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RE: Closed: Border opening

"In fact, most vaccines don't fully protect against infection, even if they can block symptoms from appearing. As a result, vaccinated people can unknowingly carry and spread pathogens. Occasionally, they can even start epidemics." Unfortunately, had Canada, the U.S., and Mexico followed those precautions initially, we wouldn't be in this current situation, less death and severe life-long illnesses, a rapid return to a vibrant economy, and free to travel all of North America.
qtla9111 06/22/21 07:05am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Militarization of Aduanas

150 years ago, Mark Twain wrote a book about this titled, "The Innocents Abroad".
qtla9111 06/20/21 07:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Militarization of Aduanas

Clicky VAN LIFE | ROBBED Crossing the Mexico Border by CORRUPT POLICE
qtla9111 06/19/21 08:56pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Militarization of Aduanas

On the same front page on my original post (center), there is an article about another 5 disappearances. So far, 70 people have disappeared into thin air between Km 26 and Nuevo Laredo. Today, the FBI announced their involvement in the search of a mother and two children, Americans, who disappeared on the same 26 km stretch. For rvers traveling in Mexico, remember the administration's stance, "No confrontation". Sad to have to say that. Ecuador is looking much better.
qtla9111 06/18/21 07:08pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Closed: Border opening

Mexico: 0.16. Mexican numbers are severely under-reported according to their health authorities. The latest estimates are 660,000 deaths.
qtla9111 06/18/21 07:02pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Militarization of Aduanas
qtla9111 06/17/21 02:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Militarization of Aduanas

This seems political to me..maybe just me Russ, I agree with you. However, there was a comment or two in the last months about Aduana and the changes to the military making a difference. That was my main point. A warning to rvers that you may get extorted by Aduana officials or those around them. Nothing has really changed. And as I stated, the second half could be deleted if the moderator felt it need be. Interesting though as many people who rv in Mexico don't keep abreast of the changes going on and a lot of it doesn't appear in Canadian or American newspapers. In one way or another, these changes to a different form of government could affect us, including those who work in the tourist industry.
qtla9111 06/16/21 06:35pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Militarization of Aduanas

And everyone was all gung ho on this one. As you can see by the headlines, "Militarization of Aduanas . . . And Corruption Increases" Companies who import/export are claiming collusion between Aduana officials (military) and the National Guard. This is reported in Reynosa and Matamoros, not sure how many others are having the same problem. And many of us thought the military would save the day. ------------------------------------------------------------------- And while on the front page of one of Mexico's greatest newspapers, there is an article titled, "Ataca AMLO Clase Media", President Lopez Obrador (AMLO) Now Attacks The Middle-Class. He said and I quote: "As a member of the middle, upper-middle-class, with a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or a doctorate, no! It is very difficult to convince educated people of the 4T (Mexico's supposed fourth transformation). Go on all of you middle-class, you are doing very well, because it is an aspirational attitude, it is to succeed at all costs, to get ahead. But, unlike the middle classes, he affirmed, the "poor" people internalized well that, by combating corruption, things improve. Because of that, they have begun to receive resources from the government budget. (Welfare)". Moderator, you can delete the second part, it really doesn't relate to rv directly but gives a good idea of where the country is going and what could be expected in the near future.
qtla9111 06/16/21 02:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

Yep, Mexico's land border never closed. Imagine how many of those now estimated 600,000 Mexican deaths could have been avoided. I have a long list of friends, Mexican family, neighbors and colleagues that are now gone. Much worse than ever reported.
qtla9111 06/08/21 05:52am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Repo a Truck Camper???

To the OP. Always come to this forum well-prepared. If not, bring your own cross and nail. People here and be brutal and I don't mean brutally honest, just brutal. Kind of like a lynching. Next time, or still, bring specifics, pictures, etc. Even then I recommend bringing the cross and nails.
qtla9111 06/03/21 06:54am Truck Campers
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

This is one of those "us versus them" threads. I will always give in and move if there is someone obnoxious near me, meaning noise from generators, music, or parties. I won't wait for them to do something and confronting them these days could get me shot. So I would just move down the road and not let my blood pressure rise. That said, it is unbelievable that in this day and age with all the technology of batteries, inverters, and solar panels that many have not been able to make the change. That is what's holding back the rest of the clean energy advancement. What a pity. It won't change until every drop is used up. That's how we humans are.
qtla9111 06/01/21 11:00am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Border opening?

