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RE: Make a "Smart" RV ?

I'm talking about technology. Touch pads, internet, cell phone, auto on/off lights appliances, etc.. voice commands... ie: Siri, Alexa...etc. what would you want, need, find cool to have Let's take 'em one by one: - touch pads: hold that thought - internet: easy to do with a SmartPhone Hotspot or a dedicated HotSpot - cell phone: spend a couple of hundred buxs for a dash radio unit with bluetooth and you'll get what you want The rest. It can be done - but you're going to have to bust out the soldering iron and roll your own I would guess. You'd have to be a Nerd at heart. I'm up to, um, five Raspberry Pis in our RV doing "stuff"
pconroy328 01/25/20 08:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Warning! Publci Toilet Hygene

Me mad not at all, it would be silly to be mad at people who know not what they are talking about.. I've met you before. Lot'sa times. You're not hard to recognize these days. And the word is spelled hygiene. With an "i". I hope your rash gets better. Perhaps try some calamine lotion.
pconroy328 01/24/20 12:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Can you get a decent browser on Windows XP?

Computers are the only things, as far as I can tell, that can still perform their original functions flawlessly but become worthless overtime. XP is still used by quite a few companies for specialized applications. Companies invested millions of $'s and labor to develop custom software for XP. When MS comes out with new OS's that are not fully backwards compatible it is painful for these companies to start all over again. Of course this doesn't affect the casual home or office user so few realize the significance of such problems. I have a multitude on PC's running every OS including good old DOS! One runs native XP, another running XP under HyperV on Windows 10. Working on redeveloping software but it will take time. Sure. Yes. You're right! There's OS/2 out there! But show me ONE corporation that says "Oh, we're happy to be on XP in 2020! We're thrilled." No it's because they're stuck - they can't (or won't) recode. XP (like any operating system) still has a number of open holes. Exploits never closed, never fixed. If a company wants backwards compatibility, I'd pick UN*X over Winders in a heartbeat. Even some of the Motif apps I wrote in the early 90's still run on Linux. ;)
pconroy328 01/24/20 12:03am Technology Corner
RE: Cellular Hotspot

2nd, two whip antennas. Not only did it not improve signal strength, speed test showed a 20% drop in data transfer speed. Talked to the smartest electrical engineer I know, he said even with the short (12") coax, the signal loss on that cable may overcome any advantage I might get out of the antenna. This. I'm not a EE and I'm not an antenna engineer. But there's a Youtube nerd I watch regularly that will occasionally test antennas with his gear and a spectrum analyzer. It's painfully clear that most attempts to mod ("improve") the antennas on an off-the-shelf piece of gear will likely make things worse. I've had two good successes in increasing range. First was to take just the outside antenna that shipped with the Alfa Camp Pro and plug it directly into my laptop. That's a nice outdoor antenna with good dB gain. The second was to take a decent Asus router (RT-AC3100) and use it as a range extender. It's pretty good.
pconroy328 01/22/20 10:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Lights

If this is a Forest River product, they got a bunch of LEDs that failed. If you contact the dealer, they would replace for free. In our fifth wheel, we had 8 out of 14 go out within about 2 months. We had another issue and when we took it to the dealer, they replaced them. A month after that, several other original lights went out. Again, I called the dealer and they just shipped us the remainder of the lights that replaced ALL the originals. This - our 2016 Jayco came with a ton of bad LEDs. I contacted Jayco and got SIX replacement fixtures. Then four more failed. This time I called the Light manufacturer and they sent me FOUR. Now a couple more a failing. Clearly a bad batch from China. What pains me is that these are hardwired fixtures. Replacement isn't difficult but you need a screwdriver, wire cutters, wire strippers and some wire nuts. Silly. Jayco made it difficult to save a few pennies.
pconroy328 01/22/20 10:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Can you get a decent browser on Windows XP?

To the OP - don't continue to use XP and the Internet. You put yourself and others at risk. Ever since I tossed my 486/33MHz system in the trash, a system I paid $3500 for in the lat 80's, I've wrapped my head around this tenet: Computers are the only things, as far as I can tell, that can still perform their original functions flawlessly but become worthless overtime. That 486/33 machine was working as well in 1998 as it did in 1989. But it was *worthless*. No charity wants an old laptop. IDE drives that aren't supported. A BIOS that can't boot from USB. A screen that maxes out at 1024x768. A power supply that sucks 90 watts. For $5, I can buy a Raspberry Pi Zero W that kicks an old laptop's b*tt by every measure. If I wanna splurge, I'll pop $35. I hate throwing away old hardware. It pains me. But those things become worthless - $0.00 or worse.
pconroy328 01/22/20 10:35pm Technology Corner
RE: MIA - Mexico

any check in from Mex? Hope he's well!
pconroy328 01/22/20 10:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Warning! Publci Toilet Hygene

PC axe to grind seek to destroy truth and replace it with PC decrees eliminating truth and reason. down-home, I have no doubt that your post was not only xenophobic but ignorant. Your assumption that your rash was caused by fecal material is rooted in ignorance. Your immediate conclusion that 3rd world illegal immigrants were responsible for that fecal material is a terrible stance. This is my country. Attitudes like yours are poisonous and divisive. what saddens me most is that you will never, ever see that.
pconroy328 01/22/20 10:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help with Computer issue

