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RE: Unique situation: What tow vehicle checks all the boxes?

I don't think you are going to find a van that fits your needs. Most that are going to be big enough to have the capacity you need are also going to be made in a cargo configuration meaning removable seats as opposed to folding seats like minivans. I second the pickup with a full height cap on it. I think if you check, unless you get one of the high work-type vans, anything that would fit in a van (height-wise) will fit in the bed of the truck. I would measure the tallest (longest if you lay it on its side) item your wife would need to transport to figure out if it will fit. You may have to go with the trailer suggestion if it is too tall.
p220sigman 06/27/22 10:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: TV & 30 ft TT to Mini Van and 17 ft TT

The paradox of the RV, they are never small enough when traveling and never big enough when parked... Someone needs to invent that Harry Potter tent in maybe an RV form. Have an 18 foot trailer on the outside and 3000 sf mansion on the inside...Maybe Elon is looking into it.:D Harry Potter copied Dr Who. The Tardis is what we need - it is the ultimate RV! True. Wouldn't even have to worry about fuel then.
p220sigman 06/07/22 12:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: TV & 30 ft TT to Mini Van and 17 ft TT

The paradox of the RV, they are never small enough when traveling and never big enough when parked... Someone needs to invent that Harry Potter tent in maybe an RV form. Have an 18 foot trailer on the outside and 3000 sf mansion on the inside...Maybe Elon is looking into it.:D
p220sigman 06/07/22 08:56am General RVing Issues
RE: TV & 30 ft TT to Mini Van and 17 ft TT

Having towed with a minivan for many years (two Toyota Siennas), I have some thoughts. They do make very good tow vehicles within their capabilities. They have a very low center of gravity. We towed a popup that weighed about 3300 loaded for camping. We typically averaged about 16 mpg, but most of our towing was in Florida, South Georgia, and South Alabama so mostly flat. Tongue weight is where they struggle. We were running about 350lbs tongue weight plus the weight of the drawbar. The rear suspension is soft to make for the cushy ride. I added airbags to help with the rear sag with both the Pup and our bike rack. I wouldn't want to have towed anything heavier though. The clearance in the back with the hitch isn't great either. Get used to planning your entrance into parking lots to avoid the hitch scraping and bottoming out. I also think you are optimistic about getting 15 mpg with a full-height trailer. We had pretty much optimum towing conditions and only managed 16 mpg. The other concern I would have with a modern minivan is the transmission. Most have CVTs and I would have serious concerns about their longevity towing at the max. We chose our van as the right fit as the family vehicle. DW did the soccer mom SUV thing and hated it. She much more enjoyed driving and traveling in a minivan. We chose the Pup as the best camping option for something the van could comfortably tow.
p220sigman 06/07/22 05:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Nascar Follies

* The heat build-up is significantly much higher in NASCAR racecars vs F-1. PLUS, it's much easier to get rid of the heat in F-1 brakes, and wheels. So the wheel nuts heat up and expand at a greater rate than the spindles so they loosen up? I wasn't sure if it was an issue with the wheels not seating fully before the wheel nut is tightened or a failure of the nut/spindle or something else.
p220sigman 05/20/22 07:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Hyundi Santa Cruz

Two issues I see. First, to get the 5K towing capacity, you have to get either the top of the line or the next to the top of the line model which are going to start at 37K. The other is the carrying capacity is still only about 1500 lbs. There are a number of trucks in that price range that will have more capability. The Ford Ranger comes to mind. If memory serves, the XLT 4x2 starts at about 30K and is rated to tow 7500 lbs with more carrying capacity. There are others I'm sure.
p220sigman 05/20/22 05:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Nascar Follies

Let me preface my question with the fact I don't watch much car racing in general, but I do stop for a few minutes when channel surfing if a race is on. I ask out of ignorance. Don't F1 cars use a single central nut on their wheels? Why don't they have similar issues with wheels coming off? Are there design differences between the wheels (other than the obvious size/width) that make F1 wheels easier to install/secure?
p220sigman 05/20/22 05:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Question for Florida sticks and bricks owners

I've heard of people putting plastic wrap over the toilet bowls and tight fitting drain plugs for sinks. Never had to do it so I don't know if it works or not.
p220sigman 05/08/22 07:42am Around the Campfire
RE: Question for Florida sticks and bricks owners

If we are going to be away for any significant amount of time, I set the air to 85. We would probably be fine with it off, but we live on a shaded lot. When our air went out a couple of years ago in late June, the inside temps only got up to about 90 without the air. As has been referenced, it is likely the humidity that is going to cause problems rather than the heat.
p220sigman 05/03/22 05:44am Around the Campfire
RE: Change Cell companies

We are fortunate that we have a Verizon store near our house (true Verizon store, not an authorized reseller store) and that is where we have had the best luck. We did the phone and app thing for a change we were doing for a while and finally stopped in the store. They took care of it in about five minutes. I would recommend in person if it is an option for you.
p220sigman 04/29/22 10:31am Technology Corner
RE: Member Blocking is a Blessing

I don't block anyone, but I also don't even check PM's. When this thread popped up, I looked at the PM link at the top and it showed I had two. Both were pretty old. I generally don't let people on the internet get me worked up. I reserve that for people whose opinions matter to me and that is a pretty short list.
p220sigman 04/25/22 05:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Need help finding an interior wall outlet...