Indeed, those were the best days in Mexican history since the end of the infamous and destructive Mexican Revolution which actually left more Mexicans in poverty than in any time in history. Salinas through Peña Nieto led to the growth of the middle class as Moisheh stated. This article in The Economist outlines the current state of Mexico and the destruction of the middle and upper classes. How will it affect rvers? It's happening already. Elections are on June 6th, and 38 candidates have been murdered. Be very careful with the border routes. Cartels are picking up innocent people from Monterrey and Saltillo who travel to the border for work, ordinary people driving small cars and they have just disappeared. No reasons so far, 20 people since March not to mention the extortion along border cities for travelers. The False Messiah
qtla9111 05/29/21 11:20am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

Just read where the border will be closed to nonessential traffic until 21 June They renew this closure every month until 21s, I think because the 1st time it was closed in 2020 until the 21st. Doesn't mean they will or will not keep doing this in September. About "what's wrong in RV-ing in your own country" - a lot is wrong if the country is Canada and the season is fall-winter. This is when Canadians usually go South. To my observations, most semi-permanent Americans in Mexico follow same pattern, going there in winter. At least, in "my" part of Mexico. What I had meant to say was to rv in your own country temporarily until the pandemic slows down. I agree with Moisheh about U.S. border cities. They are slowly dying. Fortunately, even though I am in disagreement with the current Mexican administration, Mexicans are quickly getting vaccinated. We are now working on the 40 to 49 age group and all teachers and medical personnel have received their doses. The quick purchase of vaccines in Mexico along with the return to schools on June 7th is a political ploy to lure Mexicans into voting for MORENA on June 6th. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.
qtla9111 05/28/21 10:38am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Living in Mexico on a tourist Visa. Legal or Illegal?

So all of you do not worry, if the old regimes come back in a few years we will be back to the old graft and corruption and business as usual. navegator X2 If you are referring to the "old" regimes of Lopez Portillo and the like :)
qtla9111 05/28/21 05:54am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Living in Mexico on a tourist Visa. Legal or Illegal?

I posted it because it helps to clarify some misconceptions many people have about Mexico and how rules can easily be circumvented. Things are changing, more than I would like with the current government, but some of the changes are for the better.
qtla9111 05/24/21 05:54pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Living in Mexico on a tourist Visa. Legal or Illegal?

Interesting. Living In Mexico On A Tourist Visa
qtla9111 05/24/21 09:05am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

Sounds easy to fly to McAllen. It doesn't work that way. If you fly to McAllen you will be restricted from leaving the 21 mile marker. Asking for a permit (not the visa) they will then ask why you flew to McAllen if you wanted to travel further north. He would actually have to fly further north such as to San Antonio because there he would be free to travel around. We've been in the border business now for almost 40 years. If you are denied at one bridge you turn around and drive to the next. As you said, it's a game but now it's not just about crossing the border. This is about reducing the spread and possible deaths. We keep forgetting that part. So then, the Mexico U.S. border really isn't open. And this is exactly why things haven't worked. People looking to cheat the system. The U.S. is crazy to let citizens come and go from Mexico. We are seeing an increase in cases again here in the north. The Mexican government is responsible for almost a half a million deaths and many transmissions came directly from people traveling back and forth.
qtla9111 05/22/21 06:47am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border opening?

The U.S. Mexico border is still closed and has been, for Mexicans with visas wanting to travel north. Why do people keep forgetting that?
qtla9111 05/21/21 02:26pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Want your opinion

Same here. Our 2008 works great for us. A 24ft with two ample slideouts. I can't find the source of one soft spot and another in a wall I took apart, cleaned out, and redid (small and easy fix). I hate the roof air and always have. Too big, too noisy and I can't run it on my Honda 2000. I want to remove it and put in a dome, remove the microwave, and put in a window unit in the cabinet. It probably needs a leak test and it needs a new awning. How much is all this versus a new travel trailer? I like what I have and am willing to spend a couple of thousand to have it last another 5 to 7 years (or more). If I were to buy something new, it would be custom. No roof vents, no roof air, antennas, refrigerator vent or decals. A clean flat roof and clean sides.
qtla9111 05/19/21 11:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Border opening?

Mexicans still cannot cross the border even with proof of vaccines unless they are flying. Many people have refused the vaccine so that will keep us on guard for a long time. Indigenous groups in rural areas are most vulnerable and are refusing the vaccines as well.
qtla9111 05/18/21 06:00am RVing in Mexico and South America
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