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RE: Has anyone seen this Monolith?

I located and pinned exactly where the monolith used to be on both of my laptop's digital maps - Google Earth and Microsoft Maps. I could probably even pinpoint it on my Garmin navigator unit. Some of the typical Utah desert dirt/dusty roads come fairly close to it's location. Maybe the last few hundred yards (miles?) would require a 4X4 pickup to haul it into where it was - in what looks like maybe a wide wash with rock formations ringing it. I couldn't be sure using the maximum non-blurred resolution available for both maps. "Probably in dry weather" our small 2WD MH could get within non-lethal hiking distance of the monolith's location to explore and camp way out there. Some years ago we actually drove our rig to Dubinky Well several miles north of the area. :)
pnichols 12/01/20 10:39am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Has anyone seen this Monolith?

For those calculating the weight/value/portability - the monolith was made of riveted sheet metal. Description That's more like it ... solid any-metal would have been way too much weight to deal with!! Since they think it was placed there in the 2nd half of 2016, I wonder why it's taken so long to be discovered -> ... it may be because it was in a very remote place, and ... it must have taken a 4X4 truck to get it there in that remote place. A remote location combined with a truck being able to get there may mean that area is a pretty good place to boondock camp near. I wonder if our small motorhome with it's stock pickup truck type ground clearance could make it there in dry weather? :h and ;)
pnichols 11/30/20 06:51pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Has anyone seen this Monolith?

...and now it's gone! ?? Hmmmm ... if indeed it was stainless steel ... I wish they would publish a video on how they removed it!!! :h
pnichols 11/29/20 04:04pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Has anyone seen this Monolith?

There was a news story on tv about it recently that said it was made of stainless steel. Stainless steel = heavvvvyyyy!!! (Not to mention, still VERY EXPENSIVE.) Here's a clip from my earlier post in this thread: "Could a 1-ton dually 4X4 PU even carry 486 pounds and 12 onces - plus the crane - plus the backhoe - out there (unnoticed) so as to deal with setting that thing up vertically stable?"
pnichols 11/28/20 10:31am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Long trips

Our 24 foot Class C drives like a van, so long trips in it are very restful and low stress. However from what I read in the forums, certain Class C motorhome setups don't handle well. Our longest trip as been around 7000 miles. There is a video on YouTube of a couple who full-time in a 24 foot Class C. We don't tow and can get around sightseeing and camping just about anywhere in it except for hardcore off-road travel ... but we do take if off-highway on gravel and dirt roads.
pnichols 11/26/20 02:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Ford 7.3l Godzilla V8

It has the displacement of a big block (445 cubic inches). I wonder if the center to center piston spacing is still small block, like the larger GM engines. It is pretty compact. I’m going to say it is quieter than my 2001 V10 class C, but it may just be that I like the sound. FWIW, I prefer as many cylinders as possible at as high an RPM as possible, so I guess that my V10 powered motorhome slightly feeds that preference. My rumbling, growling, thumbing, offroad 4X4 V8 GMC pickup definitely sounds way different. (I'lll never forget my ride in a friend's Ferrari - 12 cylinders probably at over 7000 RPM up through the gears - double wow!) P.S. Many feel that the greatest engine sound ever is that of the legendary BRM V16 at 12,000 RPM. :)
pnichols 11/26/20 11:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Long Road trip

We are going on a long road trip this spring and summer...about 4 to 6 weeks. DO you wish that you were driving a motorhome ? We did go in our motorhome on wonderfull 9 week and a 10 week road trips a few years ago, and have been going on shorter trips as much as possible ever since (which include a lot of drycamping). We camp in places like this with our 24ft Class C on it's overkill E450 chassis with non-stock good ground clearance, where I would never risk taking a TT or 5'er to:
pnichols 11/26/20 10:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Has anyone seen this Monolith?

