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RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

There's an interesting phenomenon in high performance car arena. It really first showing up with Vipers. There was a high infant mortality rate due to single car crashes. People might have the money to buy a high performance car, but not the experience to handle it. Bankruptcy... I've been forecasting that would have happened a few years ago. The corporate finances still suck, and the profit they are generating is coming from the sale of carbon credits. With Ford, GM, VW, and others getting really close to presenting a serious challenge to Tesla, it's going to get interesting. Selling carbon credits is going to get a lot harder, and Tesla may now have critical mass to overcome the impending serious competition. It's also interesting that Tesla manufacturing is more vertical than GM and Ford, which can help and hurt them. It helps, because they control everything. It hurts because it's difficult to continuously generate new technology. Design and employees can become stagnant.
philh 05/16/21 11:43am Tow Vehicles

{sigh} This is not a simple friction equation. In general, given the same weight, frictional forces do not change with contact area. Turn off traction control and I can guarantee the brakes will lock up the wheels, no matter if it's DRW or SRW Where it really gets complicated, unloaded DRW, vertical load on contact area is less than SRW. Loaded, the weight increase means DRW will stop faster... but even that gets confused with trailer brakes entering the picture. I most certainly wouldn't to do a panic brake stop without trailer brakes, jack knife comes to mind. This is best seen on snowy surfaces, wider tires have lighter vertical load and subsequently less traction. Bottom line, while towing, DRW has the capacity to stop in a shorter distance on dry roads. While not towing, SRW might stop faster.
philh 05/16/21 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: DOA Hard Drive

Friend at a medium size corp, stated they run into about 1 bad drive out of every 100 they purchase.
philh 05/12/21 06:22pm Technology Corner
RE: sewer hose that fits in bumper

they fit, you just have to turn the hose 45 degrees.
philh 05/12/21 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: What is the Passport America plan

I first heard about PA when I stayed at a golf course with a campground. One the weekend, a lot of very expensive Class A and large 5th wheels. most left on Sunday night, and during the week, more travel trailers, smaller class A and 5th wheels showed up. at 50% stay costs, they collected a lot of revenue they wouldn't have otherwise collected. It was fascinating to see the switch :) BTW, during the week, the golf course was mostly empty!
philh 05/11/21 05:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: To portable dump tank or not to portable dump tank...

I'm too cheap to spend $20 a week (seen prices much higher than that). I don't find the tank dumping to be that much of an inconvenience.
philh 05/11/21 05:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Run on gas

2021 version of 2020 TP? This is where market pricing can help the situation, but people get worked up over "gouging". Bringing gas in from other areas can cost more money, but nobody will due it, because they can't recoup their costs.
philh 05/10/21 07:38pm Roads and Routes
DOA Hard Drive

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30238502
philh 05/10/21 07:35pm Tech Issues
DOA Hard Drive

First time I've ever had a hard drive DOA. Was upgrading drives in my home server, as the drives were a bit old and wanted to increase space. Five years ago, said I'll never run out of space, LOL. Four 8TB raid 5 should be good for awhile! Anyway, unloaded first drive in the server, plugged in a Red Pro drive, and errors getting thrown all over the place. I grabbed the 2nd drive, plugged it in, no issues. Probably didn't help the drive when I pulled it out, there was no way to "unload" it, as it was still spinning when I removed it. To make life more fun, I bought it at a store over 2 hours away from my house... and even worse, they are now out of stock. WDC warranty time!
philh 05/10/21 07:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Adding a new 120 vac circuit and outlet

when I replaced the convertor/charger, discovered the inbound power hot wire screw was not tight. Loose enough, it wouldn't take much vibration to begin arcing.
philh 05/10/21 07:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Is Facebook killing this site?

