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RE: Idle Jeep Wrangler while towing?

This is my 2nd Stay-in-Play. Just had the new one installed this summer. Didn’t have a battery issue with the 1st one, so already have a charge line installed. I was concerned maybe the installer made a wiring issue. I’m hoping it was just time for the 4 1/2 year old battery to give out. When I unhooked the toad, it started up and we drove it a couple hundred yards to our site, but it was dead the next morning. So, hopefully, it had received enough charge through the MH before dying overnight. I like the idea of a volt meter that plugs into a 12V outlet in the Jeep. Where do you get those? EzgoinAmazon, search for ‘voltage tester lighter plug’ and a bunch will come up.
rexlion 09/16/20 08:16pm Dinghy Towing
RE: New to RV/towing. Whats my best option for a towing setup?

I’m pretty sure the van’s max hitch weight is 350 lbs. The dry hitch weight of the TM exceeds that. Add LP and battery and some other stuff, the real world hitch weight is likely to be 450-500 lbs, maybe more. You’ll be overloading the hitch receiver and maybe the rear suspension as well. Do you really want to take the chance on the receiver ripping off the van’s underside at highway speed, sending the TM careening into oncoming traffic? I wouldn’t attempt this without, at minimum, a custom reinforced-mount receiver. Even then I’d load the trailer very minimally to keep the total trailer weight under 3500 if at all possible. And expect to drive 35-40 mph up and down the long, steep grades.
rexlion 09/16/20 08:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Idle Jeep Wrangler while towing?

Use a voltmeter to check your Jeep’s voltage at each stop for at least the first day. That should tell you if it is being drained enough to matter. If not, don’t worry about idling it. I have a meter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Easier than raising the hood.
rexlion 09/16/20 03:23pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Outlook/Google Issue

When Outlook isn’t cooperating for you, is there any reason why you couldn’t log into Gmail directly and read & respond to emails? It may not be your preference, but at least it should let you do what you need to do. Just a thought. But hopefully you’ll find a solution to the Outlook situation. Over the years I’ve had both Outlook and T-bird rather abruptly quit working correctly. But Gmail has been plugging along for, I think, about 9 years without a hiccup. Not that I’m too excited about having my emails sifted by them for marketing (and profiling?) purposes, but I haven’t worked up enough gumption yet to find something that might be better. Although... my son suggested that he knows how to set up an extra computer to act as a personal email server; if Hillary could have one in the bathroom, why not me? :)
rexlion 09/15/20 08:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Are the campgrounds full in your area?

Not sure about weekends, but during the week I haven't had any trouble showing up at COE CGs around here (eastern Okla.) and having my choice of campsites. We had a cool front come through recently and the high temps through next week are supposed to be in the low to mid 80s. Come to Oklahoma, our skies are pretty much smoke free.
rexlion 09/12/20 08:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Needing help, evacuated, battery dead

Sounds like you have a Class A, B, or C (some time of motor home). What about your starter battery on the RV? If you start your engine, it should begin to recharge the 'house' battery via the converter. Or, just to get you going again, are there any neighbors who can give your battery a jump? A solar panel of about 100W, if you can get decent sun (not too smoky), should keep a typical house battery charged. I'm also wondering whether the generator, once it's running, could power a battery charger (the kind you'd plug into shore power) besides your freezers.
rexlion 09/12/20 07:59pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Water damage **** floor

My feeling would be to seal the top of the plywood with the resin/hardener mix, but leave the underside bare so it can breathe (moisture can escape). Splash from the road isn't really the problem, it's water that sits on top of the wood long enough to really soak in. Anyway, the 'plastic fabric' or similar will keep splashes to a minimum. As long as you're at it, maybe use marine grade plywood?
rexlion 09/09/20 01:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: External shower ==> Garden Hose

If you're that lazy about it, forget the connectors; just use duct tape! :D
rexlion 09/09/20 01:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: My luck ran out,, Hail Storm.

Our old 2000 model SUV got hailed on pretty good a couple of times, and I didn't even bother having the dents fixed (saving the deductible). My wife still drives it (she doesn't want me to replace it) and the dents don't affect performance.
rexlion 09/08/20 05:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to get rid of soap streaks after washing a TT?

Hmm, maybe add some automatic dishwasher "Jet Dry" to the rinse water... ;) ...but actually, that stuff never even seemed to do much good in my dishwasher! LOL
rexlion 09/08/20 05:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is best AC unit for Tent Camping?

