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RE: Convection oven exhaust?

Pull the oven and see if it has provisions that can be changed to dump the exhaust outside instead of inside. Then decide if you're up to cutting a hole in the sidewall. I did it for a 2008 Tiffin Bus with a convection microwave. Worked fine but drilling that first hole in the side was traumatic.
pigman1 06/30/21 06:59am General RVing Issues
RE: tub or no tub?

2008 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40QSP had a short tub called a Garden Tub, but it was more than adequate for a soak. Floorplan can be seen at
pigman1 06/26/21 05:56pm RV Lifestyle
RE: CDN/US border closed another month, at least.

Yesterday in Iqaluit NU there was a free covid 19 vaccination clinic. Not one person showed up. That is despite 1/5 of the population not having had a 2nd dose. How disappointing. There are also some communities where first dose is as low as 40%. How do we encourage folks to "do the deed"?'re adults, have a free will and are using it. Just because I disagree is no reason to try to FORCE them to do it my way. Now if we could just convince the idiot politicians to let the unvaccinated make the their own decision and not penalize everyone else for the decision of a few...
pigman1 06/21/21 08:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: CDN/US border closed another month, at least.

And it goes on, and ON, and ON.... Alaskan tourism is dying rapidly. Ref the public service announcements on TV by the Alaskan Governor promoting tourism, but it's a little hard to be a tourist up there when you cannot drive through Canada. We have friends who own a business up there and it took them HOURS to get through Canadian Customs. They even had to show their US tax returns to prove they had the Alaskan business. Then the same customs people waived through a line of tourists right behind them. No check, no look, just go. Seems it depends on how the Canadian agent feels at that particular minute if you get in or not. When the friends got to their destination, the RV park they were staying in looked like a ghost town. Practically no one there when there would have usually had a full park at the same time. Another park in the same town is going into some sort of receivership as the owner was not able to keep up his payments. This will take decades to get back to normal. And they talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, but nothing happens!
pigman1 06/19/21 07:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border open?

What a joke. They're initiating a "GROUP" to study it....again? This was said over a month ago. and the results are??? Well, no problem. As I said previously, if the border didn't open by April 21, we wouldn't be heading north this year or ever again. And it didn't and we aren't. We have a contract pending on the RV and will NOT be buying another. It was a good run while it lasted, over 250,000 RV miles since 2003, (9 driving trips to Alaska and Canada) but as long as the idiot politicians continue to play politics, they won't have us in the game. A great time to sell a high end RV though.
pigman1 06/10/21 08:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: boondocking near the border

I'd think VERY Hard about boondocking in remote areas. I've been stopped twice on the water for checks when DW and I were the only ones in a 14' inflatable. Registration check and a few questions and we were off, but we were NO WHERE NEAR the international border.
pigman1 05/30/21 04:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Border opening?

Don't hold your breath
pigman1 05/21/21 11:10am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Replace Ladder stand off nut

Not sure which one of those you're concerned about. The Tiffin ladders are backed up by a molded in steel sheet behind the fiberglass, so removing those screws is fine as long as you don't "ham hand" them going back in. Don't power drive. A line in your signature with your rig info (brand, model, year) helps responders tailor their comments to your rig.
pigman1 04/18/21 06:34am Tech Issues
RE: Price differences in water filters

Wow, what an issue. We threw the filter inserts out the day we took delivery of the last 3 new Class A RV's. I take a cup of water out of a hose bib whenever we hook up or fill the tank up. Tastes OK, we use it, tastes bad we don't. ??????
pigman1 04/11/21 04:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fridge spring tension rods

We've been using the cheepy Walmart models for over 10 years and have never had a rust issue. That's 3 Class A's and well over 250,000 miles. We don't turn the residential refer off when home either.
pigman1 04/11/21 04:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Waited on Canada long enough

