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RE: I-94 through Chicago

Though I94 doesn't totally avoid tolls. North of Chicago you have to switch to US41 to avoid a section of the Tristate (after 94 jogs over to join 294). 41 is multilane with stop lights.
paulj 09/21/19 11:23am Roads and Routes
RE: Route from Astoria, OR to Wenatchee, WA

US12 should see quite a bit of recreational traffic. It's the SE entrance to Mt Rainier, with a state park and National Park campground just to the north on 123. The summit is a ski area, and Rim Rock lake on east side is surrounded by camping options.
paulj 09/20/19 10:21am Roads and Routes
RE: Route from Astoria, OR to Wenatchee, WA

US30 to Longview is a given. I5 north is busy but rural freeway, relatively straight and uneventful to Olympia. From there north it is increasingly urban freeway, with the usual rush hour issues. WSDOT has a good traffic cameras. WA18 is a cut off to I90, a mix of 2 lane and divided. The intersection of 18 and 90 is one of the busier ones. WSDOT photos of this interchange I90 is the main freeway over the Cascades. US970/US97 is a mountain pass 'short cut' to US2. An alternative is to stay on I90 to the Columbia River, and several state highways on the east side of the river north. US12 is good highway. Valley bottom to Packwood, then over a pass. As with most Cascades crossings the west side is twistier and steeper, the east side more of a long flowing grade. US82 is a fast low pass between Yakima and I90. When I first saw the question I was tempted to suggest I84 through the Columbia Gorge, and US97 all the way north. But from Astoria that has to drop quite a ways south, adding a couple of hours to the drive. Still, it is scenic, and I've done it, with a campover along the Gorge.
paulj 09/19/19 04:59pm Roads and Routes
RE: Chicago O'Hare to south Bend, IN

Get on the tollway near the airport, and latter the Indiana tollway. Tell the rental co. you'll be using the tollway. With the rental car transponder you don't have to stop at the Illinois tollbooths, but the tolls will appear on your rental bill. I294 to I94 to I90 Locals skip the Indiana tollway by exiting I94 at US20 and then IN 2, but for a visitor that probably isn't worth the extra navigation steps, especially at night. (GPS or Google Maps may direct you this way.) The connection between I94 and I90 is a little tricky. I'd check the maps for details, so the signed turns (and/or gps) don't take you by surprise. Depending on where your are going in South Bend, you might want to take the US31/20 beltway around the west/south side.
paulj 09/16/19 11:26am Roads and Routes
RE: RV Parking at Hovenweep National Monument

In the Google Maps Sat view, I see 3 pull through RV slots in the Visitor Center parkinglot.
paulj 09/13/19 11:09am Roads and Routes
RE: Which Oregon Highway?

Bakeoven Rd is a good road for crossing from Shaniko to Maupin. Most of it is flat and straight, with some loops and grade when drops down to Maupin - but so does 197. It's the kind of road that's easy to see on Map Atlas books, and miss otherwise. OR 216 Sherars Bridge Rd is another connector, though I've only taken from the Bridge west to the White River falls. I came down the BLM Access Rd from Maupin. I'm reminded of this area each summer when a Carnival (Davis Shows) based in Tygh Valley comes to town.
paulj 09/10/19 09:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: Least mountainous route to Myrtle Beach

The northern water-front route via Buffalo, Albany and eastern seaboard is only 1300 miles, 20 hrs. Shorter than the southern route :) You could paddle your canoe this way!
paulj 09/09/19 08:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Alaska cancels Prince Rupert, B.C., ferry service

My impression from an initial read of the article was that there was a change in policy on the part of the US government. Maybe things will change in 2021.
paulj 09/07/19 09:14pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I-70 through Colorado

Washington State roundabouts usually have a paved ("mountable truck") apron (in a contrasting color/texture) that long vehicles are welcomed to use. According to the state, using both lanes is acceptable practice Multilane roundabouts have at least one entry or exit with two or more lanes and more than one circulating lane. The operational practice for trucks negotiating roundabouts is to straddle adjacent lanes.
paulj 09/05/19 09:50am Roads and Routes
RE: Best route to Port Angeles

GMaps gives you good route choices both ways. Notice the the west route is slightly longer, but about the same time, implying slightly faster average speeds. The west route is mostly woods, minimal towns, and a nice stretch of open ocean views (between the trees). And a pretty stretch along Lake Crescent. BUT, there's road work along that lake, with potential delays. In May we had a half hour delay, but 4 hrs is possible The east route has divided highway (to the 108 turnoff), and some of 101 (around Shelton and Sequim), and windy waterfront driving along the Hood Canal (with parks and resorts). Overall you'll see more water this way. If you are driving straight through I think it's a toss up. But if you intend to stop, camp, or take a side trip or two, the differences are more significant. For heading east, check the WSDOT ferry site for info on reservations for the PT-Coupville ferry. There's also bridge painting at Deception Pass, which will limit your viewing options. It shouldn't hurt traffic.
paulj 09/04/19 10:41am Roads and Routes
RE: Hiway 2 in Montana road construction...

