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RE: Conduct a safety drill, have your passenger yell out SWAY!!

I agree with the zero muscle memory part. That's why I'm suggesting the practice. To make it safer I'm suggesting only practicing while at a stop light. Sliding the lever when at a stop really doesn't do anything except maybe put the brakes on a little tighter.
opnspaces 02/15/20 04:03pm Towing
RE: towing capability

We are trying to help. But in order to answer your question we need to know more about your truck. Can you do the three steps listed below? Open the drivers door and look for the white and yellow sticker. On that sticker just above the red box it will say "The combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed xxxx lbs". We are asking for that number from the sticker on your truck?Look on the hitch on the back of your truck. There should be a sticker with the hitch capacities both for weight carrying and weight distributing. We need all those numbers as well.Look in your owners manual for the towing capacity of your truck. There will probably be multiple capacities listed. Find the capacity for your specific truck. (v6, crew cab,4wd etc) What is the towing capacity for your specific truck? with the above information we can give our opinions about how heavy a trailer you can pull.
opnspaces 02/15/20 03:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Conduct a safety drill, have your passenger yell out SWAY!!

True on the Prodigy applying brakes when the brake lights illuminate, mine does that too. But if you think about it, Most people need to take their foot off the accelerator to do a light pres on the brake pedal. Sure some can left foot the pedal. But when caught unaware I'm betting that muscle memory will act faster for most people. At that point people might be more prone to pressing hard on the pedal like in a panic stop. So which would be worse in a sway situation, pressing too hard on the brake pedal, or too hard on the trailer brake lever? As far as the lever, you bring up a good point. The lever is proportional and brakes harder the more you push it. The idea is probably not to slam the lever fully over to engage the trailer brakes. But rather to apply the lever at some point that applies the brakes, but doesn't just immediately lock up the wheels. Each situation is going to be different. But once you have your hand on the lever, or the pedal you may be able to modulate the brakes better from that point. So maybe the drill should include only applying the brake lever 1/4 to 1/2 press. The idea here being to practice not panicking and instead applying the lever in a controlled manner.
opnspaces 02/15/20 12:36pm Towing
Conduct a safety drill, have your passenger yell out SWAY!!

Emergencies are not planned events that you get to leisurely deal with. They happen unexpectedly and they happen fast. After 30 years towing I had my first and hopefully last one happen last Monday coming home from a camping trip. I've driven this same route regularly for 39 years without incident. But it had been raining and in Southern California rain means slippery roads. I thought I was being careful by taking a corner at 40 mph that I normally take at 50. All of a sudden the trailer breaks loose and starts to slide wide toward the shoulder. I was able to do two things in the time allotted before I got it back under control. Lift my foot off the accelerator, and loudly (I was driving alone) ask "What the **** just happened?" By that time I was at 35 and the trailer was back behind me where it belonged. Total time, maybe a second or two. It was then and only then that the brake controller emergency lever came to mind. I looked down at the controller and thought "How fast would I really be able to get to it in an emergency?". So I came up with an idea that I really think anybody who has a brake controller should do. From now on I'm going to ask my passenger to prompt me to try to get to that lever. But with safety in mind under the condition that we must already be completely stopped when they yell. So at some point on the trip, whether at a stop light, a gas station, when stopped waiting to make a turn, setting the parking brake at camp etc, the passenger loudly yells out the word SWAY! When this happens the driver has to try to get to and apply that lever fast. Heck, thinking about it I might just give the kids carte blanche to yell sway any time they are in the truck, again with the condition that we must be at a complete stop and no more than once per trip, or hour, or day, or week... I'm sure the first few times will be comical as dad tries to get to the lever too fast and instead punches the steering wheel or the dash and completely misses the controller. But with a bit of practice hopefully I'll calm down and take that extra half second necessary to confidently reach for and apply the lever. Your thoughts?
opnspaces 02/15/20 11:39am Towing
RE: Charging Camper/Coach Battery with Running Lights Lead from Flat-4

