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RE: Alaska Highway Campgrounds

FWIW, - As noted, lots of pullouts to use along the way. - - - - Purely anecdotally, an increasing number of the pullout spots on the road system in Alaska are getting some sort of signage that purportedly bars "overnight" or "camping"....don't know if it's being enforced or not.We've seen a number of these signs in BC and southern Yukon but when we pass such signed locations in the early morning hours (we start at 3:30 - 5 AM) they are invariably full of overnighters with no sign of law enforcement or citations. There are also a number of unsigned locations. We regularly use these signed locations for overnight stops and have never been approached by LEO's in 9 round trips north.
pigman1 01/22/20 04:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska Highway Campgrounds

Your choice as to what you need as far as an RV park. We've driven from Delaware to Alaska and back 9 times and have NEVER had a reservation and have NEVER stayed at an RV park. Lots of pullout areas to overnight in.
pigman1 01/22/20 07:15am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: State route 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona

These 3 members know how to drive in the mountains. Others have trouble on a straight Interstate with 16' lanes. Know your capabilities and your limitations and learn from those more highly skilled.
pigman1 01/17/20 02:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: LP tank control shutting down

How large is the tank? A 5 gal (20 Lb) tank OPD valve made by some manufacturers contains a flow limiter as a result of the OPD design. Other tanks may contain a similar valve. I got this info from Manchester Tank engineers when I had trouble with excess flow limiter setting on some tanks I was using. I'd suggest taking the tank to a large, full service LP dealer/yard where they can diagnose your problem and even replace the tank valve. In my area, my local Southern States farm supply dealer can do this.
pigman1 01/10/20 02:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: State route 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona

The posts above describe the route fairly accurately except for a couple of points. First, and most important, the route is restricted for TRUCKS over 50'. I've checked with ADOT and use by RV's, either towed or Class A's or Class C's is not restricted although it is not recommended. Read the signs CLOSELY. This applies to 89A from FLagstaff to Sedona and also from Clarkdale to Prescott. I have run both segments in a large Class A pulling a pickup toad and the route is tight, but doable. On the Flagstaff to Sedona section if you are going south, the route is easier to drive than northbound. The segment along side Oak Creek has a fairly high road crown and if northbound the cliff's on the right are very close to the shoulder. Unless you are careful, it's possible to clear the lower parts of the cliff but hit the upper area or awnings while fully in your lane. Southbound you will see some cliff faces to your right on the hairpin turns, but clearances are not as tight. Overheated brakes and transmissions are possible so if you have a compression brake or Jake brake, use it and control your speed. There are occasional turnouts on both 89A segments, but you'll probably pick up a line of traffic behind you between turnouts. Traffic through Jerome on the southern segment can be tight and busy in tourist season. People don't expect big rigs. There are no runaway ramps on either segment.
pigman1 01/08/20 07:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rats!

Acquire a cat!Good for mice. Rats, not so much.You bet. I've seen rats bigger than most barn cats. The cats are smart, they won't take on the rats.
pigman1 01/08/20 06:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Stinger hitch too long, want to shorten it

Drill the hole. We've been on a farm for years and have had to modify a lot of stingers on various hitches for a number of specialized equipment pieces. When you drill the same sides where your present holes are, the drill goes through the square stinger in the center. This area is the point where the absolute stress in the piece is the the least so there's no issue on over stressing it. Further, since the stinger is shorter, the overall moment arm on that part of the hitch is less than that you get with a longer stinger arm. When you drill it, be sure to get the holes in the right spots. You don't need an elongated hole so the pin will fit.
pigman1 01/07/20 07:03am Dinghy Towing
RE: Rats!

