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RE: fender skirts ABS?

Won't most plastics including PVC melt in acetone as well?
pulpwood007 07/26/21 09:53am Tech Issues
fender skirts ABS?

I need to help a friend out with a minor fender skirt repair. Are most of the skirts on late model trailers made of ABS plastic? I don't really know how to identify the material.
pulpwood007 07/26/21 09:17am Tech Issues
RE: 50 amp adjustable converter/charger

The PowerMax is an excellent value. I just installed a Progressive Dynamics 60 amp converter: I like it because it has a remote control pendant that you can use to select the voltage. The PowerMax requires using a small screwdriver, which would be fine if not needed very often.
pulpwood007 05/12/21 03:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Bear Spray

As the OP I want to thank everyone for the comments. I feel I have the info I need and will pick up some spray just in case. After some research I have found the likelihood of a bear attack in Yellowstone is remote. Since 1979, more than 118 million people visited Yellowstone National Park. During this period, 44 people were injured by bears in the park, according to park numbers. You’re just as likely to be zapped by lightening or drown in a boiling-hot thermal pool. There have only been eight reported deaths since the park opened 142 years ago. I will not be hiking in remote areas, and in fact will probably be only in populated scenic areas. It sounds like I have a higher probability of being injured in a vehicle wreck on my way there!
pulpwood007 04/28/21 10:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Bear Spray

Yellowstone averages about 1 bear attack per year. It also averages close to 4 million visitors each year. I suggest you buy a lottery ticket at the same time you buy the bear spray. That would insure that you are covered should your luck swing to the very end of either side of the luck bell curve. That's the kicker. We are not doing any backwoods hiking, and will probably be around the masses most all the time. Maybe a few well traveled trails. When I was younger I'd be in all for some backpacking, but now it's more of a sightseeing trip. Probably the only time I might need spray is if I step outside the trailer at night. I have watched the videos of folks doing very stupid things around bison. Can't figure out why they are so fascinating. I've seen them all over the country and they are dirty, stupid, mean animals. Certainly not something anyone should want to get close to.
pulpwood007 04/06/21 08:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Bear Spray

Why buy local at Yellowstone? What's different about local vs. what's available on Amazon?
pulpwood007 04/05/21 08:49pm General RVing Issues
Bear Spray

This may not be the best place on the forum to ask this question, but could anyone suggest a particular brand of bear spray. I have a trip to Yellowstone scheduled and would like to purchase a can before leaving home. While we don't do remote hiking anymore, I would still feel better about having some kind of defense should a bear accidentally appear. I'm sure there are some brands better than others.
pulpwood007 04/05/21 05:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Converter replacement

The only trouble with PowerMax is the short absorption time. With 55+ amps the converter will hit the 14.6 volts fairly quick and then you get maybe 15 to 30 minutes at that voltage and you are only about 80% charged when the voltage drops to 13.6. For a single battery deck mount I recommend the BD 1235CL at just 35 amps. This will get you closer to 90+% charged before the voltage drops. Or go with the PD9245 or PD9260 that will hold the boost voltage a full 4 hours. I don't think so. PowerMax specs show a switch that can change from three stage auto to manual, locking output at 14.6. One only needs to remember to switch back to auto after fast charging of battery. I do like the remote pendant on the PD. Just wouldn't use it much for the price difference. PM on auto:14.6 vdc for 0.5 hrs, 13.6 for 12 hrs, then to 13.2.
pulpwood007 03/16/21 11:48am Tech Issues
RE: Converter replacement

Best Converter without a doubt. Plug and play, excellent customer service . Call them, tell them what you need. fixed my issues with my batteries boiling in my Class C. Totally agree Best Converter is the way to go, very simple lower portion replacement of your WFCO. Did it myself and it works well. Randy at Best is the “Best” very helpful and will answer all of your questions if you have any. No more boiled batteries for me now also. I've done business with Randy before. Agree, good guy. I can just save a few bucks on the same converter branded as PowerMax.
pulpwood007 03/16/21 11:23am Tech Issues
RE: Converter replacement

