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RE: Travel to Alaksa via the Alcan

From DriveBC Highway 97, in both directions. Washout between Fireside Maintenance Camp and Allend Lkout for 38.3 km (377 to 415 km north of Fort Nelson). Single lane alternating traffic. Follow pilot car and obey signs. Detour available at KM 900 for southbound traffic (leaving from Watson Lake), and at KM 897 for northbound traffic (from Fort Nelson). Next update time Tue Jul 5 at 3:00 PM MST. Last updated Mon Jul 4 at 2:22 CBC article
paulj 07/04/22 05:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: Lowest grades Calgary to Spokane towing trailer

My memory of 93, is that the climb to Vermillion Pass from the east is long and straight, which may makes it's apparent grade more significant. Then a gentle run through the Kootenay River valley, and other grade of the ridge to the Columbia river valley. That passes the hot springs resort, goes through a narrow canyon, and then a relatively steep straight grade to 95. On streetview I see a 11% down grade sign near the hot springs. Crowsnest is reputedly the lowest pass across the Rockies. Grades aren't particularly noticeable in either direction - when not towing anything. The summit itself is a set of lakes. Last time I took 22 north, rather than 2. That's closer to the foothills, but no real grades. ON GMaps, Crowsnest is 1400m, while towns on either side are 1200. On GMaps, I like to check a route with the bike mode. It shows elevations.
paulj 06/25/22 04:33pm Roads and Routes
RE: Route from Gallup to Silverton

I mainly wonder about the BIA 5 leg. It's probably offered because it's slightly shorter. Remember mapping programs chose based on time (or distance). This area is flat, so the main question is road quality. Streetview fo BIA 5 is incomplete and old (2008), but Streeview from the NM371 intersection, and the Sat view shows an upgraded road with normal lane markings. 371 passes through a heavily irrigated area just north of that junction, which suggests increased traffic and access in the last decade. There aren't many towns. If I drag that route up to Shiprock, US64, the time/distance difference is negligle. North of 64, 550 further east is 4 lane up to Durango, while 140/141 is just two, but terrain looks similar. You don't hit mountain driving until after Durango.
paulj 06/22/22 01:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Best Route Frm Iowa I80 to New Brunswick, Class C+toad

Northern Indiana residents and visitors know that I94, IN2, US20 is a good alternative to the toll way, at least as far as Elkhart. I can't vouch for US20 (or US30 further south) heading on into Ohio. I can see using I94 across Michigan if heading to a Canadian crossing, but don't know if turning south to Ohio is worth the extra miles and navigation steps. If you want to avoid surprises and navigation mishaps, it may be better to stick with the tollways to Cleveland, and accept the cost. But I've only driven that area in a car. Years ago I did have a small boat trailer in Chicago, but that was in the days when you threw a handful of change at the toll booth.
paulj 06/05/22 06:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: Banff to Spokane - Help

According to Google Maps the entire route is only 6-7 hrs. Radium to Fairmount is only 25 minutes. There are Canadian Nat Park campgrounds and BC Provincial Parks along the way. A modest alternative near Cranbrook is Kimberley, a Bavarian styled tourist town and ski resort.
paulj 06/02/22 10:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: Banff to Spokane - Help

The most direct route is through the park to the 93 and into Kootenay NP. Then 95 (BC and USA) all the way south. This all major highways. As for hot springs, there's Radium HS and Fairmount
paulj 06/02/22 08:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Moorcroft, Wy to Buffalo, Wy

I am aware that some people avoid freeways, though I'm not sure the usual reasons apply here. I've driven the Buffalo-Gillette stretch of freeway (3 times). It's not busy or particularly rough. The only town on 14 is Clearmont, and I wager there's more to see in Sheridan (I've stopped there for dinner) or Buffalo. Taking 14/16 adds 30 miles to a 70 mile drive. That's a relatively big detour with little apparent gain. And the OP doesn't sound like one those RVers who religiously avoids freeways. The alternatives for crossing the Big Horn Mtns do get a lot of discussion here. 14A is on my bucket list. I've already done 16 and 14. As for 14/16 being suitable for trailers - I don't see why not. As I said the terrain is basically the same - flat and straight. But any one can take the time to examine the route in great detail with GM sat and streetview.
paulj 06/01/22 02:43pm Roads and Routes
RE: Moorcroft, Wy to Buffalo, Wy

