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RE: Truck flooded

You may also need to be prepared to have your own appraisal done. Depending on the value of the truck, insurance companies will sometimes total a vehicle, but undervalue it on the pay-out.
p220sigman 08/07/20 08:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Leather Sofa Or Fabric Sofa?

When we were shopping for new living room furniture, we were looking mainly at leather. After sitting on some of the choices for a period of time, we actually ended up getting a set that has a microfiber fabric. It was much more comfortable to us than the leather and has held up very well for us and our two dogs. The set we have is just over 3 years old and has no obvious wear or staining to the surfaces.
p220sigman 08/07/20 08:55am Around the Campfire
RE: over nite stops

Not just overnight stops. Sure RVers have every right to use public facilities in rest areas. What I have trouble standing under is the number of RVs you see in a rest area that pull past a bunch of MT spaces, pull into the spot close to bathroom. Then get out of TV, and into trailer. After a bit, back in TV, and down the road. Now, the point is not do you have a right to use that space, but why? If using your own, why not use it out at the end of lot, be polite to the people that must use public restroom? Just guessing, but some may feel more safe being near the restrooms where there are more people than being further out, especially if they are stopping later at night. In all fairness, is see trucks do the same thing. Of course, some are just people that are oblivious to other people around them.
p220sigman 08/07/20 08:51am Around the Campfire
RE: a mix and match electric vehicle

Not to mention that ever passing crash standards for sale in the US.
p220sigman 08/06/20 09:08am Tech Issues
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

Funny...I posted a few days ago, in jest, on the ATC forum, how we all know used car sales folks and politicians are dishonest, and the crazy lady deleted it. It was on the thread about the dishonest sales clerk, so did pertain! I know...most won't post on that forum, but I still do on occasion. Yep, pretty much a waste of time posting there. If your opinion differs from the Mod, you will get deleted. It's almost comical when the mod will come on and say that if you post something, you have to cite the source for the information (because nobody actually forms their own opinion apparently) and then turns around and posts a bunch of "facts" with no supporting cite. On the subject of sales persons, if I'm just shopping and need to fill out the contact info, the only item they get that is actually me is my email and I have an email that is only used for internet forms. If I ask a question, I always add in bold all caps, letters that I will not respond to telephone calls, only emails. Of course, since I didn't give them my number, I don't know if they ever try to call anyway. I give them the number of a spammer that tries to call me frequently because he is concerned about my car being out of warranty.
p220sigman 07/31/20 11:33am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Sales Push

If an RV salesperson lip's are moving, he is lying. That is simply not true. Sometimes they don't even move their lips...
p220sigman 07/31/20 11:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Whoa, "start at $35,000 annually, counting benefits". Looks like Elon isn't big into the "share the wealth" ethic. That's about $15/hour. Looks like the people building 'em won't be able to afford to buy 'em. Curious. What does unskilled labour get paid in Texas. Around here it is just under 15 but headed for 15.20 this year.So it takes unskilled labor to build the sophisticated Tesla, and maintain the robotic equipment that I'm sure does a lot of the assembly? So a guy could go from building Big Mac's one day to building a Tesla the next day? Maybe the bus tickets from Neuvo Laredo will be comped by Tesla. :) Seems like there's lots of complaints from people buying RV's, about the quality of those RV's that are built with unskilled labor. Sometimes you have pay more for a quality work force. When I read "start at $35,000 annually, counting benefits" I think of all the non-assembly people such as custodians, the guy that mows the grass, the folks who work the front desk, etc. Doesn't seem to bad for an entry level type position. I have no idea what Tesla's pay scale is, but to say it starts at $35K means that is what the lowest person on the ladder makes. Others farther up the ladder make more.
p220sigman 07/23/20 01:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: winching a trencher - UPDATE w/photos

Glad to see it worked well for you.
p220sigman 07/23/20 01:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Lost continuity between battery and starter solenoid

Given the age, I don't think the wire breaking somewhere is likely. I agree with removing and cleaning each connection. I'll be surprised if this doesn't solve the problem.
p220sigman 07/22/20 05:16am Tech Issues
RE: photography

I had one Sigma (18-300 Canon platform) that was ok at best. I may have been a little jaded since I was also using a Canon L (70-200) lens at the time. Even though the Sigma as an "HSM" lens, it seemed to focus a lot slower than even some of my regular Canon lenses and wasn't as sharp. Personally, I wouldn't buy another Sigma. My Tamron "walking around lens" is 18-400 and takes much better and sharper pictures than the Sigma I had. Focus is accurate and fast. No where close to my Canon L, but I also don't have the reach with the Canon, which is why I use the Tamron more now. Given the two you are looking at, I would stay with the Sony.
p220sigman 07/21/20 08:18pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tailgate Bike Pad - any experience?