If you are trying to poison rats, you occasionally see that they refuse to eat the bait, regardless of the type (block, grain like Decon)etc. We found a way to get them to take the bait is to pour some hot fresh bacon grease over it and set it out. Not only will they eat the poison bait, they'll eat the package you have it in. We used this technique on the farm for years. A day or two later, you'll find the dead rat outside. To speed the action put out a separate shallow bowl of water close.
pigman1 01/06/20 04:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Winter sets in

Trouble is, it means that grass has to be mowed year round. I had to run my snow blower twice today to clear the snow! Hahahahahahaha and throw a 100 pounds of coal or wood onto the fire! Life in paradise is filled with chores. If I remember correctly, Valdez gets around 300" of snow each year. I wonder what they do with so much snow around their homes? LakesideSome of the older homes have outside doors on the second floor. They pile the snow in the parks and open spaces in the town. Anyone going up there in May, June, and even July can see the remnants of these piles. We hit our RV park in early May one year and had a 6' drift behind the RV for the next month. That 300" is a bit misleading as it's snowfall, not the ground depth. It naturally packs down. BTW, a lot of locals make excellent money all winter shoveling off boats, roofs, and stored RV's. They actually quit their regular jobs to do this work. Alaskans are hustlers, and I applaud them for it. Also, no one on the street corners with their hand out or sleeping on the sidewalks, except in Anchorage, they're out working.
pigman1 12/27/19 09:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Winter sets in

The reason for snow, ice, below zero temps, and long winters is so the residents can have some peace and quiet away from the tourists.Aw, come-on. When I took my first trip north, I expected to see hordes of tourists, but was very surprised. Well over half the people we met at RV parks, sightseeing locations or along the roads WERE ALASKANS. When I'd ask them about it, they told me they'd been cooped up all that long cold, dark winter and it was time to get out and enjoy their beautiful state. Eight additional year's trips up there and I continue to see the same thing.
pigman1 12/26/19 04:00pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Winter sets in

Alaska DOT just sent out a number of warnings regarding heavy snow, ice, blowing snow and poor visibility's on the RIchardson Highway just about all the way from Glennallen to Valdez. Up to 8 inches of new snow expected. Alaska in the winter standard. In 2011 we flew up for 2 weeks to see the Iditerod and experience the places we always visit when we go up in the summer. We've driven up 9 times so far. Just LOVE the place. A great winter time trip, and winter weather didn't seem to phase the locals. We were on the lake for about 5 hours at 0 degrees for the race start and saw -32 on the Parks Highway just north of Denali, but no problems as long as you drove sensibly and were dressed for conditions.
pigman1 12/25/19 09:12am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Flying J and Pilot moving toward B20 diesel?

You get a double hit when using the B20. As mentioned, you're paying for a less expensive fuel that the dealer sells at the more expensive price, and then you get the second hit where your fuel mileage drops because there's less BTU's (energy) in a gallon of B20 than in a gallon of straight #2 diesel. 139,000BTU in #2 diesel vs 126,700BTU in a B20 diesel. Welcome to the "how do we screw the consumer again?" game. Don't forget we subsidize BioDiesel production with our taxesYep, thanks for reminding me of that one. We pay our taxes so they can subsidize the alcohol industry and sell you a less efficient fuel, give you less mileage, and make you think you're "saving the environment" On the last issue, If the brewer's grain (What's left after the alcohol is distilled) can't be disposed of very closely to the alcohol plant, there is a net cost that has to be added to the cost of production, which it seldom, if ever, is shown. Another way the government hides the cost of alcohol is by generous carbon credits that can sold to other high pollution producing industries. So not only are alcohol producers getting direct tax advantages, the drivers are subsidizing other high pollution industries. So much for environmentally friendly fuel. Politics at it's worst.
pigman1 12/24/19 05:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Flying J and Pilot moving toward B20 diesel?

You get a double hit when using the B20. As mentioned, you're paying for a less expensive fuel that the dealer sells at the more expensive price, and then you get the second hit where your fuel mileage drops because there's less BTU's (energy) in a gallon of B20 than in a gallon of straight #2 diesel. 139,000BTU in #2 diesel vs 126,700BTU in a B20 diesel. Welcome to the "how do we screw the consumer again?" game.
pigman1 12/22/19 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: Paint/ Stain

My daughter and I just built an 86" long credenza that will hold 2 large dogs. We stained the pine with Minwax penetrating oil based fast drying stain and then when thoroughly dry used a Minwax Polyurethane fast drying top coat. These products, although both oil finishes are so thin when applied and sanded in accordance with manufacturers directions that they will not flake off or chip. If the dog ingests it, he has to do it by eating the wood, in which case he has more problems than just some very thin stain and finish. We used a water based grey porch and deck paint for the inside base and underside of the top.
pigman1 12/20/19 11:02am RV Pet Stop
RE: Can I put a sprocket made for a keyed shaft on a D bore?

