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RE: car towing

I also have a 2014 Honda CRV. Just finished setting it up and have only been out once so far. I can say the installation and setting everything up to tow the Honda was a breeze even for an OLD guy
ranholago 11/29/20 06:55am Dinghy Towing
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

If you get up by Yuba or Sutter county, the word is that the Sheriff will not enforce the curfew
ranholago 11/25/20 08:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Leg supports for truck camper storage

That is my biggest concern, that the camper will move/twist to the side. Its a worrisome problem for me. I use a small trailer (Zieman) used for golf cart to set the camper on, if its not on the truck. My jacks just "touch" the ground and the camper rests 90% of its weight on the trailer. The result is that the camper is low to the ground, it is secure and getting in and out is easy and steady. I can move the camper any where I want, out of the way in the winter and in position when ready to load. works for me.
ranholago 11/21/20 08:02am Truck Campers
RE: 1988 coachmen truck camper

Looking at craigslist, is it the camper/truck from Redwood City? If it is, he states the camper has had some leaks.
ranholago 11/17/20 08:40am Truck Campers
RE: Colors of trucks!

Mine is what ford calls "stone" kind of a grey/brown color, looks nice, but I usually buy used vehicles and end up with what ever color. SIL has a white truck like mine looks really good. Only color I won't go with is red. won't buy a red vehicle.
ranholago 10/17/20 07:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hauling a Honda 3000

I don't know about the price of the 2002 Generac back then, but right now mine is running along fine. I keep threatening to remove it at the first sign of a hiccup but it keeps purring. Just got back from a trip to the eastern Sierras. Ran fine, and was handy to just push the button and off it goes. Really it was no louder than any of the other generators being used during generator hours at the camp ground, and we had some pretty pricey rigs around us.
ranholago 10/16/20 01:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Sidewall of truck height

My 2002 Lance 1130 needs about 2 inches to clear the cab of my 2006 f 350 drw. ( I use 2x6 laying down for the spacer and works fine) My guess is that a new Lance mated with 2014 Chevy would probably be fine with out any spacers in the bed. but just a guess on my part. I would think by 2014, Lance and the big 3 would have that all ironed out. My 1997 Lance 165 needed about 3" to clear the cab of my 1999 f 250.
ranholago 10/16/20 01:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Purchasing to know if it is stolen or not?

Hear Hear, Great analysis, Thanks for bringing it front and center, as always information is good.
ranholago 10/10/20 09:03am Truck Campers
RE: Purchasing to know if it is stolen or not?

hmmmm not according to the state of California! When I went to DMV they said Nope that was not a VIN. I had a trailer made by Ziemann Corp. with a stamped VIN on the trailer,(it was 6 digits long they said NO, DMV rejected it and I had to go to CHP to verify and assign a VIN for that trailer. Campers are not register no VIN I agree that the number assigned by Lance would be an identifier, but it is not a vehicle, it doesn't not have a VIN. The number is not registered/entered in any data bank that I am aware of, that would be accessible by LEO. I would love to stand corrected on that point, I look at it like if you wrote the serial number for your television down and it was stolen, you would have an identifier, You could give that number to the police when you reported it stolen, as far as I can see that's about it. On my Lance the number is "embossed" on a foil type sticker, and looks to me, could be removed pretty easily, if stolen, or if you had a "reason" to remove it. I don't believe the Lance I had before this one even had that number displayed any where on the camper, didn't even know it had a number, until I got the newer (vintage) camper and it was in the paper work that came with the camper When you think of VIN you know exactly what and where the VIN is on your vehicle, trailer etc. there is no confusion, if its missing or defaced, you automatically know something is wrong, and any LEO that became aware of a missing VIN on any vehicle would raise red flags. So I say the Number from Lance is a identifier, primarily for use by Lance, it is not a VIN
ranholago 10/07/20 04:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Purchasing to know if it is stolen or not?

My camper does not have a VIN, just a 5 or 6 digit number from the Lance factory. DMV does not record this number nor do they recognize it for ID purpose. I will bet there is no data base of factory assigned build numbers that could be checked for stolen campers. When I bought my camper, (I call it having my wits about me) but I checked out the persons home, in my case it was a large home on acreage, his story for selling seemed to jive with everything I saw at his house. I googled his name, he popped up with his address and other family things. He seems straight up and my internal radar didn't go off... so we bought the camper. The other thing in my case the guy selling the camper had paper work from when it was new and receipts, I felt pretty safe that it was not stolen. I will say that after selling a vehicle on Craigslist the world (at least the world in my area) be dam crazy and pretty stupid. I would say reassuring your self its not stolen is a smart good thing, and taking every precaution is prudent. Even to the point of being very picky about every part of the transaction. You pays your money and you take your chances
ranholago 10/07/20 08:51am Truck Campers
RE: Solution to Trash Left Behind!

