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RE: favorite tow vehicle for small trailer??

Of the ones you listed, I think the Highlander has the highest towing capacity so with it and a <3500 trailer you aren't at the limits. The Outback will probably have the best non-towing MPG. I don't know if you have considered the Subaru Ascent or not. It is a little larger than the Outback, but can have a 5000 capacity. Mileage isn't terrible either. I can't say how any of them will tow as I don't have any experience with any of them. We towed our Popup that was close to 3500 total weight with our Toyota Sienna and it did great, but I'm not sure I'd want to tow a full-height trailer right at that limit with minivan.
p220sigman 10/19/20 09:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 6L diesel in the news again

Like with any consumer product, people don't necessarily never buy a manufacturer's products again if they have problems, but a lot of times it does depend on how the company responds to the problems. My wife's uncle owned a Ford Taurus wagon that he complained about ignition issues with for a couple years and Ford steadfastly denied any issues existed. One day, they came out to the car on fire under their carport. Luckily, they were able to hold the fire at bay until the fire department arrived to finish the job so the house didn't sustain significant damage. The cause of the fire? It started in the area of the ignition cylinder. Ford continued to deny it was an issue. To this day, my wife refuses to even consider a Ford product based on this. She will tell you that it isn't that the car had issues, but it was the way Ford dealt with it.
p220sigman 10/15/20 11:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: fan Clutch on Diesel

As was said, something is making the clutch go out. The odds of having 4 fan clutches just go bad are likely astronomical. He needs to figure out what is causing them to go bad or look to see if there is an option for an electric fan and do away with the fan clutch all together.
p220sigman 10/07/20 04:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

Wow my thread has grown to 13 pages now. Hard habits are hard to break and as one ages they tend to not to want change but change still happens.. Cars killed the horse and buggy. Cell phones killed payphones and internet is killing traditional TV service. And soon electric cars/trucks will kill the internal combustion engine. :C Things that were designed well and really work well are hard to break or kill. Cars did not kill the "horse and buggy", Have you not heard of the Amish? They STILL use Horse and Buggy as their primary means of transportation. Cell phones did not kill the payphones, there ARE still payphones out there, a bit hard to find now days but still out there. Cellphones do not have 100% coverage everywhere, there are vast areas of land once you get outside of the big city that has either very poor or no cell signal at all. Internet has not killed traditional TV and will not anytime soon, I know quite a lot of families that use OTA only TV, or Sat TV to get their news and entertainment. And you are 100% incorrect on Electric Vehicles killing off Gas/Diesel vehicles, that is the dogooders/treehuggers well intentioned but misdirected folks who do not realize that all they are doing is trading one evil for another then turned into a political three ring circus. You do realize EV is nothing new? in the 1880s car manufacturers were not only experimenting with steam, gas and Diesel but ELECTRIC cars also.. I know, I own a EV from 1901.. It was converted to a gasoline engine in 1903 or so because there was no commercial electricity whee the new owner bought it.. Killing every gas and Diesel vehicle means that the electrical grid would have to have 100% coverage not just in the US but the world.. You do realize that as advanced as the US is, there are vast areas where there is no electrical grid.. It is called INFRASTRUCTURE, it is costly to build out a 100% coverage infrastructure. It is costly to maintain 100% infrastructure. 100% infrastructure will be prohibitively too expensive for for companies to make enough profit to make the coverage low enough for every people to afford. And for the record, I am not against streaming, cellphones or even electric vehicles. While I do give Musk some credit, it is not good credit, he is basically another "PT Barnum", another "showman", gives some flash and bang, bunches of promises and hope and rake in the money.. He is very rich just for saying words that tickle your ears. I do not know with your beef is with Direct TV, but you sure have a hate for them, I guess you feel ripped off by them, wait until all that free streaming goes to pay streaming and that cheap company Internet you get goes away and you HAVE to pay full price for speeds barely fast enough to stream SD video at very low resolution. And yes, folks are correct, you are a troll :R because you do not accept the reality that in real life pretty much everything you deem no good or faulty is still alive and well and will be for longer than your or my lifetime.. Well now, there you go bringing facts into this. What are you thinking???:D
p220sigman 10/01/20 10:54am Technology Corner
RE: Portable Wind Turbine as a power supplement?

I would second having a second alternator to charge the battery bank while driving. I would guess in most situations, you are not charging them from fully dead, but rather just topping off since you have solar and the generator to help when you are set up. Way less involved and complex.
p220sigman 09/18/20 05:58am Tech Issues
RE: What to make of this......

