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RE: 2006 Grayhawk Ford e450 v-10: Power increase

I also purchased the 5 Star Super Tune, and I LOVE it! Noticeable increase in power and shifts LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO! I'm usually pulling a ski boat and the downshifting was ridiculous. Even when not towing, the slightest upgrade would cause the downshifting. The Super Tune is money well spent. You'll definitely see results. Hmmm ... even in Tow/Haul mode? I drive our V10 powered motorhome a lot with it's Tow/Haul mode invoked - since our E450 chassis is "hauling" a lot of weight all the time - and in this mode the shifting is a lot more controlled and nicely reduced from what it is when not using this mode. I wonder what state vehicle clean air regulations are not being met with any changes to stock engine settings.
pnichols 08/20/19 11:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Volts and Dehumidifier

Phil, I went for 5 years with no generator and 256 watts of solar. Once I went full time I got a generator. In hind sight, I would have been far better off redoing the solar than using expensive, noisy, and fuel consuming generators. From my point of view, generators are limiting. Don, you're point of view is the right one for longer term camping where one is staying in campsites for long(er) periods of time, including full time living that includes no-hookup spots. In those situations steady use of the sun whenever the sun is out - to keep, or help keep, the coach batteries topped up - of course makes a lot of sense and is an obvious thing to do. However for our part-time and spontaneous camping style where we make camping location decisions sometimes at the last minute - including drycamping in campgrounds and drycamping in the boondocks - we usually cannot follow the weather or seek out certain campint spot altitudes to control outside air temperatures. For this RVing style we need to know that power will always be conveniently on tap for up to and including simultaneous use of such heavy load appliances as the microwave plus the air conditioner. We cannot be dependent on the SOC of the house batteries at the time for this kind of spontaneity. As you know, IMHO the ultimate is A) a good generator system plus a good solar system, or B) a good generator system plus a good fuel cell based automatic battery topping up system. :)
pnichols 08/20/19 10:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Volts and Dehumidifier

The sun recharging an RV battery is absolutely silent. Limited? Solar eliminates limits. Hmmm ... solar is limited all over the place ... at least when we're camping in - shade, clouds, early morning, late afternoon, winter/spring/fall months, rain, fog, snow, etc.. When solar was "unlimited" for us - as when we boondocked way out there in Death Valley - it wouldn't have helped keep us comfortable. The sun did quite the opposite then. Our two RV generators have so far been there for us all the time anytime anywhere. If I was to add solar into the mix, now would finally be the time -> after having established good generator support for our RV. Although as I've mentioned other times if I had the $$$$, I'd install the ultimate RV battery recharging configuration consisting of an automatic marine grade fuel cell recharging system in support of a battery bank and inverter combination large enough to equal what our 4KW Onan can provide. I guess I just don't trust Mother Nature enough anymore to always provide adequate not-too-hot temperatures when and where we want to camp. :R
pnichols 08/20/19 06:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

The real benefit of these emerging economies growing wealthy to first world standards will be the free choice of lower reproduction rates. That is the only hope I have. Let them burn coal to raise the standard of living until the world population begins the eventual decline. Going to take 200+ years for this eventuality. Not sure how the state of the world will be at that time. CO2 1500 ppm? China is burning more coal. China is also installing tons of solar power. Not sure when coal might start to drop off in China as coal currently is doing in the US. China economy is still digging the middle class out of poverty as we know it. Economics will dictate the changes more than political will. Until then I will day to day enjoy the wonderful effortless clean and low cost power of my EV powered by my solar panels. And periodically enjoy an RV trip burning tons of gasoline. Great observations and well stated!! You're pretty close to being right on the money. However, I doubt that the China coal drop off - or any other country's coal drop off - can outrun the increase in the world's population, going forward. If the world's total population could eventually (way out there in the future) stabilize at say, around ~1 billion, eveyone everywhere could: 1. Drive ICE vehicles, probably forever and still have normal weather. 2. Always find an RV campsite without making reservations. 3. Have city streets that we could still stroll down and on ... safely. 4. Visit, and be welcome at, world tourist attractions while being in small crowds. 5. Fish and still catch fish, in both freshwater and saltwater ... and have them be safe to eat. 6. Not have to wear breathing masks over our mouths when out shopping ... anywhere. 7. Travel in commercial planes with all seats being First Class size. 8. Attend opening night in the theaters with some seats not being filled regardless of the show. 9. Attend sports events via buying tickets right at the gate before we go in. 10. Not wait in lines to re-register or transfer title of, our vehicles. 11. Drive our RVs through downtown Chicago and New York. 12. Etc.. I'll never forget what I read in a National Geographic publication sometime ago that went something like this - "It would take four Earths for all of the world's population to live like the U.S. middle class does." Science and technology notwithstanding, I wonder how many Earths it will take when the world's population is 20 billion? (The above is assuming we never become a Class 1 or higher civilization:
pnichols 08/20/19 11:02am Tech Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

