311 12/06/21 08:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lippert auto leveling system

Here's the critical part if you haven't already found it: Hitch Recognition 1. Turn on the touch pad. 2. Push the “UP” arrow (Fig. 5A) to scroll to “Auto Reconnect” option on LCD screen. 3. Push "ENTER" (Fig. 5B). The rear jacks and middle jacks (if equipped) will retract first, then the front jacks will extend to raise the trailer to the height where the auto level sequence was started. Of course like a lot of things with our trailers, nothing is perfect. You may have to tweak the height a little bit manually to match your hitch. One other thing is to properly calibrate "Level" to your system. If you find yourself at a level or nearly level campsite, take time to calibrate the level. I place a carpenters level on the countertop and floor to get a reference. You may have to manually tweak the legs to get it level if the previous Auto Level setting is wrong. Just remember not to get your wheels above the parking surface when you level the trailer.
obie311 11/16/21 09:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: genny conundrum

Are you sure? I made my own parallel cables to connect 3 different wattage generators. But then I like to live on the edge, and I hate paying $250 for something that's 2/3 of what I need, and I can do myself for about $30. I'm pretty good making my own cables. Can you supply the specs for the connectors and the cable you used? Did you use welding cable for flexibility?
obie311 10/29/21 10:43am Fifth-Wheels
genny conundrum

Like most 5'ers, my Arctic Fox has a factory genny compartment underneath the front overhang. For a variety of reasons, I don't want a permanently installed generator. I'm waffling between a single Honda EU3000is or two EU2200's or their Yamaha equivalents. I know many people swear by other brands but I've owned several motorcycles and respect the design and reliability of both manufacturers enough to pay the premium for their product. If I go with the heavier 3000 generators, has anyone come up with a good solution for getting them out of the front bay and into service a slight distance from the trailer? Something like a small ramp or something? I had even thought of carrying the genny in the truck bed but that's a tall lift with a 74 y/o back and a ~140# weight. The dual EU2200's are only (?) about 50# a piece so I could like manage that. Your thoughts and Real World experiences are welcome.
obie311 10/26/21 03:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replacing New Trailer King RST+ : Only Option Is Carlisle??

Sailuns are apparently bad now from Vietnam, at least this batch. Since I just put four Sailuns from Vietnam on my rig, can you give me a specific referral as to where you got this info? Thanks.
obie311 10/26/21 02:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires again

We currently have Samson tires on our trailer that could be up to 7 years old. The 5er is a 2014, we bought it in 2018 so we don't know for sure how old the tires are. We have traveled about 15,000 miles with these tires. I have always kept the tires aired up to 110 lbs. Now I'm wondering if we should just put the same tires back on. The blow out did put a hole in the sidewall about the diameter of a baseball. But is it possible that these current tires are at the end of their useful life span? Love your taste in vehicles BTW. My Arctic Fox is a 2014 and the DOT markings showed the tires were made in 2013 and 2014. With a 16,600 GVWR and a cross country trip looming, I didn't want to chance the old tires even though there was plenty of tread and no visible sidewall cracking. In the aviation world, there's components that are hour limited, cycle limited (ie take-offs and landings) and time limited. I tend to consider RV tires as time limited items. They would have probably done OK but it was worth the $800 I spent for Sailuns for piece of mind. On the bright side, I sold the set of old Goodyear G614's to a local guy on Craigslist for farm use for $200.
obie311 10/12/21 01:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: simple laptop solution for RV travel

Thanks to all that have made on point suggestions so far. My budget is <$400 hopefully if the machine hits my specs. Just to reiterate the initial post: I have a powerful PC at home and my wife has a 5 y/o Macbook Air. I would prefer not to use her Macbook on the road and I'm looking for a simple 13"-15" laptop to use with a phone hotspot to pay bills and check emails and some simple browsing like trip planning, RV forums and craigslist. I don't want to take photos, watch videos, post social media, or play games. Strictly admin type functions. I have a 128gb micro SD card in my phone so I've got the need for the occasional vacation snapshot or reference pics covered as well as my CD collection ripped down into 320 kbps MP3's for music.
obie311 10/03/21 04:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: simple laptop solution for RV travel