I have a friend who uses one and loves it. No damage thus far that I can see. He did have a concern about the bikes coming out or moving around on rough roads, so he runs a strap through the bikes to the tie down loops in the bed. I've been behind him on some pretty rough roads and haven't seen the bikes move or shift. If you get one and have disc brakes, make sure you turn the bars so the brake rotor faces out. He did bend a rotor because he had it on with the rotor facing in.
p220sigman 07/21/20 08:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Lesson learned lol

Probably have to bite the bullet and get a 3/4" NPT tap and clean up the threads. That's what I did. I tried the "cut slots in a pipe" and a couple other things, but the tap is about the only thing you can depend on to do the trick. Same. Tap worked great. I tried the slots in a pipe, using a rotary wire brush, etc. None of it worked. Two minutes with the tap and all was great.
p220sigman 07/15/20 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

I mainly use negative reviews whether they be for a park or a product to see if people are complaining about the same things. If there are a number of negative reviews that all complain about the same thing, I give more weight to them. If the reviews are just the "This park sucks" type, I generally dismiss those unless that is the prevailing review.
p220sigman 07/09/20 10:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Without getting political....

But IMHO, NFL can not claim to be a non-gov organisation when the taxpayers pay for the theater for their show. The National Football League is the world’s most profitable league. Each of the NFL’s 32 teams is among the top 50 most valuable sports franchises. 31 of these teams are privately owned. I would guess they have done cost/benefit analysis on their stance and feel like they will pick up enough new fans who are happy with their change to offset the ones that they will lose. I guess time will tell.
p220sigman 07/09/20 10:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Help - TV - Lance 2445 & Escalade

Can you find one on a lot within a reasonable distance and take your tongue scale and see what the tongue weight is? Then you won't be in as much of an estimating arena. Personally, I'd change to LT tires if it doesn't have them already and give it a go. You may have to be aware of what and how you are packing to not add to the load on the TV and still keep adequate tongue weight to keep the tail from wagging the dog.
p220sigman 07/08/20 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

I see similar types of reviews for all kinds of services and products. I was researching a bicycle-related component recently and one of the one star reviewers said they gave the item one star because the item didn't fit because it was made to work with a different setup (clearly identified in the item's title and description) and did work with what the reviewer had. Obviously, he/she ordered the wrong item. I'm not even sure why you would take the time to leave that type of review in the first place. In a lot of these cases, it comes down to the "It's never my fault" people that are becoming more prevalent.
p220sigman 07/08/20 09:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Neighbors Wouldn’t Help

Most likely a case of not wanting to get involved. Unfortunately, we see that more and more as society in general (in my opinion) has gotten less likely to get involved. Cause? Litigation, apathy, fear, and I'm sure about a thousand other reasons. Personally, I try to help where I can.
p220sigman 07/06/20 10:16am Around the Campfire
RE: winching a trencher - UPDATE w/photos

Looking at the Brave trenchers on-line, it looks like there is a hole in the frame between the wheels that you could hook to. It also looks like you might could create a loop by using large carabiners around the axle on each side with a short piece of rope creating a harness to attach your main winch line to. Because of the vulnerable position you will be in, I would probably use climbing rated carabiners as opposed to the hardware store ones unless you can find the heavy duty ones. I would want to minimize the possibility of breakage.
p220sigman 07/06/20 08:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Without getting political....

All I know is that I would be fired for protesting on "company time". I'm free to protest as much as I want on my own time, but when I get to work, I agree to certain restrictions to remain employed. Of course, I'm free to quit if I don't agree with those restrictions. When an athlete, especially a pro athlete steps on that field, he or she is working for or representing an organization or someone. Now if that organization/someone agrees to allow them to protest while working, that is up to the organization/someone. In that case, I can exercise my right to not support that franchise/sport.
p220sigman 06/29/20 12:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Electric Bikes???

I don't know much about the e-bikes, but if you prefer the geometry of the Specialized bikes, you will probably like their e-bikes. My suggestion is to ride as many as you can and see which is most comfortable and easy to ride for you. Regardless of the name on the bike, it has to be comfortable. We are a Specialized family except for my wife. She preferred the geometry of Trek so she has two Trek bikes. As was said early, go to your local bike shops. You are going to need service after the sale and with an established relationship, you are more likely to get quicker service and for minor issues, may get free service.
p220sigman 06/25/20 11:17am General RVing Issues
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