A single 27 will accept about 45 amps at 50% SOC and taper almost right away for its Absorption Stage. If you hit it with 60 amps all that happens is the amps will immediately drop to whatever the 27 will accept and taper from there. That's with a flooded battery--don't do that with AGM or Si02--stick with their 27% charging limits--ie 27 amps on a 100AH batt or you can use your 55 amper on a pair of 100s. LFP can take it though. ISTR a Honda 2000 spec is 13.3 amps at 120v for running output of 1600w (VA really) I prefer the PowerMax line (same as Boondocker, a rebadged PowerMax) but the PD with Charge Wizard might be easier to operate if you are not ready to do manual voltage adjustments to suit your battery specs. (or you can chose the standard three-stage automatic mode if on shore power) If you are on shore power it doesn't matter about which converters--they all do about the same Float voltage. Most converters at 75 amps and below are not power-factor corrected and their PFs are about 0.7, so you have to add that to what the generator will have to supply. EG, as measured with a Trimetric and a Kill-A-Watt here is how it works for a 55 amp converter with battery accepting 56.8 amps and rising through 13.7 volts. (3000w Honda generator) 124.7 v, 11.06 a, 980w, 0.7PF, 1380VA (Kill-A-Watt ) So the Honda 1600 VA would supply that 1380VA. Same deal with a 75 amp converter needs the gen supplying 1700 VA, so the Honda 2000 would be a little overloaded. The Honda 2200 is rated for 1800VA though, so that would be ok with a 75 amper. My B&S P2200 just barely runs my 75 amp converter which pulls 1700VA and the gen is rated at 1700VA. You have a choice if the WFCO does run of leaving it in place and get a deck mount converter to work with the gen, or else replace the WFCO "lower portion" with a better converter. Thanks, good info. This will be a deck mounted (stand alone) converter, not one housed in the power distribution box. It sounds like the 45 amp converter would be fine for my group 27 lead acid battery, and run well on the EU2000. The only catch is that the 55 amp model is the same price on Amazon. So. I guess the question is if the single 27 accepts max 45 amps at 50% charge level, will the converter charge output drop accordingly, and hence draw less current on the AC input side? I would think definitely yes since the DC output load has decreased, and I could probably calculate that using the power factor. Obviously I'd like to go with the 55 amp model which I know the EU2000 would supply, but also have a little power left over to run lights and maybe TV in the trailer. Looks like I need to get the AmpClamp out and do a little measuring. As far a manual adjustments, I have no problem with that. 99.9% of the time the 3 stage auto mode will be fine. I just want to have the option of locking in boost mode for rapid battery recharge when needed. I do like the remote pendant the PD offers, but again going into the PowerMax as seldom as I would be needing boost would be no issue. Edit: Just spoke with PowerMax and found the 55 amp converter will draw 975 watts (under full load) from the generator. Looks like I'm golden!
pulpwood007 03/16/21 11:07am Tech Issues
RE: Converter replacement

Sorry, typo on my part, 55 or 60 AMP converter. Specifications show that the 60 amp converter draws 11 amps at 120vac. I calculate that as being 1320 watts (120vac x 11). I doubt that the EU2000 truly can supply 2000 watts, but I agree I probably can run a lot of lights with the additional 600 -700 watts.
pulpwood007 03/16/21 09:49am Tech Issues
Converter replacement

I need to replace the WFCO converter that came with my trailer. Past experience with this brand has shown me poor longevity and charging cycles that can fry a good battery. I seldom dry camp but would like to be able to charge my group 27 deep cycle battery from my Honda EU2000i generator. In looking at several brands of converters (Progressive Dynamics, Boondocker), the PowerMax looks like the most cost efficient. I would like to run the generator to charge the battery and operate a few lights in the trailer at the same time. My calculation shows about 16 amps AC available from the generator. I can't decide if I can safely go with the 55 or 60 watt converter and not overload the EU2000?? I do want a converter I can lock into the "boost mode" to more quickly re-charge the battery. I am not interested in solar as I do so little dry camping. Advice appreciated.
pulpwood007 03/16/21 09:29am Tech Issues
RE: Direct to stop SD transmission on Dec.31