US16 from Hermosa goes through the heart of the Black Hills (with slow stuff through through Custer SP and Jewel Cave). I90 skirts around the north side. But once in WY, there isn't much topography or sights until I90 turns north along the edge of the Big Horn Mtns. US212 is a viable short cut to Billings, saving about an hour drive. But if the goal is Buffalo and crossing the Big Horns, there isn't much to see. Gillette is the center of the area's open pit coal mining.
paulj 05/31/22 11:43am Roads and Routes
RE: Moorcroft, Wy to Buffalo, Wy

Why would you want an alternative? A glance at GMaps, shows them crossing the same kind of terrain. 90 is the most direct route. It's been sometime since I drove this stretch of 90, but I don't recall any problems. This is WY, traffic is light, and freeway conditions are not worse than any other road.
paulj 05/31/22 09:58am Roads and Routes
RE: Hemet, CA to Klamath River RV Park, CA

You can look at the the Clear Lake stretch in detail with Google Maps sat view and streetview. It's somewhat built up, so the speed limit will be modest, but there aren't tight curves or grades. I have see posts that recommend a mix of roads around the south side of the lake. I don't recall the details, but I'm guessing 52 and 29. Looks like the south route has more divided limited access stretches. GM gives 32 minutes/24 miles for the north side vs 43 minutes/39 miles for the south, but there may be times when traffic favors the south side. 20 east of the lake is curvier and more grades, but still easier than the alternatives to the north.
paulj 05/21/22 12:57pm Roads and Routes
RE: Utah State Hwy 14 from Cedar City East to Utah 89

I crossed this area in the fall some years ago in a mini-camper (Element). Coming from the east on UT12, I picked up Ut143 at Panguitch, through lava fields to Cedar Breaks. Then north to the top of Brian Head (11200 ft). Then down through the ski resort on 143 to I15. There is a genuine 15mph S curve switchback on that descent. There's a "not recommended for trailers ahead" sign in the ski resort. Sign at the bottom says 13% grades. Then south from Parowan to Cedar City, and west to Caliente NV and on to California. Signs on 14 are for 8% grades.
paulj 04/12/22 10:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: Utah State Hwy 14 from Cedar City East to Utah 89

'hairpin` turns on state and federal highways are rarely any tighter than a freeway cloverleaf, or urban intersection. On the tighter ones you might cross the centerline. There are a few state roads in California that length restrictions. The main issue with 14 would be grades. It climbs substantially from Cedar City to the Cedar Breaks turnoff. 6000 ft to 9800. UT20 further north doesn't climb as high.
paulj 04/12/22 12:21pm Roads and Routes
RE: Ideas for Vancouver, Whistler & Washington

The mountains east of I5 and north of Seattle are accessed via - US2 Stevens Pass, Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth - Mountain Loop Hwy - Granite Falls to Darrington; lots of hiking; full loop includes gravel forest service driving. - WA20 - Baker Lake, North Cascades, Winthrop etc - WA542 - north side Mt Baker To the crest, most of this is in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. There are lots of hiking and scenic drive guides. In Canada, Hwy 3 climbs into these mountains, with Manning Prov Park. North of Whistler, you could continue on 99 to Lillooet, and loop back on Hwy 1, or 97 (BC and USA). Some Canadian roads may still have temporary repairs from flooding and washouts this winter. Cascade Loop is a Chamber of Commerce promotion of much of this area.
paulj 04/10/22 01:30pm Roads and Routes
RE: Mount Rushmore to Glacier NP

