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RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

Glad to hear it is working out for you. I would keep an eye on the wheel bearings, as the one on the right side certainly would have experienced extra stress as the unit tipped over. Also curious if your insurance company let you reinsure the salvage trailer, or if you had to go a different route? My original insurance company remove TT from my policy and told me they can not insure totalled RV. I didn't look from other insurance since it's not required for TT in my state and now I have even less value to insure. My TT does come with 1Y factory roadside service and I confirmed it's still working. The dealer also offer same one year of roadside service. Maybe after that I will think about other options.
protel 07/12/21 10:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

Thanks for the update. Did everything work, refer etc.? Yes, pretty much everything is tested during the past 4 trips. Another instereting thing happened during the historic heat dome weekend. After coming back from cool coast camping, we found the AC really struggle to bring the temp down below 85F, I was sweating even after a cold shower. Then there's this idea came to me: how about the RV? It's parked on our drive way, so I turned on the AC and even gave it a cold shower with garden hose. Amazingly, 20min or so it's totally cool down to like 75F. I guess the small room really helps in that case. That night we ended up sleeping in our RV on our drive way to beat the heat.
protel 07/11/21 12:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

Hi, Everyone, appologize for the late update. So after I get my TT from insurance, I did some minimal repair and made 4 trips. The repairs done: 1. Paint the scracches 2. Add a piece of metal on the corner 3. Replace the hand grip 4. Reinforce the refrigerator Pending repairs: 1. Replace broken corner molding, parts are ready 2. Crack on the wall, plan to seal a bit then cover with a vent cover 3. Reinforce two walls around the broken corner 4. replace the broken electric tongue jack. Parts on the way. 5. Guess I'm gonna live w/o awning I didn't want to do the major repair just yet be cause I'm worried I might mess up and take longer. Really don't want to miss my first RV camping season. Plus there's no rain here in PNW in summer and I have a covered storage. I plan to do it right before raining season. So far everying is working fine. I tried to take my time towing and some time hold the traffic a bit, then I pull over to let people pass. One inseresting thing I found is when I towing slower, I actually get better MPG like 13, it used to be a bit more than 10MPG. Here're a couple of latest pics of my TT. I don't think it really looks that bad to be kicked out by RV park.:p height=563 width=1000 height=563 width=1000 height=563 width=1000 height=563 width=1000 height=563 width=1000
protel 07/09/21 10:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

OP: did you buy it back? There is probably a time frame to deal with the insurance and storage fees accumulating. Update: Yes I ended up bought it back, despite the towing guy, the repair shop owner told me it's bad idea. I just can't resist it. TT is soaked in the towing company yard for a few rainning days, when I pick it up, there seems no sign of leak inside. So far everything seems working. Will do a few DIY and take it to a near by park to test out over the weekend. Wish me luck...
protel 06/17/21 01:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back height=560 width=1000 height=560 width=1000 Here're some pics from inside
protel 06/09/21 11:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

The OP made a mistake when he wrecked it. In this world we get to pay for our mistakes. I've disassembled a TT that Mother Nature flipped. That trailer is junk. The doors will not close properly if at all. The cabinets are likely loose and or skewed. The roof will leak in places that you can't find because the AC and vent openings are no longer true. The wall are set down on the floor during production so they are all screwy. The windows will leak. On and on.................. It also looks like poop, and if you are married you will never hear the end of it anyway so don't make it worse. Not only did the trailer tip over the pics appeared to show that it slid into a curb as well. The insurance settlement appears to be very fair, go shopping and get on with your life. My TT's door still open and close just fine, only some scrtches at the bottom frame. I did went in and check everything, refrigerator, water pump, furnance, gas stove, all the lights and ports still working fine, none of the cabnit is loose. That's why I am so tempting to buy it back.
protel 06/09/21 11:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