Last year there were complaints about a reconstruction section on US2 further east - between Shelby and Havre. But according to that`mdt` list, they are putting the finishing touches on that section.
paulj 08/31/19 02:25pm Roads and Routes
RE: Seattle, WA to Moab, Utah

US 6/191 from Provo is the most logical deviation from a strict freeway route. One time I left I15 at Ogden, took I84/80 into the mountains, and then US32/35 across the south west side of them to Duchesene, and US191 south. This had more passes, and some nice fall Aspen colors. I've driven the US12/ US95 route through Lewiston to Boise, as part of an Idaho trip, It's nice, but I'm not sure I'd use it as an alternative to I84 across NE Oregon. That part of 84 is somewhat mountainous and scenic. It's the ID part of 84 that tends to be boring. Boise to Twin Falls crosses a rather flat and dry Snake River plain. 84 crossing into Utah is a higher broad crossing, potentially windy. You could also bypass Salt Lake City by taking US93 south at Twin Falls, as far as US50. Look at map with good terrain information. That shows you how the freeways tend to stay in the valleys and plains between the mountains. With the exception of major passes across the Cascades and Rockies (I90), and some what lower Blues in NE Oregon. NE Utah is also high, which is great if you are skiing, less so if you are driving a big RV.
paulj 08/26/19 01:11am Roads and Routes
RE: Casper Wy to Cody Wy via US 20

Most maps in this part of the states show national forests (and parks) in a distinct color. In the West, forests are on the mountains, the valleys between are drier, and owned by ranches or BLM. So if the route does not cross a National Forest it is unlikely to have significant grades. River crossings may have a grade as well, but probably not as long. Turn on 'terrain' mode and you'll get an even clearer of sense of the layout. Zoom in some more and you'll see that US26 is relatively flat and straight. US20 enters a canyon north of Shoshoni (Wind River Canyon). Roads that follow rivers have curves, but usually no major grades. North of Thermopolis US20 crosses open ground, where wind will be more of an issue than curves or grades. Looking a little closer I see there's a cut and grade where 20 climbs out the Big Horn River south of Thermopolis. In streetview that shows a generous climbing lane. In Sat view I can see a tunnel just north of Boysen St Park in the Canyon. In streetview there's a sign that warns of 3 tunnels ahead. They are short. No height warnings on the rocky entrances. The Streetview car passes a large 5th wheeler (Jayco Pinacle) just north of the tunnels. And a 14' clearance sign. A railroad passes through the same canyon, on the other side of the river. Trains don't like grades or sharp curves.
paulj 08/18/19 07:27pm Roads and Routes
RE: Trip Planner

How do you define best route? Even with 2 points, the goal is not clear. Shortest distance, fastest time, best views, easiest for a mega-rv? With multiple points that could be traversed in any order the choices go up significantly. How about overlaps and cris-crossing? How about seasons? Northern parks might not be open in the winter, southwest might be too hot in the summer. Mathematicians have what they call the Traveling Salesman problem. It's an abstraction of this issue - how to visiting multiple points with a minimal 'cost'. Rather than trying to 'optimize' a national trip, consider focusing on different regions. Utah is practically a region on its own. Hawaii and Alaska each require special trips. You also leave the RV behind to visit Isle Royale. Oregon has only one, which can probably be combined with a northern California trip (or possibly Washingon, with 3). There's another cluster around Washington DC. Each has its own optimal season.
paulj 08/17/19 09:59am Roads and Routes
RE: SoCal to North Central Washington: 395 or 95?

Can you use I182 to connect I82 to US395 north?
paulj 08/10/19 12:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: SoCal to North Central Washington: 395 or 95?

If you follow GMaps north on WA17, be cautious if it routes you down McNeil Canyon Rd. It's one of the steeper roads down to the Columbia. I've enjoyed it in a car, but for a big rig, 17 north to Bridgeport is probably better.
paulj 08/10/19 01:33am Roads and Routes
RE: SoCal to North Central Washington: 395 or 95?

US395 in the south is between the Sierras and Death Valley, and then the White Mtns. There are a couple passes north of Bishop. The freeway in the Reno area. It continues at that inland 4000-5000 ft level into Oregon. North of Burns is crosses a low mtn range. and across the Columbia into Washington. US97 to the west is closer to the Cascades, but is generally flat and straight. Some take a diagonal from 395 to 97 in N Calif, others pick it up from I5. It has more of a grade when crossing the Columbia (both sides). OR31 is another diagonal from 396 to 95. US95 is deeper into the Nevada desert. Once in Oregon you could cut west to 395, or stay on 95 to I84. I84 also has some uplands before it gets to Pendelton. In Washington, 97 has a low pass before merging with I82. There's anther pass crossing from I90 to US2, followed by river side driving all the way to Twisp (WA20). If entering around the Tricities (I82), some take WA17 across the Columbia Plateau. There are grades dropping from the uplands to the Columbia River. I don't think it matters too much which of these routes, or mix of them, you take.
paulj 08/09/19 04:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Portland OR to Milwaukee WI

From Sandpoint, ID/MT 200 is also a good route. It stays in a major river valley until US93 (Missoula). Combine that with I84, US395, I90, and you stay in the Columbia River drainage all the way to the Continental Divide in Montana.
paulj 08/08/19 02:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Portland OR to Milwaukee WI

What you give you white knuckles? Where have you driven the RV so far?
paulj 08/06/19 07:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dover, DE to Sault Ste. Marie, MI

In google maps turn on terrain mode - that shows the mountains clearly. There is a band of old mountains across the middle of Penn. Once past that the going is pretty flat. US30 Lincoln Hwy will take into Ohio.
paulj 08/06/19 05:49pm Roads and Routes
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