I am installing a brake controller on my trailer. Among other things this thing allows me to connect my camper with trailer brakes to a Flat-4 Hookup. The link is below. My question is the way the thing gets power with the flat-4 is the running lights power. If I simply Jumper the 12VDC line from the Running lights line in my 7-way (Camper) to 4-flat adapter (Car) adapter will it work Okay and also charge the coach batteries. Or will it blow up? (Melt wires/blow fuses) I'm looking for anyone that has tried to charge coach batteries, or simply powered a refrigerator, from a flat-4 running lights lead, (running lights must be turned on). Thank you for any help. AUTOWBRAKE I went to the Autowbrake website and watched the two videos and personally I would never run an autowbrake for a few reasons. But first to answer your question above. No you should not connect the trailers 12v power to the 4 way flat. The stock 4 way wiring is not a large enough to power your trailer. The first time the battery charger comes on and tries to pull 20-40 amps through a 16 gauge wire it will blow the fuse and there goes your brakes. In fact the Autowbrake video already recommends running a separate power wire to power that unit and not rely on the vehicle running lights. Just run a fused 8 gauge wire from your tow vehicle battery to your Autowbrake using a 7 way or one of the connectors linked above and then you can also power the trailer. As for my objections to the Autowbrake. Their own video recommends running a separate power wire from the tow vehicle to power the unit. Now you're up to 5 wires so you might as well just put a 7 wire connector on the tow vehicle rather than run a separate plug and adapter. If you power the unit from jumpering the 4 wire connector you have just added one more potential failure point to having trailer brakes. First failure point is possibly neglecting to plug in the trailer umbilical. Any of us who tows is at risk of this failure point. The second failure point is forgetting to turn on the tow vehicle lights. So by wiring through the 4 way you have just doubled your chances of a brake system failure. The emergency brake application for trailer sway is on a key fob. Where will that key fob be? It must be somewhere where you can get to it extremely fast if sway occurs. Do you set it on your center console? I set my phone on my center console and it regularly slides around and sometimes falls off if I brake too hard. I definitely wouldn't want to place the fob there. Do I drop the fob into an empty cup holder to be fished out by my fingertips in an emergency? Do I clip the key fob to my regular keys as it's name implies? Have you ever seen Top Gun, Hunt For Red October, or any other war movie where they have to flip up a red safety lever before they fire a weapon? That is exactly what you have with a key fob mounted on your key ring. The keys around the fob will act as safety lever and prevent you from applying the brakes in an emergency.
opnspaces 02/15/20 11:10am Tech Issues
RE: Charging Camper/Coach Battery with Running Lights Lead from Flat-4

Thanks Bobbo, True on the space and I edited my post to reflect it. My original thought was the poster could use the quote button off my post to see the actual text in use. But I should know better than to leave something to chance like that. As far as the height or width, I do it both ways, If only one number is entered, the software will automatically set the ratio for the other. What would be really helpful is if pre-populated the height or width on the form since many people would probably leave it alone and hit the post button. Or at least change the form from "Optionally, enter a height and width for the image." to something like "Enter a height (Maximum 480) or width for the image (maximum 640)" In fact I'm going to post that suggestion over on posting support. Although I know how unlikely they are to ever make any changes.
opnspaces 02/15/20 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: Charging Camper/Coach Battery with Running Lights Lead from Flat-4

@Homeskillet-Can you please resize your picture to no more than 480 high? As it is now we are forced to scroll side to side to read the posts in this thread. If you edit your post and add height=480 to the link for the picture it should resize. If you do a quote on this post you can see where I added a height=200 on mine. Thanks height=200
opnspaces 02/14/20 10:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging Camper/Coach Battery with Running Lights Lead from Flat-4

I prefer to use the Hopkins (#47185) 4 way to 7 way plug. I installed one on my Suburban back in 2005 and ran it for almost 15 years. I like it because it plugs into the existing 4 way flat plug to convert the lights to a 7 way. You then only have to run a brake wire from your brake controller under the dash to the plug at the bumper. The best part of the connector is that it also retains the 4 way flat so you can tow a utility trailer without using an adapter. Link
opnspaces 02/14/20 09:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Trojan T-105

I’ve also had good luck with Sams (Duracell by East Penn) GC2 but while working in industry Trojan was all we ran. They suggest a daily charge of 14.8 volts. Do you have the ability to do 14.8 and equalize if needed? This is an issue ! Trojan charging characteristics are just a little higher than everyone else in the industry. It is difficult to find a charger that meets the Trojan recommendations. PowerMax LK model converters all have an adjustable voltage mode that goes from 13-16.5v. They are easy to find and cost less than many other converters. That 16.5 lets you do Trojan 16.2 Equalize too. The older "plain" models do not have this feature, so watch out you get a PM-3LK and not a plain PM3. eg this 60 amper is an LK Looks like the boondocker is also adjustable to 16.5v. I'll bet it's the same converter just rebranded. Link
opnspaces 02/14/20 08:56pm Tech Issues
RE: dealer advertising

