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FMCA also has Tec Connect. Truly unlimited 4G data for 50/month and with the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile Verizion may well no longer have the best coverage map.. T-Mobile coverage map is ... Not many gaps. No need to belong to FMCA for the T-mobile $50/month unlimited 4G. :W You might want to read the fine print on that T-mobile contract. I have T-mobile and I get 100 Gigs of full speed ahead then if the tower is busy I get slowed down.. that's on the phone. On the hotspot application the limit is about half that. Now I do get unlimited. just not unlimited high speed The Tech Connect is unlimited full speed ahead high speed. (4G though I think... (I've not noticed a great increase since I went 5G last month. though there are other advantages to the new phone, disadvantages too, same as always) It *is* unlimited. (4G) *Maybe* it gets throttled - but hasn't happened to me. *Never* have paid more than $50. per month. Works for me...whatever works for you is dyno-mite!! :C...:C ~
ol Bombero-JC 06/06/21 09:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing Disaster-AAA

Should have added to (my) previous post.... AAA ERS, towing is not always *nationally* affiliated. Many past threads/posts alluding to that.....most seemed to be in the Eastern US. Your local AAA service may be outstanding - but "out of state" service may have problems! I have AAA (but *not* for RVs) in my home state. Every time I have used the service (for cars, pickups) it has been time a tow operator was pulling up behind me before I could end the call for service! (In-tank-fuel pump died - had to give car a push across the intersection...fortunately a slight "down-slope" incline which he witnessed). BTW: In So CA the DMV services provided by AAA, are always a *pleasure*..:C.. compared to that state agency...:( ~
ol Bombero-JC 06/05/21 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing Disaster-AAA

Give "Cummins12v98" credit for the real world - but with a couple of "caveats"!! Towing via your insurance company: Read *ALL* the fine print, and know how much $$ they will reimburse, distance allowed for the tow, etc. Along with "pay the man" - A CC (credit card) or Benjamins (serious bucks-with Ben Franklin's pic) will usually get GREAT service!! ************************************************************* All the "Motor Clubs" AAA, CN, GS, etc. contract with tow operators all over the country. Often tow operators have multiple "Motor Club" contracts. The service the tow operators render is dependent on two things: 1. How busy they are at the time you call - more lucrative "recurring" contracts - ex: with the PD, Highway Patrol, State Troopers, etc. - will get priority over you!! 2. How well the Motor Club reimburses the tow operator! Both for the tow (how much) *AND* how promptly *they* are paid when they submit their invoice/s. Besides using a CC and/or Benjamins - #2 above may or may not influence the service you receive! Join a Tow Operator forum(s) and read the posts regarding #2 !! Interesting info "exchanges" about Motor Clubs. BTW: Back to #2 again. IMO (my choice) is none of the Motor Clubs mentioned in/on the thread! Check out US Rider! When you are towing live animals (horses) - response time is VERY, very important! No you don't have to own -or be transporting- hay burners to have the service - and folks towing horse trailers usually have MDTs and heavy 5th wheel trailers, often for multiple horses w/ full living quarters - requiring *serious* towing equipment. Fortunately, I have never needed to use the service - but I *have* exchanged both e-mail, US mail, and phone calls with the Director to discuss the service. Can you say that about your ERS?...:@ Roll on! ~
ol Bombero-JC 06/02/21 08:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Back Up Cameras

Another source = Rear View Safety dot com BTW - a recommended wireless brand/model on forums is "Haloview RD10". Unfortunately - "out of stock" on Haloview web site, Amazon does not list that (Haloview) model. Maybe that means it's good???? :@
ol Bombero-JC 06/02/21 10:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Cell phone. Carrier

No dog (ah - carrier) in the fight, but... maybe one of the posters who claim "no bars" before whatever cell booster they have - and usable connection "after boost" could chime in? BTW - small to medium tin cans - and lots of string might work...:@ ~
ol Bombero-JC 05/26/21 06:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Frustrating BZB Products experience

