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RE: Getting gas with long trailer?

Wow, so many people overthink this !! can tell before you try to pull in if it is a good gas station or not. Along the interstate I would venture to guess 90% of gas stations can accommodate a larger rig. Not at the Diesel island, at all islands. I drive a diesel but always use the standard islands, don't like the dedicated truck islands and I'm not one to get in the way of a commercial trucker. I have never planned ahead other than to only stop for gas when I can see that there are multiple choices or that the station can accommodate me, this is easy to see before you take the exit. Also, if there is a Love's or other truck stop, I have found the gas islands are wide and easy to get in and out of. The OP - thread starter - is making (fueling) mountains out of mole (ant?) hills! I'm 55' long (truck & 5th wheel) & TTs before that. NEVER had a problem with various crew-cab gas & diesel tow vehicles. The OP shouldn't either.... if he simply pays attention to his options (as above)...and doesn't decide he "desperately" needs fuel when the gauge is on "E"..:S ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/15/22 12:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Interesting Product Coming RV-DE-FENDER

Here's an interesting new product coming to help reduce damage from tire blowouts. Looks like it will be available sometime this summer. Thoughts? TT's since 1976. Couple of gas MHs along the way. 5th wheel since 2005. *NEVER* had a blow out !!....:) Of course, "Murphy" says a blow out is a possibility "sometime"...:( Pressure & Temp monitors, and pay attn to the tires = you bet!...:C However, I'll take the chance, run the risk *without* a/the "RV-de-fender"!..:W
ol Bombero-JC 04/15/22 12:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Selling RV, urgent help needed on proper process California

Congrats on completing the sale....hassle free!..:C Especially the CA DMV part!...:B Hope the learning curve goes well for the French Tourists!..:W ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/13/22 09:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Selling RV, urgent help needed on proper process California

HOWEVER---I don't live in CA. Wow - that says it all !! HOWEVER---I *DO* live in Orange County, CA. You didn't say gas or diesel. You (or the buyers) can have it smogged. Theoretically, it's up to you. Take it to a test only station. DMV - the buyers will pay sales tax and vehicle registration at the DMV. That is supposed to be within ten days. Note: BE SURE you get the buyer's info (Name, address, etc.) to include on the notice of sale YOU will send to the DMV. Blank forms available at any DMV and AAA (if you're a member). I won't go into the "how to" part - for funds. Figure you already know that, and advice from folks from other states should apply. (I would do same - the transfer of funds - at your bank). Hope all goes well with your transaction! On edit: *If* the buyer is taking the RV out of CA, there is no need to have a smog check or visit the DMV. Whatever is req'd by his home state would apply. Just make sure you notify the DMV of the sale with the new owner's non CA *residence* info. (so you are not obligated to have it smogged in CA and removed from the title). BTW - poster in FL saying, "just call the DMV" hilarious, ROTFL :)
ol Bombero-JC 04/05/22 07:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dish network internet

We started with WildBlue many years ago. Then moved to Excede for faster service sometime along the way. Viasat bought out Excede but we are still using our Excede account and hardware. I knew there was one name I was forgetting EXCEED. that's what Bob used.. I never used it but Bob did. (K9EID, Robert Gene Heil, member Rock and Roll hall of fame, Producer of Microphones, accessories and sound systems. Noted amateur radio operator. Theater organist, (among other instruments) and electronics engineer. Wow, gee whiz! Bob is quite a guy, even if I never heard of him, LOL. Wonder if he/you know the story of Leo Fender, the Stratocaster, the "Showman and Dual Showman" amps, & Dick Dale..."King of the Surf Guitar"? Maybe Heil Ave. in Huntington Beach, CA ("Surf City") is named after Bob - like Fender St. in Fullerton, CA - which *was* named due to Leo Fender and his many famous guitars. BTW - more worthless a lowly "Computer Operator" back in the 60's I worked with Jules Schwartz - the originator of the JOVIAL computer language - at SDC (System Development in Santa Monica. Another "think tank" spin-off from the Rand Corp, which is still in business. We would time share every morning (about 6AM), two IBM 360-65s, with the Pentagon. JOVIAL (Jules Own Version of the International Algebraic Language) is still in use in some military applications. (Google any of those!) :B..:R .
ol Bombero-JC 04/03/22 01:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Fulltiming Coming to an End, But Travelling Is Not