Facebook is seeing a significant reduction in traffic. WRT camping/camper sites, I'm a moderator on one page, and we in general don't tolerate snarky or abusive comments. Page is growing by the day. Interesting side note, we occasionally get requests from Taiwan to join the page. HAven't figured out what their real intention is, but any new (5 years or less) member of FB, gets additional scrutiny. firearm and/or patriot pages are literally dying from FB moderation. Most are moving to mewe.
philh 05/10/21 05:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ford as a tow vehicle

38' trailer and it's only 9000 lbs? Is that empty, or GVWR? have you ever weighed that trailer? 3/4 ton is likely to be more better than F150.
philh 05/10/21 05:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 Superduty launch delayed

more bad news, scheduling which was supposed to start this week, is being delayed. No new update on start of production.
philh 05/10/21 05:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mobile Router that will auto connect to Wi FI- RESOLVED

Something to consider, get a cell based mobile router. We have a park model in a campground as our primary residence with a mobile cell router that is connected to another wifi router. Everything in the house is connected to that router. I'm going to spend the extra money to set up a different unit for the 5th wheel, but very similar, it will stay in the trailer, and everything while we travel will be connected to that router.
philh 05/08/21 06:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Laptop Docking station without USB-C?

We also send regular phishing emails to staff. It's generally the upper level management and directors who fall for them. Why doesn't that surprise me? I receive 200-300 emails each and every day. It's all I can do to keep up anymore. My personal home email is out of control. While I enjoy doing forums, my personal email is one of the last things I want to look at when I get "off work". I get 13 "marketing" emails for everyone I need to pay attention to on my personal account. Work email, my boss, his boss, and some key co-workers are all I pay attention to anymore. I had a 5 minute phone conversation with somebody on Friday, and after we were done, I had 25 new emails... PEOPLE, IT'S FRIDAY AFTERNOON! What's worse, my bosses email is 10x worse than mine. While he tends to not ignore my emails, I will often send him an IM anytime something really critical needs his attention. To give you an example, I was CC'd on a series of emails of a very expensive part (10k+) sitting on the receiving dock, no identification who it belonged to, didn't help the box listed and second set of part numbers, and the paperwork a third set of part numbers. Shipping department doesn't know anything, which is why we have specific instructions for suppliers to ship parts. They receive hundreds of packages every day. When the supervisor called me, asking for my help, I started paying attention. Finally, I got involved... and sent out more emails, LOL. One of the people I tagged owned the part, and came to retrieve it.
philh 05/08/21 06:12pm Technology Corner
RE: 2022 Superduty launch delayed

Do you have a crystal ball, that says different ??? Just relaying what he was told . 6/24 is launch of 2022. They have to have x amount of days of no quality issues to reach ok to sell. IRC, it's one week of no issues. There are tens of thousands of 2021 trucks sitting missing something. 2021 Customers are being told they are being moved to 2022 model year. ALL of those trucks will get cleared out before 2022 will get delivered. Ford and GM have both issued press releases expecting revenue being down roughly a billion dollars. Figure 2 week minimum transport time, and we're suddenly deep into fall delivery. Not a crystal ball, but a long term understanding of how automotive works.
philh 05/08/21 05:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Very disappointed

Try using "unit # 123" plus the street address.
philh 05/08/21 05:48pm Full-time RVing
RE: Laptop Docking station without USB-C?

My employer sent out a fake phising email. It was very well done. I forwarded it to a special email address, and got a thank you, I passed the test :)
philh 05/07/21 04:46pm Technology Corner
Sam's Club 6V Batteries on sale

Starting 5/8/2021
philh 05/07/21 04:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Laptop Docking station without USB-C?

GDE - years ago, when there was a piece of snooping malware that not only was spread via outlook, I had a higher level IT friend send it to me. There was ZERO indication that I had received something, no alerts, not even file to click on. I sent that to IT, and from an corp IT friend of mine, it kind of rocked their little rosey world. WRT USB, we had a chinese national employee that managed to steal corporate detail design data, using USB flash drives. So now, everything is locked down. Truly sad part, I did have admin rights on my computer, and I gave them up. Other than occasional need for a printer while I'm working from home, in general don't need it. That and being able to have ONE docking station that will work on multiple computers :)
philh 05/06/21 05:04pm Technology Corner
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