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RE: Carriage 5 th who roof reseal

I invested in the RV Flex Armor roof for my 2014 fiver. It is a very tough, maintenance free roof and I felt worth for a rig I plan to keep.
pcm1959 01/23/20 04:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

If you are running full 110 inflation on a rig that only needs 80 it is overkill. If airing based on weight carry on. If I recall, GY says to run a tire at max speed rating it must be run at max sidewall pressure. Yes???
pcm1959 01/22/20 06:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

So far many RV's like Hartland products are glitz and glammor with inadequate engineering incorporated for travel and endurance. It is difficult to "polish a turd". I fully support entreprenureship if it enhances things that would contribute to a better and improved product. I will sit back and evaluate this new company as they progress. I really hope they come up with a product that moves the RV industry forward. BTY many management folks in the RV industry have been quoted in the past that the reason that past RV manufacturers go out of business was because they put too much quality into the product that diminished the profitability. They felt the public wanted inexpensive rather than quality. I totally agree. We have seen it before. Theres nothing special about their engineering, frame, or otherwise. Just another cookie cutter like all the others. Since the demise of NuWa, Carriage/Lifestyle, Excel they are all built the same. That goes for Vanleigh, too. Throw a beautiful pint job on it and it's the icing on the cake for the typical American buyer.
pcm1959 01/20/20 11:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

JK, I think they are very well built. Its a carry-over from Carriage with some improvements. They built their own frames, are hung wall construction and fit and finish is excellent. I ordered this one and it will be 6 years old in March. I invested over $6k in the RV Flex Armor maintenance free forever roof knowing I plan to keep this rig. It's never been in the shop from day one. This is the first year we have NOT attended the Tampa RV Super Show. We have gone for years just for fun and always walked away feeling good about our LS fiver. Yes, there will always be trends in interiors, etc., but I want a solid foundation.
pcm1959 01/19/20 08:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Alliance 5th Wheels

Luxury would include a rear cap! I would put them right there with the Solitude by GD. Close but no cigar. Owning a Grand Design Solitude I can confirm it is far from Luxury, built the same with the same cheap parts as most everything else. Although its advertised as "full time ready" or something I would not want to full time in it. I suspect the OP was looking at one off prototypes built taking more care and time than units that will be built on a line by pieceworkers. I also suspect Alliance will be more of the same old mass produced, slapped together and shoved out the door product based on the owners background, just like the folks that started Grand Design had done. Get it off the ground, build up a base using creative marketing then sell out. That is Alliance's intent IMO. Time will tell. I totally agree. Why do the creators of Alliance RV think they will earn buyers trust when they have come from companies riddled with complaints. While I have no intentions of getting rid of by 2014, I still closely follow the market. I do not see one thing done differently or special about Alliance.
pcm1959 01/19/20 08:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

My 17.5 GY g114 are about to age out. For more than half the price the Sailuns have at least as good a reputation for service and longevity as the GY. I'm going Sailun this Spring.
pcm1959 01/17/20 07:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Coleman Airxcel 48000 series 15KHP

Thanks. I ordered that part number right from the manual. It came but it does not have enough terminals. The one in the unit says 06x13 at the bottom. The one sent says 03x18 and does not have enough terminals. So odd but then again, not really. LOL
pcm1959 01/12/20 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Airxcel 48000 series 15KHP

Heres a pic of the relay that I cannot find anywhere on line. I ordered the part number list in the Airxcel parts list, however, it does not have enough terminals.
pcm1959 01/12/20 06:30am Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Airxcel 48000 series 15KHP

Thanks Doug. I replaced the entire control board and run capacitor. I ordered the relay but its is not the correct one nor can I find it. I have not replaced the thermostat but I do hear the thermostat click when the unit comes on and sends the temperature set-point. Thanks.
pcm1959 01/06/20 05:52am Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Airxcel 48000 series 15KHP

Its a single unit/zone Coleman HP thermostat. Slider fan switch auto/on, a slider switch for cool - off - gas heat - elec HP heat. The thermostat is turning on the system in every mode including the gas heat but it is not turning on the compressor in cool or HP mode.
pcm1959 01/05/20 02:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Airxcel 48000 series 15KHP

Hi Doug, thanks for the response. I just went out and got on the roof. The only sounds coming from it is the fan running. No change in pitch, load, any clicking, etc. I noticed back at the end of October, while it was heating, I was not hearing it go into the reverse/defrost mode like I have heard it do in the past. Upon arrival at out next stop, it was no longer producing heat. Phil
pcm1959 01/05/20 01:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Airxcel 48000 series 15KHP

Yep, we have tried that in either mode and we do not hear any change in sound....just the fan running.
pcm1959 01/05/20 12:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Airxcel 48000 series 15KHP

No. I can set the room temperature on the thermostat and the fan will start but compressor never kicks on. This is in either cool or heat pump modes. You can hear the thermostat click registering the call for heating or cooling. Since opening up the unit to investigate I noticed the "freeze control sensor" was not in the fins like the installation instructions call for. This has made me wonder if this is the cause. In late October we were camping in cool weather using the heat pump just fine. It would dip much cooler in the evening. I noticed I was not hearing the unit go into defrost cycle like I have heard in the past. So I'm wondering if it froze-up due to the sensor not being in place and it damaged the unit. Thanks.
pcm1959 01/04/20 07:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Coleman Airxcel 48000 series 15KHP

The latest: Still no go! I have not replaced the fan capacitor since the fan runs in both modes. I ordered the relay and the control board. The relay is not the right one as it does not have enough terminals. I replaced the control board and no difference. The only thing left is the relay which I cannot find and the fan capacitor. I don't have any way to test the compressor as I'm just a layman.
pcm1959 01/03/20 06:28pm Tech Issues
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

