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RE: Cricket golf carts

The baby monitor for the 3 year old was off!..:Z Thanks for the Cricket and Palmer info!..:) . You're ("your" - you are) welcome!.... :B
ol Bombero-JC 10/11/21 12:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cricket golf carts

your answering a 3 year old thread so you may not get any relies Here's *your* answer.... Not sure about any "relies"..... but some (me too) may have missed this 3-year old...:W So here's an on topic reply you can rely on..... Always see this add in Hemmings Motor News, "Tour Shows with Ease" - for a silent electric 3-wheeler, carries two riders up to 550 lbs total. Check it out at "Palmer" - (link *not* provided for folks who don't like to click 'em) I don't have one - but lots of interesting products including a DIY kit (electric) for *your* bike or trike. ~
ol Bombero-JC 10/11/21 11:47am General RVing Issues
Gov Newsom bill - Pressure Washers

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30287098
ol Bombero-JC 10/10/21 01:03pm General RVing Issues
Gov Newsom bill - Pressure Washers

Regarding the post banning gas (gasoline?) powered generators and pressure washers. Already added my .02 for ban on leaf blowers. So this is part deux of: "Go get 'em Newsom rant" !! House in "normal" tract of homes. Approx 2500 sq ft home about a block away. One (or maybe 3) adult males live there. (Never seen more than one adult male outside, no kids) It's the street I use to regularly exit the tract. The home is opposite a corner house, so the corner house does not "front" across from "the 13" house. They are maybe? dealers (leased car returns?) for M Benz cars. No less than 7 cars occupy the street (7 in street, 3 in driveway, 3 in garage). All apparently have valid plates (3 in garage =?)....I guess the cars are returned from lease. All are relatively new MB cars. They (or one of them) drive *one car* "somewhere" daily. Every Saturday, the Detailer arrives to detail at least the "outside ten" - maybe others are rotated. Takes several hours!..:R Not a "Covid thing" - been going on for years! Glad I'm a block away for wash & detail day. Feel sorry for the neighbors - and no doubt Newsom will be doing them a favor..:W :C...:C ~
ol Bombero-JC 10/10/21 01:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California will soon ban the sale of new gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers, a move aimed at curbing emissions from a category of small engines on pace to produce more pollution each year than passenger vehicles. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new law on Saturday that orders state regulators to ban the sale of new gas-powered equipment using small off-road engines, a broad category that includes generators, lawn equipment and pressure washers... Poster -and quoted article- needed to define *gas powered*!! Does "gas" powered mean *gasoline*?? I think it does. However, (IMO) it doesn't mean natural gas or propane. Converted all my *generators* to either of the above (or both) long ago due to the ethanol in gasoline. Sure - if you remember - use appropriate additive -or- shut off the gasoline and run until supply in carb is gone. Forget?? - - It's time for "Benny and (clean the) The Jets", LOL BTW - The CA Gov should ban ethanol !! My old cars and motorcycles (and me) would be happy! Darn Happy - when many/most CA cities banned obnoxious gasoline powered leaf blowers! - (Including the one where I live) ~
ol Bombero-JC 10/10/21 12:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Spouse left behind after death at a Campsite, what to do?

It's an old thread, worth reading & pertains to this one. "Getting 5th Wheel Home" ~
ol Bombero-JC 09/27/21 07:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Alternatives for Michelin XPS Ribs?

Switched to Sailuns on my 2015 13k ORV Glacier Peak. 20k miles little to no wear. Very Happy! Put Sailuns on my 2019 16k Vilano and after 10k mile still very happy! IMHO, cheap tires = expensive repairs! Well said !! And - you may/probably "be on the hook" for those expensive repairs! .
ol Bombero-JC 09/24/21 11:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Remote duel fuel 2500 watt generator?

