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RE: Tips on how to hook up at an extreme angle?

Not knowing 5th wheels is the locking plate necessary to move the trailer? Can you hitch up without it and move the trailer to level ground and stop and re-hitch? Yes it's a bunch of extra work. But desperate times call for desperate measures.
opnspaces 09/18/23 05:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shore Power Plug was wired backwards

You should be fine as far as the miswire. The additional step you should take is buy a $10 tester at Lowes or Home Depot and make sure it is correct. Tester
opnspaces 09/18/23 05:25pm Travel Trailers
Drain the bowl save the Honda

For 15 years I have had issues with deposits in my Honda eu2000i carburetor. I tried fuel stabilizers and they worked. But you can only buy a pint size the bottle of stabilizer and only need about 2 ounces. Then the unused bottle would expire before the next year. So I stopped with the stabilizer and learned how to clean out the deposits here on the forums. I like to tinker and repair and it was easy for me to repair whenever it became clogged. In fact it was so easy that I was compelled to update the original sticky in the Tech issues forum because the original photos were gone. My update But come 2021 I decided I was tired of disassembling and cleaning the carburetor and wanted something easier. On a whim at the end of the season I tried only draining the carburetor float bowl and did nothing else. Picture of draining the bowl Come next season the generator fired right back up. Well really you need to turn the switch to run, wait about 20 seconds for gravity to fill the carburetor, then try to start it. But the point is, it started right back up with no sputtering or missing. Since then I have never had to disassemble and clean my carburetor again. I now just drain the bowl and put the generator away. And it always fires right back up in the spring. Give it a try I think you'll be surprised that it's really that easy to put the generator away for storage.
opnspaces 09/17/23 02:08pm Tech Issues
RE: 24 feet versus 26' dilemma, have to decide fast

I had run it from sea level to around 8000ft. My manual says that running it with higher altitude setting at low altitude will damage the generator. Not sure about the other way, but its supposed to sputter, surge, run poorly if altitude is high and isn't set in the generator. May be its not noticeable with newer generator in top shape. This is how the above works. Your generator needs a mixture of fuel and air in the correct ratio of air to fuel to work properly (14.7 parts of air to 1 part of fuel is correct). Say you set that mixture at sea level. Now when you go up to 8,000 feet there is less air. So if you make no changes then you might have 8 parts of air to 1 part of fuel. (that ratio is completely made up but the point is still valid). There ratio has too much fuel and not enough air. That is known as a rich condition which can cause sputter surge and loss of power. But it doesn't destroy the engine. However, if you are at 8,000 feet elevation and you set your generator correctly so it has a 14:1 ratio everything is fine and your generator is happy. But when you go back to sea level there is a whole bunch more air. So you might now have a ratio of 20:1 (20 parts of air to each part of fuel) That is known as a lean condition and is very bad. When an engine is running lean it is running hot and can destroy itself in a short amount of time.
opnspaces 09/17/23 01:31pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: wires to battery corroded through

You are running on borrowed time if you are saying that you are still using the same batteries that dried out. If you only go to full hookup sites then don't worry about it and keep camping. If you regularly boondock then replace the damaged batteries and move on with life. Costco and Sams Club have the best battery prices.
opnspaces 09/17/23 12:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Fifth wheel step damaging door frame any suggestions

The damage is bent inward from outside the coach and into the interior. That means something on the steps is hitting the frame and then pushing inwards when closing. All you have to do is step inside the coach and have somebody else lift the steps up while you watch to see what is hitting and bending it. then make sure in the future you don't do whatever it was that you were doing to cause the impact. the other possibility is after the steps are up and locked the closing door hits the steps and pushes them further into the coach and bends the frame. But if that was the case, I would think there would be marks on the inside of the door where it contacts the steps.
opnspaces 09/17/23 12:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What to do when warranty won’t help

Wow 4 replacements in one year is ridiculous. I agree that it might be time to look at what else might be the actual cause. Out of curiosity what is the issue? maybe we can give you some better or alternative suggestions to fix it. Is the refrigerator in a slideout room? Is it a 12v DC refrigerator or does it use propane and electric. Do you have the make and model of the refrigerator?
opnspaces 09/15/23 02:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: wires to battery corroded through

A picture would be very helpful so we can see the type and size of connectors. But in the interim take the corroded wire ends to any home improvement store or auto parts store or even Walmart. In the electrical aisle find the replacement connectors. Also they will have small spools of wire if needed to extend the existing.
opnspaces 09/15/23 11:36am Tech Issues
RE: How to reconnect awning lever?

