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RE: To buy a generator or not...

Hi, I've been able to run the roof air since 2011--just not for as long as I would like (without a generator). Keep the existing batteries and spend the money from the savings on LiFePo4 for solar panels, a much larger capacity charge controller, and a large inverter/charger (Victron?). You may find that with enough solar the existing batteries will get you through a day. The problem with a dc to DC for the alternator is duty cycle. If the alternator is 130 amps (as mine is), it may be designed for a 1/3 duty cycle--in other words, only about 43 amps. That is why I chose a dc to DC that maxes out at 20 amps--because they are HUNGRY on the input side and draw 30 amps to output 20 at a higher voltage. That gives me some head room for other electrical needs. As it is--my solar panels send energy to the engine, when the sun shines. If you want to try larger--there is a 40 amp from renology that has a jumper that can be removed to drop it back to 20 amp. The solution is to replace the alternator with one that is continuous duty, and/or have an external diode. The continuous duty is better (and costs a lot). My own plan is now to do a massive upgrade to the solar (1400 watts fixed flat) and see how the existing battery bank reacts. The RV has been in storage for 18 months now.
pianotuna 07/27/21 09:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Providing my own WiFi

jorbill2or, Unfortunately in Canada those options do not exist. Unlimited data is only available on phones, so far as I've been able to find. We have really just 3 companies--one of which is government of Saskatchewan (Sasktel). Of course, these things change, too.
pianotuna 07/27/21 08:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Trekkers Alert: If you're a Star Trek fan...

ty for letting us know. I'm sure that if USA ever opens up to land crossings it will be something to amuse me!
pianotuna 07/27/21 05:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Providing my own WiFi

way2roll, Have you found a stand alone device with an unlimited Data plan? That's what stops me.
pianotuna 07/27/21 04:59pm Technology Corner
RE: 12v to 6v review?

I write this in the hopes that the admins will simply shut this down. lol You could simply ask them. That would waste fewer key strokes, and would have left folks willing to try to help in the future--but some of us will be "out" now. BTW I do have experience with six volt batteries--but it was 1954 and they are different today.
pianotuna 07/27/21 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: To buy a generator or not...

Hi, I would go Harbor Freight 3500 or Champion 3400 with remote electric start. Are there designated generator hours?
pianotuna 07/26/21 03:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Battery electric has competition

How does the H2 get transported? Most of the world supply comes from cracking natural gas. This is not green at all.
pianotuna 07/26/21 09:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Providing my own WiFi

In Canada, there are no cell plans with unlimited data for NON phone devices. Bell has one for phones which allows unlimited tethering. Telus has unlimited data for phones which does NOT allow unlimited tethering. When the high speed data is gone, tethering is not allowed. SaskteL has two plans for phones which include unlimited data and tethering. One is throttled at 540 kps and the other more expensive throttles at 2 mps. I find that sometimes the 2mps is much preferred.
pianotuna 07/26/21 07:58am Technology Corner
RE: 8 / 40 volts to 12 volts

theoldwizard1, I want something that will power the remote start on the generator without killing the battery.
pianotuna 07/25/21 07:08pm Tech Issues
RE: 8 / 40 volts to 12 volts

thanks for the replies!
pianotuna 07/25/21 03:45pm Tech Issues
8 / 40 volts to 12 volts

Hi All, These might be of interest to folks with solar and motorized RV's to keep the starter battery topped up. They come in sizes from input of 8 / 40 to output of12 volts 3 amps and up to 48 volts input to output of 12 volts 20 amps. All are less than 100 bucks. Trik-L-Start would work--but they do NOT ship to Canada. (and are a heck of a lot more money). I think I'll get one for keeping my generator battery charged in storage.
pianotuna 07/25/21 12:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Providing my own WiFi

theoldwizard1, What you suggest would work--but it may be pricier than just using the phones. I do have a cell phone booster. It does make a difference in fringe areas. It is rarely used.
pianotuna 07/25/21 12:20pm Technology Corner
RE: can this possibly be true? 150 amp hours $46.51 cdn

BFL13, No, it is in storage in Regina. I will demoth ball it at the end of August for some long overdue piano tuning out of town work trips. That is "IF" covid cooperates. For those trips, I'll be using the existing batteries for load support. One issue will be getting the fuel out of the generator.
pianotuna 07/25/21 12:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Providing my own WiFi

Hi, I have two phones from different providers. Both allow tethering. I use wifi between them. I use up the high speed on one--and I can do most things while throttled, including watching netflix. So far I'm using about 54 gigs per month. So in your shoes, I'd simply add unlimited data, with unlimited tethering.
pianotuna 07/25/21 09:22am Technology Corner
RE: can this possibly be true? 150 amp hours $46.51 cdn

PT, why are you still looking at LFPs? You are supposed to be getting a bunch of SiO2s last heard. I see Azimuth still has 37 of the 50 they got before Xmas, and no drop in price. Noted where you said there is a deal on getting 50. Hmmmm. Shelf life happening! We don't even know if you have your RV back home yet. Are you in fact going to join the Rv Down South and get LFPs for it? What is really going on? We deserve to know! Bated breath of the multitude wanting answers. :) Hi BFL13, No Li batteries in my future. The RV has been in storage for 17 months, and will be there for some time. So there is no great rush for me to get anything. I'm considering 1400 watts of solar. The existing batteries are in usable shape, so I may do solar first. I don't think I'll be doing any of the upgrades I wish to do until summer of 2022. The USA border is still closed to land traffic. As the D variant spirals out of control, and vaccinations are simply not happening, I may not be going south again this year--at least not by RV. 3tons, If I could find a true cold weather Li at an identical or lower cost per cycle as SiO2 I would consider it. But that means it needs to be usable without heaters at -40. So far that is only Lithium Titinate--at about 4 times the cost per cycle. SiO2 are a better choice for me. As Mex is fond of saying "every thing now comes with a life time guarantee". SiO2 will outlast me. If I do upgrade solar it may be best to redo the roof membrane first.
pianotuna 07/25/21 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: can this possibly be true? 150 amp hours $46.51 cdn

My security software is what is blocking my ability to access the site and it is infected with URL scam malware. So it probably is a scam and it is infecting your device so I recommend a antivirus and antimalware scan. ty no virus or malware on my box.
pianotuna 07/24/21 02:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical help adapter do/don't

stressmaster, I use the 30 to 15 when I need "extra" power for running the block heater--or perhaps for cooking at a picnic table. Cheapest source for dogbone adapters is Walmart. Pick 3% for voltage drop. I've also got a "fancy pants" break out box 50 to 30 and 50 to twin 20 amp outlets with circuit breakers. Where I camp it can get to -40. I am able to heat 100% electrically--but my peak load is 7100 watts and the average is about 5400 watts. It works out to about 129 KWH per day.
pianotuna 07/24/21 02:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical help adapter do/don't

Were would be a good price place in usa for #10 wire extension cord and what is recommended length? Use your favorite voltage drop calculator. Mine is:
pianotuna 07/24/21 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: can this possibly be true? 150 amp hours $46.51 cdn

link doesn't work It does for me. ??? I've shortened it and won't put it in as a link.
pianotuna 07/24/21 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical help adapter do/don't

Try to pick adapters that are "dog bones". They are safe. I carry a 15 to 30, a 50 to 30, and a 30 to 15. For extension cords use ones with #10 wire. If plugging into a 15 amp shore power #12 may work well. Just don't exceed 1800 watts of total demand. I love my kill-a-watt meter.
pianotuna 07/24/21 12:09pm Tech Issues
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