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RE: Fredericksburg Tx

I agree with several other posters. We prefer the KOA. It is well run and near Luckenbach, if that means anything. The Jellystone Park is further out of town, as others have said, but is more centrally located for the wineries as well as nearer the LBJ State/National historic site. It depends on what you are looking for and what you are going to be doing in Fredericksburg. Make your reservations early, if possible, especially in the "snow bird" months.
one_strange_texan 01/17/21 08:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Do any hotels/chains offer RV spots with electric or hookups

Some people (including me) have mentioned casinos. You should be aware of this site. Some casinos have an RV park associated with them, some have power and other hook ups, some just let you "boondock" in their parking lot. This site describes them and rates them. Casino camper site
one_strange_texan 01/12/21 05:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Do any hotels/chains offer RV spots with electric or hookups

I don't know about hotels and chains, but some motels and casinos do have RV sites or parks associated with them. Often they give you access to what facilities are available, like restaurants & recreation facilities. I have compiled a list of the higher rated RV parks around the country over the last few years (low 7's to 10 on a 1-10 rating scale). I suggest you refer to your favorite RV search and rating site and do a name search for "hotel" and/or "motel." Below is an extract from my collection. I have only stayed at the Hollywood Casino in MS and the A+ Motel in LA from this list and they were both fine. I have heard good things about the Marathon Motel and RV Park. Blake Ranch RV Park & Horse Motel, Kingman, Arizona Newberry Mountain RV and Motel Park , Newberry Springs, California A+ Motel & RV Park, Sulphur, Louisiana Hollywood Casino Hotel & RV Park , Robinsonville, Mississippi Edgewater RV Resort & Motel , Lakeside, Montana Saddle West Hotel Casino & RV Park , Pahrump, Nevada Cinderella Motel & Campsite , Grand Island, New York Siding 36 Motel and RV Park , White Lake, South Dakota Scenic View Motel & Marina, Lone Star, Texas Marathon Motel and RV Park, Marathon, Texas Sandollar Resort Motel and RV Park , Rockport, Texas Leeds RV Park & Motel, Leeds, Utah Barron Motel & RV Campground , Barron, Wisconsin Lazy Acres Campground & Motel, Riverside, Wyoming
one_strange_texan 01/11/21 11:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV parks Fort Lauderdale to Miami?

We stayed a C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines for a few days and really liked it. Good luck getting reservations until March 2021 at this late date since the parks are pretty booked up by now. I booked in November a few years ago and found I had to move around for a few days at a time at different parks to stay in the Palm Beach/Miami/Florida Keys area. Same of the Gulf Coast up to about Port Charlotte.
one_strange_texan 01/03/21 06:20pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Routes around Houston TX

Straight through downtown, just not at rush hour. Be on your A game and don't get rattled. If you want some country scenery take the 105 north route but you will see some traffic around Conroe, especially Lake Conroe area. The south route will give you the Gulf of Mexico scenery but the Galveston seawall traffic. ^ What he said, but I don't think I've ever seen a time when the traffic didn't back up on US59/I69 South going through downtown after you leave I10 until a ways past downtown on the southwest side. There currently is construction at US59 and I610 southwest of town near the Galleria (as there often seems to be).
one_strange_texan 12/27/20 05:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: Campgrounds around Zion national park

We were there for a week last August. I couldn't get the time off work, but my wife and kids wanted a vacation. I stayed in the RV and worked the whole week. The cell signal was great for us. I had a good connection to my office the whole time, and we streamed video in the evening. ZRRV is one of the best places we've ever seen. It's our family's favorite. It appears that the cell service has been improved. Not surprising. It has been 7 years since we were there.
one_strange_texan 12/16/20 07:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campgrounds around Zion national park

We stayed at Zion River resort -- very clean, FHU I agree with the Zion River Resort recommendation. As nice as any RV resort we've stayed in. Right on the Virgin River. It is a short drive away from the entrance in Springdale. Cell phone signal is spotty in this area, but they had a booster in the RV store that you can use (one person at a time) to make calls, if that kind of thing is important to you. As for the parking in Zion NP, get there early, park in the lots near the entrance and take the buses that run through the park. They drop you off at the sites and the trailheads for hikes.
one_strange_texan 12/14/20 07:25pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Routes around Houston TX

If time is your motivator, straight through Houston or around I-610 on the southeast side is your choice. Check and make sure they haven't closed the 610 bridge over the ship channel if it's a weekend . They've done that a couple of times to me. However, if reduced stress and lower chance of an incident motivates you, consider the Galveston/Freeport option (south) or the TX 105 (north) option that others have suggested. Both would be more interesting, if you have the time. Since I am retired, time is not my primary priority when travelling, so I tend to go around big cities. If you take the TX 105 option, be sure to NOT take the exit for FM105 in Vidor on I-10. Stay on I-10 and take the US 69/96/287 exit north in Beaumont to the TX105 exit. Check it out on the map, especially if you need to plan your route south after getting to the other side of Houston.
one_strange_texan 12/10/20 05:38pm Roads and Routes
RE: living full time internet needs