Hi Mex, Not quite what you asked--but still worth thinking about: "On average, a conventional car creates more the twice as much carbon pollution as an electric car. Even in the state that gets almost all of its electricity from burning coal, an EV still pollutes less than a typical conventional car. Assuming a 10 year useful life, an average conventional car will spew out 66,000 pounds more carbon pollution than an average electric vehicle. That’s 33 tons, folks." This is included the co2 from manufacturing the vehicle. In making comparisons like this, IMHO it's best to compare the two all the way: Be sure to consider the carbon footprint to dispose of each type of vehicle and all of it's component parts. The rosy picture may change then ... not sure, though. ;)
pnichols 08/19/19 02:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Residential Refrigerator

The fifth wheel we like comes with a residential refrigerator that uses electricity only. We dry camp and would need to have it switched to a 2 way one. Has anyone had this done? Hmmm .... can it be ordered with a 2-way propane refrigerator instead ... even if you're willing to spend more for the option? (We love our 2-way Norcold refrigerator so as to not have to go the battery/inverter/solar route in order to insure that no food ever spoils when drycamping and to insure that we get no extra leaks from a whole bunch of extra screw holes in our RV roof.)
pnichols 08/19/19 01:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Volts and Dehumidifier

“I would run the generator a couple of hours in the morning and a couple more in the evening.“ With the right batteries and an adequate solar system you wouldn’t need to run the generator at all most days. Four hours a day...hate to be camping next to you. David (the OP) is learning how to drycamp and as such, is probably learning that drycamping is often in campsites that are spaced far enough apart such that his (probably outstandingly installed) generator in a Tiffin Class A motorhome is ultra-quiet inside and out. I've had to stand within 6 feet of certain high end Class A motorhomes to even begin to hear their generators putt-putting along -> such that in no way would that bother me being camped anywhere in the vicinity around them. Not everyone cares to be limited by the sun for resupply of their power storage. :)
pnichols 08/19/19 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: No Privacy Curtain w/Overhead Bed?

Purchased our '15 Itasca used & was surprised to realize there's no privacy curtain on the overhead bed. Was more surprised to see there's no track, snaps, or anything else indicating there ever was one in the unit. How common is it nowadays for Class C's to ship from the manufacturer without any privacy curtain up there? You've asked a very good question! As a guess on my part, the answer may be: "Very common ... as a cost cutting measure being practiced all too often lately by RV manufacturers." Our 2005 Itasca has a sliding curtain to block off the overhead sleeping loft, a snap-in curtain to block off the cab area, and a sliding curtain to block off the rear corner bed/shower/bathroom areas.
pnichols 08/19/19 01:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How Sad

Off topic, but ... I see absolutely no use for debit cards ... except maybe for maintaining convenience if one's credit is so bad that they can't qualify for a credit card. If you don't like having high interest credit "on the books for very long" ... then just pay off your credit card('s) balance(s) every month. Even if you're a pay-it-off-every-month kind of person, a credit card's high limit at the very least can function as an instance source of funds to use for unforseen financial emergencies, like: 1. Emergency repairs on one's stick house. 2. Emergency repairs of one's RV when on a trip. 3. Emergency medi-vac transportation and/or medical treatment a long way from home until you can work it out sometime later with your insurance company to pay for it. i.e. Our motorhome's transmission once blew as were going to meet traveling friends to begin a major RV trip together. We needed a remanufactured transmission installed ASAP at a cost of over $5500 dollars. No way do we keep that much cash around or that much in our checking account. They had the transmission ordered and installed the next day ... so I just pulled out the credit card to no-hassle cover it, and off we went on the trip with our friends. Those same traveling friends as above also had to replace their RV's transmission while they were with us on a trip a long way from home. They merely pulled out their credit card to cover it and we both continued our our trip in the two RVs. IMHO even at their high interest rates - large balances on credit cards due to the servicing of emergencies accrue so little interest until a quick payoff later - that it makes it well worth it to have access to a credit card to use in otherwise stressful financial situations. FWIW, we even use a credit card heavily each month for regular living expenses so as to build up hundreds of dollars in cash rewards of 5% on gas, 3% on groceries, and 1% on all other purchases.
pnichols 08/18/19 11:52am RV Lifestyle
RE: Mat rant

