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RE: Wolves as Pets

Eastern coyotes are not the same animal as Western. Much larger, different social and hunting habits.Nor are they wolves.
pitch 09/14/20 08:10am Around the Campfire
RE: Need advise on which new truck - 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?

The 6001 refers to curb weight. My '13Ram 1500 just makes the cut off. Mine is registered passenger, first truck I have ever had not registered commercial. I can't see a difference in requirements or liabilities.
pitch 09/13/20 07:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Valley weight distribution hitch?

Of course it will be fine. I would venture that most trailers on the road today have a bargain basement WDH on them. Towed with one for 30 years and never felt the need for anything more expensive,(better?). In a few minutes someone will be along to spend your money on their preferred expensive band aid for a poorly set up or matched rig. Then some one else will warn that bananas will not work on a 30 amp system.
pitch 09/13/20 07:21am Towing
RE: Tow mirrors and rear camera

In most states if not all, having side mirrors is the law. Law or no it would bethe epitome of misplaced confidence to count on an electronic device to function as it should at all times. Do you want to be merging in bumper to bumper traffic and have a camera glitch? Mirrors workwell!
pitch 09/13/20 07:13am Towing
RE: Telling the truth

Political and religious posts, pictures, links, signatures etc. are not allowed in these forums and may be removed without notice or discussion.
pitch 09/10/20 07:25am Around the Campfire
RE: My 2019 Ford F 150 towing

5800 dry? yep you're good. Go for the factory controller. Life is not as difficult as many on here would like it to be. Do numbers and ratings count? sure, but there is no reason for the slavish devotion some members have for them. Folks on here revel in telling you,that you are wrong. that your set up is dangerous,that if you follow your plan a train load of nuns and orphans are going to die a fiery death, solely due to your ignorant selfishness. Your best bet is to ignore all these self appointed scholars and crack open the owners manual and vehicle specific resources . These guys are not a bad lot,but many suffer from armchairexpertitis.
pitch 09/08/20 06:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: 72 ounce steak and potato and salad

I don't understand the attraction. If you enter you certainly aren't doing it because you enjoy food. I don't eat if I can't enjoy. However to each his own. We were not particularly impressed with the place. Service was very good, food not so much. I don't know,maybe just my expectations. I figured famous Texas steakhouse, this is gonna be good. Nope no better than any other hiway steakhouse. I was especially disappointed when I ordered a bowl of Chili,expecting authentic Texas Chili. What I got tasted and looked like Hormel canned chili. The advice about using their shuttle is spot on. There is a ton of parking, but be aware it seems to be especially attractive to truckers. We found a spot on the access road,but the trailer was at a really uncomfortable angle. I am happy that we went for the experience, but overall nothing to write home about!
pitch 09/05/20 06:31am Around the Campfire
RE: Teaching Your Spouse How to Pull a Trailer

How about you not "mansplaining" and put her behind the wheel and let her go. Did anyone teach you? or did you just OJT it like all the rest of us. I assume when you married her that you thought she was intelligent and capable of doing what she needed to get through life. Has being married to you somehow lessened her status as a human being. Hand her the keys give her a kiss and say, "see ya in a couple of hours, be careful!"
pitch 09/02/20 11:49am Towing
RE: Poor workmanship -- Entry Level VS Higher Price ????

Ever look at a small trailer? For some reason in the RV industry small equates with cheap. Only decent small trailer is an Airstream, but they are not worth anywhere near the price they ask. RV industry also equates small with entry level. Hey RV industry. I want a SMALL 22/24ft high quality trailer. I do not want entry level, I do not want cheap,I will never want large! Are you listening?
pitch 09/02/20 11:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Good plot, bad language

If I hit my finger with a hammer, I know which exclamations help, Owee! is not one of them!
pitch 08/23/20 06:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Good plot, bad language

I do not really object to language as long as it is appropriate. I mean when a horse stepped on a cowboys foot did he say,"Well golly gosh gee willikers", I doubt it. The thing I really object to is the prevalence of alcohol use,both in movies,but especially on TV. Two shows come to mind, "Last Man Standing", I don't think there is a single scene that Outdoor Mans wife is not drinking wine. Then you have the "Ranch" on one of the streaming services with Sam Elliot, seems to be nothing but a conduit for drinking cussing and middle school sexual innuendo.
pitch 08/21/20 06:39am Around the Campfire
RE: 2021 Suburban. How Much Trailer?

Did they give you a VIN number? If so GM must have a decoder someplace. Just make sure that when you are looking at trailers, go with the gross (wet) weight. Most salesman will highlight the empty weight. Only 450# of passenger? That cannot be correct. My self,my wife and the dog would blow past that. that's a three row vehicle, sure it is not 1450, which should be the ball park cargo for a vehicle of that type.
pitch 08/21/20 06:23am Towing
RE: GVWR over 10k on new truck, need commercial plates?

Almost all pick up in NY have commercial plates. From your perspective it means nothing. Don't need DOT numbers, don't need to stop at scales,nothing. Only thing it does is solidify your registered weight. You can gat an over weight ticket if you are. I think the cut off curb weight is 5k for passenger. My 13Ram 1500 just made the cut off for passenger plates.
pitch 08/20/20 08:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Metal tab on surge protector??

Wow! just holy freakin wow! One poster exactly one answered the OP's simple question. The rest felt it their mission to denigrate decision, and force their unsolicited, unverified opinion on him. Ask me again why newbees are one and done posters !
pitch 08/17/20 07:05am Beginning RVing
RE: Tire pressure gauges

Where are you guys finding tire shops that have calibrated gauges? Every place I have ever been to Chain, independent, clean, filthy, trustworthy, or disreputable, use what ever gauge the tech has in his pocket,or the big stick gauge on the compressor hose. Y,all are either really gullible or, live in much more exclusive zip code than I.
pitch 08/16/20 06:35am General RVing Issues
RE: 50 AMP Tents

Can’t believe folks can’t understand that there is a shortage of 50 amp sites and it might be considerate to only use what you need, but the “all about me” group is out in force. I knew when I posted my observation that the group would take that sad stance. :( "All about me group" is this the pot calling the kettle black?
pitch 08/16/20 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Painful just to look at lol

What kind of trailer is it, a horse trailer, aluminum sided cargo trailer? Doesn't look like any RV I have ever seen.
pitch 08/16/20 06:15am General RVing Issues
RE: You can't make me

How about this, I own the building the parking lot and the business. No shirt no shoes No MASK no service Pretty simple. You see IL has made it a felony to assault an employee over mask discipline? Way to go Ill!!!!!
pitch 08/12/20 05:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Private property parking

You want a service from someone. Paying them for the service is how the world rotates. He is paying them. A full hook up site for a month. For gathering a few eggs and feeding some chickens. Pretty sweet deal to me. Ya know you comment on almost every post, and never a good comment never a positive comment, always the school hall monitor type of comment. Why is that?
pitch 08/10/20 06:58am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Totaled vehicles...sometimes surprising.

But we keep asking for more bells and whistles, more electronics more systems more conectability. Every little option boosts the insurance rates, make it more technical harder to diagnose and repair. easier to total!
pitch 08/10/20 06:51am Tow Vehicles
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