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RE: Known pros/cons these brands?

I prefer aluminum sided trailers for several reasons which includes not fading like the fiberglass trailers. My preferred mfg is Nash / Arctic Fox. Bill ok thanks had a quick look, hard to find those brands for sale, or if they are they are 10 years old and $35k! Prices are crazy now.. it wasn't a good time to lose our TT! Give it until October and you'll see those same models fall within your budget. Used prices are still a little silly right now but coming down.
propchef 07/06/22 04:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dino juice v Electrons....

I hope people realize that finding new and improving battery technology is the #1 thing being worked on by companies today. Everyone knows that Li-Ion is a limited resource, heavy, and doesn't hold much power. EV's are sill a proof of concept, and they are taking off, so the concept works. New battery technology includes Sodium Ion, fuel cell, graphene, and many more. With my limited knowledge, even I know this is the future. There are 2 things manufactures are trying to perfect, lowering the cost, and longer battery life = more power for size and weight. Even the charging systems are in their infancy. They are building more and more each day. Our Government is spending billions to add more charging stations and replace old ones. This will only get more prevalent as more and more people own EV's. Right now they are grocery getters. In my lifetime and many who are on this thread, they will be here and they will replace most common vehicles. Just look at every car manufacturer has an EV and even more are sprouting up such as Tesla and Rivian. As for the semi truck revolution, they are here and will be replacing long haul trucks, along with autonomous vehicles. It's right around the corner. Technology is evolving faster than I can write this message... You seem to think battery's are new? Battery's and battery powered vehicles have been around since the 1800's. They even pre-date ICE vehicles. In reality scientists have been working on improving the battery for over a 100 years. Hell, even LI battery's have been around since the mid 70's to early 80's. Even with the best of technology we have out today I still have to plug in my phone in every night to charge. And my phone uses very little energy compared to a big energy user like a truck. All of those battery's you mentioned have their pluses and minuses. Some are energy density, some are cost, some are they just fail over a short period of time. As far as the Semi goes, you're in dream land, and here is why. In a few words it's "energy density"......or lack there of. Let me put up a picture for you that may bring it a little bit better into focus for you: See the problem now? It's really easy to compare electric to gas or electric to diesel. It's not magic. We know how much energy in in a KWH or electricity and we know how much energy is in a gallon of diesel. To get the same amount of energy out of diesel you need the same amount of power electricity. It's really that simple. I do not understand that graphic at all. What exactly do you mean by "energy density" or are you referring to "power density"? Diesel burns to create heat which is used for power. Lithium is used as a material in a storage system for electricity (battery) and does not generate any power of its own. Why don't you compare the energy density of diesel to say, lead? Or sulfuric acid? And batteries can be recharged. Can't do that with liquid fuel.
propchef 07/06/22 03:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: trailer suspension

Today I learned that shock absorbers are "...modern or exotic aftermarket gadgets..." Good luck OP. Let us know what you decide.
propchef 07/01/22 04:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: trailer suspension

OP, the suspension on nearly all bumper-pull RVs and 5th wheels is state of the art directly from the 1920's. VERY rudimentary. It's one of the major causes of tire failure. Just because it's been around a while, doesn't mean it's bad. Your heavy duty pickups all use leaf springs. I think only Dodge has tried coil springs on the 3/4 ton trucks (1 ton they still use leaf) and there are mixed thoughts on that use of more advanced technology. Typically failures can be traced to...road debris, overloading and/or low tire pressure. Do you have any documentation (not anecdotes) that leaf springs are the cause of tire failure? I've never heard that before. I think you're reading into my post a bit, so let me clarify. I never said leaf springs were "bad" or even the cause of tire failure, I said RV suspensions are very basic and rudimentary and that these overly-simplistic barely-meets-spec axels need as much attention and maintenance as the inside of the RV. Who checks them for alignment? No one. What you can find with regularity are examples of RV leaf springs and associated shackles failing. That 3/4 ton truck likely has progressive leaf springs (most do) and are very different from the ones on a TT which are usually a single or thin double, and are rarely progressive. Passenger vehicles will also have shocks and other links to help locate and dampen the axel. Absolutely true that overloading, improper inflation, and road debris cause tire failures. So does severe misalignment, which these axels are prone to, with many coming from Dexter (or insert other brands here) off by more than a few degrees. This is something that manifests itself more with a twin-axel setup but can still be an issue on a single. The worst part is that there are no adjustment points, and an axel that is off must be bent back into position. The out-of-position tire heats up and fails, and the owner storms off complaining about "china bombs."
propchef 07/01/22 12:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: trailer suspension