5 pages later, if you're ranting about mat use or justifying it, it proof you has too much time on your hands.....and no real issues to occupy your time with! I posted earlier in this thread justifying using mats when boondocking in the dirt ... and I definitely DO NOT have too much time on my hands cuz I'm only about 1/4th of the way through washing - and maybe waxing - the RV. In addition to the interior floors, I sure wish that mats kept dirt off the coach's exterior too. Boy-o-Boy, what a back-breaking joint-stressing job! :E and :(
pnichols 08/18/19 10:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Kidde Fire Extinguisher recall

It looks likethis would cover most RV extinguishers all the way back to 1972 Recall Hmmm ... am I reading the announcement in your link right ... in that the latest recall involves only plastic handled extinguishers? (I had some replaced in the earlier recall and all of the replacements had metal handles and were replacing those with plastic handles.)
pnichols 08/18/19 10:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Class C with only overhead bed

Hey all, I'm hoping the community can help guide me in the right direction. Does anyone know of any smaller class C's (22-25 feet) that only have the queen bed overhead? I do not need any additional space for permanent beds and would prefer the extra square footage of having the only bed be over the cab. Thanks for your insight! Scott, Depending upon one's strict definition of what a "Class C" is - built on a van chassis or (also) built on a pickup chassis - this motorhome has it's cabover bed as the primary sleeping area:
pnichols 08/16/19 10:50pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Mat rant

Some of us put out mats because the spots where we like to camp are in the dirt, gravel, rocks, etc. - a long way from lawn grass and the people that plant it and take care of it. The less dirt and other shoe-debris stuff on the inside floor, the better, even when camping way out in the boondocks! ;)
pnichols 08/15/19 01:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2006 Grayhawk Ford e450 v-10: Power increase

Push harder on the gas pedal and let the engine scream, really. x2 on this. The Ford V10 needs to rev to produce power, more so than many truck engines, and with ten cylinders it sounds like it's about to self-destruct...but it isn't, and it can operate like that as long as is needed. That said, you of course are not going to get car-like acceleration out of a class C motorhome...even little economy car-like acceleration. wow... ok - any other advice? Hmmm ... what really would you like to improve? i.e. - Do you need/want more horsepower than your V10 puts out at it's maximum of 305 HP ... or is it's 305 HP maximum probably OK ... but you just don't like the way you have to use the engine to tap it's horsepower? Note that many of the diesel engines that power and/or pull RVs have horsepower maximums considerably less than 305 HP. It's just that these diesel engines have high crankshaft torque at whatever HP they are putting out ... and that they put out this torque and HP at lower crankshaft RPM values due to the inherent characteristics of diesel engine technology. The only torque that counts is the torque on the drive wheels' axles, and how you develop this torque is by converting any raw horsepower that the engine is putting out at any given engine RPM into drive axle torque through use of gearing between the engine's crankshaft and the drive axles. What the above means is -> you must tap whatever of your V10's horsepower is needed to push along your particular RV at any particular speed on any particular road grade. How you call into play your V10's horsepower is to rev it up to whatever RPM is needed to produce whatever horsepower is needed so as to convert this horsepower (using the proper gears) into the needed torque on the drive wheels. For the V10, more RPM is needed than what we are used to from good old truck V8 gas engines and diesel engines. We have to just get used to the sound ... along with any anxiety that our V10 may break while making it's horsepower!
pnichols 08/14/19 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold frig?

