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RE: Lifepo4 cold temp cut off 23F or 32F?

Some battery makers are now building self heating LiFeO4 batteries. No they don’t use their own amp hours to heat. The batteries can deliver energy down to -20C battery temp. They use energy from the charging source to warm the cells. Then they begin to charge. Lithium batteries can accept charge at very high rates. This is why a small generator or engine alternator charging is probably step one in a lithium system then do the solar spend to round out the system, especially if you camp in winter, forest, shade, or rainy lands. I wonder how long the heater would take to warm the battery bank at -37 c? Best possible charge rate for best cycle life is 0.2 c. A 0.5c works well, too. Yes, you can charge faster--but with a trade off in cycle life. Battleborn batteries have a heated version--and it DOES draw from the battery to keep warm unless there is external power available.
pianotuna 11/22/21 12:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

time2roll, Well said. My brother's system in the north is only doing 12 watts today. But 12 watts is better than no watts. This is his first winter with them in place.
pianotuna 11/22/21 12:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Rv awning -- does it pencil out?

noteven, Recommended charging rate for Li is 0.2 C Maximum may be listed as 0.5 C. Slower charging works well with LI--just stop at 90% state of charge. Li can be charged faster--but cycle life is impacted adversely. The big plus is not having to charge to 100%. Once a month it is good to take them to 100%, to reset the battery management system. Li has too many hoops to jump through for me. I've boondocked at -37 c (-34 f), which makes LI undesirable. At 80% state of charge, lead acid self limits to 12.5 amps per 100 amp-hours. As a C rate that is 0.125, of course it goes down hill from there as it gets closer to 100%. But lead acid WANTS to be taken to 100% state of charge. I prefer SiO2 to Li as they enjoy 100% but do not require it except once ever 30 cycles. Their recommended charging rate is 0.25 C
pianotuna 11/22/21 12:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

I love how folks think their EV is pollution free. Everyone in Co. Springs, CO is getting their electricity from a coal fire plant! Yes, that's clean! I love nuclear energy as well (zero emissions) but that creates it's on can of worms on disposal issues. Maybe we could load that nuclear fuel on one of Elon's rockets and send it crashing into the Sun for disposal! Even with coal fired, the BEV is less polluting.
pianotuna 11/22/21 10:44am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 cold temp cut off 23F or 32F?

It depends in the individual maker.
pianotuna 11/22/21 10:23am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Rv awning -- does it pencil out?

profdant139, With modern batteries such as SiO2 that are not "destroyed" by partial charging nor deep discharges, a generator becomes even less needful. I went 5 years with zero generator use. Then I made a mistake and got a generator. In hind sight, I would have been far better off to redo the solar.
pianotuna 11/22/21 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

3 tons, I worry not for myself, but for future generations, including my child.
pianotuna 11/22/21 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s "DETROIT, June 29{2021} (Reuters) - You glide silently out of the Tesla (TSLA.O) showroom in your sleek new electric Model 3, satisfied you're looking great and doing your bit for the planet. But keep going - you'll have to drive another 13,500 miles (21,725 km) before you're doing less harm to the environment than a gas-guzzling saloon." width=395
pianotuna 11/22/21 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: Generator to run three RV's?

Yes, a grid connection would be far more convenient and likely cheaper but... 30,000.00 buys a heck of a lot of solar.
pianotuna 11/22/21 08:36am Tech Issues
RE: Converting Honda generator to propane

The bigger challenge is obtaining and carrying enough propane if you will be using the generator for any length of time. Is that really any worse than carrying enough gasoline to do the same thing? If the RV is a diesel with propane cooking/heating, then carrying a gasoline generator is "one more stop" to make.
pianotuna 11/22/21 08:32am Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

Of course, you are wildly below typical usage (ie: no one is marketing based on your mileage). Average is around 12-15k miles per year. That's good news. It means that in slightly more than 15 months a BEV reaches parity in co2 emissions--and from then on is less carbon intensive than an ice. I do drive my RV (other than the last 2 years) far more than my car. I wish I could get a BEV RV, but sadly such an item is beyond my beer budget.
pianotuna 11/22/21 08:28am Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

My brother lives in the far north (Iqaluit). His price for electricity is 58.56 per kwh. He has wisely installed solar panels. The United Kingdom has some days in the last year had 100% of their electrical demand produced by wind power. They sell the excess.
pianotuna 11/22/21 08:23am Tech Issues
RE: Converting Honda generator to propane

cons propane is more expensive than gasoline. generator is some what thirsty for propane output wattage is some what lowered. pros no worries about varnish build up in carburetor oil changes less frequently spark plugs last a lot longer. I'd get a trifuel one--so that natural gas could be used. Just have fun!
pianotuna 11/21/21 03:43pm Tech Issues
RE: MI to FL,+FL/Belleville,+MI+48111/@36.2225132,-85.9337662,6z/data=!4m15!4m14!1m5!1m1!1s0x88ef39657e70e3b3:0x50d84c97a6dc663a!2m2!1d-82.6392899!2d30.1896756!1m5!1m1!1s0x883b5095d7624ccf:0xb4a6f19a2c45da86!2m2!1d-83.4852133!2d42.2047619!3e0!5i2
pianotuna 11/21/21 03:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: bypassing the battery

time2roll, The old Magnatec converts used the battery to stabilize the voltage. That's why they were so low in charge capability. Without the battery the voltage went pretty high. Not so bad in the old days--but with modern chip based controls--not so good for the devices.
pianotuna 11/21/21 03:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

3 tons, An apologist for the fossil and nuclear industry? Funded by the Nuclear Energy Institute. It is always interesting to follow the money. 10000 sections of photovoltaic could power all of USA. In the past I knew some one who farmed 7 sections. But-back to EV's.
pianotuna 11/21/21 02:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

Getting back more or less "on topic" Ford CEO Jim Farley outlined Thursday, with a series of tweets, that the automaker is now expecting to make 600,000 electric vehicles per year globally by the end of 2023. That’s double the previous plan, and enough to potentially be considered the number-two EV maker in the U.S. by then—if other automakers keep to their current plans, that is.
pianotuna 11/21/21 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

3 tons, How many years is the half life? How many SNR's exist in North America? (none at the moment) How many SNR's are there in the world (2 in Russia but with only one completed with a cost over run of 100%) How small is an SNR (about 2 football fields). Where is the permanent storage facility in the world? (none at the moment) What was the cost on the last 2 nuclear reactors in North America (2016) 27 billion dollars. How much solar could be installed for 27 billion--with RETAIL pricing being as low as $0.26 cents per watt? And you like the nuclear option? Go buy a Prevost!
pianotuna 11/21/21 10:43am Tech Issues
RE: bypassing the battery

Turn off the breaker for the converter Disconnect the positive cable. Wrap it with red electricians tape. The electronic devices don't seem to work too well. I think the rodent's get used to the noise. They also draw very little power--so they are not very loud. Put some poison in a tall (24 inch) pail. The rodents will be attracted to it and then are unable to climb out. This works with food items as well. DAMHIK
pianotuna 11/21/21 10:24am Travel Trailers
RE: MI to FL

I guess it depends where you are starting from. 27 is a picnic compared to Atlanta. I went through on my first trip south. HOURS of sitting almost still--and on a Sunday morning. I wanted to see the relief carvings, which were lovely. Starting from Minneapolis, I go through St. Louis, MO then Montgomery, Alabama. Destination is Orlando.
pianotuna 11/21/21 09:57am Roads and Routes
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