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RE: Discoverer AT3 XLT

IF you are a member or have a friend who is I would buy the batteries at Costco. In San Diego Costco beats Autozone by at least $50 per battery.
opnspaces 05/21/22 08:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hot Exhaust On Differential

I'm with the suggestion of going to autozone and get a clamp on exhaust turn down. I had one of my kids bike tires pop and the reflector on the wheel melt and bend and it was easily 3 feet away from the exhaust on the rear carrier.
opnspaces 05/21/22 08:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires? Balance or Alignment

It could be balance but 25 is pretty slow for a balance problem to show up. Usually bad balance starts to show around 45 to 55. But since they are new I would take it back and have them balanced again anyway. Rotating the tires might mask the problem so make sure they put the tires back in the same positions. If the vibration persists then try rotating front to back. Can you describe the vibration you are feeling? Does it feel like a buzzing type of vibration or does the wheel wiggle side to side? If a buzzing it might be a harmonic from the design of the tire tread.
opnspaces 05/21/22 08:27am Tech Issues
RE: 2018 Jayco North Point bedroom remodel

I would call Jayco with the VIN and see if they can give you the specs. Years ago I had a black tank problem and they emailed me the design specs showing all the tank measurements and placements of the fittings.
opnspaces 05/21/22 08:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: leaving the stick and brick for the summer

I'm not in a position to leave for extended time but I have thought about it often. My brother in law's mom lives in palm Springs and one summer a piece of furniture cracked from excessive heat while she was traveling. Now she sets the temp at 95 when away and has never had a problem since. Personally I think setting it in the 80's would be a waste of money. I also would pay a trusted neighbors kid $50 to come into the house once a month to flush all the toilets and run all the taps for a minute to refill any evaporating P traps. That's $50 total not per month.
opnspaces 05/21/22 08:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Backup Camera

Assuming you can't just tilt the camera down I would add a license plate backup camera. If you have an aftermarket stereo in the dash it might already be able to wire in the new camera. Otherwise a small monitor can be added fairly inexpensively. I have this camera and like it an inexpensive monitor Run the wires into the coach and leave them under the dash or something. Then suction cup the monitor to the windshield when hooking up the boat and remove after. The camera has a 25 foot cable, but if needed an extension is fairly inexpensive. RCA cable
opnspaces 05/21/22 07:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: no charge at batteries

12.7 is not enough. Maybe the converter needs to see a battery before it goes full charge. Try disconnecting shore power and then hook up the battery. Take a voltage reading across the battery terminals and write it down. Then plug in shore power and take another voltage reading. You should be seeing at least 13.2 volts if the batteries are fully charged. Check the voltage of the starting battery or the starting battery of your car to make sure your meter is working. Give us the readings and we can tell you if it looks like anything is wrong.
opnspaces 05/10/22 08:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: no charge at batteries

2.8 or 12.8? If actually 2.8 you had a drain that dragged them way down. You might be able to recover them with a charger, but they are damaged. How much they are damaged will depend on how long they sat discharged. If you mainly go from electric hookup to electric hookup i wouldn't worry about it much. If you do dry camping or boondocking I would replace them.
opnspaces 05/10/22 08:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1988 Aluminum roof covering suggestion

You ask for thoughts. My thoughts are it's aluminum, it will probably outlast you by a few hundred years. Keep up the lap sealant as the joints are where you are going to have a problem. If you are concerned about the longevity of the actual aluminum put a coat of paint on it. Anything else like EPDM roof coating is a waste of money.
opnspaces 05/10/22 08:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: no charge at batteries

What was the voltage before you put it on the charger? Lead acid batteries are just over 2 volts per cell. If you read 10 volts you have a dead cell in the battery. If it has a dead cell it's time to replace the battery.
opnspaces 05/10/22 04:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Add USB to my existing DVD player