Didn't some billionaire hide something worth a lot of money out there somewhere? Mabey they found it and don't realize it. Yes, I think you are right. That thing is actually solid platinum. It weighs 486 pounds 12 ounces. So based on the above figures at todays market value of $939.29 an ounce, that thing is worth a cool $7,315,190.52. Nice find! 486 pounds and 12 onces of solid platinum!!!??? For lack of a better reaction - that's not possible ... with platinum worth over $950 per ounce. I suspect hardwood painted with silver paint as more likely what it's made of! ;) P.S. Could a 1-ton dually 4X4 PU even carry 486 pounds and 12 onces - plus the crane - plus the backhoe - out there (unnoticed) so as to deal with setting that thing up vertically stable? I think not - but maybe another cup of coffee will help me think more clearly.
pnichols 11/26/20 12:18am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Dehumidifier overkill?

Burning LP creates even more condensation. Our sweat problem was so bad the walls would sweat and drip especially when temps went to single digit....wife was cooking especially where heating water for cooking purposes was required....or a quick shower. The really bad part was closet walls stayed wet and I had to keep the bedroom mattress pulled away from the walls or it stayed soaked around the edges. My above reply describes the trailer. I would add it had 12 windows plus the door and was a aluminum framed sidewalls/roof trusses. Two dehumidifiers cured the sweating walls/wet closets. I made inside storm windows from 1/8" Lexan plus installed mobile home skirting. A better insulated model with fewer/smaller size windows would have worked better. yes, the stove/oven will put almost 1 gallon of water in the air for every gallon of propane burned. Add to that the moisture in anything your cooking. Now the HWH and furnace are not an issue for moisture since the combustion products are vented outside. I assume all RVs have the same setup ours does - an exhuast fan for the cooktop and oven that vents to the outside. Just turn it on while cooking or baking, which keeps excess moisture from either process pretty much out of the interior. When showering, we also keep the shower ceiling fan turned on so as to keep moisture from the showering to a minimum.
pnichols 11/26/20 12:07am General RVing Issues
RE: New Ford 7.3l Godzilla V8

There are a number of different tunes out for it. The Premium Tune for motorhomes looks to be the default on E450s. When you hear it idle, it sounds like a muffled big block :) To some of us the muffled big block sound in an RV could be somewhat of a negative: i.e. My Class C's V10 idles whisper quiet - with a smooth purring sound. I often idle it here and there to quickly top up our coach batteries when drycamping ... and it can barely be heard a few feet away. I have a pickup with a growling big block sound when idling, and I would never want to hear that sound for any length of time when camping - whether it was coming from my rig or someone else's. ;)
pnichols 11/25/20 06:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dehumidifier overkill?

I realize this thread is addressing long term solutions to humidity control inside an RV, but when caught unexpectedly short term in high humidity situations ... here's what we had to do once in moderate outside temperatures while camping on hookups: We ran the the air conditioner to remove the humidity, and at the same time ran the propane furnace to keep from freezing inside the coach. It worked well as a temporary solution.
pnichols 11/25/20 10:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Your Natioonal Parks..before they were parks... Gary Haupt Gary ... a great find ... thanks much for the link! That kind of material makes for fantastic reading. P.S. Are you camping somewhere, or stuck at home like we are?
pnichols 11/25/20 10:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Has anyone seen this Monolith?

Just one more example of dumbbell character-deficit non-thinks desecrating our public lands ... really no different than the low-life activities talked about in this video regarding certain RV campers:
pnichols 11/23/20 04:30pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Reliable Walkie Talkie?