OP, the suspension on nearly all bumper-pull RVs and 5th wheels is state of the art directly from the 1920's. VERY rudimentary. It's one of the major causes of tire failure. - pics would help with suggestions as has been mentioned. These suspensions lack two major things: dampening of vertical movement and the prevention of lateral movement. Something like a panhard bar and a set of shocks can rectify this, but only if you have appropriate mounting points. - Tires, while a great upgrade, won't address either of the above items. Good luck! Update with what you're doing.
propchef 07/01/22 07:04am Travel Trailers
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

Used market is still very brisk here in FL. Sky-high rent combined with unaffordable mortgage interest rates (a 200k motgage is up $400/month from January) is pushing a lot of people into full time lifestyles. Locally campgrounds have doubled monthly rent but still substantially cheaper than an apartment right now. I bought my first house in 1982. My interest rate was just a bit over 13%, and it was THAT low because we were first-time buyers. We've enjoyed historically low mortgage rates for almost ten years now. While they have gone up, I wouldn't generally describe them as "unaffordable" any more than they have been. In many markets, real estate sales are slowing, even here in the Bay Area. I think, for now, lower prices (in certain markets) will offset interest rates. Demand for durable goods is still high, and demand for luxury items is still high including RVs. Many, if not all of the price increases we're seeing are tied to outside forces (most notably Russia v Ukraine) and the recovery from a worldwide pandemic that wrecked the supply chain. Lots are full, manufacturers are talking about slowing production to more realistically meet demand, and the industry is taking a collective deep breath and looking closely at the last two years, trying to read the tea leaves for the coming two years. I set a budget when I started looking, and for the last 18 months the TTs I want (well cared for used models, between 3-8 years old)have all been 32-35% more than my budget, and I'm finally starting to see them starting to fall within my range. By this Fall I should have a good selection and I hope to find what I want locally. My local Lance dealer sent me a flyer for HUGE reductions over MSRP. lol Well, OK, I know it's hype but I haven't seen any dealers advertising discounts or sales before this. It will soon be a buyers market.
propchef 06/22/22 05:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: You tube Fulltimers getting squeezed

They always say, find a job you love... Actually putting out a good quality video every week is a lot of work. The ones that do well have quality equipment and put a lot of time into research, editing and promotion. Even then it's a tough business akin to making it in TV/Movies. The ones who think they can use their cellphone camera and spend half an hour to put out a video, wash out pretty quick as you need many thousands of clicks before you make anything on youtube. I don't feel bad for them but certainly not vindictive over it. ^^^^this The good YouTubers are following a teaching format, which if done correctly isn't easy. Then you MUST commit to a regular release of interesting content to build viewers, the lifeblood of any channel. After moving my classes to an online format, I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who can create and sustain content to a point where they actually make money, NOT an easy task. Think its easy? Open a channel, buy the equipment, learn to use video and sound editing software, learn to use YouTube Enterprise, learn marketing, court sponsors, learn to compete against your competition. Its 100% a legitimate job.
propchef 06/18/22 07:42am General RVing Issues
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

GoDucks you just don't understand how the system works---plenty of people getting paid to stay home. Complete nonsense and has no bearing on this topic. We're at full employment and many hourly folks still work more than one job.
propchef 06/14/22 07:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Fire, Cast Iron, and Soot