I just got a Chromebook a couple weeks ago and LOVE it. It doesn't have all the operating system of a traditional laptop, so its very fast and responsive. I got an 11" laptop for the kids to use, then a 15.6" laptop for me for doing online college classes. It has a small hard drive, so you'll need a way to store most saved files on the cloud (or use a MicroSD card to increase storage). Its very quick, easy to use and inexpensive. The 11" was about $150, the 15.6 was $220 on sale at Target. Both Acer brands. They charge with a USB-C cord, same as my Android phones, so I don't need to worry about bringing another charging cord camping either. This sounds much like what I'm looking for. Silly question but do both models have 802 wifi? And if you can give me the actual model #'s or links I would appreciate it. How are the battery lives?
obie311 10/03/21 08:22am General RVing Issues
RE: simple laptop solution for RV travel

Agreed with above. If your budget is more than $400 I would look at a tablet or iPad for convenience based on the usage you described. How easy are they to read and how large is the keyboard? I get tired of doing internet transactions on my phone.
obie311 10/03/21 12:23am General RVing Issues
simple laptop solution for RV travel

I hope this is the right forum. I looked at Tech Issues but that seemed to concern more mechanical problems. I looked at Workamping but it didn't seem to have any traffic. We're planning on staying away from home for at least three months this winter while our son house sits for us. I have a powerful PC at home and my wife has a 5 y/o Macbook Air. I would prefer not to use her Macbook on the road and I'm looking for a simple 13"-15" laptop to use with a phone hotspot to pay bills and check emails and some simple browsing like trip planning, RV forums and craigslist. I don't want to take photos, watch videos, post social media, or play games. Strictly admin type functions. What's available out there without a lot of bloatware that meets this kind of specs? I've heard of Chromebooks but I don't know anything about them. I don't think I want a tablet as my eyes for reading aren't that great. I usually enlarge the font on the Macbook a Command + or two. Thanks in advance for any sage advice you may supply.
obie311 10/02/21 07:33pm General RVing Issues
Touchy subject - proper toilet paper for black tank

I hope this is the appropriate spot to post this. If not, mods please move or delete if it's too touchy. I'm wondering if there's a consensus on the best toilet paper to use for our black tanks? I'm planning to stock up for a long trip. I've heard anecdotally that the Kirkland house brand is good, but I don't know if that's accurate. At home, I'm a believer in Charmin heavy-duty. The parameters are: efficacy dependability and dissolveability comfort level cost per application
obie311 09/27/21 02:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel tire review

I went with the Sailuns from Walmart. Date codes were late 2020 and made in Vietnam. $740.12 out the door. I'm going to a real non-chain tire store that does heavy trucks to have them mounted today.
obie311 08/18/21 08:19am Fifth-Wheels
tire covers, yea or nay

Since I am investing in new tires, I was wondering if the vinyl type tire covers help increase the useful life of the tires? My storage is outdoors, completely unprotected from UV and environmental factors. There is a busy interstate highway about a half a mile away. My 8 y/o OE Goodyear 614's look good even though they haven't been covered but I'm replacing on basis of time, not appearance.
obie311 07/26/21 04:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cost to have someone wash your FW

It recently cost me $350 for a 35' 5'er. Mobile pressure wash rig. Trailer was very dirty. Decent enough job. The guy had ladders and seemed to know what he was doing. The quote included a "quick wax" for everything but the roof. The "quick wax" was actually Meguiar's instant detailer. Good enough stuff, I use it on clean cars, but not exactly wax.
obie311 07/12/21 07:28pm Fifth-Wheels
is it beneficial to apply wax over Polytrol?

I was desperate to restore the faded gray front cap on my Arctic Fox. So I applied some Polytrol in the hopes it would bring a little improvement to the finish. It looks very promising but, in spite of some internet research, I can't seem to find out if it would be beneficial to put an overcoat of Meguire's carnauba wax over the Polytrol. Does any one out there have first hand experience with the Polytrol and wax?
obie311 07/12/21 07:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: BAttery replacement.

After the covid downtime both my batteries were gone. I don't know if they were the factory installs or replacements from a previous owner. (coach is a 2014) They were nothing special just group 27 Interstate FLA "marine" batteries. My price point was around $300. I'm not in the Battleborn league. I did a lot of research and was leaning toward a pair of Trojan T-105's but ultimately decided I didn't want the maintenance responsibility of checking and replenishing the water levels. (Yes I know they have gadgets to do this) Ultimately I decided on 2 group 27 Duracell AGM's from Sam's Club (about $325 out the door). I've used East Penn/Deka's in my motorcycle and they have been good but not exceptional like the Panasonic AGM. Wife does not like to boondock so that influenced my decision to pass on the Trojan GC's. Otherwise I would have gone that way. We'll see how these do over the winter. I think my solar and converter do a pretty good job of keeping these batts charged and I doubt I will discharge them below 50%. Time will tell.
obie311 06/22/21 10:18am Fifth-Wheels
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