BurbMan has it right. I've been in plenty of state parks where people tent camped in some sites, people had RVs in other sites, and all those sites had electric available. So, OP, as you can deduce from the comments you've gotten, these folks have never seen a tent with an a/c poking out of it. But I don't see why you couldn't do it. After all, I've seen motorcycle trailers that had a factory-made place in the tent material, with proper supports, for a room a/c. Practically speaking, forget anything that's made to run off a battery, because it won't do much; the lone exception would be what's called a 'swamp cooler' which blows air through a wetted material, and if you sit right in front of it (but don't mind getting clammy) you will feel cooler. I'd suggest a basic 5,000 BTU room a/c. Bigger units will be heavier (thus harder to move and position), and the 5K should cool just about any tent (they're not that big, after all). But if the tent will be in the sun, hanging a tarp over the tent (or maybe even a rain fly as someone mentioned) should help quite a bit since there's no insulation. You might just zip the door around the thing. I would have something on the ground to elevate the a/c a bit, though, so water (condensate) has somewhere to drip without getting the thing muddy. The 'portable' a/c units on wheels should do about the same job, for a little more money. If you buy one of these, by all means get one with 2 hoses, not one. To function properly, it needs both an intake hose and an exhaust hose poking out of the tent. Otherwise it will suck hot outdoor air into the tent (creating a vacuum, even) as fast as it produces cold air, simply because the hot exhaust going out must be replaced by some air coming inside somehow, somewhere. Any portable that intakes air from inside the shelter is totally useless.
rexlion 09/08/20 05:35pm Tent Camping
RE: Did I ruin my water heater, please help!

The dealer was full of it. There are enough little power drains on a TT to completely drain a battery in just a couple of weeks. Your battery is now permanently impaired (the amount of charge it will hold has been reduced). It might continue to give you enough juice for lights, fan, water pump, etc. for a day or two of dry camping, but it might not. If you prefer to camp with electric hookup, it'll be okay for that. Leaving it plugged into shore power or a small solar panel while in storage is generally considered to be the best way to go, but some folks do disconnect (and sometimes even remove) the battery entirely and it will then keep its charge for a couple months (but temperature is a factor, and also dirt on the battery top can transfer a trickle discharge).
rexlion 09/06/20 01:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Boat Rentals

Definition of a boat: a hole in the water that you pour money into. ;)
rexlion 09/03/20 03:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fastway e2 weight distribution

I agree with bikendan. ^
rexlion 09/03/20 03:51pm Towing
RE: Toyota Highlander V6

Looks to me that in 2013 Toyota started including tow prep pkg as standard equipment. Better cooling and higher alternator output were the main features of that package. Not certain how many years they kept this as standard, though.
rexlion 08/31/20 08:03am Beginning RVing
RE: Jury Duty

I am old enough for my geezer card, but I've never gotten a jury duty summons! And I think I would enjoy being on a jury. On the other hand, my son has been tapped 3 times for it, go figure.
rexlion 08/30/20 09:39pm Full-time RVing
RE: Roof Vent Cover

+1 on the Maxx Air cover overtop the vent lid. The lid will still open enough, but you can leave that lid open in any weather (in rain, even during storage) for ventilation.
rexlion 08/30/20 09:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Toyota Highlander V6

I put 140k towing miles on a 2008 Highlander. It had the factory tow prep package, which included extra cooling. Even so, as it aged the cooling ability declined (dirt buildup or corrosion or whatever) and the trans temp light would come on during long uphill grades. By then it had 185k on the odometer and since my wife was never happy with the seats, I sold it. But I still sort of miss it. I generally towed no more than 3k lbs (fairly low frontal area trailers also), up to about 62 mph, and I took it easier on the grades both up and down. I kept the 5 speed auto out of 5th gear, which (as coolmom42 mentions) will keep the tranny from frequent gear hunting and shifting; the unlocked torque converter which you get in that hunt between 4th & 5th will generate a ton of heat and that can damage the transmission. Popups also present low frontal area for low wind resistance, so you should have no trouble at 65 mph. Hitch weight limit is 500 lbs and you will want to check your trailer's tongue weight when loaded for camping to make sure the LP, battery, and gear don't put it over that limit. (But you also want minimum 10% of total popup weight to be on the hitch, to avoid dangerous trailer sway.) If you're hauling a lot of weight (passengers and cargo) in the HL, you could run out of payload; find out what your max payload is and take it into consideration.
rexlion 08/30/20 09:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Small Trailer Weight suggestions

I towed a 17' Escape fiberglass trailer with a 2016 Tacoma, 3100/360 pounds. No problems & a good combination. Switched to an Escape 21 and while the trailer & tongue weight were well within specifications at 4950/500 pounds, the truck itself was over payload by 200 pounds. I carry lots of stuff in the truck since I'm out 6-8 months of the year dry camping in the desert. These are loaded weights. The other problem was with the new 3.5L engine. The truck spent far too much time at 4000RPM sucking down gas and getting 10 - 11MPG. I switched to a F 150 3.5L EcoBoost and am getting 13MPG and well under 1800RPM at 63MPH. The 10 speed transmission, great tow mirrors and 36 gallon gas tank are a big improvement. I loved the Tacoma for off road, parking, and size, but it wasn't up to even a 5000 loaded trailer.And that was when towing a trailer with small frontal profile, only 7'4" wide and 108" to the top of the A/C. I bet the 22 footer under consideration is both wider and taller. Wind resistance on the highway is a huge factor.
rexlion 08/29/20 03:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer flooded

Turn off the water supply if you haven't already done so. Look for leaks in the water lines inside cabinets. I don't think it's the fresh tank, because if a check valve in the pump failed and was filling the tank, the overflow should come out the vent at the fill port (on side of trailer). Other folks may have additional ideas. BTW, the tubing used for water lines in TTs cannot handle water pressure from many municipalities, and a pressure regulator is always advised on the hose.
rexlion 08/29/20 03:01pm Travel Trailers
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