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RE: I think they’re doing it wrong

That is so freakin’ unsafe! Not hooking the safety chains up is just unacceptable! :S ........... I'd love to see the rest of the trailer. Just a D9 Cat back there. Problem? :):) No big deal - and actually it's a D18 ;)
ol Bombero-JC 11/27/19 02:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: replacement for Directv

switch to dish!!!!! Least complicated, and best answer to the question. However, if you want lots and lots of options - - you're off to a good start, - - just like the pages and pages you mentioned. :S ~
ol Bombero-JC 11/23/19 04:02pm Technology Corner
RE: first report new springs with a surprize result

Since you have a Class C MH - you might try posting on that forum. See if any owners of Class C's have had similar experiences. :@
ol Bombero-JC 11/23/19 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Best type of house battery

Your premise is incorrect. Most use a single starting battery (sometimes relabeled as a combination battery but really just a starting battery if you open it up and look at the construction). If you don't camp off grid, it's a perfectly good solution. Jacks & slides will generally pull less than 100amps for less than 30seconds and a starting battery does just fine doing that. Only reason to consider Gel or AMG is if you are going to roll your RV. The big advantage to them is they don't leak out the acid if you put them on their side or upside down (planes, boats, jeeps can gain advantage as they often spend time substantially off level). They offer no real advantage in an RV. Good advice. However - 3rd paragraph, "Only reason ...etc." Anyone who has "rolled their RV" - please post the type of battery you used - and what you did with it (the RV -AND- the battery) after the "roll over". (see next) **IIRC - didn't you incur a 5th wheel "blowover"? ~
ol Bombero-JC 11/23/19 02:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: ? Becoming a KOA Work Kamper for $

Add up the hours worked X even minimum wage. There is no way you can come out as a workamper vs a minimum wage job working anywhere else and just paying for you site out of your earnings. No cleaning toilets, nobody knocking on your door after your work hours, no unreasonable management, no extra hours without pay. B.O.Apparently your experience is different from many others. We have friends who have done it for 4 years and love it. They don't clean toilets, no unreasonable management, site is supplied, propane and electric is supplied, all they have to do is man the entry booth for a few hours several days/week. You must have picked the wrong park to work in. Hey - there's good deals - and bad deals! You couldn't pay me enough or offer enough "perks" to "man the entry booth" at some parks. Fee space = no thanks. Ex: CampLand in San Diego, AKA The San Diego Zoo. Slow park (the entry booth) or busy park. Kinda like the gate guard jobs in TX at the fracking sites. Whatever rings your/their chimes. :W
ol Bombero-JC 11/21/19 12:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: ? Becoming a KOA Work Kamper for $

I have a $100,000 check sitting here with your name on it. If you will just pay me the transfer fee of $100, I will release it to you. Guaranteed! Just send me $20. for "shipping & handling" and the transfer fee will be sent ASAP via FedEx. BTW - years ago (in So. CA) there was a guy ("Joe Karbo") who extensively (full page ads) advertised his paperback book, "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" - for $10. Keep it for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied - return it for a full refund. No, I didn't bite - but "Joe" had an address in Huntington Harbor, Huntington Beach, CA. One day while doing inspections - "we" (a Fire Engine Company) met Joe purely by accident. He was getting his (mega) yacht ready for an ocean voyage to Hawaii. Nice guy - and *HE* found the "Lazy Man's Way to Riches" - which, by the way, was just basic (factual) info on investments. Info that was readily available anywhere. At $10 a pop -even "back when"- not many buyers bothered to return his book for a refund. $ Legal - Ka-ching $ :W
ol Bombero-JC 11/21/19 12:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

OP: One more on SHARE YOUR LOCATION !! Why the "secret stuff"??...:h...:?...:@ No need to "publish" your actual address, phone number, or e-mail. Simply list the city, county, or area. Anyone reasonably close by and willing to help can reply (here). Then communicate the above (here) by a "PM" - Private Message! :C
ol Bombero-JC 11/21/19 11:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help and Advice on a badly placed 5th wheel

here's the video link but again money is involved he may not have. clicky Maybe if he shared his location one of us could help him. Bucky & RLC - nothing to do with $$ - power movers (the video) are NOT even close to being the answer - especially on sand...:S OP: As noted - SHARE your LOCATION !!...:S Maybe someone close by will at least stop by and you and they can scratch your heads together to come up with a viable solution!! :h...:h ~
ol Bombero-JC 11/20/19 01:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any nice new 5th wheels that have cloth furniture

Replaced the (2) cloth recliners & sofa with items of my choice. Also - replaced the dining table (& 4 cloth covered chairs) w/ more "functional" items. All "replacements" were within the first year of ownership. *If* I was purchasing again, I would at least *attempt* to purchase without those items - and replace with MY preference. Of course, you can spec order a New Horizons (and/or?) with interiors of your choice - factory direct. ~
ol Bombero-JC 11/20/19 01:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50 Amp Surge Guard Issue?

OP here. Could that CG have another issue that my surge guard was protecting me from. Send your concerns to MUFON. May have been extra-terrestrial (aliens) recharging their "RV" on the same circuit during your previous experience. ~
ol Bombero-JC 11/20/19 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Doom for the RV industry???

