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RE: PRICE DROPS coming on new GM small diesels

Ford's 3.0 diesel has a timing belt. As a victim of a car that had a timing belt BREAK, dropped a valve and destroyed the top end of a engine, no way I'd ever risk that again. That was the reason that truck was immediately excluded when I made my last purchase.
patperry2766 09/20/20 07:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping in cold temps, bad idea?

True Story. This was around 1971 give or take a year.> Temps in Lower Lower MI hit -40 and then some (past -40 in the negative direction) Propane would not vaporize. Fuel oil gelled.. Many people .. Er.. Froze their... you know what. One gentleman in I think Wisconsin had made a bet.. He claimed (in advance) that on what by coincidence turned out to be the coldest night in a long time He'd be comfortable in a sleeping bag in a pup tent on the xx Green at the local golf course.. And he had the most comfortable night's sleep of anyone in that town... (He had the proper bag you see.. artic grade). As for me.. Well we had heat (natural gas) where I was so it was not too bad but then I went to Church, where the sign said "For your health and comfort the FUEL fund deserves your generous support" It was Fr's annual State of the Parish financial sermon... He explained how the parish had had to invest in a physical (heat) plant due to the closure of the commercial steam plant that used to serve Downtown Battle Creek (MI) and how for the first time in the Parish history they had to borrow money to do it.. But Greyhound had decided some land the parish owned that was not good for much other than wearing out lawn mowers (Land there is terraced and the parish owned land on 2 levels. this was the lower level and a fairly narrow strip) was the perfect palce for a new Bus Station. So the boilers are paid for They don't work... but they are paid for. MAN was it cold in church.Hmmmm. I grew up in MI (closer to Bay City, a ways north of Battle Creek) and I don’t recall any -40F or anything close to that, in any winter. As an 8th grader on a farm, I had to get up well before dawn to feed the cattle in ‘71; I think I would have noticed temps that low. Are you sure this isn’t one of those fish stories, like where the fish gets bigger over time? ;) coldest recorded temps per state My dad worked in the oilfields of ND for a few years before we moved to Texas. He said that life takes on a special level of suck working there in the winter. Up to almost the day he retired, during the winter he always kept several blankets and about a weeks worth of non-perishable food in the trunk of his work car. He said that was instilled in him for survival training during winter work ther because that was pre-cell phones and if you broke down somewhere in the sticks, you might not see another person for a while
patperry2766 09/20/20 06:46am Beginning RVing
RE: FORD 460 Overheating Mystery

You're not running straight antifreeze are you? Don't remember seeing this commented on, but I could have missed it.
patperry2766 09/20/20 06:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Escaping heat next summer?

Was in Glacier NP July 2018. Temps at home in Texas were 110-117 during the day of the heatwave, 97-102 normally. Was 75 during the day and upper 50's during the night. Would like to try Banff or Jasper next time we're up that way.
patperry2766 09/20/20 06:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Are truck/trailer rims a weak link?

Method Racing Wheels makes a 17" & 18" rim rated at 4500 lbs each. Method 305 NV HD
patperry2766 09/18/20 11:37am Towing
RE: Aftermarket wheels

While not wanting to hijack your thread, but pass on info to the SRW crowd, Method Racing Wheels has a 17" & 18" rim that is capable of 4500 lbs each. Method 305 NV HD
patperry2766 09/15/20 11:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Needs multi-platform website monitor for son's online usage

Are these school provided devices or your own that allow you to access the school's systems? School provided devices - at least my son's - are locked down already. Almost all sites are blocked and you can't load anything to it. Sorry..both devices are ours, not school provided
patperry2766 09/09/20 12:26pm Around the Campfire
Needs multi-platform website monitor for son's online usage

My 10 YO has a I-Pad and a Windows 10 laptop for school since were doing distance learning till this COVID thing plays out. Is there a good safety/security program that will work with both devises at the same time to set screen time limits, block out unwanted websites and filter content that isn't internet browser specific? It will make it easier on us (the parents) if we just have to learn to navigate one program, instead of having one for the I-Pad and a separate one for the computer. Trying to instill safe computer habits but set limits for him until he can learn to set limits for himself, but also to protect him for accessing the seedy underbelly on the internet unknowingly or unintentionally. It looks like the Kaspersky Safe Kids might work, but there might be other options available that are better
patperry2766 09/08/20 10:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

Since you're getting a hybrid, here are a couple of suggestions to be able to keep it cooler during the summer months, plus block out the light if your late sleepers. Company called pop us gizmos makes bunk end covers to help shield the bunks from the summer heat and we cut and put reflectix in the bunk end windows, again for the same reasons. Those two things alone will keep you about 10-15 deg cooler in the summer. We have a pop-up and it has made a world of difference for us
patperry2766 09/03/20 11:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toy Hauler for 2 SxSs

ATC toy hauler The can design anything you want. Tx Toy Sales which carries the Eclipse brand is less than 5 minutes from me. I've looked at their inventory, and for me and my opinion only, you're gonna get what you pay for For a much higher quality trailer for what you're looking to do, see if Sundowner can put a living quarters in one of their longer motor sports trailers.
patperry2766 09/03/20 07:14am Toy Haulers
RE: 2021 Ram 3500 Order