Why should BZB be held responsible for what others did or did not do? I empathize with you, but..... They probably don't have the same power as say Costco or Amazon with regards to their suppliers. Agree!..:S Also with the post that followed the above - which was as far as I got "into" replies to your rant. "Condolences" - as that appears to be what you are looking for..:h List it on Ebay & best of luck. ~ On edit: read 'em all after seeing the "hate" reference: Yikes, Mod - they're not "hate" postings - just real world, facts of life and "doing business". We *ALL* have been there at one time or another....stuck with something we didn't need through our own fault and "ate it". Been there done that -but didn't post it - How 'bout you?...:@ ~
ol Bombero-JC 05/26/21 12:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lock em up... a long story

All I can say as a retired cop is ensure all your property is insured. Unfortunately - for cars, trucks, & RVs- often the insurance doesn't cover the cost of replacement. :( .
ol Bombero-JC 05/24/21 03:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: internet

I have it at my home, I am not there , son is using trailer didn't want to go into long ordeal. Don't need comments asking how made it. Thanks How about comments about persnickety attitude/s? :R .
ol Bombero-JC 05/23/21 01:12am Technology Corner

FMCA also has Tec Connect. Truly unlimited 4G data for 50/month and with the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile Verizion may well no longer have the best coverage map.. T-Mobile coverage map is ... Not many gaps. No need to belong to FMCA for the T-mobile $50/month unlimited 4G. :W
ol Bombero-JC 05/23/21 01:02am General RVing Issues

HMMMMM, another reason to own a Mac. No problem/s with a PC - however..... Wife's Chromebook will not recognize either of our two WiFi hotspots (which it normally does). PWs (etc.) are no help. So may have nothing to do with RV Net forum/s. :h
ol Bombero-JC 05/16/21 12:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Buy new now or wait until end of summer

Wow - nobody mentioned the glut of RVs and RVers not traveling due to the gas shortage!!...:E (BIG) - ROTFL !!...
ol Bombero-JC 05/12/21 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Gasoline/Diesel Shortages

Always a smoke screen these things are. Naaww - a "SMOKE SCREEN" ?? Does that mean the sky is *NOT* falling??? - ROTFL Gas prices in California are up due to a pipeline that supplies *zero* fuel/s to CA. Just an excuse by the oil companies to raise prices (and escape any anti-gouging mandates). Why? - "More people traveling due to relaxed Covid restrictions, etc." (But keep that pipeline in your mind !). :R .
ol Bombero-JC 05/12/21 11:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Running Inverter Generator Safely From Pickup

CO is heavier than air..... I see a poster has already corrected this statement ("nit picking") - but it caught my eye also. CO -carbon monoxide- is very close, but is *lighter* than air, and will mix with air. High enough concentration can/will kill you - recent example was a family running generator in front yard (due to power outage) close to an open window. Read and heed: Maybe "mr_andyj" is thinking of propane? :@ .
ol Bombero-JC 05/11/21 10:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lithium Ion Batteries...Yikes

A Chevy Bolt did the same thing about a week ago. Could have easily burned down the house. My dad's house did burn down, but the cause was a normal car. Gasoline has a higher energy density than any battery. Sorry about your dad's loss. Higher density, etc. - Gasoline fed fires (by car/s in garages, etc.) are routinely extinguished, most often without extension to an attached house - by urban fire departments with "normal" response times of 5 min or less. Usually a supply line is laid for back-up, but the 400 gal of water (or more) on a fire apparatus is sufficient for initial knock-down, containment - and often extinguishment. Put the wet stuff on the red stuff - they go "out"! :W
ol Bombero-JC 05/09/21 11:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lithium Ion Batteries...Yikes