We have had rentals for years, it is eyeopening just how horrible they can be, I guess it comes from not taking responsibility for your actions. I guess the root causes are many, some specific come to mind.
ranholago 09/26/20 03:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Braking system & brake buddy

Pretty sure the requirement for supplemental braking system is established by the state. Ive checked the code books for California and come up with a couple of different answers generally if the vehicle is 3000lbs or more,I have also understood it to be 1500lbs, but, is a toad a trailer? Ive been told no, the toad does not need a braking system, just a break away system. Generally in those gray areas,( and there will be plenty who say there is no grey area), however for me, I installed a supplemental braking system, I rest easier knowing im doing the safe thing.
ranholago 09/26/20 01:45pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Solution to Trash Left Behind!

I like the idea of sending their trash back to them. My wife was just saying the other day, we don't see the road side signs that say "no littering and x amount of $ fine", any more. They may be there but we just haven't noticed them. I can say in general that littering has gotten out of control in our area, (just north of Sacramento) It is ridiculous the amount of road side trash and actual junk, from chip bags to mattresses and sofas. I remember years ago there was many programs about littering, from whole litter bug thing to the American Indian sitting on his horse shedding a tear. Adam, thanks for bringing up the topic of littering.
ranholago 09/25/20 04:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Suspension Mods

I have a 2006 f 350 DRW admittedly a different truck, I have a 2002 Lance 1130 which is heavy also. When I bought the truck it had Firestone air bags. Since that time I have added one fix at a time, upper helper spring spacers (similar to "Towpro") then added lower wedges, similar in purpose to the "Torklift" lower helper spring spacer. These two items helped but just didn't feel right. My truck came with sway bars front and rear, I replaced those with Helwig bars (much thicker) made night and day difference. I think the sway bars were the biggest bang for the buck, helping with sway and overall handling, For me they were the single best thing I did to improve handing and side to side sway. The air bags for me were never right, when I applied air (and it didn't matter the pressure, I tried all different pressures) it just did not seem to help. I took them off and installed Timbrens, I haven't taken a trip with the Timbrens yet but just minor trips to fuel up or into town seem to be a big improvement. I will see when I get loaded up and actually take a trip. I have a feeling the Timbrens will be an improvement. I know our trucks are different. and there are many years between them, but this is what helped the handling of my truck. Of all the reading on this and other forums I have found that everyone is different and every ones situation is different. Basically every one seems to try Air bags, they just didnt really work out the way I had hoped and I finally got rid of them.
ranholago 09/15/20 06:43pm Truck Campers
RE: About to buy Rebuilt TT (previous salvage) Please help!

My opinion is MOVE ON to some thing else, you got the money, there are lots of trailer for sale
ranholago 08/31/20 07:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: new tc owner...soon

The video that Jaycocreek linked is a good one, I have the same truck as that guy, different camper, but he does good videos. If you go to some of his other videos, he rebuilds his camper, removes the slide and does a pretty good job of it. I would say from all of the videos I have seen from this guy he probably takes as good care of his camper as anyone and he had hell-a-problems with water intrusion. Check out your camper really good around the slide. I would watch as many of this kind of video as possible before going out to look at any camper
ranholago 08/30/20 01:08pm Truck Campers
RE: new tc owner...soon

Since you haven't seen it, Look it over very good, looking for any water damage and delamination. Around here, when I was looking every Fleetwood camper I looked at had issues, so check it over closely. Also I would (just seat of the pants) say that camper will be a big load for your truck. Check your numbers closely, for me being overloaded is not fun.
ranholago 08/29/20 07:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Waste/Sewage System

If the whole septic system thing goes south, consider using a holding tank, say 500 gallons maybe even less. Arrange with the local guy who does septic system cleaning to pump your tank on a regular basis. Have a contract with him... I have heard of this working on a temporary basis. The county IF involved may consider this, with a contract to empty/clean on a regular time frame. This Might be better than trying to dig leach lines, but may be more expensive. If you do this all "bootleg" this still might be a safer way of getting what you want to do. Another option may be contacting your local "portapotty" guy he may be able to set you up with some kind of lower profile above ground tank to be pumped out by the portapotty guy. Last resort just get a portapotty and run shower sink water out away from your trailer, I know in some counties in TX they can run their washing machine discharge on the ground . Thats about all I got for you
ranholago 08/22/20 03:30pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: TT Tire Recommendation

I agree, would NOT buy GY What I did do about 5 years ago was to buy trailer tires from Sams Club, they were (and im not sure about the exact name) but they were called green ball or something like that. Any way its the trailer tire that Sams carried, they have been on the trailer for at least 5 years and I have not had one issue with them. I didn't buy them at the time because they were the best, I got them because they were easily available and they were very reasonably priced.... and now I can say they have lasted with out issue of any kind. I have had good luck with them.
ranholago 08/20/20 01:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Jim K I am not familiar with " I started up the generator and set the charger to 14.3 volts" Is there an adjustment to change the charger rate of charge or output voltage? Can you tell me how you go about setting the charger to 14.3 volts? In simple terms please. Thanks
ranholago 08/17/20 06:24pm Truck Campers
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