There's nothing wrong with the obvious, I90 to I15 to US2. But there are various "diagonals" that might - or might not be worth your time. US212 to Billings is one - it's more remote and 2 lane. Some like the time savings (about an hour), others prefer sticking with the 'main' route. There are various routes between Billings and Great Falls, US89, US12, MT 200, US2. Just be ware of pieces like US89 that go through National Forests (unless you like mountains). US89 to Browning is fine, but to St Mary's it gets into foothills, so is twistier. 464 to Babb is a straighter alternative. But if aiming for the west side, you could go to Missoula, and then up. On your mapping software, turn on 'terrain' to get an idea of the hilliness. East Montana is generally flat and open, but mountains extends diagonally from roughtly Yellowstone to Glacier.
paulj 03/27/22 03:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Utah State Hwy 9

Looks like your combined length is too large.
paulj 03/24/22 10:27am Roads and Routes
RE: T or C, NM to Bisbee, AZ via I-10 and Hwy 80

T H I S - Low Clearances might help. Says for AZ 80 in Douglas, bridge height of 12ft 10 inches at MP 366. If you're over, could probably find a means to get around that particular spot. ETA: That looks to be near the intersection of Pan American Ave S (US 191) and "G" Street (historic US 80) but I sure don't see any overpasses of any kind in that area. From Google sat view and streetview, I see evidence of old railroad tracks in Douglas. In fact the Douglas Police Department is located in a historic depot. So it's possible that at one time those tracks crossed AZ80 on a low bridge, and the listing is a remnant from those times. I found some old USGS topo scans that confirm the railroad tracks and bridge over the highway, possibly as recent as 1990.
paulj 01/24/22 12:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: ALASKA! Driving from California to Anchorage...

The Coquihalla Hwy (5, north from Hope) is reopening to general traffic. Hwy 1 through Fraser Canyon is now open, with sections of alternating one way traffic (such as the 250ft temporary bridge at Jackass Mountain).
paulj 01/19/22 01:12am Roads and Routes
RE: ALASKA! Driving from California to Anchorage...

Travel to Alaska has had a lot of discussion on the Canada/Alaska board. Due to pandemic boarder restrictions there has been much of in the recent years, but older threads should mostly be applicable. I just a video about by a Youtuber who drove to Tofino to pickup a campertop last summer. She had quite a time getting timely negative covid tests. Other than that her travels sound like ones I've done in the past decade. SW BC had major highway damages in Nov/Dec, so you should check highway conditions (DriveBC). The freeway from Vancouver north (hwy 5) may still have restrictions this spring. And Hwy may also have slow spots. While I've seen season highway closures on Google Maps, I don't think they adjust travel times for winder conditions. In urban areas and well traveled routes current time estimates take realtime traffic into account, but they don't try to project those times into the future. In the past the Mileposts book has been the go-to guide book for driving to Alaska. It was up dated yearly, though mainly that affected the ads for tourist attractions and some services. Open fuel stops vary with the year and season. Looking at Google Maps, it offers 2 alternatives with about the same time and distance. Average speed is 53 mph. The westerly one, through Seattle takes Hwy 99 north from Vancouver. This is a mountainous route with 14% grades, but currently it is the only way north that is open to all traffic. And right now it will be quite snowy. For a fast freeway segment look at Sacramento to Olympyia, average speed about 63 mph. On the other hand, Hwy 99, Vancouver to Cache Creek has a 43 mph estimated speed. The core of the Alaska Hwy, Dawson Creek to Whitehorse is estimated at 54 mph. Whitehorse to Tok is rated at that, but that stretch is notorious for its frost heaves, which in May could be extra bad, and slow you down to 40 (esp. with a trailer). An alternate route that Google doesn't show, is somewhat longer, but I suspect overall easier goes further east. I5 north to Shasta, then US97 through Oregon and WA. It becomes BC97. Stay on that through Kelowna and Kamloops. This bypasses the damaged BC highways, and the big cities. Then Hwy 5 to 16, and job east through Jasper. Catch the Alaska Hwy at Dawson Creek. The main alternative to the Alaska Hwy is the Cassiar, BC37. That's somewhat newer (as a fully paved route), and more remote wilderness. While distances are pretty accurate, travel times are estimates, highly dependent on what speeds are assigned to particular stretches. Some travel apps let you specify speeds, others you just have to work with what they choose. My impression is that GM takes road type (freeway, hwy, street etc) into account, as well as a terrain (grades, curves). But I take such estimates with caution.
paulj 01/11/22 05:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Route 160 in Colorado

