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RE: Fed Cuts Rates: Will RV Rates Follow?

Just a continuation on the war against savers.
path1 03/03/20 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: what glue for rubber to metal

I've used this site couple years now. Drop down menu and fills in blanks. Metal to Rubber For the strongest bond, we recommend: Household Goop Not as strong but good for a large area is: 3M 80 Whenever you are gluing metal it's a good idea to clean it first with steel wool or sandpaper. (Rust never sleeps.)
path1 02/25/20 12:59am Tech Issues
RE: 5.4 E350 performance and reliability?

What kind of reliability and fuel mileage does this produce? reliability...great. fuel mileage...not known for good mileage. Same as V-10 IMO. Ours leaves driveway at 12,000 pounds. We use ours all over Pac NW, which has a lot of mountain grades. But for sure not a ball of fire but has never failed us. Depending on the year model (same as any motor) has its problems, but once understood no problems. Oil of 5w20 surprised me at first, thought the 5w20 was a typo at first. The oil change place I use... used a no name brand oil filter. I now bring my own filter. I use motorcraft. Make sure you use an oil filter with "silicone valve" built in. Prevents oil from leaking down. Which means when starting engine you are not doing a "cold start up" when you start it. Lots of info on the Triton motor available, good dependable motors. About 110,000 miles now. Fouled injector at 85,000 miles, not sure if bad gas or what? I now carry spare fuel filter and the little disconnect tool set ($15.00) to get filter off and takes about 5 min to change and a spare injector ($70.00) about 30 min to swop out. Also carry spare cop (coil over plug) but never needed one yet. Ford says some fluids are good till 100,000 miles, but I would do fluids sooner. Of course at 12,000 pounds keep up on brake pads. Front brakes real easy, once you do them once. Rear brakes, a pain being there are duels. I have the older 4r100 trans, newer ones better IMO
path1 02/23/20 11:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dishwasher install issues on 2016 Fleetwood Excursion

I think they are saying they dont want to do the work. Sticks & bricks, I thought maybe 3 hours to instal. Surprize to me, already over hours. Find "dead" space to run your lines. New dishwasher has all install directions. Hardest parts, extending elec and hanging the lines thru cabinet.
path1 01/24/20 09:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: methotrexate injecting what size needle?

Thanks for your reply... We were getting nervous as tomorrow is shot day. Finally we got a call back close to 5PM. We were referred to another DR, that is handling our Dr's urgent calls till she gets back in town. 25 to 27 gauge 1/2 to 5/8 inch So you were right on in your posting! Thanks again
path1 01/13/20 09:09pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
methotrexate injecting what size needle?

If you are injecting methotrexate into abdomen, Please respond... What gauge needle are you using? and what is the length of needle? (Our mail order pharmacy messed up I think. They sent 1 1/2 inch. Trying to see what others use. Dr and nurse out of town till next week). Thanks
path1 01/13/20 01:13pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Generator 2000i problems

Great video... Thank you
path1 01/12/20 12:41am Tech Issues
RE: Generator 2000i problems

Thanks for the comments. My plan... Inspect visually real good looking for bugs. Dirt etc. Then soak in gas for about half hour. I did fill the gas right to the top, would that have any reason why vent messed up
path1 01/11/20 08:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator 2000i problems

We are missing the comparison between third time with cap and third time no cap. With no cap...ran ok. Reason why I wonder if these cap venting system go bad. UPDATE...I twisted the vent knob back on fourth several times and felt with my fingers tension more and less as I twisted the knob. I haven't looked real good at how the vent works yet. But I'm thinking a gasket was stuck? Any ideas? It's been running normal since cap back on.
path1 01/11/20 07:10pm Tech Issues
Generator 2000i problems

Started my generator like I do once a month to exercise it, runs normal like it should for about 10 minutes then shuts off. I thought maybe I forgot to open the vent on the cap. Double checked and vent is in open position. Start it again, runs 10 min, then shuts off, gives a couple surges then dies. Then I removed cap and started, running like it should. Question: anything wears out on these caps?
path1 01/11/20 05:51pm Tech Issues
RE: LTVA "storage"

Surprize, wait till you find out those rigs are the hosts family or friends. Free storage, dont have to set up rig or drive it...already set up in best spots.
path1 01/07/20 03:18pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
Algodones. Dental. "molar" city

Friend sent me this link. I've been there twice but unsure how accurate article is. And dont remember how to make a link. Might help others with dental work south of border ( thanks for making link. Edited title so words Algodones and dental might show up in a future search.)
path1 11/17/19 10:23am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Window awning repair???

I had same problem. Someone on here recommed, and it worked... inched back in using a fish hook and line. Pulled little by little after finding sweet spot of very little tension. Took awhile but was successful.
path1 10/22/19 09:28pm Tech Issues
RE: How to tell if fuel pumps are running by current draw?

You could install a Hobbs switch to a small led light, but not cheap $80 bucks my last one. Imo probably liquid fuel in till over engine, then liquid into vapor because of engine heat. So your pump might be working good, but fuel vaporizes before getting to where the fuel needs to be liquid at ie injected into cylindar. Just you or is this common problem with your make and model.
path1 10/10/19 02:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Misaligned shower door

SEA has a web site or used to with parts views. Shower Enclosures of America. Those crazy showers dont look anything to complicated, but took a lot more time than I thought it would to replace squeegie piece at bottom of my 2013 AF.
path1 09/30/19 01:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broken leaf spring

Google up...axle crutch But dont disregard load on remaining tire. Square tube and chain. But you could probably get parts overnighted and wont need an axle crutch.
path1 09/23/19 09:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Range Hood vent mod?

I see nobody responded yet. Hopefully someone will. If not shoot me a PM as a reminder after your posting is removed from newest postings. I think I have it saved in my computer, have to find. And nowhere computer right now, only phone
path1 08/27/19 03:43pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Help a Newbie, question about gas vs. diesel

"Towing a fw" How much of payload are you going to have left after hooking up to 10,000 fw to a 3/4 ton?
path1 08/13/19 12:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TT brake performance after rewiring + shoe/drum replacement

Thanks for posting. If I remember right you are into electric type stuff. For me elec sometimes a mystery. I'm going to do mine soon I hope. Your upgraded wire size, how did you determine the size? And what connections did you go with? (I was thinking of Soderling and shrink tube. ThanksDexter has the wire gauge table below. I didn't know it existed until someone posted in my earlier thread. I used automotive brake cable and the only place I could find #12 was at the local hitch shop. Not the most elegant method, but I tie wrapped it to the axle tubes and the propane pipe. The cable was way too large to pull into the axle tubes and I didn't want to pull down the coroplast. For splices, I soldered them and used shrink wrap and then tape over that. I also securely tie-wrapped the splices at the backing plates so they wouldn't get damaged from vibration. I'd rather see the backing plates designed so that the splices are inside the drum instead. width=400 Good info thanks
path1 08/07/19 08:50pm Tech Issues
RE: TT brake performance after rewiring + shoe/drum replacement

Thanks for posting. If I remember right you are into electric type stuff. For me elec sometimes a mystery. I'm going to do mine soon I hope. Your upgraded wire size, how did you determine the size? And what connections did you go with? (I was thinking of Soderling and shrink tube. Thanks
path1 08/06/19 10:34pm Tech Issues
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