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RE: Polyester-mites

For crying out loud, relax people. You can easily kill them using over the counter 'Headlight Fluid' !I can tell BS when I see it! It takes a combination of zigzagrv's and Edd505's recommendations - mothballs wrapped in dryer sheets. That actually works for lots of RV intruders.
pasusan 04/03/20 05:07am Travel Trailers
RE: No Corona

I looked it up - it is considered a non-essential business. I was wondering if it was because of the name... Like the liquor stores in PA are shuttered as non-essential. Argh!
pasusan 04/03/20 05:01am RVing in Mexico and South America

I posted earlier that dh and I were sick. Just wanted to report that I finally started feeling better on Wednesday, then yesterday I felt almost completely normal. Dh still feels a bit off, but he had it lighter than me and hasn't been resting as much as me. So - for me it lasted 13 days, with an up and down course. I know that we are some of the lucky ones with light and mild cases. And of course we can't even be sure we had it or something else as we were not able to be tested.
pasusan 04/03/20 04:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Gag!

Talking about gag reflexe. Just the other evening the wife and I were sitting outside on porch drinking red wine. Attempted to finish off wine when the absolute worst taste hit me......a stinkbug drowned in my glass and released its toxins. Super Gag!
pasusan 04/01/20 06:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: kinda light posting

Trying to talk the mechanic next door into doing my axle flip. Organized ALL my food storage, rotating stock, getting rid of most items over a year or two out of their "Best Buy date". Kept most pickled items. Found some 2015 items! Posted about adding CB back in my communication repertoire ( just ordered a Uniden 505? Unit that droppped from $34 to $25 on Amazon). Trying not to go out more than the absolute minimum kinda limits your discussion items ;(OK... Now don't laugh... Is sauerkraut considered a pickled item? We've also been organizing stuff, and I did the pantry the other day. I found 2 jars of sauerkraut hidden behind a box of straws. The date says 12.15.08. What say you - give it a try or throw it out?
pasusan 04/01/20 06:23am General RVing Issues

Face masks... It made total sense when I watched that video of the South Korean doctor talking about Coronavirus. Why do doctors where face masks? Yes we all should. I found a bunch of sites telling how to make them at home. Not necessarily N95, but better than nothing.
pasusan 03/31/20 12:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: The perfect RV campground

Hah!! We are actually in this picture. Top row, far left. The draw? It’s in the heart of Ohio Amish/Mennonite country. We stayed 3 mos last summer. I agree the layout is practical but I wish there was 4-5 more feet between rigs. Also a few tight corners. Hope we can go back this summer.---and--- We love staying there. But you are correct. It’s not the layout. Why we love it because we sit out in the evening and listen to the horse and buggies go by. Watch the fireflies and enjoy the quiet. Every Monday, the Amish girls mow, trim etc in their long dresses and bonnets barefoot. A few minutes in every direction there are beautiful views, farms, produce stands, butcher shops not to mention some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. LOL! I see that you have your reasons... width=50
pasusan 03/31/20 07:30am Family Camping
RE: Got a Amazon fire TV stick

We use a Roku device. It will do all this and we don't feel we are adding to the ownership of the world by Amazon.
pasusan 03/31/20 04:53am Technology Corner
RE: Be Kind!

I had an idea the other night while talking to my MIL who lives in a warmer climate than us. It might be a nice idea for her to have a picnic with neighboring friends. Everyone would bring their own supplies - food, lawn chairs, wine, whatever - and stay distanced from each other, but have a fun and friendly get together outside. We're definitely going to try that when our weather warms up - if things are still bad and if our weather ever warms up... width=100 (Thanks for that link Gdetrailer.) Edit: found a social distancing picnic emoticon...
pasusan 03/31/20 04:22am General RVing Issues

Thanks guys for your well wishes... We're pretty confident we'll be OK. I found a most interesting site if anyone's interested in statistics... worldometer Click on a country and find all the numbers and charts.
pasusan 03/30/20 08:24am Around the Campfire
RE: The perfect RV campground