Having full-timed for about 3 years now, I can tell you that the cell service providers can give you pretty good service depending on your proximity to their towers. The catch is that you have good speeds up to 15GB data transfer a month. If you go over that amount, they slow you down noticeably. I you are doing online meetings with your work, this might be a problem. You can use a phone, tablet or a cellular based hot spot, all working pretty well up to the 15GB/month limit.
one_strange_texan 11/12/20 08:13pm Class C Motorhomes

I would like to add that my Garmin has successfully routed us around interstate closures or heavy traffic due to a incident on the highway. You can pretty much trust the routing. Again: the program knows your rig type and dimensions to select the alternate road. However, Garmin's routing, from what I can tell, may not be as "real time up-to-date" as Waze or Google Maps. For instance, I have had it try to route me around bottlenecks, when, having decided to go on through them, turned out to have cleared. On another occasion, Garmin tried to route me miles way out of the way to an alternate crossing of the Mississippi River. The problem was some road closures due to flooding in eastern Arkansas the night before. Pulling over, I checked the highway department site and determined that they had reopened and the Garmin router had not yet got the word. This reemphasizes what others have said. Pick your tool, but don't use just one tool. Use your judgement and cross check various sources if in doubt. Going over the route the night before and satellite checking the next scheduled stop are good ideas, too.
one_strange_texan 11/03/20 12:13pm Roads and Routes

I use an RV version of Garmin. Many disparage the software, but not the hardware due to a definite learning curve, but I have found it useful. Pros: * You put in the dimensions of your RV and it tries to keep you on routes suitable to your rig. It is especially helpful on low clearance overpasses. It seems to have up to date information and has saved me on at least two occasions (meaning warn me when I was approaching, having departed from the planned route it laid out for me to begin with). * It includes (or you download) a route planner (BaseCamp) where you can lay out your entire trip itinerary with fuel stops and overnight stops including travel times, etc on your computer. Then you can transfer it to the GPS device. This is one element where the "learning curve" complaint comes into play. Many prefer a simpler process. * You can add points of interest (POI's) including fuel stops, rest stops, stores and RV parks to the BaseCamp data for planning. A lot of information is available on line to give a more comprehensive list than is available in BaseCamp itself (or all the other planning tools mentioned so far). Again, this capability adds to the learning curve. Cons: * It sometimes routes you around things that are probably OK, for perhaps dubious reasons. For example, it doesn't seem to like traffic circles ("roundabouts"), some of which, having seen them, I felt were navigable in my rig. * The aforementioned learning curve. It helps to be somewhat familiar with computers, syncing devices to computers (like you would your phone, tablet or MP3 player) as well as downloading computer files. Google Earth for viewing stops and destinations with the satellite view is also very handy. My two cents.
one_strange_texan 10/30/20 07:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Texas Hwy. 21 from San Marcos to Sommerville

I have only done the run on TX 21 from where it joins TX 71 west of Bastrop to where it crosses US 290 near Paige. It is a fine road, towed my 5th wheel on it. I have found that state highways of Texas (as opposed to Farm to Market roads, which are generally OK, but more twisty-turny and more narrow) are very good, with perhaps a few exceptions, exceptions which I personally have not experienced yet.
one_strange_texan 10/16/20 02:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: las vegas

Stayed at LV RV Resort Nellis Boulevard for 3 nights at a great price and very comfortable = security excellent. Walked back and forth to Sams Town Casino, but as a woman one night coming back on my own felt very uncomfortable with a couple sketchy folks stopping and waiting for me to pass, albeit I slowed down my pace to try and avoid catching up to these guys. Upon finally getting into the CG, the lady offering drive me back to my site, said she advises all ladies to ensure they don't carry a purse or anything valuable in plain site at night along that stretch for sure. Just sharing and saying, and I don't scare typically easily. We would stay there again, but I wouldn't feel comfortable walking in the dark back to the RV Park from the Casino any more, unless in a group of several together. We also would recommend Las Vegas RV Resort on Nellis. It is a well-kept park which has good security. We have stayed there twice now. On our last visit, we walked to Sam's Town and walked the return trip after dark, but only once. We decided not to repeat this method and drove over & parked after that, both to be at Sam's or to catch one of the free shuttles from Sam's to downtown or the Strip. Nothing happened on the walk, but we did feel a little uncomfortable. One piece of advice. If you do stay in that area of town, the park owners advise you to lock up bicycles and valuable things of that sort at your site.
one_strange_texan 09/17/20 07:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Orlando to Los Angeles Good Sam Trip Planner

Being fairly familiar with most of that route, except the westernmost stretch of I-10 from Phoenix to LA, I would not take the I-45 to I-20 diversion and can't imagine why it is being recommended. You may wish to consider looping to the north around San Antonio using TX-1604. You can also loop north around El Paso using TX-375 unless you are inexperienced in driving motorhomes. 375 does cross the Franklin Mountains north of El Paso. I agree with taking I-12 on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain rather than going on I-10 through New Orleans.
one_strange_texan 09/14/20 07:38am Roads and Routes