As was said, just replace with a conventional box/outlet. We had a mobile home that had these and I just replaced them as needed. Not a difficult job as long as the wire has enough slack in it, otherwise it becomes a challenge. If you just want to replace it with a like outlet, you can find them on Amazon. Search "self contained outlet"
p220sigman 04/21/22 09:30am Tech Issues
RE: Travel through Atlanta

From my experiences, it really doesn't make a difference whether you go around on 285 or through on 75. Sunday morning early is likely better if you get through before everyone traveling home from somewhere starts through. Likely the earlier in the morning the better. If there is a traffic crash, all bets are off.
p220sigman 04/21/22 07:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Bought a second truck.

I got another offer today from a guy who wants to buy my truck. I guess I'm going to have to get a "Truck Not For Sale" sign for it. :B Or, you can give him a ridiculous number it would take to buy it. My dad bought and sold boats when he was still with us. He finally got one that he really loved and enjoyed fishing out of so he kept it. There was a guy up the street that would stop and try to buy it periodically and dad would always tell him it wasn't for sale. The guy kept saying "What will it take?", so finally dad told him a number that was probably 3X the value. Of course the guy said "It's not worth that much." Dad simply said "It is to me." Guy never stopped again.
p220sigman 04/19/22 05:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Decent Digital Camera

There are several point/shoot options in that price range. I would venture over to B&H Photo and look through their site. As was said, basically ignore digital zoom and focus (pun intended) on optical zoom Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic all make some decently rated cameras in your price range. I shoot with Canon DSLR, but most any of the major makes will take great pictures. Based on your budget, a DSLR is out of the question. You will need to get up to around the $500 mark for an entry level DSLR and will still likely need additional lenses. A decent DSLR kit will easily get over $1000 pretty quickly.
p220sigman 04/07/22 09:23am Technology Corner
RE: Streaming versus Broadcast TV

We looked at streaming from our sticks/bricks place. By the time we paid more for the same internet service (not bundling with cable any more so they charge more) and added the services necessary to get the programs we watched, it was like $10 cheaper to stream, but a lot more hassle. We stuck with cable as our main source. DVR almost everything and just forward through the commercials. I have one show in particular that I can watch the entire 3 hour show in less then 45 minutes. In addition to commercials, they have a lot of fluff that I don't care about.
p220sigman 02/24/22 01:17pm Technology Corner
RE: The cat is out of the bag ! New Honda Generator !!

Ah how did it go from a new generator to methods of transporting and losing gas. It was a long and winding road...
p220sigman 02/13/22 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: Bought a second truck.

I drove from the time I was about 12. We had to haul our garbage to a dumpster about 5 miles up the road from the house. That became my job. I even got stopped by the sheriff's department one time. The deputy just asked if my dad knew I was out in the truck. I said, yes, that I was just hauling off the trash. He said drive carefully and let me go on my way. Probably wouldn't happen like that today...
p220sigman 02/08/22 05:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Multiple Buyers. Who gets the RV?

For the last vehicle we bought, we drove a few hours to see/drive the vehicle at a dealer's lot with the understanding they would not hold it. We got there and drove it. Wife liked it but wanted to look at another similar vehicle in the same town at a different dealer. We let our sales person know that we are interested, but had one other vehicle to look at before deciding. Again, we understood the first one might get sold while we were deciding. We looked at the other one and DW liked the first one better so we called our sales person back and he let us know that someone had driven it and seemed interested but the husband didn't want to do the paperwork yet as he needed to go pick up his boat. Apparently, the wife tried to get him to go ahead and do the deal and their sales person told them that someone else (us) had driven it and was interested. According to their sales person, the husband told the wife that the sales person was just using BS sales tactics to try to rush them and they left. We went back to the dealership and DW wanted to drive it one more time to check something she forgot to check the first time. As we are coming back into the dealership, there is a truck pulling a boat parking. We saw the guy getting out and our sales person tells us that is the guy. He is going in the front door and we are going in the side door. We had already arrived at an acceptable price, so we just signed a note that we would purchase as the guy's sales person was greeting him. Our sales person advised the other sales person that the we had just agreed to purchase the vehicle. Needless to say, the guy was not a happy camper and he had to call his wife to let her know they missed it. I started to tell him that there was a similar vehicle down the road at another dealer, but I decided he might not take it as helpful as intended. Moral of the story, sometimes there really is someone else looking to buy too. Epilogue - While we were finishing the sale, the guy's sales person stopped by and asked if we were the one's that bought the vehicle. When we confirmed that we were, he said he was glad because the guy was a jerk (my translation of the actual word he used) the whole time and he was glad that he had to face his wife.
p220sigman 02/01/22 02:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Negotiating Trade-In

Seems to me that if you don't want to sell yourself, take the Camping World offer and go to whatever dealer you want to with a $15,500 down payment. The dealer doesn't care what the NADA value is. They are only concerned with what they can actually sell it for. It all ends up being a shell game. They agree to give you another $1,500 for your trade and then don't come off the price as much. It doesn't matter which you negotiate first. If you negotiate the trade-in price and they give you more for it, they don't come off of the price as much to account for the extra value of the trade. If you negotiate the price first and they come off of the price more, then they don't give you as much for your trade. Remember that it is a business transaction. The dealer has decided how much they need from the deal and will not likely dip below that without some other outside incentive coming into the mix. The other option is decide what you are willing to pay for the new unit including your trade and negotiate from the bottom line. For me, the only number that really matters is what I have to pay for the new unit. Then the dealer can put whatever number they want on whatever line as long as the out-the-door price is what you are happy with. You didn't indicate if you have a loan balance on the current TT, but that could certainly weigh into the mix if you are trying to cover the balance as a part of the deal. I still think it makes bottom line negotiation easier because they still have to figure in the payoff with the deal.
p220sigman 01/28/22 05:23am General RVing Issues
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