Wow. So much wild guessing going on. Or maybe all these naysayers have secretly gone and looked at it. First, I would take it on a short trip to see how it rides. You can paint stripes on the tires to see if is way out of alignment or have it checked by a trailer shop. If most everything works, then go for it and go camping. As said, there are a lot of campers out there that look worse that manage to get on the road. I would love to do that but the adjuster told me I either buy it back or that TT stays in tow yard. I have no permission to use it now.
protel 06/09/21 11:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

Question. Did the adjuster give you any insight as to why the trailer is deemed a total loss? What did they observe about the frame or structure that led them to that conclusion? Was the tongue twisted off the frame? I don't see it attached to the trailer in your photo. height=400 width=600 height=1000 width=600 Here's the picture of the tongue. There's no detail damage from the adjuster. I doubt they actually went to the towyard and did the inspection. The adjuster only mentioned to me they call the forest river and got a conclusion it's too much to fix and should be totaled. I suspect the whole fiber glass wall needs to be replaced which means a lot of work and cost. But I can live with that crack on the wall.
protel 06/09/21 10:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

Your BIGGEST questionable unknown in your idea and plan is that you are assuming you can find a RV repair shop that can and will be able to repair your damaged trailer. How long will the repair shop take to make all the repairs and what warranty will they give if any of their repairs goes bad. What will be the total costs to do all the repairs?????? I would not choose to buy it back IMHO!!!! I actually plan to repair it myself, just replace the trim, move the awning and cover the crack that kind of thing. I know I'm being cheap but before this TT, I have been tent camping;)
protel 06/08/21 09:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

I have to say, I saw the picture of it on it's side and it came through it much better than I expected. I'm amazed all the glass, including that huge glass door, is still intact! If you are willing to put the work in and use it less then perfect, and go in with your eyes open knowing there could be hidden issues, go for it. Take off the awning, fix the trim, and seal up that crack in the fiberglass (maybe some sealer covered with eternabond, maybe throw the vent cover over top for good measure), and camp away. I've seen people camping in worse that hadn't been flipped over. When it rollover the awning tooks most of the impact, it's basically a roll of cloth so buffered a bit I guess
protel 06/08/21 09:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

So you get the trailer and 14.7k? You said something about frame damage, what is it? Edit: Bush’s rv in twin falls, Idaho has the 16bhs for 17,995. How far is that from you? It doesn’t appear to be the black label though. They are actually the 1st dealer I checked with since I got my unit from them. But like a lot of other dealers, althrough they list lot of TT, they are actually not available and then they ask you to put deposit and wait 3-6 months...
protel 06/08/21 04:16pm Travel Trailers
Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

So you guys might already know my story. Basically my TT rollover when I was making a left turn. I do see most of the folks suggest I should take the money and buy a new one, but here is my situation: 1. Insurance offers $18.7K for total loss settlement, purchase price 20k, buy back price 4k 2. I can not find a similar TT within 500 miles unless I add another 6~10k.We brought the TT for COVID travelling and need to rent storage for it, was only plan to own it for 1-3 years. My feeling is if I buy a new one and sell it in a year, I easily lose 5k due to devaluation. And to sell a RV is another hassle. 3. Seems to me now I have the chance to spend 4k to get a usable TT,to me it's actually much better than those popups which still cost 10k+ 4. Most tempting part is I went to the tow yard and checked the RV, everything inside still working OK. It rained the past few days and I don't see any leaking inside. Plus in my previous post someone mentioned most RV tends to leak anyway. My plan is to replace the edge trim and bottom trim myself, and for the crack I plan to add something like a vent cover to hide it and make sure water won't get in. All these should be done within 1k budget. 5.Checked with DMV, they have no problem to register/title in my case, even I don't fix my TT properly. There's no RV insurance requirement in my state, this is another plus to me 6. My WC case is the frame damage gets worse and I have to junk it, I did learn little business will take salvaged TT, but I feel mine still looks in good shape. WWC scenario: I pay another 1k to get rid of it?All in all, risking 5k for a usable TT rather than paying 20k for new one+ is tempting... What am I missing? I'm ready for any sarcasm and yes please wake me up.:? width=650
protel 06/08/21 01:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Update: Geico claimed TT as total loss. Based on the suggestion from you guys, I consider that good news for me. My purchase is 20k, they offer $18,700, how does that sound? My expection is they will replace a new one or the 20k purchase price, since my policy does appear to be premium.
protel 05/30/21 05:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Thanks everyone for the advise. Now I get it it's unwise to keep it. I actually start to search new TT online but as 2 month before, there alomost no availbility within 300mi for what I need. I really hate to skip this summber since I've already booked a few trips. Plus we got this TT mainly try to take kid travel during COVID, and NOW is when we really need it. Again, will be nice you guys can comment 1. Is there major safty concern with this TT 2. If I need to junk in the near future, do I just lost my buy back+ fixing cost or I have to pay more?
protel 05/29/21 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Regarding yellow light, I actually entered the intersection right after the light turned green.There was a through vehicle so I waited for it. The green light is kind of short so before long it turned yellow. I don't think I did wrong in that part, it's just I was trying to clear the intersection and speed up, which is actually not necessary and I regret...
protel 05/29/21 10:45am Travel Trailers
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