If it's dedicated to campfire cooking, I would just get a bag and stick it in sooty. Avoid soap on cast iron. It removes the seasoning and food will stick. Sorry, but this is a cast-iron myth. I use hot soapy water on mine every time I use them, and I use them almost daily. No sticking issues ever. As Magnus mentions, cast iron is tough. NOT washing leaves off-flavored residue and potentially rancid oils. Like any pan, they must be washed with soap and hot water. There are only two no-no's: excessive heat and putting them away wet. After washing, put it back on low heat and allow it to dry completely. No soot issues ever.
propchef 06/10/22 10:04am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: RV retail sales drop 31% April year over year.

I'm already seeing rigs for sale that have not even been used yet here in Ontario. Here as well, although in almost every case they're asking what they paid new which is usually too much for a used unit, even if it's never been out. I see this with the Lance's and Airstreams in particular, where someone paid top dollar for new and are now selling, asking more for a used unit than a current new one (after discount).
propchef 06/09/22 01:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford F150 Lightning Started Deliveries

I can buy a 48KW natural gas powered generator, and all the other needed equipment, which can power everything in a house with a 200 amp service, for less than $25,000.00 installed. A setup that will still be sitting waiting to go when needed 20-30 years after it's installed and not be a depreciated rusted out chunk of steel and plastic sitting in some scrap yard. When we had numerous PSPS, they shut off the gas as well. Everyone with a built-in GENPAC was SOL and those with solar and backup were golden. I was fine with my cheap-o gas-powered generator. Ford is the one making the claim that it can run your house.
propchef 06/06/22 07:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rivan truck tow vehicle

What leaps and bounds are you speaking of? The price of solar panels has come down with economy of scale and china dumping (it seems to have leveled out though) but I haven't seen any substantial improvements in years. Problem with solar is a massive 3kw solar array (covering every square inch of a larger RV and costing may thousands) will generate around 10-12kwh per day if you aren't in shade (in shade and it will produce next to nothing). A vehicle even remotely capable of towing more than a tear drop is going to have a 125-150kwh battery bank, so you are talking many days to refill off solar. Propulsion, just isn't there. Nailed it. Many people, especially the "techy" type, reason that since data processing technology progresses exponentially, with my Apple Watch probably having more computing power than a mainframe did 30 years ago, that same exponential progression applies to everything. Smart people they may be, they seem to forget the limitations of things in the real world- like that the sun only provides 'x' watts per square meter. That's a constant regardless of solar panel technology. A 1 meter square panel will never come close to propelling anything heavier than a bicycle- the sun just doesn't provide enough juice. I'll just leave this here. It weighs more than a bicycle.,cars%20that%20weigh%20850%20kg.
propchef 06/03/22 09:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need big collapsible bowl for salad for 4

I've been hunting for a big collapsible bowl for salad for 4 people...nice sized salads but not dinner salads. Would really like collapsible...roughly 6+ quart size or larger. My non collapsible 9 x 3.5 really is not big enough. I've got nothing so far that is big enough. REI has a number of collapsible bins including this one.
propchef 04/21/22 06:32am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: What is happening with our members?

As far as no stupid questions, how about the one someone posted on another forum: "Where do I put my dog bowls?" Or "Where do I hang the toilet paper?" They may not be totally stupid, but they are silly. I don't understand what's silly about either question -- where *do* you put the dog bowls so they aren't in the way yet still in a consistent and convenient place for the dog? Where *do* you hang the toilet paper in your wet bath to keep it from getting wet when the "waterproof" cover has proven to not be waterproof.Seriously? A person has to ask how to put out his dog's bowls, and how to hang his toilet paper? Obviously you put the dog's bowls in the refrigerator, and the toilet paper in the garage. Duh. I keep my TP in the fridge as well. Helps keep things nice and cool.
propchef 04/12/22 02:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is happening with our members? Get off my lawn.
propchef 04/09/22 08:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is happening with our members?