Pull up a map of scenic hills rv park , in Berlin oh as close as I have found for my needs That is definitely in the direction I am looking, with less than 50% pavement. Scenic HillsSorry - this is the very last type of place we'd look for to stay at: Also - what is the draw? I agree that location is number one. Clean and with space between sites. Quiet and no golf carts.
pasusan 03/30/20 06:18am Family Camping

turbojimmy - thanks very much for posting your experience. So glad your wife is doing better! Keep us updated on how you two are doing... DH and I are also sick - we think we have it, but can't get tested. It's been about a week and a half since we started feeling sick. DH has it very light and I have it in the mild zone. I keep worrying that it will all of the sudden get worse with us. Our county in PA supposedly has only 7 cases - I guess those are the ones that had to go to the hospital. It's going in waves with me - sometimes I'm so fatigued I can hardly move and other times I'm full of energy (till I'm fatigued again). The weirdest thing with me is I feel best in the evening - each evening I think this is it - I'm getting better. Never had that before with any other cold or flu - evening is usually when I think I'm going to die. We must have picked it up in the grocery store as that is the only place we've been (we're retired). And we're pretty sure we got it from the air as we have been super careful about keeping our hands away from our faces and washing them a ton. At the time of the store visit (3/11) there were supposedly zero cases in our county. Everyone stay safe!
pasusan 03/30/20 05:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Full-time and don't/didn't like it?

I always wanted to do it. DH not so much. At this juncture I am happy to have a large, comfortable home (sweet home).
pasusan 03/28/20 05:33am General RVing Issues

My go-to place is Johns Hopkins as well... I check this map out every morning. You can click on the US in the left column and it will tell totals for the country. Then zoom in on the map and click on your county to see how many they've found. The numbers can be shocking enough, but we know for a fact that we have way more in our county than is on the map - people still can't get tested. At this point our area looks like there's not much so could be one of the areas that might be opened up for business by Easter. :E
pasusan 03/28/20 04:47am Around the Campfire
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

on a lighter note, sorta.“Who is **** supposed to even see you with your hair all done in a casket? Do you understand the casket will be closed?” I actually did laugh for a second, then the tears came.
pasusan 03/24/20 05:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Animal care in times of Coronavirus

Thanks for your explanation, Dr. Doug. That is weird about rabies... Didn't even know it was a virus.
pasusan 03/23/20 07:25am RV Pet Stop
RE: Animal care in times of Coronavirus

Thanks for the update on veterinary hospitals. I have a question about pets and if they are able to get this. Since it is thought that this virus started with bats and/or those armadillo-like animals in Asia... What is different about them that they can have it and supposedly our pets can't? IMWTK...
pasusan 03/22/20 07:38am RV Pet Stop
RE: Multi month trip planning

This thread certainly fits the bill of side trips. :) We used to use Streets and Trips... Now we use Google Maps, Excel, and Garmin. Plan things out on Google Maps. Lay out our trip in Excel - with where we will stop, if we have reservations, how many miles and how many hours driving per day, stuff like that. On other worksheets info on things we want to do and see. Input the stops into our GPS. Bring the spreadsheet along both as printed papers and as a file in the phone.
pasusan 03/22/20 05:48am Roads and Routes
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

Not to make light of the corona virus as I am sure more will die from it but.....this is for the United States in 2017 Number of deaths for leading causes of death: Heart disease: 647,457 Cancer: 599,108 Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936 Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201 Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383 Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404 Diabetes: 83,564 Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672 Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633 Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173 coronavirus: 298 so far So...try to stay away from crowds....but don,t panic...imo There is an interesting calculator that compares these leading causes of death with what could happen with coronavirus. Worth a look... Oh, and speaking of calculators - here's one for how much toilet paper you will need. :)
pasusan 03/22/20 04:59am General RVing Issues
Interesting interactive Coronavirus calculator

You can move sliders around for what percentage of American's will be infected, then what percentage of people will die to come up with the death toll. It also compares results with the other major causes of death in the US. For instance... If 30 percent of our population gets infected, using a death rate of only 1 percent there would be a death toll of 975,000. For those of you who rate the NYT as fake news, this is just a math calculator - no possible spin. Calculator
pasusan 03/18/20 05:34am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
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