By the way, regarding batteries for walkie talkies ... we no longer use alkaline or rechargeable batteries in our RV's FRS units. I exclusively use lithium AA batteries in our walkie talkies on RV trips and in everything else that uses AA batteries. We also only use lithium AAA and lithium 9V batteries in everything that requires those size batteries. Lithium batteries last longer and never corrode battery compartments.
pnichols 11/22/20 08:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery questions for boondocking

For drycamping heat, we use two 12V, 115 AH, deep cycle AGM batteries wired in parallel to power the built-in propane furnace. We do not sleep in the cold, so sometimes the propane furnace has to cycle ON/OFF all night at around 65 degrees, just like the furnace in our home does. I don't "believe in" using the little screw-on 1 lb. propane bottles or using flexible propane hoses to fuel propane heaters sitting inside the coach whether we're awake or sleeping. I don't like leaks, especially propane ones that can result from the propane passing through temporary connections or non-rigid connections. In extreme high temperatures for long periods, instead of moving to another area to camp we keep the coach cool with the larger of our two quiet generators powering the rooftop air conditioner. For short extreme high temperature times, we can keep the entire coach cool by idling the V10 and using the cab A/C. We're not full-timers, so permanent rooftop solar for day after day long term battery charging is not worth the investment in money, or the holes in our one piece roof, or the panel-cleaning time. If we added solar, it would be via about a 200 watt portable panel so as to provide the flexibility of being able to charge the batteries while camping in the shade. Currently, we top up the batteries every 2-3 days with one of the generators, or by very quietly idling the V10 an hour or two here and there.
pnichols 11/21/20 03:58pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Phil, I have to agree that your last photo does not show a good situation. It looks like the weight of your front axle is not properly supported. Methinks that center of the wheel {axle} should be centered on the ramp, no? :h A slight clarification is in order, for what it's worth: That photo of the step block under a right front tire is of OUR FRIEND'S previous Class C. I would never do that ... as I carry along plenty of wood planks, step leveling blocks, a shovel, and a 12-ton long-throw hydraulic jack so as to be able to level up our Class C a bit more correctly/substantially whenever needed (no desert rocks required by us for extra lift)! ;)
pnichols 11/20/20 07:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leveling a Class C?

Yeah .... I can see your point! However, whenever I've so far noticed leveling jacks on a motorhome that are retracted for travel, they are hanging down so far so as to make it real tricky to get to a camping spot like we were at in the photo without damaging the jacks and/or the frame area where they're attached. :E
pnichols 11/20/20 05:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is it a battery and what I think is for?

The location of the battery is most likely a result of the limited FAWR. Ford offered this option too but it went below the passenger door. It took me a long time to discover it, and even longer to discover it dead. And yet even longer to discover it was never even hooked up because the original dealer never removed the removed the shipping jumper that isolates the aux battery. But it works great now! Only took 200,000 miles to figure it all out! I'll bet that Ford option's wiring is present on the E350/E450 cutaway van chassis that Class C coach builders actually use to switch the solenoid ON that hooks the coach batteries to the engine alternator (so they will be charged when driving) whenever the ignition switch is turned to start the V10 engine. :h
pnichols 11/19/20 09:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Is it a battery and what I think is for?

Why would this additional battery be needed in a motorhome that already had a boost switch on the dash?
pnichols 11/19/20 01:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2 Years Without Changing Oil?

I have a Jeep Rubicon that gets driven roughly 1000K per year. Change the oil after Christmas every year and run non ethanol fuel. It's also a good idea to keep the fuel tank full to prevent rust. While vehicles manufactured several decades ago had mild steel tanks, these days the tanks are either plastic or stainless. There's nothing to rust. Also, there's always headspace in the tank - you can fill it all you want, but there's a few inches of air above that fuel to provide for expansion. When I replaced the fuel pump in our 2000 Four Winds on E-350 chassis, the tank was all stainless, and the filler inlet had an internal pipe that turned down into the tank. While the fill capacity was 55 gallons, I'd bet one could put 70 to 80 gallons in it from the fuel pump opening to completely fill the tank. Your comments reminded me of something: When filling up my E450 based Class C motorhome's gas tank, the station pumps always stop too soon. If I baby the fuel nozzle trigger very carefully and take another 5-7 minutes, I can trickle another 5-6 gallons into the "55" gallon fuel tank. Now I wonder - when I'm doing this - if I'm merely getting a true 55 gallons into the tank ... or more than 55 gallons?
pnichols 11/18/20 03:48pm Tech Issues
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