Keep in mind that you simply cannot move a card from 1 receiver to another. If you want to pursue that route you will need a new card. However, here's some info I posted elsewhere....... IF THIS FINALLY DOES HAPPENS, as DTV had been promising for about 2 years, domes and 18" round dishes will not stop working. However ALL SD receivers will quit working. The other issue is that dome and 18" antenna users will now receive programming in full HD (with an HD receiver) but what programming will be available is still unknown. You will still only be able to receive programming from the 101 satellite and the majority of programming is currently on 99 and 103. The 101 will still be around for many years to come so if they cut out the SD they can move more programming to 101. What makes the most sense to me, however, is that they would no longer need to duplicate channels on multiple satellites so, at best, less than 1/3 of the DTV programming would be coming from the 101 satellite. So NO NETWORK programming at all and a highly reduced channel list would be available to those to continue to try to use the outdated dome technology. When this change finally takes affect, I will no longer be able to use my SD receiver with it's audible signal strength meter to aim my 18" antenna. The HD DVR I carry unfortunately does not have an audible meter so it's tough to aim. Can you suggest a relatively inexpensive coaxial inline signal strength meter?
pulpwood007 12/09/20 04:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Diluted RV Antifreeze

As you say, it is already cheap. Why risk it? agree. at $2.50 a gallon how cheap can you get? But if saving $.050 per year is worth the risk. Go for it. How did it get to this? Yes......I agree. Go for it.
pulpwood007 12/09/20 04:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Diluted RV Antifreeze

RV antifreeze is already mixed with usually de-ionized water and should be used straight from the jug. It will freeze at low enough temperatures, but the mixture does not expand to cause damage to fittings. Adding more water could upset that no expansion balance. I don't suggest risking it... Thank you. That sounds like an accurate explanation. I never had any intention of experimenting with it in my trailer. Just an academic question for those interested in chemistry.
pulpwood007 12/09/20 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Diluted RV Antifreeze

WHY! Reading the first sentence of my OP will tell you why.
pulpwood007 12/09/20 09:15am Tech Issues
Diluted RV Antifreeze

RV antifreeze is cheap, but I've always wondered if you diluted the antifreeze with 25% or 30% water, at what temp would it begin to freeze, and fail to protect RV plumbing? Walmart's SuperTech RV antifreeze states it offers protection to -50F. For folks that live in warmer climates where winter temps never get below +10F, it may well be that a diluted concentration would still offer excellent protection. I think I may run an experiment in my home freezer...............
pulpwood007 12/08/20 07:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Future Used RV Market

Found RVIA wholesale delivery figures through October. Year over year sales are actually down slightly vs 2019, but primarily due to idled factories in the spring. Towables lead sales, motorhomes are down around 5% from 2019. You are correct. By record sales, I was referring more to the reported rush by first time buyers to get into camping. I don't know if the trailer market can be accurately compared to the automobile market. There is no doubt a car or truck depreciates rapidly, but it may be that a trailer depreciates even more rapidly, and the market is not as liquid. Another issue to include is how well these currently built trailers are. What will many of them look like in a couple of years.
pulpwood007 11/29/20 04:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Future Used RV Market OP had no intentions of politics or statements regarding the pandemic. It only concerned the future of the RV market in relation to current buying habits. Thanks,
pulpwood007 11/29/20 02:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Future Used RV Market

I think it will affect the supply and demand scenario. With a bunch of used RVs on the market, dealers won't be selling as many and they will have a glut of RVs, sitting on their lots. They'll have to cut prices to compete with the used market. At least, that's what we're hoping for, since we're planning on going to a 5th wheel next year. If buying a new unit, I'll bet you can find some good deals for the reason you stated.
pulpwood007 11/29/20 01:41pm General RVing Issues
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