"hairpin turns and severe switchbacks" are not as common as you might fear, at least not on US numbered highways. There are some state roads in California with "king pin" or total length restrictions, and one dirt road in Utah with tight turns. Otherwise even the tightest loops on paved highways are no sharper than a freeway cloverleaf or city intersection. Wolf Creek Pass is the only thing that might give you problems, and there it will be the grades - up or down - not the tightness of the turns. Disclosure - to me a 'severe switchback' is something that will require a 3 point turn, something you might have to do to turn around in the middle of your home street. Something that you can drive a 15-20 mph is not a severe switchback.
paulj 01/07/22 04:33pm Roads and Routes
RE: East Glacier to Vancouver BC - help with route

From East Glacier, US2 back to Browning and 464 to Babb is best. 49 has a steep sharp climb over a ridge, and 89 to St Marys is curvy and hilly. 89 to 2 and north is the flattest route. 17 to 6 goes to Waterton, which is supposed to be as scenic as Glacier. But the border crossing is smaller and may have limited hours. 6 and 22 run closer to the Rockies front range. In a car, 541 and 40 is my preferred route to Canmore, since it runs through Kananaskis Country, where the mountain views rival Banff. There's good Provincial camping here. But 40 is the highest paved pass in Alberta, and closed to traffic in early summer. Last time I drove the area, I stayed in the parks to Jasper, and tooks 16 and 5 into BC. The main route to BC is Hwy 1 from Lake Louise over Kicking Horse Pass into Yoho. From the east the climb to the pass is minor, but the drop to the west is long. Also I've seen videos of construction work along the highway where it passes through a canyon near Golden. 93 to Radium Hotsprings in a good alternative. Grades are somewhat less and views still good. The final drop to the town, roughly starting the hot springs may be the steepest and narrowest. Pay attention to your brakes. Hwy 1 through the other Glacier NP is scenic - a major route with good pull offs. When I crossed the other way, we stopped for short hikes about 4 times. If taking the Radium route, use 93/95 to get to 3. If needed at this point you could easily cross back into the USA and take its route(s) across the Cascades. 3 has its highest pass west of Creston. Beyond that it can feel like a roller coaster, up and down all the way to Hope. A while back I saw an article about a truck mountain driving school based somewhere along this highway. It was the least damaged of the routes to Vancouver, and I think, at the moment, the only one open to all traffic. Apparently commercial traffic has been taking 5A from Merritt to Princeton to get to 3, and that's been causing traffic problems and accidents. My favorite part of 3 is where it passes through Manning Prov Park. That has good camping, hiking, and a mountain climb for your toad. 5 Merritt to Hope is just opening to commercial traffic, with many temporary patches. Who knows when that will be open to general traffic. 1 through the Fraser canyon used to be the main route to Vancouver. It too was damaged. They are still working on a couple of major bridge fixes. Check for repair work photos. The first time I crossed BC I took the northern route, though Lillooet and Whistler. Then it was still a gravel logging road, now it's paved, but still high with steep grades. It's open now to essential traffic with winter driving conditions being the main concern. DriveBC is the main road information site. Keep an eye on conditions there, and don't be afraid to detour into the USA if needed. WA20 has mountain and lake views to rival BC (and gets a lot of discussion here).
paulj 12/20/21 10:14am Roads and Routes
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