The concept of diminished value is not recognized in all states. I've been insured with GEICO for 10 years. Unfortunately had to call upon them last year when our Highlander was t boned in an intersection. Extensive damage from passenger side passenger door back to the rear quarter panel and right rear suspension. . Phenomenal repair by the body shop I chose and GEICO's service for the entirety of the claim was nothing short of superb. My experience...... Nothing is known til the adjuster inspects the trailer OP. Let the claim run its course. Yeah, guess I'm trying to prepare my options to counter act the adjuster.
protel 05/28/21 04:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

My understanding is there shouldn't be too much to the damage to the bottom frame and wheel? Plus TT doesn't have all these power chain like TV, so safty wise should I worry about too much? Other than that I can live with scrtches and potential junk it in two years or three if the buy back price is <5k. I'm kind of hesitate to get a new TT because weeks ago when I shop this TT, I found all the dealer near me are OOS for the models I was looking for, many of them taking deposit and ask you to wait till July even Oct... I ended up drove some 500mi out my state to get my TT.
protel 05/28/21 04:37pm Travel Trailers
1 month old TT totaled?

I screwed up my holiday.First TT and only 1 month old.  Was trying to pull my TT from storage to home and prepare for the long weekend. Since it's only a 10min local drive, as usual I didn't bother setting up the WD. When I made a left turn, after waiting for a through vehicle I noticed the light turned yellow so I tried to speed up while turning, and in the end the TT rolled over. Lesson learned... The damages are all on the passenger side which landed on the curb, I noticed the following damage so far: 1: A 20 inch crack on the top left of the fiberglass side wall, it also comes with a dent into the inside shower area. 2: Power awning totally crashed, which actually protect most of the all and window glass from worse damages 3: Lots of scratches along the bottom edge, especially corners 4: power jack and propane case 5: two front stabilizer The insurance company GEICO will do the inspection in a few days, but when I talked to the adjuster he mentioned to me that for rollover cases like this they usually handle it with total loss. I did purchase RV insurance, but when I asked them about the detailed policy, they were not sure what kind of coverage I really have for total loss. Seems to me they leave some flexibility for themself. One representative told me most likely I only did the regulator policy and won't  have the total loss replacement option. My questions:1. Is it really that bad to total the RV, other than the body, should I expect some fundamental frame damage from this kind of accident?2. How much would it cost to seal the crack if I don't mind it doesn't look as nice3. If the insurance really totaled my TT, should I try to dispute and how?4. I kind of prefer they total it and I brought it back, after all the damage doesn't seem that bad to me, safety and function wise I guess. Also I assume the repair will take quite long and my whole summer will be screwed. So is it a good idea to buy it back?
protel 05/28/21 11:14am Travel Trailers
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