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RE: Looking to buy, bunkhouse ~26ft, all advice welcome

Hi Amandasaylor, welcome to the foum. You'll find quite a variety of opinions on your questions from all of us. One thing I can suggest to get the best answer is to give us the make and model of your perspective tow vehicle. Also if it's a newer model open the drivers door and see if there is a white and yellow sticker on the doorjamb. If so you should find a statement saying something to the effect of "maximum capacity for all occupants and cargo is xxxx. If that sticker is there please give us that number as well. As far as your actual posted needs: Quality built!<-- most important. Tell me the brand(s) that stay out of the shop! Unfortunately most of the trailers, heck most RV's for that matter are built the same, fast and cheap. You can maybe look for solid wood drawer and door fronts. Some of the more expensive have complete solid wood cabinets as well as the doors and drawers. I have had my Jayco since 2005 and it has served me well with very few issues. If and when I buy again I will definitely look at Jayco again. Bunk house 23 to 26ish ft (advertised length, I know they are truly longer with hitch) Mine is a 27BH (BH for bunkhouse) but it's 30 feet bumper to tongue. I like the layout even with 4 boys. When they were small two shared the full size bottom bunk and one on the jacknife sofa. Now that they are older one or more no longer camps with me so the bedding isn't an issue. Useful layout with storage!I like the passthrough front storage on mine. The only problem is it's easy to wind up with a whole ton of stuff in the trailer that you just never use. So every year or two you should try to go through everything and remove the unneeded stuff. A slide, I think. Unless theres a big reason not to.A slide definitely adds some usable room. But it also can add 1,000lbs to the trailer. Which may or may not be a problem. If you do look at slides make sure you can access things like the bathroom and maybe the refrigerator with the slide all the way closed. This may or may not matter to you. But it sill be good to know so it's not a surprise later. New or used? What say you...Mine was new, but I have no problem going used. Going used will definitely make it more affordable. But RV's leak and leaks can be catastrophic for them. So you need to check everywhere on the floor for soft spots or discoloration. Also look in the corners of all the top cabinets for water staining. For used you might want to search for a mobile RV repair person and pay them to look your prospective purchase over before signing anything. I heard that straight toilet plumbing is the best for negating leaks and a mess down the road...true? Who has that in a TT? I'll bet that the straight plumbing is more common than plumbing with a bend in it. It's easy enough to figure out though. Just hold the toilet flush valve open and look down with a flashlight. Make sure you firmly hold onto the flashlight and I would never use my smart phone in case it got dropped. Last bit of advice. On any prospective trailer go into the bathroom, close the door and make sure you have enough room to do your business. Don't just sit down and then stand up. Take a minute to relax and picture if you actually have enough room.
opnspaces 06/01/20 12:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sealants of choice

You can also use Dicor non leveling sealant on the walls and corners. It won't run like the leveling stuff for the roof.
opnspaces 06/01/20 09:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12v Refidgerators

12v only seems kind of short sighted on the manufacturers side. Are you looking at new trailers? Can you post a make and model of one of them?
opnspaces 06/01/20 09:00am Technology Corner
RE: % bleach to sanitize fresh water tanks

the minimum ratio will work, but it might need to soak for a long time. If you increase the ratio you cut the soak time. For instance my Jayco manual says take the tank capacity and multiply by .13. So my tank needs 5.2 oz of bleach. 40*.13=5.2 That will take 4 hours to disinfect. However if I double the bleach to 10.4 oz. My soak time goes down to 1 hour. To add the bleach I hook the water hose to the trailer tank. Then I pour 1cup bleach into the faucet end of the hose and screw it onto the spigot. turn on the water and let the tank fill. If I go with the standard 1/4 cup per 10 gallons I would add one cup (8oz) to my 40 gallon tank. This makes a stronger solution than the minimum (5.2 oz) without being so strong it damages the internal components. So most people will just take the easy route of saying 1/4 cup per 10 gallons over 4 hours. Below is the excerpt from my owners manual. Sanitizing the Potable Water System WARNING: Failure to sanitize the potable water system could result in death or serious illness. 1. Use one of the following methods to determine the amount of common household bleach needed to sanitize the tank.  Multiply “gallons of tank capacity” by 0.13; the result is the ounces of bleach needed to sanitize the tank.  Multiply “liters of tank capacity” by 1.0; the result is the milliliters of bleach needed to sanitize the tank. 2. Mix the proper amount of bleach into a container of water. 3. Pour the solution (water/bleach) into the tank and fill the tank with potable water. 4. Open all faucets (Hot and Cold) allowing the water to run until the distinct odor of chlorine is detected. 5. The standard solution must have four (4) hours of contact time to disinfect completely. Doubling the solution concentration allows for contact time of one (1) hour. 6. When the contact time is completed, drain the tank. Refill with potable water and purge the plumbing of all sanitizing solution. If there is a problem of excessive chlorine odor and taste after the sanitizing process, follow the above procedures using a solution of baking soda (1/2 cup added to one gallon (4 liters) of water per 15 gallons (60 liters) of tank capacity) or vinegar (one quart added to five gallons (20 liters) of water per 15 gallons (60 liters) of tank capacity.) Your demand water system is now ready for use. Refer to instructions on filling the tank and utilizing the system in the “Setting Up Camp...” chapter
opnspaces 05/31/20 03:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: fifth wheel backing trouble