Here is an article from dealer show that tells a little about the build. Looks like it will be in the range around the Riverstone, Landmark, etc. Looks interesting but no surprises. I was hoping that they would build their own chassis and a quality unit like Carriage used to be. I have one of the last off the Assy. line before they closed and I will tell you it is quality all the way. No build issues at all. Let's hope this company gets away from Lippert and really has quality and the consumer in mind. We had a 2011 Cameo. Carriage closed in 2012 and we traded it for a built to order 2014 Lifestyle LS36fw. Lifestyle is a direct carry-over of Carriage with improvements in the slide-outs and a couple of other things. Like you, I know its a well built rig with an in-house built strong frame. We have looked at the Tamps show every year since but walk away knowing that what we have is built far better than the new ones. It will be 6 years old in march and never was back to the dealer. Nothing inside is separating or has needed adjustment. No cabinets have separated, no doors have come off, no molding has come loose, no closet clothes rod loaded with clothes has fallen down, no delam (hung wall construction, etc. The interiors of new RVs look soooo cheap. The manufacturers are fooling the buyer into thinking they are producing chic, modern interiors. Its just a disguise for CHEAP. Bottom line is, until we stop buying such junk they won't stop building it. Bling and marketing sells and RV manufacturers have endless claims to R values, etc. I again can't stress enough that they should focus on is build quality no matter the price point so they don't spend so much time on warranty work. The customer does not want to have to return to the dealer and cancel upcoming trips due to service issues. I wonder if the guys starting this new company follow the forums? Bottom line is going to THEIR bottom line.
pcm1959 12/25/19 11:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: About painting a 5th wheel

I ordered our 2014 fiver and did not opt for the beautiful full body paint. While beautiful, I could not justify the expense on something that takes such a hit in depreciation. Also, the 3 color choices offered were in the darker family and being that most of our trips are in the SE USA, I did not want the added heat gain. A few months after ordering the manufacturer offered a partial body paint that I may have considered. I have to say a pretty paint job sure does make a rig look a lot more high end. I have seen our white rig against the same rig with full body paint and it looks like two completely different rigs. I have thought about getting some wrap to add to it just to give it a little pizazz but I have absolutely no idea if I could do it right.
pcm1959 12/25/19 07:40am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

Here is an article that includes some of their build standards. Somewhat encouraging, however, a laminated wall instead of hung wall construction. They are already skimping on the brakes and lack of slide toppers. If you want to be high end, be high end. Riverstone already looks better.
pcm1959 12/24/19 09:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

I agree. Another pretty paint job and nice updated appliance package. No builder cares about the frame or underpinnings anymore. Throw full body paint on it and it high end now. LOL Only an old guy like me cares about whats underneath and behind the walls. I have attended the Tampa Super Show for years and next month will be the first year I am not going. I finally got tired of going hoping to see something new and a stand-out. It hasn't happened in a few years now. DRV is the only one out there with a unique frame but its Lippert made and there are owners who have had pin-box/chin problems, etc. Now Vanleigh in the "high-end" market with the Beacon. There is not one thing about it that makes it anymore high end over any other brand but the high-end looking paint job. Lippert through and through, disc brakes optional (maybe), 2 inch thick walls like everyone else, etc. I don't expect anything special. I will be pleasantly surprised if its anything different especially with the team having come from GD and Heartland. Its a shame companies, especially a new one, has to chat-up how good their customer service is or is going to be. Wouldn't it be something if they could talk about the initial quality right off the line like auto makers do? Its great that they will take care of all the problems after delivery but how about just delivering quality from the get go? I will be looking forward to seeing what they do different. Sorry now I'm not going to the Tamps show. Hopefully someone will go and update this thread with their findings.
pcm1959 12/24/19 09:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Auto leveling/ strongarms

We have a solid, box frame fiver with 4 point Quadra Big Foot system. I have a 3 point Steadyfast system. Removed it from our former Cameo and added it to the Lifestyle fiver. Simple and very functional. Only time I choke is if I'm parked on a grade.
pcm1959 12/23/19 11:35am Fifth-Wheels
Coleman Airxcel 48000 series 15KHP

My rig is going on 6 years old in March. The rear roof hvac unit is an Airxcel 15k heat pump and has work well until now. We were in NE GA at the end of October and used the heat pump in cold weather just fine until needing to switch to the furnane. In route home, we stopped S of Atlanta and stopped overnight (55 degree weather) and I switched on the heat pump. It ran but no heat. The RV has been parked at home since until today. We arrived at our destination and no heat. 62 dgrees outside. I switched to ac and lowered the thermostat. The unit came on but was only blowing ambient air. So the unit will run with the thermostat set to either mode but will not cool or heat. I ordered and have received the run capacitor and will try to swap it this weekend. This unit has 2 capacitors. One is the run capacitor and the other the fan. The fan is running in both modes so I assumed its ok. There is also another part in the that the parts diagram shows called a "OD Temp Relay Board" which looks like a clear covered relay. I ordered the run capacitor and replaced it last weekend. No change at all. I'm not an electrician or electronics guru but do have mechanical abilities. I read up on discharging capacitor prior to replacing them. When I attempted to discharge the original capacitor, I did not see or hear any spark. I assume the fan capacitor is ok since the fan will run in both modes so it has not been replaced. I ordered the relay and a fan capacitor as well and hope to get those replaced in the next few days starting with the relay. Any suggestions in the meantime would be appreciated. Thanks.
pcm1959 12/20/19 06:44pm Tech Issues
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