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RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

Interesting thread. Compliments to the Mods for letting it keep on running! ~
ol Bombero-JC 05/14/20 10:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Truck 4x4 or 4x2 ??

If you don't have need for a 4x4 get the 4x2. In our area resale is much better for the 4x4. The 4x4 will lower your payload a small amount. I will never have anything but the 4wheel drive but most of my life has been spent in mountain/snow country. Never made it past the 2nd post (above). OP get whichever one rings your chimes. Having had two 4 x 4 trucks and two 4 x 2 trucks - as well as a place in the mountains (7K ft of elevation) - and plenty of mtn roads with snow - I learned the only reason I needed the 4 x 4 was to save the chore of putting chains on the 4 x 2 vehicles - when chains were req'd. (4x4 was just have the chains with you). Never needed or used - the 4 x 4 other than the above, which was just for "show & tell" *if* you were asked. If you like to go off roading - maybe a good reason (I preferred a jeep for that - instead of beating up my truck). BTW - If you get a 4 x 4 (or a 4 x 2) - be sure to order a limited slip rear end. Without it - the 4 x 4 isn't really 4 x 4, LOL. ~
ol Bombero-JC 05/10/20 06:27pm Fifth-Wheels
Admin/Mods: You missed a golden opportunity!

....when you closed the thread regarding the RV (Motor Home) explosion in Calgary - resulting in one fatality. As you read this - think of the "newbies" on the forum - folks who are new to RVing. As you may recall (still on here, but closed) the thread was started by "BobsYourUncle" on 4-24-20. Besides the event - it "dissolved" into a discussion of the explosive limits (etc.) of Propane - which was "suspected" to be the source of the explosion. A Moderator closed the thread, apparently when no consideration was given to the deceased. Opportunity missed: None of the posters (or the Moderator) took advantage of commenting on the "property" of propane (as opposed to Natural gas) - that being it's heavier than air, will "flow" (like water) and "pool" in any low places. Also, inside a tightly closed RV (Calgary in winter?), it will pool unless -and until- it finds an "exit" - OR a source of ignition. Back to the "newbie". How about the "believers" who accepted the erroneous info that "internal cleansing" injection or ingestion would block the coronavirus - AND called 911 or 311 numbers to see if it were true!!..:R So - here is a "newbie" related Propane event. On one of my duty shifts as a F/F, we received a call for a strong odor of "gas" in a home. The city was served by Natural Gas - so we surmised it was either a Natural Gas -or- a gasoline odor. Upon arrival at a nice home in an upscale tract - there was a commercial moving van out front, and we were immediately met by a young assistant to the guy in charge. He excitedly related that he had "closed the slider to the back yard to prevent the fumes from entering the house" (which turned out to be a *VERY* good move!). Background. The homeowner had a nice portable BBQ which was to go along with his furniture, etc. The movers informed him they would be happy to take the BBQ - but not the propane tank (which was full). They then instructed him to take the tank out to the center of his backyard, open the valve (old style then), and invert the tank. His yard was slightly lower than the neighboring yards, and had a low retainer around the perimeter - about two bricks high. He was wearing shorts and sneakers (no socks), and did as instructed. The propane "flowed" in the yard and around to the side yard about 50' away - which had a natural gas fired in-ground spa. Then it flashed! He had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his feet and lower legs (and I would guess some future "legal issues" to be resolved with the moving company.) OK - one in a million, right? - NOT !!... About a year later I received a call at home from the wife of a good friend who resided in the same city. He was an Army Major, being posted from So.CA to the Pentagon. The movers were at their home......and they informed her "as above"!! Being a perceptive lady, she suspected the "empty the tank" method was not a good one, and wanted my opinion! Directed her to take the tank to a nearby Propane Bulk plant to be emptied - or leave it behind. Bottom line - the Calgary explosion story (including an RIP) could have provided a "vehicle" to re-enforce the hazards of heavier than air propane (and gasoline fumes) to folks who "don't know" - for whatever reason. End of soapbox. ~
ol Bombero-JC 05/07/20 01:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water heater question

Good advice - and many questions for "Guy Roan"......but NO replies *from* Guy Roan *to* the questions...:R ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/22/20 05:03pm General RVing Issues

Reading the "Why am I getting this" on the Craptcha page (No that's not a mispell that's an opinion) I am guessing it has to do with Cookies On my system they do not yet have the computer figured out so I get it often. No rhyme or reason - sometimes you choose the easy, obvious choices and it just keeps kicking it back. Cookies unchanged. Have yet to come across *ANY* other forum/s using it. For that (last) reason - other forums become the forums "of choice". Capish-cha? ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/21/20 01:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Trouble accessing forums