Illinois top court ruled a couple CAN sue and get their money back plus damages from the sale of an RV with an undisclosed defect. Every RV sold has something wrong with it and if all buyers can sue.... LINK Interesting article. However - "Doom & Gloom"? - doubt the RV industry will believe the sky is falling..:R Anybody can sue anybody for anything. We live in a litigious society. Unless it's a lawsuit that benefits the attorneys (personal injury, etc.), the person bringing the lawsuit better have VERY, VERY DEEP pockets!!...:S RV mfgrs ALL have legal counsel on the "ready line" - part of doing business - (and.....the buyers are already paying for it). ~
ol Bombero-JC 11/20/19 12:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Pickup?

???? What good's a pickup if you can't haul anything in the bed. Truck Camper owners ?? Not for U, for sure. Made it a clicky. Thank you !! Would have skipped it. "Monkey44" - take note !! BTW - the current issue of Hot Rod mag has an xln't article on E-vehicles - including the (all time) record holder for Pikes Peak. :C
ol Bombero-JC 11/20/19 12:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sailun Tires on Sale

Are the Sailun tires made with slave labor like so many Chinese products? Personally, I am pleased with Michelin and BFG tires. Just my opinion and this is America where we free. "Humorous" - or "Ignorance" ?? Michelin has two mfg facilities in (mainland) China - as they do in many other countries. Visit same - and see middle class Chinese driving Benz(s) - maybe they are the slave "masters", ROTFLMAO. "This is America where we free"...:? I may be easy, but I'm not free!..:W ~
ol Bombero-JC 11/20/19 12:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: help with skirt fender

OK I can't find their web address but I have gotten misc RV exterior parts including skirts from a company called Ikon, maybe someone has their address. Wait! I found it searching my email: Icondirect I just recently ordered a skirt from these folks. They were prompt, had it in two days. While the fit was good, the finish was different, and not as pictured when ordering. My oem skirt was bright white smooth, and skirt received, a dull textured white one. This outfit makes these skirts, and seem okay, but to get a good match, you may need two. Jerry "...... but to get a good match you may need two". Or - a can of spray paint. "Generic" color.....or - Any automotive paint supplier will mix a can of matching (spray) paint for about $10. Take along your "good" skirt for matching purposes.
ol Bombero-JC 10/25/19 12:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Oops, Dodge just threw you under the bus...

...."Doubled down" - at the Desert Captain's Casino! ~
ol Bombero-JC 10/25/19 12:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oops, Dodge just threw you under the bus...

For the first time the latest commercials from Dodge are now calling their Half ton Dodge Ram's "Light Duty Pickups". The commercials don't verbally say so but the print on the screen is quite clear. I know it is just marketing but then again many of the Ram so called half tons come with well under 1,000# of payload so maybe they have a point. Pardon my chuckling but after having a Doge Ram 4X4 crew cab guy tell me that my Honda Ridgeline was not a "Real truck" it is hard to keep a straight face. His "Real Truck" comes in at 977# of payload so maybe the new Dodge commercials are right. For the record... Ridgeline, Tacoma, Colorado, Ranger, Yukon and even the Frontier typically have more payload than the venerable Dodge Ram. :B Potential "debate / discussion" too hot for you? Worried about the "flamers" ?? You've been in the Desert too long! Why not post in the *TOW VEHICLES* forum ?? No guts, no glory (or whatever), ROTFL :B
ol Bombero-JC 10/25/19 12:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Those with portable surge protector

While plugged in at your home do you always use your surge protector? I can see why to always use at campgrounds because of lots of things there. High demand on power causing low voltage- high voltage-bad wiring-etc etc. But at home those are not near as likely to happen. Just curious what other do. It would seem some of the posters are of the opinion you are asking if you use your portable surge protector for surge protection *INSIDE* your "sticks and bricks" HOUSE (home). While AT your home - why not use it for your RV - just like you would at a campground? I've never experienced a surge event AT at campground - but I have had same happen at my "sticks and bricks" - relatively new home, major power company. Power (utility) company had power outage. When they powered back up (on) - surge cost me a fairly expensive electronic device. Lesson learned - use individual surge protectors for same IN YOUR HOME - (or whole house protection at your electrical panel). As already noted: RV surge protectors -no matter what kind, including PI - will *NOT* protect your *RV* from *LIGHTNING* strikes!..:( Thunderstorms, lightning potential: Disconnect from pedestal (as in "unplug"). :C
ol Bombero-JC 10/21/19 02:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Dead microwave

There are a plethora of sizes of microwaves on the shelves now that would fit. "Plethora" -and then some- for sure! Wonder why the need to ask? Measure. If not an exact fit - A bit of "creative molding" (easy) will take care of anything smaller than the opening. ~
ol Bombero-JC 10/13/19 01:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Pomona (Fontana) CA RV show

I see that the show this year is in a different location, and is only 9 days. Didn't it used to be considerably longer than that? Yes. Maybe. ......and - - How many days did you need?...:@ ~
ol Bombero-JC 10/13/19 12:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Good RV repair shop

Why would CW ignore you? Parts, labor...a fairly nice profit. Because it's CW...:S..:S..:S And the OP's first mistake!..:R ~
ol Bombero-JC 10/13/19 12:53am General RVing Issues
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