MtnMike - notice that *this* forum receives only a small number of replies. They're all good....just not very many. Suggest you post (as a new thread - duplicates are not allowed) in *at least* "General RVing Issues" forum, and/or the Class A and Class C forums - as lots of the posters (in the A & C) have had both. When(if) you go for a ride in either style of MH - make sure you take a cruise on a "local" road/highway - - rather than a smooth freeway or well-maintained get the "real feel"!! Good luck with your search.
ol Bombero-JC 04/03/22 01:26pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Can you jump your 5’er with your truck?

GEEZE My first impression was you were talking about jumping the 5er like the Dukes. Maybe I need more coffee. "Can you jump your 5'er with your truck?" From the side would be best. Calculate the required speed & a launch ramp of appropriate length..:W Check with Robbie Knievel. All kidding aside, if you "jump" your 5'er *batteries* with your truck, chances are the trlr still won't start. .
ol Bombero-JC 04/02/22 08:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailer caddies

Caddy for 15K FW? I'm thinking modified fork lift, or bobcat? Jerry Explored all the same Bobcat in decent condition = very expensive & may need accessories. Fork lift - there are ready-made modifications available. Many/most dealers -and many repair facilities- use fork lifts to move 5th wheels. Ask around. Expect to pay about $2K or more. Downside = *if* you need repairs that aren't DIY, you may need to transport an inoperative fork lift to a repair facility. Could be expensive! Also, used (cheap?) fork lifts may have seen better days. Answer = Parkit 360. Mfg in Canada - Very impressive, but pricey! Caveat/s from Parkit: Do not exceed dolly's rated capacity. Do not operate on more than a 4% grade. The reps can (usually) be found at larger RV shows. Good luck with your dilemma! ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/02/22 06:30pm Fifth-Wheels
Apple Assistant Siri - Glitch - FYI & beware!!

Listening to one of the call-in radio programs today. Caller was looking for advice. His 94 yr old mom is very(?) computer savvy - has various Apple devices. She asked Siri for a phone number for Amazon. Siri came back with a number which was a phishing (bogus) number for Amazon. Unfortunately, she trusted the phony number and allowed the supposed Amazon folks to access her laptop....:( Time for a data save, wipe & fresh re-boot. She is 94 yrs old - "we" all know better, right?...:W .
ol Bombero-JC 04/02/22 06:06pm Technology Corner
RE: On the road observations

This brings back memories of the 70s inflation gas lines and 55MPH national speed limit that lasted a long time along with sweaters. I actually missed all this as I was living in SE Asia flying commercial helicopters all over. No pain for me. YEP may happen again. People will spend more money faster thinking prices will continue to rise and this of course is like the dog chasing its tail. Faster and faster with ever increasing prices is definition of runaway inflation then leading to BA Finance & Tax Accounting, Former SEC CFP, Army Guard and civilian Pilot to Texas Governors, etc. etc. With your experience..... just volunteer your flying abilities to the Ukrainian Air Force and you'll miss it all again...:W .
ol Bombero-JC 04/02/22 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trade in values

Are most RV dealers giving top dollar for trade ins right now? Short answer, NO. They NEVER do. Any RV dealer currently in business attempts to buy their new/used stock at the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM PRICE AND SELL/TRADE IT FOR THE MAXIMUM PRICE. This is how they pay their bills and stay in business. Chum lee Correct, Chum! However, "Used Stock" = *NOT* !! What you didn't say, with the exception of exceptional clean, low-miles, high-end MHs.....most trade-ins go to RV auction/s - rather than the dealer's lot (the dealers want to sell you a *NEW* RV!). Used RVs take up valuable space - and may draw customers away from the real money-makers!!....:W ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/02/22 11:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Trade in values