Modem, as in dial-up connection? Probably as in DSL modem.
pconroy328 01/09/20 10:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Tankless water heater

This is a hot topic (pun intended) over on the Jayco forums. Seems like Jayco lead the pack with widespread use of tankless water heaters. Two main manufacturers get the most discussion - Girard and Truma. Girard came with many Jayco's starting around 2016. People either love the Girard or hate it. No one's in the middle. The latest Girard (Gen III) is less quirkly than the earlier models but it's still something you have to learn to use. People who love tankless but hate the Girard quirks replace their Girard with a Truma. The Truma's about 3x the cost of a Girard and has to be installed by a licensed Truma dealer. We have a Gen II Girard in our Jayco and really like it. Yeah, it took a while to figure out how to make it work well - but we figured it out. That said, if it ever dies, I'll consider replacing it with a Truma.
pconroy328 01/09/20 10:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 25' 30 amp extension cord

Wire quality can be a concern. Copper coated aluminum for example. This will be the driving factor in lowering cost. As a woodworker, there's a saying when it comes to buying equipment: Cry once. Meaning one $100 cord, that lasts 20 years, might be a better investment that buying a $30 cord that lasts five. Thirty amps is a lot to push down a cord. I'd lean towards once I'm confident is a quality cord. YMMV
pconroy328 12/23/19 10:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Firewall vs entry in Hosts file ????

Frankly using 'hosts' was a new one to me and I've been aware of / etc / hosts for 30 years. :) Never would have occurred to me to try that. I'd always block a domain at the firewall, router level. Seems to me you've got more flexibility; easier to wildcard, easier to manage, no reboot etc.
pconroy328 12/15/19 01:44pm Technology Corner
RE: ATT Mobley IP address and VPN ??

My Android phone thinks it's in Dallas too. And I'm in Denver. A VPN won't fix that. In fact, my VPN server is in Dallas, so the best I'd do is break-even. :)
pconroy328 11/30/19 11:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

This is a bit of a tangent but I wanted to share our experience. We bought our motorhome from a gentlemen in a similar spot. It was a nearly new motorhome but he too felt it was time to pursue other paths, at his age. My wife, I and our special needs son saw his ad on craigslist and took the RV out for a drive. We loved it and I think he took some solace in knowing it was going to a family that would enjoy it for many years. That was about four years ago. We still enjoy this RV and I think fondly of the gentleman's kindness. Maybe there's a special family out there too that will take over your motorhome and care for it too.
pconroy328 11/19/19 11:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: MIA - Mexico

Still no sign of Mexiowanderer? I too hope he's well.
pconroy328 11/10/19 09:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Adding second AC to trailer?

Our Class C is in the same situation. The one 15K AC unit is pitiful and can't keep the inside cool when the temps hit the mid 90's. Awful. With a thirty amp supply too, I took a chance and bought a used portable AC unit off craigslist. Exhausting it became the new challenge. But I took a window screen out and used it as a template for a plywood replacement. A few holes cut and a few shims allow it to fit into the window, like the screen did, but exhaust the AC out the window. Far from perfect, but it does work and it does help. It cost me about $150 to try it.
pconroy328 11/01/19 10:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Router

GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext Gigabit Travel AC Router. 70 bucks on Amazon. I like that one. One thing that still puzzles me since I'm a software guy and no nuttin about networking, is inbound connections. I wanna ssh *into* the Raspberry Pis in the RV from the house. Will port-forwarding be enough or would a private VPN help?
pconroy328 09/30/19 08:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Jeep Rubicon Gladiator vs the Rubicon Trail

Still for a bone stock Jeep with a long wheelbase, no lift, stock meats - I say "Not bad..."
pconroy328 09/30/19 08:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: .Options for Highspeed Internet Anywhere (Data Intensive)

Less grumpy and a bit more coffee fuelled response. :) DaaS or VDI is about the only way I can come up with to get those data speeds without caps. VDI is essentially - the "real" desktop computer is in a data center someplace. And you use "remote desktop" software to connect and control it. The technology is mature and we use it extensively at work. Your bandwith needs drop back into the 4G/LTE range to get decent responsiveness. You won't want satellite because the latency would drive you nutz. I'll bet Amazon AWS has DaaS as an option. I'd lool into that. The first point, 99% coverage, still needs some 'splaining. Out here, there are HUGE swaths of land where's there's no signal. Not nuttin'. Zero bars. Someone else said it, if you want those parameters around your connectivity, you're essentially camping underneath a 4G cell tower. WiFi? Starbuck, McDonald's. Lowes, etc - they won't give you those speeds either.
pconroy328 09/30/19 07:34am Technology Corner
RE: .Options for Highspeed Internet Anywhere (Data Intensive)

o Wireless Internet Accessible at 99% of all locations in the US. o 10 GB per day without reduced download speeds. o Download speeds of 50 mbps. o Upload speeds of 10 mbps. 99% of all locations in the US. I'm sorry and I'm a bit grumpy tonight - but what the #$%^ does that even mean??? 50 down, 10 up??? You realize that 4G LTE can't promise that right? 10 gig a day, 200 GB a month unthrottled???? Whoever else suggested VDI, I agree. That's going to be the only chance you have, IMHO...
pconroy328 09/29/19 10:49pm Technology Corner
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