No a monthly payment is not a starting point for purchasing an RV, or anything for that matter. The dealer can just extend the length of time on the loan to something you can afford. This could end you up in a contract for 20 years to pay off an RV that depreciated to almost nothing in value 10 years ago.
opnspaces 02/14/20 07:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: towing capability

A couple of things come into play with the most important thing being the weight capacity of the truck. Look inside the drivers door jamb and find the yellow sticker, It will tell you how much you can carry. Then start subtracting everything that you will be putting in it. Next look in the owners manual or on the actual hitch for the capacity of the hitch. Here you should find something like. Capacity: 500 lb weight carrying 1,000 lb weight distribution. (important for tongue weight consideration) Your towing capacity, the easy number that they will advertise like crazy to you. How tall are you and your spouse? there are many lite or microlite trailers out there. But they often save on weight by lowering the roof and therefore the ceiling. You don't want a trailer you have to duck when inside to keep from hitting your head. Do you have a place to store the trailer? If you're thinking driveway know that the model number on the trailer is usually not the length. For instance my trailer is a 27BH. But bumper to end of the tongue is 29'6" So take a tape measure with you when shopping and add 2 ft to whatever measurement you find. You won't be backing the trailer until it hits the garage wall. So don't measure with the tape pressed to the wall. Also for a driveway look up, if the house eaves stick out that will be your measure point. The trailer most likely won't fit under the eaves. Now that you have the above information it's time to go shopping.
opnspaces 02/14/20 06:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery Replacement Assistance

Troubleshooting parasitic draw is usually in how you connect the test leads to the meter. For the amount of draw you are dealing with you can just run the trailer power right through the meter. Your meter should come with a basic instruction sheet for how to use the test functions. If not or if it's confusing, post us the make and model and we can help.
opnspaces 02/14/20 06:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: LEDs Replacement for Flourscent

What powers the under cabinet lights? Do they have one of those cheap LED remote control units or are they hard wired somehow to a switch?
opnspaces 02/14/20 09:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Latest Windows 10 Update Help

Windows 7 does or did that from time to time and yes it is extremely annoying. I would probably turn the computer on with it plugged into power just before I went to bed and let it run all night. It should be up when you wake up in the morning.
opnspaces 02/14/20 09:38am Technology Corner
RE: Invalid VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

best I can offer is send the agent a few examples of that being a correct vin RV Depot Texas RV guys
opnspaces 02/13/20 04:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fresh water tank drain valve issue

I think most if not all RV tanks are just a single wall tank. The fact that you are finding a hose makes it seem that the valve is mounted remotely from the tank. On my trailer the valve is mounted under the side where it is easily accessible. There is a tube behind the valve that disappears back through the corrugated plastic underbody and then over to the actual tank. Since it sounds like you cannot see the actual tank I would start figuring out how to get the underbody down so you can see what you are dealing with.
opnspaces 02/12/20 03:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fresh water tank drain valve issue

The problem is that when I pull on the valve I can see just a small amount of the tubing (the tubing is cut at an angle a bit, so I can just see a little part of the end of the tubing) and when I try to pull on the valve the end of the tubing gets hung up on the tank opening. If I could get the tubing through the opening I could then clamp onto it. Main question/uncertainty is what would be the consequences of having the tubing separate from the valve and the tubing stay in the tank. Thanks. I would examine very carefully as the tubing makes no sense on a single wall tank. When you pulled the valve off the tank did water come out? My thought is that the tubing goes back into an inner tank of sorts, and the part that holds the actual valve is not water tight. Maybe try adding a tiny bit of water with the valve loose and see if it only comes out the tube.
opnspaces 02/12/20 08:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Fresh water tank drain valve issue

Can you grab the tubing behind the valve with some kind of locking pliers? The idea is to clamp on to the tubing and not let it get away when you pull off the valve. Then press the tubing onto the new valve and release the clamp.
opnspaces 02/12/20 01:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing 20' camper with Jeep Liberty

Is there a yellow sticker on the door frame that lists the cargo capacity? Also you might need to check the owners manual for the actual towing specification. You might have already posted it, but what year is the Jeep. Also what's the trim package?
opnspaces 02/11/20 08:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is wrong sir?

I'll bet the guy stripped it and was hauling it to the dump. The storage doors are taped because he removed all the latches. The missing rear wheels are probably what caught the ODOT officers attention and he would have been fine had they been on there.
opnspaces 02/11/20 09:29am Fifth-Wheels
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