I always heard the signature only appears on your first post in a thread. Maybe it's on the first post of each new page.
opnspaces 05/30/20 10:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: fifth wheel backing trouble

PS: anyone know how to edit your "signature?" On the top right of this page click on the "My Forums" link. Then on the left side of the new page click on "My Preferences" Type in your password when asked. Edit your signature. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Submit Changes"
opnspaces 05/30/20 12:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Circut breaker question

With no available 120v outlet on the panel then yes she can get adapters to do what she needs. 1 50A to 30A adapter to plug the trailer into the 50A outlet. Link to 50 to 30 amp adapter Then a 30A to 20A adapter for an extension cord to the second AC. Link to 30 to 20 amp adapter and finally a 12g extension cord. the shorter the better. Link to 12G outdoor cord She plugs the trailer into the 50amp adapter at the post. She plugs the extension cord into the 30amp adapter that is plugged into the 30amp outlet at the post.
opnspaces 05/30/20 11:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Respond to posts

Pull up your original post so you can read it. Then on the left side at both the top and the bottom of the page you can click on Reply to Topic To answer questions or just generally participate in the various subjects.
opnspaces 05/28/20 03:35pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Coach battery not charging

Hey chrorme, Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you might have a poor wiring connection in your tow vehicle. I would suggest creating a new post here in tech issues and just copy and paste your question there and we can help you track it down.
opnspaces 05/28/20 01:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Coach battery not charging

If by coach battery you are referring to the house battery (powers the living quarters). Then the common denominator is your converter charger is not working and possibly needs to be replaced. First though I would find the circuit breaker panel and look for a tripped breaker for the converter. A tripped breaker will usually look like it's not in line with the other breakers. Once you find the breaker just flip it all the way off by pressing firmly in the off direction. Then flip the breaker back on and see if it starts charging.
opnspaces 05/28/20 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Issues on new travel trailer

I've heard of people plugging their three prong 120v trailer into the electric clothes dryer outlet in their garage and causing damage as you've describes. True the 30A RV and 30A clothes dryer outlets are kind of similar. You would think it's not possible to plug the trailer into a dryer outlet. But it gets reported here often enough that apparently it is in fact possible to do so. But if you were in fact at a campground as you say then there should not be a 220v outlet to plug into. Did you use an adapter to plug your 3 prong plug into a 4 prong outlet? If so the adapter should have prevented the damage. If you plugged your three prong cord into the sites 3 prong outlet and damaged your trailer. Then you need to talk to the campground manager or owner about replacing all the failed parts as the outlet is miswired.
opnspaces 05/28/20 09:31am Tech Issues
RE: Toilet Won't Flush

Is it a foot flush or lever flush model? Do you know the make or model of the toilet? If you don't know the make or model give us the year make and model of the RV and we can try to look it up.
opnspaces 05/28/20 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: Samsung RF18 Fridge

