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RE: Toilet Mystery

I'd guess the water pump was left on and the toilet fill valve was leaking by.
rdhetrick 01/07/21 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: When a sale is not a sale

Sorry it was a mess. I would consider driving it over to them if they were willing to pay a delivery fee in advance. Enough of a fee to cover fuel both ways plus a little for my time. But hooking up the Jeep is no big deal for me. There's always a Walmart or Home Depot or even a truck stop that you could park it at for a few hours None of that intended to criticize, just offer an idea should a similar situation arise the next time...
rdhetrick 12/03/20 12:35pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Travel Trailer Insurance

It appears I was partially wrong - when parked at home, the liability is covered under the home insurance, when parked at a campground, the liability is probably not covered under the home insurance, and when being pulled down the road, it's covered under the auto liability. Bottom line is still the same - determine what you want protection for, see if it's included in your existing policies, and if not, start shopping.,typically%20cover%20the%20associated%20expenses.
rdhetrick 12/03/20 06:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Insurance

Typically, there is no liability on a travel trailer unless you're a full-timer, and that's to cover someone getting hurt while it's parked and suing you - liabilities that the normal person's home insurance would kick in for. While being towed, the two vehicle's liability kicks in and covers damage the trailer causes in an accident, up to the limits of the policy. To be sure, your son should first check with his insurance companies (auto and home) to be sure what's covered, if anything, with respect to the trailer. If it's lacking in something specific he wants protection for, then it's time to start shopping. I'm not an insurance agent, so I won't say I am 100% correct, but the above is my understanding.
rdhetrick 12/03/20 06:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Why are the Mr Heaters cheaper in price?

Many will go to sleep this winter with a gas heater, especially Catalytic types. And wake up... NEVER.. thanks to the heater. I'm really curious to know actually how many people have died from this. I hear it repeated all over, but I wonder how much truth is behind it. I came across this video a few weeks ago, for anyone using or considering using one, I think it's worth watching...
rdhetrick 12/03/20 05:02am Tech Issues
RE: Reliable Walkie Talkie?

If what you want is something better than the typical box store walkie talkie programmed for GMRS or FRS channels there are a couple of options. Pick up a pair of Baofeng UV 5R 5W programmable units and a programming cable (ebay, amazon) and go to the chirp website to customize the radio. Many ham radio operators use these radios on ham channels as portable units, Then program the radios to use digital keying so you won't need squelch and program them for GMRS and FRS channels along with the 5 MURS channels. For a few more bucks you can get the rugged radios version of the same units that are much more robust, but more expensive. Rugged radios periodically puts their units on sale. Again, you'll need a programming cable and chirp website to program them. We've used baofeng and rugged radio units for year with good luck. Available as accessories for both are larger battery packs, along with a plug in car charger unit and longer whip antennas. As a licensed HAM operator, I can say it possible to do what was suggested above, but it's NOT legal on the FRS frequencies. Hardware is ok on the GMRS requires licensing. MURS doesn't require licensing, but I'm not sure if the hardware is allowed.
rdhetrick 11/22/20 10:35am Tech Issues
RE: Recomendation for campground near Memphis.

I stayed at TO Fuller State Park, it was nice and close to 40. I'd stay again if I needed to be in the area.
rdhetrick 11/20/20 07:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Is there any difference in DRIVING a gas class A vs diesel?

I've never had a gas A, but had a 32' C. For me, the diesel A has been soooo much better in all regards.
rdhetrick 11/20/20 01:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery Disconnect... What does it disconnect??

Yes, the converter powers up the system even with battery disconnected. I'll add that this is normally true, but not always. I had a 5th wheel that HAD to have a battery installed and connected for the converter to work. Without the battery (or with the battery disconnected), and while plugged in to shore power, no 12v anywhere but 120v was fine. Didn't make any sense to me, but it was true. I'm not certain it was like that from the factory or if a previous owner did some re-wiring.
rdhetrick 11/19/20 06:11am General RVing Issues

Garmin RV 770 user here. I travel a lot (30,000 miles a year) and love it. Don't have to worry about having cell signal and don't have to remembering to download maps ahead of time. I like that it avoids low height and weight roads. I have lifetime map updates, seems like the updates are available about every 6 months. The only downside is the traffic feature doesn't work as well as google maps on the phone. I set the Garmin to the destination for the day, and have free use of the phone. I'll use the phone to navigate to stops during the day like fuel and rest areas. If you're on the move a lot, I'd recommend a dedicated RV GPS. If you just travel occasionally, you're probably fine with just a smartphone.
rdhetrick 10/31/20 05:39am Roads and Routes
RE: Air for tires on Type A

You could try squirting it with some penetrating oil...that might loosen it up.
rdhetrick 10/22/20 06:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: when to use "econo mode" on Allison 5 speed tranny?

From my research, it changes the transmission behavior. The modes have to be programmed. On mine it supposedly modifies the shift points to give better fuel economy. I tried it for several thousand miles and found no noticeable change in fuel economy or shifting behavior. It could be that mine was never actually programmed. I just leave mine in normal mode.
rdhetrick 10/21/20 03:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How is the automatic step suppoed to work

There should be a "step" switch somewhere. In one position it will behave as it does now, in the other position, it will behave as it used to.
rdhetrick 10/19/20 06:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Arkansas SP $40 Dog Fee - REALLY ??

Good ! I would like them to charge $50 per dog, Then when we took our morning walk we would not have to worry about some dog come out snarling at us. Just out of curiosity; do you obey the length of the Parks leash law? Do you let your dog do it's business at your camp site or do you do like every other dog owner and walk it to someone else camp site. Guy Wow, too bad parks don't charge a grumpy old man tax.
rdhetrick 09/30/20 05:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Highway 69 from Dallas to Big Cabin, OK

I take it all the time, I live on the north side of Dallas. It's much better than it was years ago, but there's still a few rough spots in the road through the small towns.
rdhetrick 09/26/20 06:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Mobley Sim Card Routers

I've used the Mobley sim in a few devices, most recently the Nighthawk M1. Have been using the M1 for about 3 months, no problems at all.
rdhetrick 09/15/20 02:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Outlook/Google Issue

I fought that exact issue for years, both with gmail and outlook accounts. Some days it would work, some days it didn't. Never found a solution, and for that reason alone, I no longer use Outlook.
rdhetrick 09/15/20 02:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Turning pivot points for 40’ RV class A

Best to just start driving, and make turns much wider than you think in the beginning. If you can get to a big parking lot, you can practice there. Nothing beats time behind the wheel.
rdhetrick 09/06/20 01:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are all new RVs built this bad or is it just mine?

Yes, I think this is generally normal. Just one of the many reasons I recommend buying against buying new - the small inconveniences due to poor build quality have been addressed by the first owner. It's sad that this is how the industry operates, but it is reality.
rdhetrick 08/22/20 06:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Are things ever going to get better?

Stop watching the news and life is great.... I keep telling my mom this, but she won't. She's convinced the country is about to implode. Doesn't want my daughter to go to college because "colleges now teach the students that America is bad." I used to follow politics closely, it's somewhat addictive, and created nothing but stress in my life. Turn the TV off - your blood pressure will thank you!
rdhetrick 08/20/20 06:46am Snowbirds
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