It might be an easy fix. Is it on? Unplug the thermistor. That will call for max cold. If it gets cold, there is your problem. Just curious for future reference, as we have the same model in our 2005 RV ... where is the thermistor and what does it look like? Thanks in advance! The 2nd pic is a 611 with location and wiring detail. Thanks ... that's what and where I thought it was. I've read in the forums about sliding the thermistor up and down on the cooling fin in order to slightly adjust interior refrigerator temperature independent of the main (freezer) temperature setting.
pnichols 08/10/19 11:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Norcold frig?

It might be an easy fix. Is it on? Unplug the thermistor. That will call for max cold. If it gets cold, there is your problem. Just curious for future reference, as we have the same model in our 2005 RV ... where is the thermistor and what does it look like? Thanks in advance!
pnichols 08/10/19 02:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sprinter Carrying Capacity

"With most Ford based specs sheets I've looked at, to carry the full GVWR "legally", all 4 corners have to be loaded to exactly the capacity of the tires. " I sincerely doubt that statement. I run my E-350, GVWR of 11,500# at or at least very near that max number on almost every trip. My tires are nowhere near their max load capacity which would necessitate running all 6 at 80 psi. If you do you will have the worst handling Class C ever. Heavily loaded I run the fronts at 65 and the rears at 70-75 and that still leaves a serious fudge factor before getting anywhere near their max capacity. My FAWR is 3,800 and the Michelins are rated for 5,340# {2,670 each}. The RAWR is 7,800 and again the Michelins are rated for 10,680. Running these pressure my rig drives and rides great. Big rigs do not push me around and wind up to 35 mph is still two finger steering. I'm sure the heavy duty Bilstein's help a lot but it would be hard for me to imagine a better handling motorbhome than mine.... this after 50,000+ miles over the last 6 years. :C About X2 here. We run 75-80 lbs. pressure in the rear and 65-70 lbs. pressure in the front on our 24 foot E450 Class C. Stock front shocks, original OEM steering stabilizer shock, and original front and rear stabilizer bars are still what's installed at around 75K miles. Koni FSD shocks are in the rear. Front suspension caster has been corrected with tapered shims - some years ago. Handling and road control Has been great right from the start (even without the caster correction), and is sill great after around 13 years. We can load it up anyway we want with no concerns. But ... the Koni FSD shocks in the rear did reduce the slightly harsh ride back there due to an E450 chassis under a small Class C.
pnichols 08/09/19 01:18pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Without Thinking Buy New and Don't Even Consider Repairing

Brushless motor noise? Jeezo that would be like comparing leather or rubber sole shoe noise to the WW II London air raid sirens. :h So .... are brushless motors supposed to be - quieter than motors with brushes, or not? (I quess I should have kept my college text book on electric motor technology!)
pnichols 08/09/19 10:37am Tech Issues
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

Now, one small step back towards the OP's topic: IMHO, I think something that could partially replace National Park/Lands camping that would be popular with some RV'ers for their vacations (as opposed to most folks living in their RVs for long periods) would be the availability of recreation drycamping on large private land-holdings with beautiful scenery and maybe on the edge of ponds, lakes, or rivers with say, a hundred yards or more, between camping sites. ATV's, fishing, hiking, photography, bird watching, rockhounding, etc. would be allowed as available and appropriate. Checkout would be required so that before leaving, the camper would have to wait while the camping manager (or ranch owner) could have each vacated "boondock type" campsite inspected to make sure no trashing or tank dumping had occured. If the inspection showed that the campsite was left in good condition, a deposit would be returned to the camper at checkout time. I guess this could be called "paid private land boondock camping". I'd be willing to pay hundreds of dollars per week for this kind of isolated, pristine, private camping ... maybe once or twice a year if and as I could budget for it. There may be a very few "dude ranch type" private RV camgrounds like this in the U.S. already, but I haven't yet researched it.
pnichols 08/08/19 02:51pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Without Thinking Buy New and Don't Even Consider Repairing

I'm talking a real barn-burner of a squeal... height=300 width=500 height=300 width=500 Perhaps ... sewing machine oil administered to each bearing via a small tube (a tiny long tube pulls out of the long nozzle you see portruding from the plastic bottle in the photo)?: P.S. You didn't answer my question on inherent noise from brushless motors?
pnichols 08/07/19 05:26pm Tech Issues
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