The strap with the loop on the end should have some side to side flex it in. Maybe try rolling the awning up slightly until the pin is as far away from the loop as possible. Then slide the loop up and see if it can flex over the pin.
opnspaces 09/15/23 09:36am Beginning RVing
RE: Propane Refills

They can only fill to 80 percent. Many prefilled tanks (Think Blue Rhino) under fills to 15 lbs. And it is disclosed on all the signage. In your example do they charge one price for a refill? Or do they charge by the weight or by measuring the fill?
opnspaces 09/14/23 01:47pm Tech Issues
RE: swapping and charging batteries

12.5 after a week of charging is bad. A fully charged battery would be 12.67 or above.
opnspaces 09/12/23 03:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Help! Lance 850 isn’t getting power from truck battery

Awesome that you might have found the suspect. Definitely keep us updated.
opnspaces 09/12/23 10:34am Truck Campers
RE: Black Tank only holds 1/2 to 1/3 of capacity

Maybe dump the tank and look down the toilet before you add any water. Can you see the bottom of the tank or is there a buildup?
opnspaces 09/12/23 10:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Need 24-36 5th wheels a year-New or quality used...

I just read the Wiki on FEMA trailers. Back in the early 2,000's where were issues with high formaldehyde content off gassing from the construction materials. But they did list manufacturers that built the trailers. Gulf Stream Coach Inc., Forest River Inc., Vanguard LLC and Monaco Coach Corp With two bedrooms you're probably talking custom design which the manufacturers may or may not work with you on. Maybe try a search for Travel Trailer manufacturers and see what they have on their web pages.
opnspaces 09/11/23 04:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: water at base of toilet - temp fix good idea or bad?

caulking will just cause the floor to rot out. you really need to get it fixed.
opnspaces 09/11/23 11:07am Tech Issues
RE: Need 24-36 5th wheels a year-New or quality used...

Hi Paul welcome to the forum. can you give us a bit more information of the needs so we can hopefully provide better advice? For instance. Does it have to be a 5th wheel or can it be a travel trailer or a mobile housing unit? Are you saying you are envisioning needing to purchase 25-36 units every year? Are these units going to be mostly stationary or are the users going to be moving them from time to time. Based on what you have provided I would reach out to some of the major manufacturers, describe what you need and see what they can do to help. Most of the big manufacturers have in the past provided FEMA trailers to municipalities to house people after major disasters. These trailers typically are towed on site and hooked up to municipal services for water and power Have a household refrigerator and have a regular flush toilet. Whereas a standard RV, travel trailer or 5th wheel have special toilets that flush into a holding tank where the sewage sits until the tank is full. Then somebody has to manually do something to get rid of the waste.
opnspaces 09/10/23 01:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Doris is Dead!

Hi Stephanie welcome to the forum. So others don't have to ask I can see in your profile you have a 1999 Discovery by Fleetwood 40 ft Diesel, two slides As far as the issues at hand can you take a moment and describe what you found about the GFCI being installed backwards? Was the white wire attached to the hot (brass) screw? Or were the line and load connections reversed? And more importantly has the miswire been corrected? As far as nothing working I would suggest do again what you did to get it all working again. Make sure both AC units are set to off. Then unplug the shore power and do not start the generator. Then flip all the breakers off. Push all breakers in the off direction to make sure they are actually off. Now plug in shore power and then flip on the main breaker. Select another breaker and flip it on and verify that whatever is in the circuit actually turns on or works again. Repeat until all the breakers are back on. If anything is still not working let us know and we can help you figure out what is wrong. Also as aside for the future. Your daughter rapidly flipping the AC's off and on possible caused a rotor lock. If it happens again just turn off the affected AC and wait 10 minutes for it's internal pressures to stabilize and then turn the AC back on. Providing a breaker didn't trip the AC should be able to recover.
opnspaces 09/10/23 01:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why Does My A/C Have These Slats?

Yes that is correct. With the slats open you will get a dump of cold air right under the AC.
opnspaces 09/10/23 06:50am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge beeping

The fridge should be plugged into an outlet behind the fridge (access is usually from outdoors behind a panel). Did you check that outlet for 120V or to ensure the fridge was plugged in? As above, did you check for 120v at the refrigerator outlet?
opnspaces 09/10/23 06:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Best app for spam blocking

For future reference if you look at your name on the left side of the screen. Click on "View Profile" and then on the next screen click on "View Posts" to see your most recent posts. Alternatively on the top right of this screen click on "My Forums". Then on the middle of the next screen click on "My Posts" But the alternative route can be a lot slower.
opnspaces 09/09/23 09:50am Technology Corner
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