This has been an ongoing problem for several years. X-2 ("Many" years!) ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/21/20 12:13pm Technology Corner
RE: US post new Mexican travel warnings

That's why we stopped going to Mexico years ago That's why I don't go to California or Illinois. Dangerous country out there. There was a shooting in my hometown last evening. McAllen, Texas which is about ten miles from the border is one of the safest cities in the United States. Depends on which part of California we're talking about. California's a big state It was a joke. Sorry that you didn't get it. Both great states have their safe as well as dangerous areas. Painting an entire country or state with fear is too common today. No worries, and the state of California is the biggest joke. The problem is, and I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat, is that one party has been completely wiped out, in this case the Republican party. That's not healthy for any state as there is now no debate on anything. The Democrats now have a Super-Majority in the legislature and pass whatever laws or taxes they want. Ron3rd: You need to move to some other (Red?) state...:) The decrease in population (of CA) would be great - really help if you take your friends, acquaintances and kin folk along. If they're not in CA, be sure to tell them to "stay put". Thanks in advance.....and for this thread.... "Adios!" .
ol Bombero-JC 12/21/19 06:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Motorhome, 5th Wheel or Pull Trailer

Which RV handles best in windy weather and 18 wheelers passing you and then pulling over in front of you Motorhome, Pull Trailer or 5th Wheel??? My Class A Motor Home (gas) experiences are a bit limited. Owned two over the years - no complaints - althouh I didn't keep either one very long. Also two TTs (what you call "pull trailers"- are there push trailers..:@). In spite of sway control, always had my hand on the brake controller lever when an 18 wheeler was passing ("drag" on the trailer -if needed- to counteract sway).........and yeah - you knew when you were being passed! You learn to live (deal with) it. Towed the TTs with 2 different 3/4 ton vans, and a 1T SRW long bed crew cab, Ferd diesel pickup. All had a few 'white knuckle' events due to the passing big rigs. 34' fifth wheel, towed by a 1T SRW, short bed, QC, CTD. Night and day compared to the TTs..:C You can almost forget it's back there!..:W No "afterthoughts" as to whether a long bed *could* be any better! (Wow factor prevails when towing -and parking- with my short bed) BTW - *if* I ever feel the need for a dually -or another long bed- it will be a singled (not tandem) HDT "dually". Will tow whatever you can put behind it, with all the whistles and bells, with a std DL, registered as a MH in most states. (Suggest visiting the Escapees HDT forum) Roll on...:W .
ol Bombero-JC 12/20/19 03:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why was the Mexico beach thread moved: Resurrected

No señores México beach is South of the border and also North of the border, that gets confusing, there are sevdral Mexicos North of the border, towns, streets, parks and there is even a New Mexico, of course there is always old Mexico so do not stess have a cerveza with a shot of Tequila and everything will be muy bueno señores. Que pasen buenas noches in what ever Mexico you want be at with your cerveza and Tequila. navegator Is there a Florida Beach.... in Mexico...:@ ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/17/19 05:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where to sell stuff ?

I will be leaving the RV community next spring and will have several "accessories" to unload after the RV goes. Since selling is not allowed on this site, can someone recommend other RV specific sites that DO allow selling stuff ?? (And yes, I know about general for sale places like Ebay.) Escapees Forums (has specific forums for "selling stuff). Free to join. The For Sale (& Wanted) forums: RVs, Tows, and Toads For Sale RV Accessories For Sale RVs (and Accessories) Wanted Escapees Forums ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/16/19 04:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: California Non-commercial class A license ***New question***

Librty02 . I cannot speak for CA, heck it's hard enough to speak for our own state, BUT the CDL portion should be the same in each state since it is mandated on a federal level. as far as the non commercial goes, I'm not 100%, I am fully licensed so I have not had to keep up with it BUT I believe that magic # is 26,001... As long as the trailer GVW is over 10,000 "BUT the CDL portion should be the same in each state since it is mandated on a federal level." Ahhhh - isn't this thread related to NON-Commercial Driver's Licenses (NOT Federal) which are NOT available in some states... and also regarding California's "Restriction 41" to/for non-commercial licenses....:@ BTW - tow your (personal - as in RV) trailer with your basic Driver's License in South Dakota, no special license required for weight (as in CA) ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/16/19 04:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: California Non-commercial class A license ***New question***

