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RE: Solar

you will be less than 100v VOC input you will be less the 520w of solar for 12v battery (system voltage). 32v is max battery voltage
red31 09/03/20 11:08am Tech Issues
RE: Solar

The panels are 255w each and the controller is set for 12v. Where does the 24v come from? and does it matter? The '24v' panels with 12v battery suggest the need for MPPT. With a 100v input limit you can hook 2 panels is series or parallel.
red31 09/03/20 10:42am Tech Issues
RE: Solar

try MS string calculator string calc my attempt with your panels and a MS MPPT 40A calculator results
red31 09/03/20 05:37am Tech Issues
RE: Is there a correct battery voltage chart?

any problems with the 5th link down here scroll down to spread sheet = Temperature Compensated Battery State-of-Charge (SoC) Tables
red31 08/26/20 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Wet and dry bulb comfort measurements

I read 88, 92, 95, 76, 89... Am I supposed to see words? I only see multiples of 10 but read 32C and 18C :p
red31 08/23/20 11:30am Tech Issues
RE: Wet and dry bulb comfort measurements

this one hung at buddies hunting cabin, it relied on mother nature's breeze. dad used this one, he was left handed!
red31 08/23/20 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: Wet and dry bulb comfort measurements That's not digital :B :W
red31 08/23/20 07:58am Tech Issues
RE: Propane Pigtails

No flow from not screwed in all the way, defective flow limiter or defective back flow. Here is my pigtail attached to cylinder and no regulator, note back flow check at the regulator connection. need volume to hear propane flow. RV pigtail
red31 08/22/20 02:54pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C Condenser Evaporative Cooling Assist

These coolers only work when you have a continued fresh supply of outside air. and big A fan, w tx bbq slamming screen door comes to mind, with roof top evap the front door was screened with a heavy duty spring
red31 08/22/20 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: A/C Condenser Evaporative Cooling Assist

Your calcium filter work pretty good for you. Which one did you use? Not sure it did much as the misters clogged regularly, cleaned with striped bread twist tie wire or replace w/ new or vinegar soaked, inline calcuim inhibitor for outside misting Calcium inhibitor
red31 08/21/20 09:41am Tech Issues
RE: A/C Condenser Evaporative Cooling Assist

I decided to not pursue the misting approach partially due to the issues you mentioned as well as mineral buildup on the condenser coils. I would however be interested in any test data you can share with/without misters vs temp. I used 1/2" PVC coupler with brass mister, 24v irrigation valve powered via outside compressor unit, wall mounted thermostat to come on over 90F, inline calcium filter. Final config (Mr. Mister) was PVC on the ground ~12" from unit with 2 misters per 3 sides. Measured rotation of electric meter with mist was 10% longer for one revolution. Misters clogged often, 20+y/o freon unit, replaced that winter. IIRC, 10F drop in exit air temp.
red31 08/21/20 07:54am Tech Issues
RE: A/C Condenser Evaporative Cooling Assist

The 1A per 5 deg seemed higher than I would have expected but there it was in Airxcel's website. What's the a/c specs show. mine shows 345 more running watts cooling in standard 95F and desert 115F
red31 08/20/20 04:00pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C Condenser Evaporative Cooling Assist

use the condenser fan to blow the condensate onto the condenser coils for better cooling. Slinger ring, work great.
red31 08/20/20 11:27am Tech Issues
RE: MPPT Controllers

OK, this introduced another tangent to the process... what is the difference between 12V and 24V panels, and why should it matter? 12v are usually 36 cell (~.5v/cell or 18v Imp) less than 200w '24' can be 60 or 72 cell, usually >200w For a '12v' batt bank, '24v' needs mppt. You can consider 24v as 2 x 12v in series although not a good analogy when it comes to 60 cell!
red31 08/20/20 11:15am Tech Issues
RE: movable solar panels/built in system?

100 watt 'suitcase' in shaded back yard as maintainer with SAE connector, controller inside trailer. Stays home when trailer leaves, plug and play, could travel with trailer. movable to catch a little sun different times of year
red31 08/17/20 07:11am Tech Issues
RE: 12 V cooler

my ole norcold trek ii, 66 qrt, is rated ~6A (linear resonant compressor). Once cooled to 37F used from 12 watt hr/hr over night to 25 watt hr/hr (~95F). 400 watt hr in 24 hrs (shaded yard lo 75F hi 95F). Ave 1.5 ah/h. In a hot vehicle I guess 2ah/h so a long time.
red31 08/17/20 06:31am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Controller Wiring Mystery

can you hook it back up wrong and test!!! with a pos ground the panel pos and batt pos are common so the panel is shorted with both leads connecting to pos, zero voltage max current (Isc). The batt is connected to 2 neg terminals that the controller switches, if closed would short the battery, try with no over current protection!!!
red31 08/09/20 07:27am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium-ion and solar panel life cycles?

I let the BMS and CC do their thing.
red31 08/08/20 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: a mix and match electric vehicle

Wow, what did we ever do before Photoshop? :) That is not Photoshop That is solid modeling design Concept modeling, prototype design the problem with analogies, there are not precise as intended!
red31 08/06/20 02:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar panel extension wires

.2 volts drop with 10 amps would be a 2 watt loss in the extension wires which is insignificant. Also as the battery approaches full charge the current drops so the voltage drop steadily decreases. I have the controller at the panel and it is set to AGM mode which produces a max voltage of 14.4V. Measured, it is producing 14.47V at the panel and 14.4V at the battery with a 40’ 8 AWG cable set and 5-6 amps. most DVM are not fast enough to measure the ON/OFF of the CC in absorption. If ya switch a 5A load on and off 1/2 the time the current is still 5A when on and not 2.5A (current drop?). Less sun does = less current = less vd. remote voltage and temp probe are available with some CCs
red31 08/06/20 07:31am Tech Issues
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