I have to agree. The job would be over for me. I don't mind and have participated in patrol dog training, but it was voluntary and appropriate safety gear and instructions were provided. There is no reason for the handler to not immediately recall the dog.
p220sigman 09/15/20 10:52am Around the Campfire
RE: Assistance for 2019 Subaru Outback Fuse needed

Look in the spare tire well. There was an inline fuse there. I think you have to remove the tool tray and tire. It was on the right side if I remember correctly.
p220sigman 09/15/20 06:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Verizon cell signal lost at night

If your phone is older, you might experience weird actions. I find that I have to restart my phone more often now that it is older. It will start dropping calls or having calls not go through. I can restart and it works fine after that for a while and then happens again. Seems to be about every three weeks or so right now.
p220sigman 09/10/20 05:48am Technology Corner
RE: Food for thought

Isn't egg salad still chicken salad? Not if it isn't made from chicken eggs. Granted, I've never heard of someone making it from quail or duck eggs, but you could.
p220sigman 09/09/20 08:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

You said you guys will be pulling 12 months out of the year. A half ton is designed for occasional light towing. A 3/4 or 1 ton is designed to be worked to the max capabilities every day of the year. If I was planning on towing 12 months out of the year, I would get a bigger truck even though you don't necessarily "need" the payload or tow ratings of the bigger truck (at least not right now!) For the minimal price difference, you are getting substantially more truck. Heavier frame, brakes, wheels/tires, cooling system, etc. Your towing experience will be much more comfortable in a heavier truck as well. You'll get less push/pull in a heavier truck then a lighter truck. This is probably the best advice you've gotten. Personally, I'd rather be on the lower end of a tow vehicles capabilities than the upper end if at all possible.
p220sigman 09/04/20 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bowled the First 800 Three Game Series of My Life !!!!!

That is awesome. I probably haven't scored 800 points in all of my bowling. I was in the lane next to a guy that missed his first 300 game by 3 pins. He was disappointed to say the least.
p220sigman 08/24/20 12:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2016 Ram short bed 6.7 diesel 2500 payload close to max

As was said, if 2100 is dry weight, you will be way over by the time you add the hitch and anything else that inevitably gets added.
p220sigman 08/22/20 08:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electronics repair shop needed

I would also suspect there are way more 6.0 Fuel Injector Control Modules out there than there are US Gear Unified Tow Brake Systems. I don't think I'd spend too much time trying to find a solution and just move on. This coming from someone who tries to fix everything rather than replacing.
p220sigman 08/21/20 10:21am Technology Corner
RE: Foolish Things We’ve Done as Kids

I probably did too many foolish things as a kid than I care to remember. I'm just glad there isn't any evidence. I kind of feel sorry for kids today with everything they do being documented by someone.
p220sigman 08/21/20 10:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Truck flooded

You may also need to be prepared to have your own appraisal done. Depending on the value of the truck, insurance companies will sometimes total a vehicle, but undervalue it on the pay-out.
p220sigman 08/07/20 08:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Leather Sofa Or Fabric Sofa?

When we were shopping for new living room furniture, we were looking mainly at leather. After sitting on some of the choices for a period of time, we actually ended up getting a set that has a microfiber fabric. It was much more comfortable to us than the leather and has held up very well for us and our two dogs. The set we have is just over 3 years old and has no obvious wear or staining to the surfaces.
p220sigman 08/07/20 08:55am Around the Campfire
RE: over nite stops

Not just overnight stops. Sure RVers have every right to use public facilities in rest areas. What I have trouble standing under is the number of RVs you see in a rest area that pull past a bunch of MT spaces, pull into the spot close to bathroom. Then get out of TV, and into trailer. After a bit, back in TV, and down the road. Now, the point is not do you have a right to use that space, but why? If using your own, why not use it out at the end of lot, be polite to the people that must use public restroom? Just guessing, but some may feel more safe being near the restrooms where there are more people than being further out, especially if they are stopping later at night. In all fairness, is see trucks do the same thing. Of course, some are just people that are oblivious to other people around them.
p220sigman 08/07/20 08:51am Around the Campfire
RE: a mix and match electric vehicle

Not to mention that ever passing crash standards for sale in the US.
p220sigman 08/06/20 09:08am Tech Issues
RE: Industrial Strength Liars

Funny...I posted a few days ago, in jest, on the ATC forum, how we all know used car sales folks and politicians are dishonest, and the crazy lady deleted it. It was on the thread about the dishonest sales clerk, so did pertain! I know...most won't post on that forum, but I still do on occasion. Yep, pretty much a waste of time posting there. If your opinion differs from the Mod, you will get deleted. It's almost comical when the mod will come on and say that if you post something, you have to cite the source for the information (because nobody actually forms their own opinion apparently) and then turns around and posts a bunch of "facts" with no supporting cite. On the subject of sales persons, if I'm just shopping and need to fill out the contact info, the only item they get that is actually me is my email and I have an email that is only used for internet forms. If I ask a question, I always add in bold all caps, letters that I will not respond to telephone calls, only emails. Of course, since I didn't give them my number, I don't know if they ever try to call anyway. I give them the number of a spammer that tries to call me frequently because he is concerned about my car being out of warranty.
p220sigman 07/31/20 11:33am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Sales Push

If an RV salesperson lip's are moving, he is lying. That is simply not true. Sometimes they don't even move their lips...
p220sigman 07/31/20 11:26am General RVing Issues
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