My truck and trailer are an RV. (Heavy on the R) I will not be stopping at the weigh stations. I too am curious to hear from any actual citation recipients for out of class operations. For as many "stories" we hear about check points at Glamis and Pismo there should be many cuz very few I know are properly licensed for the trailers they are pulling. Can't speak to Pismo..... but for So CA folks who frequent Glamis (Toy Haulers)and the Colorado River (towing boats) - the CHP is very "active" - usually starts with a speeding violation, of course followed by...."May I see your Driver's License please". The "regulars" (frequent freeway flyers?) - are in the know! The scales (weigh stations). I regularly pass the scales in San Clemente (I-5) and the scales on the 405 approx the city of Torrance. You will see SRW & DRW *pickups* with stake beds or utility bodies in the lines. Does the CHP chase down the "stock" (factory bed) dually pickups? Never seen that. My BIL has raced NHRA (Super Gas) for lots of years. His (bumper pull) enclosed car hauler trailer is rated 9,999 lbs. No special DL required. His two (old & newer) duallys both have a shell on 'em. Not req'd to stop at scales. (He figured the easy solution long ago!) NEVER been stopped, NEVER gets in the line at the scales. When the traffic on our local freeways is cooking along at 80-85 in a posted 65 - you won't see black & whites with dozens of "eligible for greetings" vehicles pulled over....Nope - the regulars know *not* to be the "point man" by going faster than the flow. I recall driving on the 405 opposite a guy towing a large sailboat in the HOV (car pool) lane. I'm thinking, he might as well be flying a banner saying, Cite Me!! Continued for about 20 miles, until he finally took an off ramp "unmolested" the entire time. CHP can't be everywhere! It should be noted in re: the stop at scales discussion. Pickups towing RVs with out-of-state plates have reciprocity for their state of residence. Smile as you pass...:) Hot-shot drivers towing brand new trailers might be a bit..."ify". ~ ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/15/19 03:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: California Non-commercial class A license ***New question***

Thanks 94-D2! Not to quibble, but the CA definition of a Pickup is: Pickup (CVC §471)—A pickup is a motor truck with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of less than 11,500 pounds, an unladen weight of less than 8,001 pounds, and equipped with an open box-type bed less than nine feet in length. California Code of Regulations, Title 13 §150.04 further defines pickup trucks: (Reference One kicker which CA has ignored is that most 3/4 or 1 ton pickups, especially Fords, have a unladen weight greater than 8K lbs. The specification of a "open box-type bed" means flatbeds and utility bed vehicles are *NOT* pickups. It then follows that anyone, including stock duallies, are required by law to stop at CA weigh stations. But doing so puts your life in danger from real truckers and the scale operators. No need to quibble, the definitions (etc.) are all in this Caltrans link, as well as "Discussions" - which may(?)clear things up...:W Link: Scroll down to: "Do These Vehicles Have To Stop At The Scales?" Life in danger - "from real truckers and the scale operators"..:h ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/15/19 01:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: California Non-commercial class A license ***New question***

The 5th wheel endorsement is not an endorsement in DMV language. That is part of the confusion in asking for it. It is a restriction on a class C license in endorsement clothing, so to speak. To be clear, any class C operator needs the 5th wheel restriction on their class C license if towing a 5th wheel RV between 10,000 and 15,000 lbs. anyone towing a 5th wheel RV OVER 15,000 lbs or a travel trailer over 10,000 lbs must have at least a non commercial class A. DMV "so to speak": The Class C is not restricted. You have a Non-Commercial Class A which is restricted. Reverse side of Class C DL: Quoted exactly, bold print is mine: CLASS: Class C & M1-Veh w/GVWR <26000; No A; 2 whl M/C, Mtr-drvn Cycle, Scooter ENDORSEMENTS: None RESTRICTIONS: 41-Class A restricted to operating 5th wheel travel trailer between 10,000 and 15,000 lbs GVWR End quote. Yes - when Restriction 41 test and licensing came into play - the DMV folks would attempt to have you take a Non-commercial Class A exam (rather that the 25 Q for the 41), or a MH exam - - upon successful completion of testing, the person issuing a temp license actually tried to issue me a "standard" Non-Commercial Class A license - until I explained what he *should* issue. That resulted in him tearing up the one he had already printed, and with help from another employee - he got it done correctly. Yeah - should have kept my mouth quiet - and brought in the Doctor's Certificate he requested. (Never said a word about the/a driving portion!) ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/15/19 01:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: California Non-commercial class A license ***New question***