I suspect those aren't all campground parks, COE manages boat ramps, picnic areas and other sites around these lakes. I'll have to figure out where the other FL COE site is, maybe up at three rivers. There are two active ones around Lake Okeechobee. We have a reservation at the one on the west called WP Franklin South, Ortona is on the other side of the lake and has very few RV spots making it very hard to get into. These also have the highest prices of any COE CG I've ever seen. Here is more detail from the original data: FL Ortona South "FL Corp of Eng 863-675-8400" Port St. Lucie "FL Corp of Eng 561-287-1382" W P Franklin "FL Corp of Eng 239-694-8770" All 3 are part the Okeechobee navigation system, related to locks built by the COE. Since the dataset is billed as "US Federal & State Campgrounds," I am pretty sure it does not include sites that are just boat ramps and picnic sites. This is where I put in a plug for the POI Factory website. You must sign up for a free account to use it, but it contains a wealth of information (some useful, some less so) of points of interest (information and geographic coordinates) many of which I have found to be useful, whether you RV or just travel. The individual POI files are developed and maintained by individual users. All POI files on the site come with revision date information. The one I used here is somewhat dated, so it may be missing some newer ones, though I doubt many new COE projects have been done in the last 10 years or so.
one_strange_texan 09/07/20 07:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

Here is a table from filtering a list of government campgrounds on the website I have not verified the accuracy. State Count of COE parks AL 26 AR 117 CA 3 CO 2 CT 1 FL 3 GA 44 IA 24 ID 4 IL 20 KS 50 KY 32 MN 9 MO 51 MS 21 MT 3 NC 4 ND 10 NE 6 NM 5 OH 2 OK 76 OR 2 PA 15 SC 7 SD 3 TN 25 TX 88 VA 11 VT 2 WA 7 WI 5 WV 12 Grand Total 690
one_strange_texan 09/07/20 11:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: First Fifth Wheeler

I use Garmin RV 770 LMT-S GPS. It is set up for RV's. You enter your 5th wheel height, length, width and weight. It will help plot you around the country, but like all GPS you still have to be alert, especially on secondary roads. Also be careful at fueling stations with low canopies. I too have a Garmin 660 LMT RV, meaning I get free updates on maps (new ones issued ~2 times a year) and it routes me knowing my 5th wheel's dimensions, especially height. It has saved my behind on at least 2 occasions involving low overhead clearances. They are not common, but it is sometimes surprising where they turn up, like on US highways and on loops around medium sized towns. If you see it routing you weirdly onto some secondary roads, it is often some hazard like a low clearance you would not have known about otherwise. Yes, the clearances are often marked, but sometimes not with enough warning where you can easily "back out" (sometimes literally) of the situation. It seems to dislike traffic circles as well, sometimes when I would not consider them a problem. I also like the fact that you can use BaseCamp to completely plan your route, including stops, on your computer and load them into the Garmin. There are frequent complaints that it is hard to use, but I have found it quite useful once you get the hang of it. I especially like that you can export the planned routes to navigation apps on tablets or iPads and your co-pilot can follow along and assist you. As for the fuel stops, I plan them and check them out for ingress/egress as well as clearances on my iPad using satellite views and ground level views courtesy of the inRoute app which links to Google Maps.
one_strange_texan 09/05/20 07:18am Roads and Routes
RE: Camping Suggestions for Florida Keys

Decide and reserve sooner than later. As ford truck guy has said, you should have better pickings this year at this time, but that could change as things progress this fall. I once decided to go to the keys in February. In November, we got a February vacation slot for my wife who is a RN. I found very limited February availability in southern Florida, east and west coast as well as the Keys. I had to take basically the last slot available for whatever days were available and actually had to move around some. Most RV parks where I wanted to stay had no availability at all. I was told that if I waited until March I would have much better luck, but that was not an option with my wife's work schedule. Nonetheless, we really enjoyed the vacation. Very nice area.
one_strange_texan 08/16/20 07:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Las Vegas RV Parks

I would recommend Las Vegas RV Resort on Nellis Blvd. about a block from Sam's Town. It is a little less tight and a little nicer than the Sam's Town RV parks. It has pretty good security and you can walk or drive over to catch the shuttles at Sam's Town to the Strip and Downtown.
one_strange_texan 06/16/20 08:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Galveston - Bolivar Ferry

As others have said, the attendants at Bolivar Ferry handle a lot of RV's and will direct you to the right lane or even occasionally pull you over to the side if the boat is almost full so you will have room to board on the next one. My close calls have been my own extended side mirrors when towing. The lanes are somewhat narrow and the drivers coming into the lanes beside you may not be careful when pulling alongside. Retract the mirrors as soon as you reach your parking spot if you can.
one_strange_texan 05/12/20 07:17pm Roads and Routes
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