Are most RV dealers giving top dollar for trade ins right now? You're joking, right ?? On *any* trade the supposed "value" of your trade in goes UP - the price of what you're buying does also!...:S You're negotiating against yourself !!...:S But, hey if you're willing to believe a salesperson's dog and pony sales pitch......say Hi to P.T. Barnam's kin (even though Barnam wasn't the guy who "coined" the phrase, "There's a sucker born every minute"!! Rotsa ruck !!...:R ~
ol Bombero-JC 04/02/22 11:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Dish network internet

Dish partners with a landline provider . They do not provide their own service. Correct. Also - you may think it will work, as you take your DISH service with you. TV = yes, Internet = no. Also - in re: COX cable. Cox will probably have an exclusive contract with the city (in AZ). That means, for example - if you would like to have some other company (ex: Spectrum, etc.) can't. (you will even be told by them that you need to contact COX). DSL - over phone line - will work - maybe. Solution - use a hotspot from Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. Shop around for limitations and cost.
ol Bombero-JC 03/29/22 08:19pm Technology Corner
RE: New Outside Stairs

I park the 5th next to the house - house on one side, 6' wall on the other. I have *exactly* 32 inches of space on each side. With the 5th "centered" I can extend the bedroom slide completely, the living room slide "almost" all the way. The "original" 3 step pull-out steps put the bottom step about 2" from the side wall of the house....which means you step on the bottom step "sideways" to enter. (I built an "L" entry platform w/steps for my "at home" entry use. Remove when the 5th is out of it's storage space). So - not every product will work for everyone, Cummins - no matter what you like! When I get a Round Tuit, I will finish my own easily removable aluminum 4-step and still have the folding 3-step in the 'factory' location. (Have the materials & my wood "mock-up" does just fine). ~
ol Bombero-JC 03/14/22 08:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cost of FCC 2-Way-Radio License

What I was asking: His wife could carry the radio and neither transmit unless there is an emergency such as an attack by a rabbit or other aggressive animal. Only if it's the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog and she does not have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Tell her not to forget. Count to 3, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it. Is it OK to "fast forward" (the count) for an encounter with a Rabbaroo -or- a Chupacabra..:) .
ol Bombero-JC 03/08/22 11:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Happy Campers no longer available in CA?

Well, I hate to put a kink in anyone's sewer hose but MY EXperience with black/grey tank odor is the same as a previous poster. The only time I treat either tank is when I've completely dumped for the last time and I'm returning home. I do not treat a tank that's periodically being dumped at a campground with hook ups....and the only smell is held within the tank itself. If you are treating every single time you dump, you have a sewer gas leakage issue or you need to adjust the air pressures so your aren't drawing odors out of the tank. I'll leave it at this...that's my experience in 40+ RVing years. Ditto the above. Been RVing with self-contained RVs since 1976. Eventually you realize you don't need additives in the black tank to be a happy camper. :B = Happy! .
ol Bombero-JC 03/08/22 10:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is J-Wrap?

Hi Jerry, I didn’t realize it was under the slides. I thought it was something to do with the basement doors? I think what has surprised me most is it seems the Coach builder is building new coach’s while coaches they’ve already sold, sit! That doesn’t strike me as a good business model? I get the supply chain and all of that. But some of it is a conscious choice where the parts go! Have you ever been in business? You would shut down your production line and idle hundreds of workers(NOT getting paid) to ship parts out that were dedicated to production? REALLY? Most RV makers make upwards of Hundreds of Trailers a week. Would YOU be happy if you had a unit on order and they told you it would be extra weeks or months to get your unit because someone OTHER than the OEM damaged a unit? Remember, The Major Car makers kept producing Cars and Trucks because there was a shortage or certain parts, usually chips. NOT because they were supplying chips to consumers, but because their suppliers could not produce due to covid and/or shipping snafus. They usually do NOT have the J wraps in stock for aftermarket sales or warranty. In normal times, they can get those parts within a week and ship out. Doug Doug: Maybe the OP will post whether he has PAID in FULL *before* delivery, -OR- if he is waiting for his 5th to be delivered (only pd a deposit) with the missing J Wrap. (IMO) - I'll bet he (not the dealer) "owns" the RV. BTW - you have a pie in the sky attitude in re: Quality Control -and- the workers are most likely "piece workers". The missing J Wrap is not their problem...:) OP - Which is it....:@ .
ol Bombero-JC 03/08/22 11:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch or gooseneck for new 5er