Are there any lightweight quiet generators like this out there. I am not sure what I am looking for. I have a small Honda 1500 watt now just wondering. I actually would like something I could install in a 30 ft fiver garage. Best place to ask = visit the Tech Issues Forum (here). Everything generator is usually there. .
ol Bombero-JC 09/24/21 11:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV furniture

The same thing happened to us when we had a fifth wheel. We found the right size online with Lazy Boy. Or any of the Recliner stores you see advertised on TV, etc. Even Costco. *If* you want "high dollar" recliners there are stores specializing in those. "Pricey" is correct. Recliners normally are in two pieces - the back and the bottom (where you sit). Couches & hide-a-beds - sometimes difficult to get the back to come off the bottom - usually just a tight fit to separate the two. Hide-A-Bed - remove the bed part first. Base is way lighter! NEVER had a problem getting any of the above thru the door! Couch was a tight fit - a "helper" is nice. (IMO) I would buy at a Goodwill Store before Camping World...:R ~
ol Bombero-JC 09/24/21 11:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Manufacture vs Dealership

Which manufacturers sell direct to the public? Luxe RV, and New Horizons are 2 that come to mind, there MAY be another, but more than likely not..... Class C Motor homes - LayZdays As posted - mfgrs that sell directly to the public don't have dealers! (They ARE the dealer). *If* you can find a listing of genuine MSRPs directly from the *mfgr* (rather than what the dealer *claims* is the MSRP), you can find dealers who will offer genuine -verifiable- discounts. RV's are simply not sold by dealers the same way cars & trucks are. Cars & trucks in descending order = MSRP (ignore it). Dealer Invoice = close to what you may pay. The dealer is still making a profit via Dealer Hold Over (extra $ to the dealer) you can find the amounts. Lastly - True *Dealer Cost* - which you will never know unless the dealer is your dad! (maybe not even then)- True Dealer Cost will include rebates paid directly to the dealer by the mfgr for sales volume, etc. :W
ol Bombero-JC 09/24/21 11:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Very unusual tow vehicle, see if you can guess it

Edit to/for my previous post, in re: Heavy Duty Trucks (HDT) with Smart Cars on the bed - which can be off-loaded to the side w/o un-hitching. Heavy Haulers Resource Guide The topic bar has a section for photos of the owner's rigs. BTW - as a former 30 year pd firefighter, other than "well maintained", former fire apparatus is a poor conversion choice. Lots of collectors, however. ~
ol Bombero-JC 09/23/21 06:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Very unusual tow vehicle, see if you can guess it

Pretty cool tow vehicle. Do you suppose he bought it that way, or repurposed a retired fire truck? No repuposed it, someone on that group is doing something similar, except he is putting a smart car on the bed. Guess "repuposed" it - means *repurposed* (change the purpose) - or maybe it's a slang term for a smart car ("pup") on the bed! You don't have to go to Ausie land - HDTs with smart cars on the bed, towing heavy pin weight 5th wheels are common in the USA. Yep - they are repurposed from towing 80 thousand pound trailers, to towing long, heavy, fifth wheels. Often "singled" (one of the tandem rear axles removed). Plenty of whistles & bells, automatic trannys, and sleeper cabs. All the horsepower and torque you could ever want or need! Tow anything you can put behind it with ease! Can be licensed in many states as an RV - and only requires a standard Driver's License. Lastly, used HDT's in good to excellent condition are available at approx the cost (or less) than a new pickup. Check out (the gallery pics) on the Escapees HDT forum. :W...:C ~
ol Bombero-JC 09/22/21 04:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Use of FLEX-SEAL (revisited)

^^^This Like the simplicity of the name!! Where can I buy "This"? - Or should I say that?...:@ ~
ol Bombero-JC 09/18/21 01:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Failure

I am an Anti-Chinese tire person. How much evidence does one need to understand the problem? Mainland China will mfgr tires to the buyer's specs. Most major tire brands have manufacturing facilities in China, including GY and Michelin. For niche markets (like trailers) some companies still use their brand name, others devise creative names for their 2nd or 3rd tier tires - so tire failures don't reflect poorly on their first tier product/s. Even *you* can be a distributor for "Lynnmore ST" (or LT) tires if you desire. The Chinese will be happy to accommodate you - and produce a tire that meets minimum specs - or improved specs & quality - whatever you want. Line up your US distribution network - and you're in business. :W
ol Bombero-JC 09/15/21 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: “Pathetic quality”: RV dealers are fed up...