Are you trying to keep the D shaft on the temporary motor untouched? If NOT, I'd have a machine shop cut a keyway in that temporary motor shaft opposite the D flat. Then have them make a piece that would fill the open D area where the temporary shaft and the sprocket come together. Finally, a dimple on the insert piece that your set screw would mate into. If you don't want to cut a keyway in the temporary motor shaft, a keyway could be cut into the piece you have made to fill the D area. Depending on how thick that piece is, the D piece may split at the keyway when high motor torque is supplied, but even if it cracked, it should stay in place if you make the fill piece to tight tolerances. If you use this solution I'd make it so tight I had to drive the key and the D shaped fill in piece on to the shaft. A snug interference fit. My choice would be the first case. If you had to use the temp motor shaft for a matching sprocket, an open keyway opposite the D flat wouldn't cause any problems.
pigman1 12/20/19 10:29am Tech Issues
RE: Side mirror replacement

Thanks for the replies! Very encouraging. Sorry, bad news if you are replacing the Arm and the mirror head. Tiffin foams in the 4 mount bolt nuts and washers and you will have to chip out that foam to get access in the front inside cap. Also, be VERY careful when chipping out the foam as the Camera and mirror motor wires are encased in that foam. If you can replace just the head and you are careful, you can splice the wires except for the camera wires. Usually, the camera has a quick connect inside the Mirror head. Doug PS, YES, I have replace dozens of Tiffin mirrors over the yearsAn added point... When Tiffin installs their mirrors, they hook up the mirror head to the wire harness in the arm, pull the harness tight from under the front cap and THEN FOAM OVER THOSE WIRES AND 4 ARM BOLTS. You'll probably have to at least dig the wires loose from the foam. Tiffin is definitely not overly generous with this part of the wire harness.
pigman1 12/13/19 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Letting diesel rv sit for 3 months

We let ours sit for up to 4 months when we summer in Valdez, AK. We're about 300 yards from Prince William Sound,(Valdez Harbor)(salt water) and usually have half our days with rain, drizzle or fog. Our fuel status is usually between half and three-quarters full as we fill up at Tok as we come in and go out. Never had a problem in 9 trips with 3 different coaches/engines. When we return home to DE in Sept, the coach sits in the shed until late December when we leave for the southwest. It does run at home every so often as I do a maintenance cycle, but never more than 5-10 minutes and it usually doesn't get driven. The current Tiffin Bus has over 110,000 miles on it. Other coaches had 65.000 and 75,000 miles when we traded.
pigman1 12/13/19 06:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Open container laws?

The fact is, nobody on this forum knows anything for sure. One thing is definite, and that is that the laws are going to be different for every state, and MAY even be different for different cities within the same state or different counties in the same state. The way to get the definitive answer is to spend a few bucks and let a lawyer do the research. Anything else is just a lot of uninformed guesses and posters furnishing those guesses will be conspicuous in their absence at your court appearance.
pigman1 12/13/19 06:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Old propane tanks on new RVs

Take the tanks to a BIG propane dealership. They should be able to re-certify the tanks for about $10 each or less. Then the cost to fill them. I get mine re-certified at a local Southern States farm supply store. We have about 8 tanks we use for aux supplies for the RV, BBQ's, torches and a mess of other things around the farm. I'd also notify Coleman corporate folks that the dealer is putting WAY out of date old tanks on their new rigs and then charging exorbitant prices to make it good. They may not do anything, but need to know what their dealers are doing.
pigman1 12/07/19 05:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: 4 year old Forest River vent covers already failed

The MaxAir covers are your answer. 185,000mi on 2 Tiffin coaches with those covers and NEVER had a problem. They still look and feel new on the present coach (110k miles)
pigman1 11/28/19 06:43am Tech Issues
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