I'd be looking this thing up and see if others have had the same experience. The dive boat off the Santa Barbara (CA) coast - multiple fatalities caused by fire originating in (small) lithium Ion batt(s)for various camera equipment, etc. Probably started in one and spread to others. Guests sleeping below deck were unable to escape. The Chevy Bolt - some folks have purchased lith Ion batts from wrecked electric cars to use in golf carts. One member on SKPs forums had what was suspected to be a short in the golf cart batt - parked under the overhang of his 5th wheel. (BTW he's an electrical engr). He rated the fire as an "explosion" (at 2:30 AM while sleeping)- which was so intense the smoke detectors didn't have time to alarm....and he had only seconds for himself, wife & dog to escape. Fifth wheel (& of course the golf cart) completely destroyed. All batteries deserve respect - but Lithium Ion Batteries deserve very special "mega" respect! A Fire Dept in a suburb of Houston even called Tesla for advice on how to extinguish a car fire which simply would not go out despite repeated efforts by use of various extinguishing agents - and thousands of gallons of water over a period of 4 hours. The crash (& fatality of both occupants) was supposedly caused by use of the "driverless" feature being improperly utilized. (Google it). :( .
ol Bombero-JC 05/09/21 09:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Visible Wireless Feedback

It has nothing to do with this thread so here is more info for you JC, Have a great weekend. fraud.html Good article, thanks! - Might have "something to do with this thread" to/for anyone with a cell phone - as per the article! Clickable link: Maybe the following is -would be- beneficial to *ALL* cell phone users! (Sticky is closed) However: (how it's done, etc.) Never used the phone for anything other than a back-up hotspopt. Didn't do anything other than make sure it worked. I don't "do" social media - Facebook, Twitter, etc. Nothing ever done that would include personal info. I don't do online banking - even with my "normal" WiFi connections. Note that the phone was able to *receive* calls - which would only go to voice mail. When I called Chat/tech (my 2nd post)....the "issue" I described: "Phone hacked or cloned?" She said (as in the article) - the only way it could be done was if "Benjamin" knew the SIM code number. Seems he would *still* know the SIM card number!? (Or - could it be changed remotely by Visible Tech - w/o a replacement card?) After discussing (and resolving? the issue) I asked if I should change my PW. She said no. Bottom line (finally) then and now - only plan was/is to use it as a back-up hotspot. Other than checking to see if it worked - back in the box it went. Probably made "Benjamin" happy. And....if it *IS* fraudulent - Visible/Verizon has all of the perp's info: Name address, etc. Maybe the men in black will pay Ben a visit, LOL. :C .
ol Bombero-JC 04/02/21 03:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Stolen Catalytic Converter

"Becoming very common in California." VERY common EVERYWHERE !!...:S Visit YouTube to view various anti-theft devices and options for same. The cats are NOT being re-sold by salvage yards - they are destroyed to recover the precious metals. Your comprehensive insurance (minus deductible) may cover it. Replacement is not cheap - no matter where a replacement is sourced..:( . This. And there are a ton of regulations, federal and state, that restrict the allowable replacement parameters. I would go through my insurance and a reputable shop to get the work done, especially if you live in a state with required smog checks. BTW - also correct. The forum omitted the quoted "format" on my original reply to "lwidds", but at least the quotations are there. ~
ol Bombero-JC 03/31/21 10:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stolen Catalytic Converter

"Becoming very common in California." VERY common EVERYWHERE !!...:S Visit YouTube to view various anti-theft devices and options for same. The cats are NOT being re-sold by salvage yards - they are destroyed to recover the precious metals. Your comprehensive insurance (minus deductible) may cover it. Replacement is not cheap - no matter where a replacement is sourced..:( . "TOEDTOES" - You incorrectly attributed the post by "lwiddis" to me...:( I quoted from lwiddis' post - as above - stating Catalytic Converter theft is very common *everywhere* !!.... Which, of course it is - including California. And This: All the above is correct. ~
ol Bombero-JC 03/31/21 10:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wheel bearing advice

You have been on here for many years, not much more can be written on the subject. Yeah - so don't ask any more !!!....ROTFL
ol Bombero-JC 03/31/21 04:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Roof Tape

I have used Eternabond for several years. It stops leaks permanently. It's easy to apply and holds up well. I have never heard of the tape you purchased. Let us know how it works. Ditto on "never heard of the tape you (OP) purchased" either!! *Eternabond*- is my success story, no reason to try any other or know how -or if- it works. Try a search last 12 months and archives (over 1 yr old) for Eternabond. (The name kinda says it all !!). :W .
ol Bombero-JC 03/31/21 04:46pm General RVing Issues
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