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RE: Flat tow power steering on Jeep

No, you don't need the harness for the power steering. The Grand Cherokee changed to all elec power steering in 2016.
rdhetrick 01/16/20 05:35pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Roof Vent Security

A cordless angle grinder negates RV security. This..."RV" and "security" don't belong in the same sentance! Why would someone go through the effort to climb up onto the roof when they could pop the door open with a prybar or bust a window?
rdhetrick 01/15/20 07:05pm Truck Campers
RE: RV repossession question

I have many investment properties. Through experience I found this to be very effective. Approach the tenant and ask if they would accept a cash payment of $500 to move out in 3 days. If they accept return and have some paperwork ready to be signed by the tenant and also have the local sheriffs department available when the paperwork is signed. This has worked %90 of the time for me. The $500 really pi$$es me off but it is a he!! of a lot cheaper than the cost of an eviction. Good luck the investment property world, we call this "cash for keys" and is worth an attempt. Much easier and cheaper than an eviction.
rdhetrick 01/05/20 05:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Current crop of SUV'S

If you parked all the "SUV'S" side by side, then looked at them from the side, they all have the same body shape!! At least I think so. OMG ROFL, funniest statement of the week! Same shape? Uhhh you're right, they're SUVs. Should they put the hood in back and the back seats up front to make one look different? That's like saying line up pickup trucks....dayum, they're all the same shape. Copycats, putting that bed thing behind the cab.....Where's the originality? LOL Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing!
rdhetrick 11/15/19 09:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Grand Cherokee Transmission Clunk

Ok, thanks everyone for putting my mind at ease!
rdhetrick 11/02/19 05:17pm Dinghy Towing
Grand Cherokee Transmission Clunk

Hi Everyone, I pull a 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 with the Quadratrac II transmission. When I hook up the vehicle to tow and put the transfer case into neutral, I press the button and it shifts silently into neutral, the light on the dash comes on, and everything is good. Every time I go through the un-hooking process at my destination, the transmission makes a really loud and hard "clunk" when shifting the transfer case out of neutral. I can't believe this is normal, any others that tow a Jeep with that transmission have the same clunking sound? Thanks in advance, Rob
rdhetrick 11/02/19 07:54am Dinghy Towing
RE: Splendid Washer/Dryer

After wearing pressed and starched shirts for so many years, I love the look of wrinkles!
rdhetrick 09/25/19 12:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tecma Toilet impeller issue ?

I had mine do the same thing once. In my case, somehow the main "drain" hose got twisted enough to essentially pinch off the flow - like a kink in a garden hose. I re-adjusted the hose and re-tightened the clamps and it's been fine since then.
rdhetrick 09/20/19 06:17am Tech Issues
RE: Cleaning out a DIY septic tank

I don't think the air will do anything. If there's a single open hole near the top, you will loose the air out that hole before any real pressure builds.
rdhetrick 09/19/19 05:14am Tech Issues
RE: Toad Hitch and wirig Installation

Sorry you've got such a mess. You don't HAVE to have the toad lights wired. In your situation, I would be inclined to just pull the toad to Kingman without it being wired for lights. You can remove any wires at the connector on the toad and tape them so they don't short to anything. When you get to Kingman, you can get it set up at your convenience and without the pressure of having to get somewhere. For the batteries, you can get similar GC2 batteries at Samsclub, or other battery stores like BatteriesPlus. I would think you should also be able to get the slide in and out by leaving the vehicle running. Even if not, this shouldn't prevent you from getting to Kingman, where you'll be able to get them without the pressure of needing to get somewhere. Good luck.
rdhetrick 09/06/19 05:43am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Safe to tow ? Mercedes GLS with a 4500 lb travel trailer

Don't forget to include the weight of the hitch itself - 100 lbs or so. So you really only have 800-100=700 lbs. 700/.14 = 5000 lbs trailer weight. 1000 lbs cargo in your trailer, that makes your dry trailer weight max about 4000 lbs. Those are the limits according to the math. It may or may not be a pleasurable ride. If you're going 50 miles a few weekends a year, probably would be okay. If you're going on long trips with a lot of driving time, probably won't be a whole lot of fun driving. As said above, check your actual vehicle numbers, they might be even lower. I can say that I don't ever recall seeing a GLS towing anything in any campground I've ever stayed at. Doesn't mean it can't be done, I just haven't seen it.
rdhetrick 09/03/19 07:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Refrogerator Problem

That's very odd that it works on shore power but not generator. The 120v supply to the fridge shouldn't care (or know) whether it's coming from the generator or shore. Have you verified that you are getting 120v at the plug that the ref plugs into while on the generator? Of course that doesn't address the propane side, but it might point to an electrical problem outside the ref that could have an influence on the 12v system that the ref controls run off of - like converter/charger/inverter.
rdhetrick 08/30/19 05:05am Tech Issues
RE: diesel prices along I40