Quality and inexpensive do not fit in the same sentence - ever. We can sometimes choose one or the other, but not both....... Personally, I'd rather cry about price, buy a product once, and have it last more than two days beyond warranty. This is exactly right, and is the reason why last month when we finally decided to downsize to a somewhat smaller RV, we went with a Newmar coach (see signature, although haven't updated the picture yet). I was tired of making repairs and finding cheap and shoddy construction on the last rig we owned. Decided this time, we'd pony up a few more $$ and get one known for better quality. So far, we've found it is just that. Hmmmmmm...."Downsizing" - you went from (?......?) to a 30' Newmar with a sticker price of $156K. Not picking on you, but some folks just might consider that serious "up-sizing" & "out of their league" from what *they* have now! :W
ol Bombero-JC 09/15/21 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: “Pathetic quality”: RV dealers are fed up...

I commented on RV quality several years ago. We went to the Hershey RV Show, I was surprised at the junk & shoddy workmanship the factory/dealers sent to a major show. Things were missing, broke, loose and didn't fit properly. We need someone to show us how to build RV's, like Japan showed us how to build cars in the 70's. Not that it matters - but the RV *dealers* pay to display their products. In the case of Pomona (CA) RV show - there may be several dealers in the immediate So.CA area selling the same brand of RV. Only *one* for a given brand gets the go ahead, based on the fee paid to the show sponsor. (And offer "supposed" *show specials*). :W
ol Bombero-JC 09/12/21 08:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: “Pathetic quality”: RV dealers are fed up...

Imagine what kind of employees you get for $7.25/hour. Yes, that's Indiana's minimum wage. Are all RV assembly workers paid an hourly wage? Thought -at least some- were "piece workers". :@
ol Bombero-JC 09/12/21 12:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Big black bugs crawling across road

Tarantula walkabout,males looking for mates? I have seen the same thing in Mew Mexico this time of year. Friend lives in Murietta, CA - acre lot. Also has a "regular" Tarantula rally. Lots of Tar an Tillas trooping across his driveway in "the season". (Probably should catch & sell 'em to pet stores??) :h
ol Bombero-JC 08/21/21 01:09pm General RVing Issues

FMCA also has Tec Connect. Truly unlimited 4G data for 50/month and with the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile Verizion may well no longer have the best coverage map.. T-Mobile coverage map is ... Not many gaps. No need to belong to FMCA for the T-mobile $50/month unlimited 4G. :W You might want to read the fine print on that T-mobile contract. I have T-mobile and I get 100 Gigs of full speed ahead then if the tower is busy I get slowed down.. that's on the phone. On the hotspot application the limit is about half that. Now I do get unlimited. just not unlimited high speed The Tech Connect is unlimited full speed ahead high speed. (4G though I think... (I've not noticed a great increase since I went 5G last month. though there are other advantages to the new phone, disadvantages too, same as always) It *is* unlimited. (4G) *Maybe* it gets throttled - but hasn't happened to me. *Never* have paid more than $50. per month. Works for me...whatever works for you is dyno-mite!! :C...:C ~
ol Bombero-JC 06/06/21 09:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing Disaster-AAA

Should have added to (my) previous post.... AAA ERS, towing is not always *nationally* affiliated. Many past threads/posts alluding to that.....most seemed to be in the Eastern US. Your local AAA service may be outstanding - but "out of state" service may have problems! I have AAA (but *not* for RVs) in my home state. Every time I have used the service (for cars, pickups) it has been time a tow operator was pulling up behind me before I could end the call for service! (In-tank-fuel pump died - had to give car a push across the intersection...fortunately a slight "down-slope" incline which he witnessed). BTW: In So CA the DMV services provided by AAA, are always a *pleasure*..:C.. compared to that state agency...:( ~
ol Bombero-JC 06/05/21 05:51pm General RVing Issues
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