2020 Ram When I was selling for Ford, different parts of the country had different rebates available. Since I live in the Southwest, then then the truck market is ultra competitive and it's where some of the best rebates are. Don't know if this truck has everything that you're looking for, but we've bought two cars from them and were quite happy. An out the door price in Texas would put you somewhere around $56,700-57K, so they should have another $1-1500 off the price, depending on sales tax, reg fees, etc
patperry2766 09/03/20 05:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

Half tons ride nice and look cute but don't ask them to work.....get the 3/4. Or get a Ram 2500 with coil springs on the rear and rides like a half ton, best of both worlds. To the OP just have your husband put running boards on the truck and you'll be fine. All the new trucks sit higher nowadays I can tell you for a fact that my `18 Ram 2500 DOESN'T ride near as smooth as my previous 1/2T Ford. Get a max tow F-150 with the 3.5 EB and you'll have more than enough truck for that trailer
patperry2766 09/02/20 03:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 Ram short bed 6.7 diesel 2500 payload close to max

I've got `18 2500 Ram. Looking at toyhaulers that will exceed payload ratings. After a lot of research, I feel pretty confident in saying that the only difference between the 2500 and 3500 SRW is the coil vs leaf spring set-up. Exact same engine, transmission, rear end, braking system, tires & wheels. I personally as comfortable being 500-750 over payload as the truck sits. I did get a set of AirLift 7500 airbags off Amazon just in case I go well above that. I think 3500 lb payload would be a comfortable #
patperry2766 08/24/20 12:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ft Worth campground

Thanks, looks like Valentines is not available for 2 consecutive nights(maybe one site Thur and move to another Fri}. There's a Cabelas up the road, does anyone know if they allow overnighting there as it will probably be very late Thursday when we arrive? I would call that store for the best answer. It may vary per store. They DO NOT allow overnight camping. Prominently posted signs advising against. There is a Cracker Barrel at I-35 and Meachum. I believe they allow stopovers but the area is kinda shady. It's probably farther than you want to drive, but Loyd Park at Joe Pool Lake has a excellent campground. The Vineyards are very nice. Benbrook Lake has camping as well. That will probably be your closest option unless you find a little hole in the wall spot (not advisable)
patperry2766 08/15/20 07:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A/C in a garage?

fan Could you possibly put something like this under the big bay door and open the window or the other door? You're gonna need something that moves a large volume of air. Check pawn shops cause it seems like every time I go to one, there is usually at least 1 available.
patperry2766 08/15/20 07:12am Tech Issues
RE: DeWalt vs Milwaukee

What about other brand? Recently got a refurb'ed Metabo (Hitachi) 12" compound sliding miter saw from CPO for $229. Super impressed. Was able to make cuts straight out of the box wth no adjustments. I believe Hitachi is a good brand, but lacks the popularity...someone with more knowledge might be more versed on this topic. Amazon has a Metabo 1/4 brushless driver with 3Ah & 5Ah battery and charger for $180.00
patperry2766 08/06/20 11:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: DeWalt vs Milwaukee

Appreciate everyone's responses so far. For the next question, for a non-professional typical homeowner, it is worth the extra money for brushless motors? For instance, HD has a DeWalt 20V XR 1/4 impact driver with 4Ah battery 1825 in/lb torque for $248. Amazon has the same 20V Dewalt but with a brushed motor with charger and 2 Ah battery with 1400 in/lb torque for $99. Is 425 in/lb torque and a 2 Ah bigger battery worth almost $150 to a non-trades professional? I know batteries are expensive, stupid expensive. At this point in my life, I really can't imagine going much more than building with 4x4's. ****, I REALLY hate when I overthink a problem.
patperry2766 08/06/20 07:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: DeWalt vs Milwaukee

I've got an older 18V DeWalt that has served me well, aftermarket replacement batteries are dirt cheap on Amazon, and they do have a 18V to 20V adapter that would allow it to use their modern battery design...but there are times I wish it had more power. This video comparison of DeWalt batteries vs cheap replacement batteries may interest you: Project Farm -Michael Yeah, just watched that this morning. For the 18V DeWalt brand, it $99 on Amazon. For a 2pk of 4.5 rated aftermarket batteries with Li batteries instead of NiCad, it's $53 dollars. So for essentially 1/4 the price of name brands, I can handle a little less performance
patperry2766 08/03/20 07:06am Around the Campfire
RE: DeWalt vs Milwaukee

Will switching to lithium batteries be a big jump? The 18V I have now is NiCad and I can tell when the batteries start their slow descent to the recycling bin. I can tell a significant performance difference in a few years time with what I’ve got now. Luckily I can pick up aftermarket batteries for 1/3 the cost of DeWalt with similar capabilities
patperry2766 08/02/20 06:19pm Around the Campfire
DeWalt vs Milwaukee

Looking to start building a cordless set of tools, starting with at least 1/2 drill and 1/4 impact. Milwaukee seems to be a bit more expensive and more marketed to the professional, yet at least in all the reviews I've seen, the DeWalt is almost always on top of the reviews. It seems like almost all the stores I go into have huge Milwaukee displays, so is their popularity a result of having a better marketing strategy, or are they worth it? The Milwaukee replacement batteries appear to be considerably more. I've got an older 18V DeWalt that has served me well, aftermarket replacement batteries are dirt cheap on Amazon, and they do have a 18V to 20V adapter that would allow it to use their modern battery design...but there are times I wish it had more power. I'm not a professional who would use these in a business, just projects at home
patperry2766 08/02/20 11:44am Around the Campfire
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