I don’t agree that the CHP’s license stops are unconstitutional. What authority do you have other than a quote from the federal Constitution? Vehicle Code Section 2400 (b) The commissioner shall enforce all laws regulating the operation of vehicles and the use of the highways except that, on ways or places to which Section 592 makes reference, the commissioner shall not be required to provide patrol or enforce any provisions of this code other than those provisions applicable to private property. In 1979 the Supreme Court ruled in Delaware vs. Prouse that stopping a vehicle simply to check a driver's license violates the 4th Amendment. There isn't an LEO in any of the 50 states that *can't* come up with a probable cause to stop a vehicle. First question - may I see your Driver's License please. They do every day - and actually CA probably the least likely state to be stopped by the CHP (or other LEO) for something insignificant - unless it's on some rural road in the boondocks. Unless it's rush hour/s - literally thousands of vehicles exceeding the posted speed limits on the freeways - often by 20mph or more. ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/12/19 06:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why was the Mexico beach thread moved: Resurrected

I tried to notify moderator and all I got was a error message. Not everyone got The Memo :B Good job & thanks Mod ("jplante4" reply) - that's what I said (previous post) before I "got/saw The Memo"! :W ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/12/19 06:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why was the Mexico beach thread moved: Resurrected

It was moved because we are all human, even the moderators. Personally I would have PM'd the moderator and asked this question, not gone out and broadcast it to the general public.I tried to notify moderator and all I got was a error message. The error message is a common occurrence! Find any post (any forum) by a Moderator - send him or her a private message - with the problem and the "error" result. Ask to: have it corrected or ask the Mod to notify an Admin. Works like a charm. :C
ol Bombero-JC 12/12/19 06:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Upgrade V-10 to Turbo?

FYI - before spending big bucks on mods - maybe "patience is prudent"...see the January, 2020 issue of Hot Rod Mag. See article: Ford Releases a Big-Inch Beast. An Inside look at Ford's all-new 7.3L (gas) pushrod V8 - - ("designed to replace the 6.8L V-10 that Ford has used since 1997"). "Ford will use the big-inch small block in it's trucks, namely the F-250, F-350, F-450, and in various commercial and fleet applications including motor homes and delivery trucks." Will it be avail for aftermarket applications - and at what cost? ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/10/19 11:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Handle came off sliding window in my destination trlr

I like goop too. this is a sliding window,.. so if you had to you could use a suction cup device to slide it. the issue is really that the handle is often also the locking device. So long as the slider is on the INSIDSE a small length of dowel rod or hakf or quarter round (i'd use quarter) layed in the track works well or drill STRAIGHT down and drop in a bolt or pin Drop in means lift out,. IMO - my "guess"'s not a security issue, but how to get hold of the window to slide it. Security (only) options are easy - as in suggestions offered.. If the OP could elaborate - solutions offered might be better? What's a "destination trlr"? (Why did we need to know that?) Normal recreation trlr (RV)? Mobile home? Suggest the "goop" method (doubtful) or JB Weld for metal to metal. It's a sticky situation!..:W ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/07/19 01:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Warranty work on TT v 5r v MH

CF, That is a bad bet.... A good friend wanted a specific coach. He found one at a deal price - Low Mileage and just over a year old. He bought it and it is fortunate that he is a skilled technician because it took him almost the next year to get it to be reliable and usable. MattOnly made it to the 3rd post - the thread is bound to be "gee whiz" stuff....however - as above a friend purchased a top of the line Newmar DP -new- spent the first year in and out of the dealer - even (respectful) calls with the head of the company (or his direct rep). Sure - they got it done under warranty.....but no compensation for down time, while they kept on making the payments...:( Now - the TTs & 5ths (and any RV): There are folks who will bring it back (under warranty) if they find a loose screw in a cabinet, etc. etc. - and point to all the problems they had. I personally have had TTs, slide-in camper, MHs (no DPs), and currently a Jayco 5th purchased new, with 2yr factory warranty I never needed. Never had a problem with the TTs - one of which bought new - or the 5th. One (gas) MH I purchased new , but only kept it about a year. Two minor "problems" with the 5th which were easily fixed by myself in about 15 minutes (at most).......but could have taken it to a dealer. A year or so after I bought it, I was chatting with a salesman at a Jayco dealer in Vegas - regarding "fixits" - he "opined" every RV should come with a set of basic tools for the owner.......and owners with "real" or "genuine" warranty problems could get into the shop much, much easier. I was in a campground in Oregon, just down the street from the Marathon (Prevost) factory. They had their own campground for folks who needed warranty repair. Do tourist things during the day while they worked on your coach. Very nice arrangement - until I met a guy in the "normal" RV campground spending one night where I was. On chatting - they needed his coach for two weeks - motel for him! (Even if they paid - it was a "bummer" for him). Bottom line...."QC" is just two letters of the alphabet - no matter what you purchase. Some easy - some difficult - some better than others - do your research....then roll the dice..:W ~
ol Bombero-JC 12/07/19 01:02pm General RVing Issues
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