1492, thanks for the detailed post. I don't really need the Bluray as I think I have a total of 1 disc in my collection. But wait as I'm typing this I just realized I already have a Bluray player in the garage. I seem to remember it was slow to change menus and suc so i never used it much. But now I'm going to have to dig it out of the garage and try it out. If my existing Bluray player works then I just need the Pyle HDMI to 5.1 converter. Fizz, you are correct that those are USB ports on the bottom of the monitor. Unfortunately it's just a monitor so if I plug a drive in I have no way to access it. Thanks also to Gdetrailer, MitchF150 and BB_TX for taking the time to come up with alternative solutions. For all I know my Bluray player idea might be a bust. Thanks again
opnspaces 05/08/22 06:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Replacement City Water Inlet recommendation

I ran a plug in mine for a while actually two different plugs and it never wanted to seal very well. eventually I just replaced the whole unit.
opnspaces 05/08/22 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Add USB to my existing DVD player

Thanks for the ideas I had a feeling my old player was going to have to go.
opnspaces 05/08/22 01:08pm Technology Corner
Add USB to my existing DVD player

I tried to look into this but I keep getting stuck in rabbit holes so I thought I would ask here. My trailer (circa 2005) has a DVD player that plays out to the 5.1 speakers. I want to somehow add the ability to play a movie off a USB stick. My criteria: Hopefully under $100 USD but I could go higher Play 5.1 through the existing speakers Play movies off a USB stick or USB drive/small computer A remote control if possible I don't mind replacing the existing player as long as I can somehow hook up the speakers. I have all the movies both on DVD and also on a drive in different formats (mpeg, avi etc) I could possibly use my laptop, but it only has VGA and headphone out How can I make it work so I can keep my 5.1 speakers and play movies off the USB drive? The pictures below are what I have today. I can re-purpose the audio-in plugs as the item using them is getting thrown away soon. height=280 height=280 Bottom picture is just the inputs available on the bottom of the computer monitor, height=280 Thanks Edited to make the pictures smaller and prevent scrolling
opnspaces 05/06/22 02:46pm Technology Corner
RE: New Member introduction

Welcome into the fold.
opnspaces 05/06/22 01:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replacement City Water Inlet recommendation

I just replaced mine with this one. I liked that it has a metal flange vs the plastic flange on the Camco. I've only tested it once and it worked fine. I'm heading out in a few hours for a weekend trip so I'll post back it I have any troubles. Link
opnspaces 05/06/22 08:09am Tech Issues
RE: onan marquis 7000 generator /no start

Yes there is a level at which the generator pickup starts sucking air. That's to keep you from stranding yourself when the generator sucks the fuel tank dry. If you're brave try sucking instead of blowing on the line. Start with a really slow light suck. You will know right away, either you are sucking liquid or you are sucking air. Just be ready to get your mouth out of the way. Or go fill up the tank and see if you get better results. Yes my mind goes there too, but keep it clean.
opnspaces 05/04/22 11:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Microwave kaput and poor lights be with no battery

I think that will definitely answer a few questions. Personally I would hook the batteries up and then with shore power un-plugged turn on something with high power draw like the furnace for a minute or two. This will remove the surface charge from the batteries. Turn off the furnace, wait a minute or two and then take a voltage reading across the battery terminals. Make note of that reading and then plug in shore power and take another voltage reading. Hopefully your reading with it plugged in is at least a full volt higher than unplugged.
opnspaces 05/04/22 09:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Microwave kaput and poor lights be with no battery

Hate to ask the oft asked question. Do you have a multimeter that you can see what the battery and charge voltages are? If not you will be well served to pick up a cheap one at Canadian Tire or even at Harbor Freight down in Bellingham Washington (less than $10 USD) Meter We can help you use the meter if you do not know how. If you do have a meter and know how to use it what is your battery voltage when not plugged in to shore power. What is your battery voltage when you are plugged into shore power?
opnspaces 05/04/22 05:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: class a in storage for over a year

It will be fine, just drive it until empty and refill it. I wouldn't give it a second thought.
opnspaces 05/04/22 10:10am Class A Motorhomes
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