I think I found it on the Samsung website. Apparently there is no "off" all you can do is put the fridge in demo mode which turns off the cooling but lets the interior lights still work. Link "Have a long trip planned and an empty refrigerator? Don't want the hassle of having to unplug your fridge? Turn on Cooling Off mode (aka Demo mode) on your refrigerator. This disables the cooling system in your refrigerator, freezer, and ice maker. This will save energy when you're away on your trip. Caution: This mode is not for storing food. Any food stored in the refrigerator will spoil if Cooling Off mode is left on for an extended period. Turn Cooling Off mode on or off on your refrigerator Whether you want to enable or disable Cooling Off (Demo), the steps are the same. When Cooling Off mode is on, the panel will display "OF OF" or "O FF." The buttons for activating Cooling Off mode will be labeled differently depending on which Samsung refrigerator you have, but the location of the buttons is always the same. Touch and hold Button 1 and Button 2 at the same time until you hear a chime. Refrigerator panel showing the step to turn on Cooling mode. If you are disabling Cooling Off mode, "O FF" (or "OF OF") will disappear in a few seconds, and your fridge will start cooling again. On the other hand, if you're turning the feature on, "O FF" (or "OF OF") will appear, and the fridge compartments will stop cooling. If the display does not change, continue to the next step. Touch and hold Button 1, Button 2, and Button 4 at the same time until you hear a chime. Refrigerator panel showing the step to turn off Cooling mode. "O FF" (or "OF OF") will disappear in a few seconds if you are turning the feature off, and your fridge will start cooling again. If you are turning the feature on, "O FF" (or "OF OF") will appear, and the fridge compartments will stop cooling. Note: These steps cover the most common models. Since the steps for turn Cooling Off mode on or off are the same, you can see our troubleshooting article for steps for additional models."
opnspaces 05/28/20 09:09am Tech Issues
RE: Samsung RF18 Fridge

Not sure but does pressing power freeze and freezer buttons again turn it off?
opnspaces 05/28/20 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: no hot water from taps

It sounds like something like a piece of a one way valve on the top of the tank broke free and went down the line. I can see in your floor plan that the two sinks and the shower are all back to back in a line. And across the bus is a washer drier hookup. Is the water heater just in front of the back wheel and under the refrigerator on the drivers side? I would look into cabinets and remove drawers to follow the plumbing as best as you can. Look for a 90 degree bend in the hot side from the water heater. Once you find the closest 90 you'll have to take the fitting off the tubing and see if there is an obstruction in it. I'm betting you'll find this fitting under the kitchen faucet as it seems to be closest to where I think the water heater is. Have you tried to get hot water out of the washing machine hot faucet? I'll bet there is hot there as whatever obstruction flowed straight through a T fitting that diverted water to the Washer and got lodged in a 90 degree bend on the other side of the bus by the sinks.
opnspaces 05/28/20 02:59am Tech Issues
RE: no hot water from taps

Does your system have the three valve bypass setup? If so make sure you opened the top valve so the water can get out of the tank.
opnspaces 05/27/20 11:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Strange Electric question...

**UPDATE ** Winegard just responded to my email,, they said that it "looks" like the wires are just reversed somewhere in line... I will put the meter back on them later today when i get home from work. I will try red lead to black wire and black lead to red wire.. I SHOULD have a normal reading at that point.. Thanks to all.. I am not afraid to admit when i have no idea what i am doing... Thanks for the responses.. Correct. From what you have been saying it looks like the wires are crossed somewhere before the Winegard. But with one Caveat that we haven't touched since you say you are new to this. Are your leads correctly plugged into the meter? Because if the leads are reversed your readings are reversed. Before you climb up on the roof take your meter and touch red to positive (+) and black to negative (-) on your battery and make sure you read +12 volts. Then climb up on the roof and ignore the wire colors. Once you find the combination that reads positive voltage the wire touching the red lead is positive.
opnspaces 05/27/20 03:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Strange Electric question...

Check it again to be sure. But if in fact you were getting -13.6 when testing red to red to red and black to black then yes your wires are reversed and red is negative. Whichever wire your METER RED probe is touching when you get a +13.6 volts is your positive lead. Try it down on the battery or even on your remote battery where the polarity is positively identified. Get comfortable with understanding what the readout looks like when connected positive to positive and reversed polarity as positive to negative. The meter won't lie, and the meter won't damage the Winegard so test a few different ways to make sure you understand.
opnspaces 05/27/20 09:11am Technology Corner
RE: Strange Electric question...

You said this started when you added a sim card? Did you try taking the card back out and see if it starts working again?
opnspaces 05/26/20 09:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Strange Electric question...

When you said you have 13.6 volts at the connector, where is the connector? Is it up on the roof? Did you use the same connector when testing with an auxiliary power source? If yes then you have a wiring problem. If no then you need to find a way to run the same test or take the same measurement at the same spot on the roof. One thing to try is go up on the roof and take a voltage reading while someone else turns the system on. If the voltage drops it's possible you have a severely corroded connection somewhere. There can be enough current to read with a meter, but if you put a load on it the voltage drops. You can do the same basic test with a 12v test light. Does the light come on bright up on the roof, or is it dim?
opnspaces 05/26/20 09:13pm Technology Corner
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