New to 5th wheels, not new to RVing (2 diesel pushers a few years ago). We are in the process of buying a 2022 Solitude (40') 378MBS. We just purchased a 2019 Dodge Laramie 3500 dually with 8' bed. The pickup has a ball for a gooseneck. So my question is, should we go with a gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch? Pros and cons for each. Not too concerned with cost differential. I'm not sure about terminology, but I think the pickup has the "puck" system. There are 4 holes in the bed surrounding the ball. As you can see, I'm a real newbie to hitches. Thanks in advance for all inputs. BTW, we are selling the house and going fulltime RV. Edit: After reading thru some related topics, I assume I have the puck system and should go the 5th wheel hitch route instead of the gooseneck. BEFORE - you "accept" the *advice* on any internet forum - to use a goose neck or not - check with the mfgr's TECH line (don't rely on a salesperson/dealer). The mfgr is THE authority!! Then decide on what kind of (or brand) of hitch YOU prefer. Again - don't rely on posters saying "I have the XXXX, which is wonderful". Do your homework! :W...:W .
ol Bombero-JC 02/26/22 11:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Road side assistance

Poster "Joe H" : Your post (non-reply, etc.) is exactly why I have US Rider for ERS !! US Rider is an ERS "intended" for folks (equestrians) who have horses. It's the *only* ERS that will tow a trailer with live animals. OK - so you don't have a horse.....I don't, but reading the coverage, it didn't seem to matter. It would cover whatever you are driving and/or towing - whether it "contained" horses (a horse trailer) or not. Likewise, it didn't matter if you had a horse or not. Simply stated, horse ownership was *not* a requirement for the services outlined in the ERS service. Still - a bit dubious, so I sent an e-mail along to the service with question/s regarding the above. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a reply from the Administrator - as well as a letter in the US Mail....along with an invitation to call her if I desired to do so! She explained the coverage - the only "caveat" is, the person covered by the ERS must be the person who is driving (or present, "there" with) the disabled vehicle(s) - and the vehicle(s) may *not* be a commercial entity - as in a service which transports horses. I don't know how many equestrians (hay burner) owners there are "out there" -vs- the number of RV owners.....but US Rider is my choice for an ERS provider. :W .
ol Bombero-JC 02/06/22 12:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Missing catalytic converter

One of the things people are doing around here is wrapping them in barbed wire. Won’t. It won’t stop a determined thief but apparently it adds enough inconvenience to make them move on to an easier target. Thieves will be targeting an ever shrinking number of potential cars as EV’s don’t have exhaust systems. I would think motorhomes and trucks are easier targets as clearance and space to work is easier under them. Stay safe out there. Better than barbed wire!! - A guy I worked with told me a long ago solution to having his expensive hubcaps (Olds Fiestas) on his '50 Merc stolen. He lived in a 2nd story apt at the time, over his parking spot - no garage. Epoxied razor blades to the wheel "behind" the hubcaps. Late one night he heard a scream! Went out to his parking spot, found a hubcap on the ground - along with many blood drops. Knowing the story teller wasn't one to "embellish" - I had no doubt the story was true (and for sure his "style" of problem solving!).....but happened on something similar on one of the forums.... A farmer just outside a small, rural, town had an older Chevy pickup. He installed a nice AM/FM radio/combo with a built-in CD player. Came out to his truck one morning,found a hole in his dash where the radio had been... plus the thief had cut any and all wiring under the dash that he thought went to the radio - for quick & easy removal. Solution for the replacement: Wrapped the wiring with fishing line with *LOTS* of fishing hooks !! Late one night (early morning?) he also heard yelling and lots of cussing - -saw a pair of legs sticking out the door of his truck. Called the local sheriff - who came out, saw the situation.....and asked the farmer for a cup of coffee (they chatted for awhile inside the house) before working on removing the perp from his "entanglement" - prior to a ride to the local grey-bar. :B...:B BTW - Razor wire -if you can find it would be a much better choice! ~
ol Bombero-JC 02/02/22 01:15pm General RVing Issues
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