That’s exactly what’s happening. There are thousands of us who pull small trailers with EV SUV’s. We interact thru a few Facebook pages. Discuss various aspects of RVing and towing etc. Some have come to this board or others and lurked a bit and then go back to Facebook and mention toxicity of the various RV boards. It’s a shame. Many are new to RVing and want to learn. And the archives here are great. Lots of problem solving knowledge. Like I say. I think there may still be a turnover on these boards. One board has now added an electrical vehicle section. Things are looking up. :). Either way. I’ll keep my feet in here for awhile yet. I see this a lot and it gets old. The name-calling is the worst. This forum is guilty as well.
propchef 04/09/22 08:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Choosing our next trailer for couples travel

Airstream Classic 33.
propchef 04/09/22 08:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: On the road observations

The local lots full of every kind of RV are not already sold. They are waiting for the next fish to swim in. As I have said before I have been all over the East and the lots are full. As I said come out west. Out of curiosity if I pull up a random Camping World near Los Angeles CA I see 149 units "in stock" with listed "stock numbers". A CW location near Seattle WA lists 478 as in stock, and a CW near Denver shows over 1000. Not sure where you mean by "Out West" but it at appears there is plenty of dealer stock out west, unless Camping World is playing some kind of listing shenanigans game. BTW those numbers were for travel trailers, but other categories reveal similar results. And how do those numbers compare to pre-pandemic numbers? Posting numbers without context doesn't really show anything. Those 149 units include anything from teardrops to 30+ footers, new and used, and several of them look like they've been there a while. Not one Lance. Only 2 Airstreams (and not priced too bad!). Inventories are recovering, especially with TTs but it has been very slim pickin's 'till now.
propchef 04/02/22 04:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best way to travel the Pacific Coast

Good advice already, especially MarkTwain above. I'll just add that the later in the year you go north, the more likely it will be that you encounter smoke and/or fires. We've had our worst fires in October. I'm just north of SF. Even without wildfires, we have a heavy schedule this year of mitigation, including prescribed burns. We're already having those here. That drive is spectacular. I love spending time on the Sonoma and Mendo coasts.
propchef 03/31/22 04:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: are there upsides/downfalls to single-axle TT's?

IMHO, if a blowout on trailer causes you to loose control or roll your rig you didn't have control before the blowout. (Fact is the rear axle of TV is where a blowout is most likely to cause loss of control) Just trumping here, but I think there is a better chance with single axle that the driver would notice a issue with all the tires on one side, pull over and stop before the tire beats the snot out of trailer. Single axle takes less power to turn, because don't need to force axles out of line or slip tires sideways. If fenders are inside body, tandem will use more space. . I would think the use of a TPMS would eliminate this worry. "Blowouts" are a sudden loss of pressure event which will depressurize the tire so fast the TPMS will never register it fast enough to make any difference what so ever. A single axle trailer, you will notice a change in handling pretty quick since there is no other tire on the side to hide the flat. People live and die that "Technology" will save them, this is a case of TPMS will alarm well after the fact and during the time you are fighting the trailer to a safe stop so you will be well aware of the flat. TPMS might make some difference on dual axle trailers, since you have two tires on each side you may not notice much change in handling.. But in reality no one should ever rely on TPMS to tell the hole story, it is not a substitute for physical inspections, should always check your tire pressures daily and verify that the tires do not have any physical changes or damages whenever you get out of the vehicle for rest stops.. I always do a quick walk around my trailer and vehicle to verify both do not have any noticeable physical damage to the tires. I make sure they appear to have "normal" aired up look meaning that they look like they have plenty of air pressure every time we fuel up, or stop for rests or food. I was responding to a post that was describing losing one tire and not noticing, causing further damage to the trailer. The TPMS will tell you immediately, checking visually before you leave will not. I never suggested one should rely on it to tell the hole (sic) story.
propchef 03/23/22 04:21pm Travel Trailers
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