If folks from the lower 48 want to visit Alaska...go. Take a ferry or fly. You are not in any way, impeded. Gary HauptNot quite true. RV on the ferries does not allow for freezers to be powered and when you have a 17cu ft chest, a 3 1/2 cu ft basement and 3 door conventional refer/freezer full of shrimp, halibut and salmon, there's no way to get it home. Ferry travel times (actually on the water, not waiting in port for loading, unloading, and waiting for connections is 97 hours. 4+days) I don't care how good your batteries are, that is NOT an option. This would be our 10th trip up and we are experienced with the ferries.
pigman1 04/04/21 07:51am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Waited on Canada long enough

Yep, it's all turned into a political football with no concern for travelers in either direction, vaccinated or not. They all just don't care. If the April 21 announcement doesn't open the border for through travel to Alaska by mid May, the Bus will go on sale April 22. Sad to see it happen but even sadder to see the impact on Alaskans who depend so completely on those tourist dollars. We've made a lot of good friends up there in the past 15 years that are going to be badly hurt.
pigman1 04/02/21 09:07am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Allegro Bus Fan Gear Box Replacement on Powerglide Chassis

Evidently some have problems reading the title of your post. When our Bus was new we had a leak in the gear box at the fan shaft area. Took it to Red Bay and they replaced the gear box while I watched. Aside from removing the bottom shield the only area they had problems with was getting the fan disconnected from the fan shaft. The fitting that attaches to the fan has bolts that are hard to get to. That fan mounting piece is held to the round shaft with 2? (I think) hex socket screws and a square steel key holding it to the shaft. Tiffin guys had trouble getting that loose and had to go for the bolts holding the fitting to the fan blades. When they disassembled, they said the fan would not come out if the shaft was still connected to the gear box. It took 2 techs about 3 hours to do the job, and they were working at head height on the whole coach lift. Laying on your back under it may be quite a bit tougher. Just FYI, I have not been able to get my bottom gear box drain plug out for about the last 3-4 times it was scheduled for a lube change. Rounded the inside socket of the plug. I've been loosening the forward bearing cap since then to drain it, and have had no problems so far. If you tackle it I'd be very interested in any special problems you meet and your procedure. Although I watched Tiffin change mine, I should have paid closer attention. Good luck.
pigman1 03/24/21 05:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Child safety seats

You've found the problem that's faces parents and grandparents since RV's first were built. To begin, the ONLY tested and approved seat belt/seat combo in ANY RV is the co-pilot seat. That said, there may or may not be seat belts installed by the builder in the dinette area, or on couches, but these have not been tested to any uniform standards or requirements. There are just not standards, and some installations may be good and some not. When reading car seat instructions, you will find warnings about putting the car seat only facing forward or rearward, and the use of the tethers for the top of the seat back. When car seats are placed on dinettes, the structure below them would probably collapse in a crash, or the seat go forward far enough to have the occupant strike the table. An occupant of a car seat strapped in a sideways position faces possible spinal injury, and that is more serious in a booster seat than a toddler seat with molded sides. OK, that's all the bad news, but there are definitely positives as well. A child belted into a car sear will not become a missile in the event of a crash. He will not be running about and susceptible to driver braking and evasion maneuvers or just rough roads. As far as the laws are concerned, ALL law enforcement officers will not even be looking to seat belt use behind the driver and copilot seats. That rear part is considered a house, not a motor vehicle. If perchance an officer issued a summons for a child not in a car seat in the rear, any judge would immediately throw the case out, and probably have a talk with the officer for wasting the court,s time. So does that mean that the children should not be belted in the rear? Obviously not, but the best you can do is the best you can do. RV's have an outstanding safety record because they are HEAVY, and in any crash, heavy ALWAYS WINS. (that's just physics). Occupants are usually above the line of the crash so damage to the passenger compartment is usually less than to the lower areas. Finally, there is a lot of crush area between the passenger compartment and the intruding obstacle. All these mitigate the injuries to RV passengers. Wear your belts, belt the kids in to the best of your ability, and have fun. THe kids will love it and so will you. Before retirement I was a licensed safety engineer and set up the child safety seat program in Delaware, where we trained law enforcement, fire and EMS people, medical people, educators, and others in proper use and installation of car seats.
pigman1 02/28/21 09:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do you sanitize your black tank?

