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RE: reservation system cheating still prolific in ontario parks.

Can’t modify a reservation, so if you book a 7 day reservation, you can’t go back in and cancel a “couple” days on either end. However you can cancel the entire reservation with restrictions ( ie. penalties, cancellation limitations). Is that part new? you could modify your reservation to your hearts content last year as long as it was before the checkin date and you did it online or by calling in. this will be great if thats a new addition as it will stop people from booking a two week span then modifying it to the long weekend they were originaly wanting as the actual dates for that weekend came into the booking period. Steve When we booked for a US national park this year, we were locked from modifying the reservation for 15 days. With a 14 day max stay, this stops those who used to book the 14 days right before the holiday, thereby holding the site hostage, and then modifying the reservation to include the holiday as soon as possible. Technically, they could do this for an entire season, just repeatedly modifying the dates over and over - and no one else would ever be able to get that site away from them. With the 15 day no modification freeze, they cannot modify the reservation until 24 hours AFTER their original reservation stay end. So, everyone else can book the site starting the day of the scammer's check out, while the scammer is still frozen. That doesn't stop folks from booking a full 14 days including the holiday and then changing it to just the holiday weekend later. They are moost always "must occupy the first night" so they have to change the reservation beforehand, which opens up the site to folks wanting the week before the holiday. When our reservation system went online, ( 25 or so years ago) We had a huge problem with that, they called it "roll over booking" where someone would book a site at the beginning of the season ( late april early may park dependant), for the max of 23 nights, then before the 23rd day comes to the 5 month mark, bump the whole reservation forward 20+ days, and do that over and over to get to the dates they want then shorten to the weekend they want, and it use to only cost the $5 res fee. after several years of complaining by a lot of people and they looked at the booking patterns, they changed the ability to change a reservation to 4 month ahead opening up the site for 7 or so days past the booking, however if you have a spouse or friend you could get them to open an account with a separate credit card and keep rolling it forward, using 2 accounts. It would be nice if they would track this stuff and boot the people who do it constantly. and the park system adding at least another 2000 sites across the province would be a start to reducing the need some folks feel to cheat the system.
relaxin 05/01/22 10:14am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: stuck dump valve

located the dump valve and cut open the underbelly, took off the calbe and the valve moves freely, so cable is seized, strange for a 3 year old unit hardly used. held the handle end lightly in a vise and gave it a good dose of penetrating oil a few times over several hours, let it sit overnight, and still stuck,,, [email protected]#!#%& !!! so ordered a new one, unfortunately only comes with the valve at $180 (cdn) Has anyone seen if any aftermarket place makes them in stainless steel?
relaxin 05/01/22 09:35am Tech Issues
stuck dump valve

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30332564
relaxin 04/29/22 05:37am Fifth-Wheels
stuck dump valve

on my 2019 reflection the black tank valve is stuck closed, there is nothing in the tank except the a few cups of water and plumbing antifreeze from dewinterizing yesterday, but the valve does not move at all, anyone know a way without opening up the underbelly to get this freed up?
relaxin 04/29/22 05:37am Tech Issues
RE: reservation system cheating still prolific in ontario parks.

I do have to admit the sheer level of this activity for the TG weekend is quite a bit less than last year, perhaps the crappy weather last year has made some folks hold off, or its like a domino effect, some watch the system and if the park they want starts to book up early they jump on the bandwagon and book early. Last year at this time the park we go to on TG was almost 3/4 booked on the serviced sites this year is far less, but some other parks have quite a few bookings already. Its just annoying as one of the parks we want to go to this year for the last week of september, has a bunch of bookings, each 20 to 21 days ahead of the TG weekend, and of about a dozen sites that are on high ground ( that don't turn into a lake or mudhole in prolonged rains) that will fit our unit are all booked, I guess we'll have to wait to see when these folks start shortening their reservations, and freeing up some of these spaces. For anyone who camps in Ontario start or keep sending letters to OnParks, they do respond to complaints and suggestions, it just takes a lot of letters and time.
relaxin 04/29/22 05:31am RVing in Canada and Alaska
reservation system cheating still prolific in ontario parks.

Exploring Ontario parks, Looking at campsites for the thanks giving weekend (CDN), I usually and have for the past few years gone for the entire week before thanks giving, it amazes me how many sites are already booked and for 21 or more days in advance, as we technically can't book that weekend until next week, in showing up I happen to notice in the past couple years the level of bookings at this time does not reflect the number of occupied sites when I get there. I know I know, is it hurting me?, ummmm in some ways yes, being empty nesters, we are trying more off season travel as the parks are a little quieter during the week, and this BS is tying up sites when we are trying to reserve for the end of september and a lot of the premium sites are taken then will be canceled a couple months from now. We all know its worse during the summer when jockeying for sites for one of our 4 long weekends sites are booked well in advance then canceling later screwing anyone who is trying to book other times around those weekends. I wish Ontario parks would develop a 0 tolerance policy, and when a person pulls this BS more than once they get a warning on the first time, the next time they loose their entire reservation. having a family emergency and having to alter plans is one thing, but if it happens every year or multiple time each year, that's a clear indicator the person is cheating the system. It is hard enough to plan and get trips booked in this park system, as they have not been growing with the population or the increasing trends of this activity by adding campsites or new parks.
relaxin 04/28/22 05:33am RVing in Canada and Alaska
fuel cell????

Anyone seen any set ups utilizing a fuel cell to maintain a battery charge in an RV, a couple places I like to go are heavily shaded (in a forest) so solar is not very efficient, want to avoid using a geny and just maintain a battery with say 100 to 200 watts /hour (24/7) to offset normal usage, excluding any 120 volt appliances. curious if the technologie is coming along. I use to use a couple batteries, and then a generator to charge them when we went more than 4 days, but that sucks having to replace them every 5 years or so, for just a week or so of dry camping in a year.
relaxin 02/19/22 03:22pm General RVing Issues
where to find advertising in ontario?

relaxin 09/09/21 06:06am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Vax Passports

Unlike British Columbia and Quebec, Ontario for some reason is reluctant to issue vaccine passports and appears to be waiting for federal government action. This probably won't happen during the midst of a federal election.:h HERE is a link to a site that allows you to print out your vaccination status. It's the only option right now for Ontario. It pales in comparison to the official document and/or mobile phone app approach used in BC and QC. Why do you want another goverment issued scanable "passport" What is wrong with producing a physical record of your status to the person at the door? It prints on a 8-1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper. Problems: 1. Cumbersome to carry (especially for a male) 2. Easily forged. I guess I'm hoping (wishfully thinking?) for an official government document that can't be replicated. Why not? We have driver's licenses, provincial health insurance cards, etc. Covid is probably gonna be around for a long time, so IMHO, governments need to act ASAP. We will get them, they are coming. Doug see's the writing on the wall but is trying to keep his head down during the Federal Election. It's weird but depending on where I go I have to show government ID to prove I'm old enough to have a beer. Nobody complains about that except those under the age of majority. You have to have an ID for every thing in the world . EXCEPT voting. Canada required ID or some kind of proof of citizenship. It's pretty easy here to have ID. I would have to agree, every time I vote (federally or provincially I have to show picture ID, and they cross reference it with the voting list right in front of me. only an idiot would be against not requiring ID for voting, that just exponentially encourages fraud. back to this post, you need ID when you drive so whats the big deal?
relaxin 09/09/21 04:52am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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