I don't understand the math either. Assuming a 3000 miles one way trip, 6000 miles round trip. IF you average 10 MPG (to make the math easy), it will take 600 gallons. At $3/gal, it will cost $1800 At $2.3/gal it will cost $1380. - a savings of $420 on the total trip. Having said that, I put about 30k miles a year in my coach and an app called "Fuelbook" that was developed for truckers. You put in your destination , it finds the route, and gives you the 10 lowest prices for diesel along the route that are within 1 mile of the route. All of the locations have truck lanes - this is a huge benefit for me over GasBuddy. The only issue I have with the app is that it doesn't seem to include Flying J's. Not a big deal to me since they're usually high priced anyway, but I like to stop at them occasionally when I need to get propane.
rdhetrick 08/23/19 05:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: wilson electronics 4G-X RV cellular signal booster

I've had one for about 3 years. I use it with both Verizon and AT&T hotspots and phones. My experience has been mixed: In metropolitan areas, it usually increases signal strength but has minimal to no impact on data speed - and in many cases it has REDUCED speed. I suspect this is due to network congestion and the MIMO operation of modern hotspots. In rural/remote areas, I have seen some good improvement in both signal and speed. It boosted a practically unusable signal to an acceptable level. As the carriers increase coverage, these situations are far less frequent today than several years ago. If you're in a place with no signal at all, it won't help. All in all, I would get one again since I need the connectivity for business. It's definitely nice to have on the few occasions when I needed it.
rdhetrick 08/22/19 05:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing Jeep Trailhawk

I just bought a Grand Cherokee, I was looking at newer ones but ended up getting a 2015 with low miles and in great condition. The reason I got the older one was due to the all electric power steering in the new ones. 2015 was the last year they made the power steering hydraulic. I'm not an alarmist, but there have been some reports of wobble when towing. Apparently, the problem with the all electric power steering is that when the Jeep is being towed, the power is off to the steering, and it provides no dampening when an oscillation starts and it can quickly get out of hand. From what I read, the only way to stop the wobble is to come to a full stop. The hydraulic system does provide dampening, thus the oscillation doesn't progress. Here's a video of a 2014 Cherokee with all electric showing the problem: Granted, the reports are few, and under specific conditions (low speed, rough roads, when making turns), but I figured I'd be happy with an older one just the same and avoid the potential problem all together. On a related note, Jeep admitted to this problem a few years earlier with the Cherokee, and issued a fix (at the consumer's expense). If I remember correctly, it consisted of an extra wiring harness or something, that required the vehicle to be powered on when towing - it activated the power steering to dampen the oscillations. As of a few months ago when I was looking, Jeep had not acknowledged the problem with the Grand Cherokee, and the fix for the Cherokee was not usable on the Grand Cherokee.
rdhetrick 08/08/19 05:04pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Which dash cam to buy??

I have the Rexing V1 and like it. X2
rdhetrick 08/07/19 06:22am Technology Corner
RE: capital one credit card

Yep, I think it's a result of the Real-ID laws. I do most of my banking with Capital One, and I had to use something besides my mail service address.
rdhetrick 08/06/19 06:54pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fifth-Wheel Longevity?

Tough question to answer, it really depends on how you live. Just like with cars, you can see people out there with 40 year old trailers that do a lot of maintenance, and there are others that trade for a new one every 5 years. There's not much in them that isn't repairable as long as you're willing to make them. Only you can decide when it's time to stop putting money into it. Edited to add: I've been in my current coach fulltime for about 3 years, not a long time by some standards, but I can easily foresee it lasting another 5 with proper maintenance. In all likelihood, I'll probably ending up trading it for something larger or smaller before it is worn out. Before that, I was in a 5th wheel fulltime for 5 years. It wasn't worn out, but I wanted a class A rather than pulling a trailer.
rdhetrick 08/01/19 11:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newbie with general tow questions

I don't know your vehicle specifics, but generally, a tow package is more than a hitch and wiring. They often include a transmission cooler, and sometimes a heavy duty alternator. Might also include heavier rear springs. You also need to consider whether or not your vehicle can "carry" the extra tongue weight, in addition to just pulling it. A general rule of thumb for tongue weight is 15% of the trailers gross weight, plus the weight of the hitch itself. In short, I think the dealer is mis-informed, and your father is probably right.
rdhetrick 07/20/19 08:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: To DP or not DP

I'm a fulltimer, and I had a Class C for a while. It only took me a year to figure out it wasn't right for me. I've had had a DP for about 3 years now and couldn't be happier. I didn't do any work on the Class C myself, so I won't compare the differences in doing work yourself. As for having the work done, yes, the DP is more expensive, and there are fewer places to have the work done. Having said that, I have never not been able to get the work done, it just took a little more planning. I never say never, but I'll never go back to a gas coach. The comfort and quietness of a DP is significant to me. Having the storage available to bring nearly whatever I want is also a big benefit. Fueling is easy, you just learn to find the truck stops. I prefer using the "Fuelbook" app, it only shows places with truck lanes. All of the "house" stuff is the same. I'm very happy with my DP, and don't regret the decision. Good luck!
rdhetrick 07/19/19 08:03am Class A Motorhomes
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