When we dump we use the factory installed flush line to add water to the tank until there are no significant pieces of "stuff" seen exiting in a clear pipe section. That's it. We add NO CHEMICALS OR ANYTHING ELSE to the tank. . . ever. We boondock often as well as keep the Bus in full service campgrounds for portions of the year. When at home the Bus is stored in a fully enclosed building and we have never had any odor problems. We have over 110,000 miles on the Bus and it is over 8 years old.
pigman1 02/13/21 04:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wiring a charge line to battery on utility trailer

Voltage will fluctuate. So instead of knowing a fixed number focus on the trailer should be within on to two tenths of a volt of the voltage at the tow vehicle battery.Agree. It could be anywhere from 14.9 down to 12.7 depending on the state of charge of the trailer battery. As a battery charges, it's internal resistance increases. As the resistance increases, the voltage seen will decrease. Add to that the fact that the car/truck has a battery that is also in that charging loop, so battery will act as a modulator and you probably won't see the upper end voltage or the lower end, but will see something in between. If you have a meter on it, you want to see a change in the trailer battery voltage after you hook up and start the tow vehicle. This will tell you things are working and the regulator in the car/truck will determine the correct voltage in the line depending on the charge status of both batteries.
pigman1 02/08/21 02:47pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Wiring a charge line to battery on utility trailer

Hello. I've mounted a winch and battery on the front of my utility trailer. I would like to keep the battery topped off while driving down the road. The trailer is currently equipped with a flat 4 connector. No trailer brakes. Can I replace it with a 7 pin and just run the charge line to positive side of battery and ground pin to negative side? Or do I need some type of junction box? Thanks for your help. DJYou don't need anything else. Just use 10ga wire and be sure it has a fuse as close to the point you connect it to the pulling vehicle and another fuse as it meets the trailer battery. These are to be sure a short somewhere in your hookup will isolate your batteries and not overheat any wires. Amperage on the fuses could be from 20A up and doesn't even need to be the same on both ends. You can use any plug setup you want to and wire it to the standard you find with the plugs or not as you choose. If you want to possibly use it with another vehicle to pull it, the standard wiring diagram is probably best. Wiring a separate ground is a good idea as using the hitch as a ground sometimes doesn't give a good connection.
pigman1 02/08/21 08:08am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Prostate cancer

Glad you found it early, but some cautions. At age 60 I had surgery in 2001 at Walter Reed and followup PSA's every 2 months after. They thought they got mine too. By just under a year later my PSA had doubled twice. I went to a good radiation oncologist and ended up with a series of major radiation treatments that went daily for well over a month. Up until 3 months ago I'd been getting PSA's every 6 months. In ALL cases since my radiation, my numbers were less than .01 or undetectable. My urologist and I agreed to go to annual PSA's 3 months ago. My sole recommendation is to be VERY aggressive in your treatment. I've lost 2 very good friends who were diagnosed close to when I was and were not aggressive in their treatment. This stuff is nasty but it can be beat. Good luck. Yeah, general consensus is that I got it from Agent Orange.
pigman1 02/01/21 12:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

Sorry, but this thread has gotten way beyond stupid. We have a very few engineers here who know the real pluses and minuses of electric vehicles, and the grid necessary to power then and then we have the vast majority of those who've drunk the cool aid and listen with fervent belief to the PR hacks, stock sellers and the idiot politicians. That's those who believe the PR releases and believe the highly intelligent and well thought out pronouncements by those thinking to squeeze another billion dollars from the unknowing taxpayers to promote their political agenda and topic of the day. Enjoy. . . I'm out of here.
pigman1 01/29/21 09:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

Well, that and mining and excavating equipment. Komatsu just got into it as well. Electric shovels have been around a long time, batteries not included. ExampleYep. the shovel isn't the issue it's the 700 miles of extension cord.
pigman1 01/28/21 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
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